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Desert Heat

I discover just how hot the desert can be.
At the start of our little road trip, we decided to take the a shorter route, through New Mexico. To our surprise, it ended up being a long drive, straight through Hell. This small road, snaked through the largest desert that I've ever seen. I had no idea, how much longer we had to drive through this. I did not fill up at the last truck stop either and kept worriedly glancing at the gauge .

 The car started to sputter before long and you tossed me a worried look. "Well," I said, rolling over to the side of the road and throwing my hands up. "Look's like we're empty."

 "Shit!" you exclaimed, "We're in the middle of nowhere and I haven't seen another car in 20 miles."

 "If you want, you can stay here and I'll hike up the road, see what or who I can find."

"Oh Hell no!" you said. "I'm not staying here by myself, in this hole. I'm going with you."

 "Alright," I replied. "Hop out. There's some bottled water left in the trunk. Let's get to hoof'n it."

 We must have walked for hours, checking every few miles for a cell signal. The water was about gone.

 "Still no signal," I said "It must be 115 degrees out here."

 "I can't take much more of this," you replied.

I glanced around. "There looks like a small group of trees next to that ridge. Let's just stop and rest there. We can move again when the sun starts going down. It'll be cooler then."

"Yes, please," you replied.

 We made it to the trees. They didn't create a lot of shade but it was better than being out in the hot, mid-day sun. There was a large rock next to one of the trees. Removing my shirt and placing it on the ground, I noticed that little smile from you. That one you seem to give me, every time I remove my shirt.

Did I detect a little lust behind those eyes? Even in this heat?

 You sat down, against the rock. This caused me to look down at your shirt. The blouse, was unbuttoned, just enough for me to clearly see the swell of your tanned breasts. Little beads of sweat moved across them, like tiny ice skaters. Unconsciously, I licked my lips. Your beautiful legs, now beginning to turn red from the sun, stretched out from the openings of your short, white shorts. They shimmered as well, from the thin coat of sweat and body oils. You seemed to glow, becoming some kind of seductive angel.

 I blinked my sweat filled eyes. Was this some kind of mirage? I felt, what was left of my energy and blood, rushing to swell the manhood in my shorts.

 "Steve? Steve?" you questioned, "Are you OK?"

I kept staring at you, for a few seconds, in my trance like state.

 "Sit down," you said, with a worried look. "You look weak."

I knelt down, straddling your legs. Still staring at your eyes and breasts, I replied, " Oh, I'm just fine."

I grabbed your shoulders, in my strong grip and pulled your lips to mine. I devoured your mouth with powerful kisses. At first, you were shocked and tried to pull away but the deeper my kisses became, the more you dropped your guard. Your body relaxed, as the passion crept over your heated flesh.

 The desert was doing something to me. I was feeling every muscle in my body, grow, twitching with power. My shaft, burned and throbbed with raw lust. My senses peaked. I could smell all of you, as if I was transforming into some ancient, primitive animal, driven by some sexual need. Even the smallest moan or sound from you, was magnified, like an amplifier, wired straight into the recesses of my brain.

 I grabbed the inside collar of your shirt and pulled. The buttons busted free, flying yards away. I did not stop there, I continued shredding it and tossing it aside.

 You were scared at first, not recognizing me but something inside you enjoyed this. Your sex was dripping and not all from sweat. It was sending powerful, electric signals back to your brain.

 I reached, deep between the crease of your heaving breasts and gripped the center of your bra. In one motion, I pulled it off, releasing your large breasts to jiggle and bounce free into the hot air. Immediately, my mouth went down on them. As I held them one at a time, my other hand, went to the small of your back and holding your flesh, tightly to my lips, the tongue teased and probed.

Your small hands, slipped back and forth over the firm muscles of my sweaty back. You tried to force even more of your orbs into my ravenous mouth.

 I yanked you up and held you against the rock with one hand, as my other, pulled at your shorts and underwear. There were a few hard tugs at first, then they grazed smoothy down your legs. Next, I jerked my own remaining clothes off and tossed them far away, into the dirt. My hard shaft, sprang free, surging forward, now able to breath and stare, with it's own lust, upon your defenseless body.

 I moved forward and pinned you back against the warm rock. My head dove between your legs, the strong tongue piercing your womanhood. Tightly, I held your legs wide, occasionally lifting your ass up by them, to run my tongue over your puckered rosebud.

You moaned, kicking at the air, trying to arch your back and thrust your sex at my face. My large shaft, swung back and forth between my spread legs, awaiting it's own turn at your flesh.

 When I finally stood up, you looked up at me, gasping for air. It was then that you saw the monster shaft,coming forward. It was larger than ever before. The veins, along it's length, pulsed with life and power. The impressive mushroom head was thick, red and swollen. It crept towards the opening of your sex. The head swept back and forth between your wet petals, adding it's liquid to yours. You felt yourself being stretched. Inch by exquisite inch. The staff was filling you with it's heat.

 Suddenly, I surged forward, driving the full length into your core. We both cried out like animals. Our sound, carried across the vast desert plains.

 The rock scratched your back, as your body slipped against the boulder. I held you up by the ass, as I drove thrust after thrust into your body. Never have you been so filled.

 Your own hidden animal kicked in. The smell of sex and sweat, golden bodies, flashing in the blazing sun. You pushed me hard, back to the rough, sandy ground. Straddling me, your sex, lunged down on my gleaming pole. You impaled yourself on the piercing staff.

 Time and time again, we ground our flesh together. Oh yes, we have unleashed the beast.

 I felt the stirring of a vast orgasm coming from you. The way your sex gripped at me, fluid coating my shaft.

Effortlessly, I tossed you over, to your hands and knees in the rocks. I needed to finish you, like the animals we had become.

 We yelled up at the sky, once again. Deeper than even before, I drove my length into you.

Distant birds could be heard scattering, above the slapping sound of our wet flesh. The earthquake stirred inside us. At first a small tremble, it grew stronger and stronger. Now, sweeping over us, our bodies began to spasm. The hot fluid within me surged forward, filing your body with the nectar it needed.

 Suddenly everything was black.

 I heard a distant voice, barely recognizable. "Steve? "Steve?"

 It became louder. "Steve? Steve?"

 I felt my shoulder being shaken.

 I blinked my eyes.


 I blinked again. More sunlight.

 Now shapes.

 Your face came into view, then another, some stranger behind you.

 "Steve? Steve?" you said. "Are you OK?"

 "Yyy, yea, I guess," I stammered.

 "You passed out. Luckily, This nice man happened along. He's an EMT," you explained.

 "You've been out for a while, young man," the stranger said.

 "Then we didn't just...?" I asked you, raising my head up.

 "Didn't just what?" you questioned.

 I dropped my head back to the ground, suddenly depressed and cursed, "Damn, desert heat!"
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