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Haunted by Proxy

There was that slight shimmer you see when the asphalt gets hot in the sun, and then there she was. It was a perfect summer day. The road and the skies were clear, and yet somehow I didn’t spot her until I was only a few yards away. I don’t normally stop for hitchhikers, but how could I fail to stop for her?

The pedal shuddered beneath my foot as I slammed on the brakes. I prayed my Volvo wouldn’t skid. It would be dangerous for her, and it might make me look like some kind of reckless nutjob, the very kind of person that a beautiful young woman should avoid on the road.

When the car slowed to a stop, I got a proper look at her. She had wavy auburn hair that reached her ass and bug-eyed sunglasses that kept her eye color a mystery. The only feature visible on her face was her mouth, with its full, moist lips. The way she shielded her face behind hair and glass seemed to preserve her privacy even as the look suited her. She seemed young, much too young, to be hitching by herself.

I rolled down the passenger-side window. “You okay? Where you going?”

She sauntered over to the car and leaned in. “Hi. Thanks for stopping. I’m headin’ to Almonte.”

I shook my head, unsure of what she had in mind. “Almonte? Don’t know it.”

“Let me in and I’ll tell you how to get there.” Before I had a chance to answer, she’d opened the door to my Volvo and climbed inside. “It’s not far and the address is easy – 123 Main Street.”

I had no idea where Almonte was, but my day wasn’t busy.  My wife and kids were at her parents place for the weekend. Besides, there are worse ways to kill time than driving around with some college co-ed on a mission.

She tucked a battered leather suitcase beneath her feet as she stretched her arms and settled in. Her denim shorts revealed tan, shapely legs. She splayed her knees, letting the cool air blow on her thighs. “Great car you got here. Is it fast?”

“I had it up to a hundred, once.” The words came out quickly, before I had a chance to think about whether the number would be impressive or lame to a girl like her.

“Nice.” She nodded approvingly as she played with a necklace made of cheap, pink beads. “What else can this car do?”

“Nothing crazy, thanks to the anti-lock brakes.” I immediately felt self-conscious. Who boasts about their car’s braking system, when they want to seem cool? I flashed back to the days before dad-duty and soccer coaching.  “When I was in college, I had an awesome Mustang. Now that car was fun. I used to do these crazy skids. Mustangs are rear-wheel drive, so you can make ‘em fishtail.” I looked over, and she was staring at me intently. “I used to love scaring my girlfriends by getting the car to sway back and forth. It was the best kind of foreplay.”

“You are so bad.” She giggled as she said it, and I almost believed her. “Can this car do that?”

“Nah.” She looked disappointed. “Believe me, I’ve tried!”

She began to play with the buttons on my radio. “Is there anything else we can listen to?” She scrunched her nose as I switched the station from one playing Green Day to another playing Nas. “Seriously, you got anything else?” I indexed through a bunch of stations until I found something broadcasting Golden Oldies and featuring The Beatles. “Yeah, that’s much better.”

“I aim to please, madam.” The song ‘Hey Jude’ came on, and we both hummed along, happily killing time on the road.

“See that big black truck up there?” She perked up as she pointed to a semi about a quarter-mile ahead of us.  “Pass him… As fast as you can.”


“Yeah, I love speed. And you’ve got the horsepower to do it. I dare ya’.”

I pushed the accelerator pedal down as hard as I could, and in less than a minute I was behind the truck.

“Is the road clear? Can you pass him? Go nice and slow as you do.” She seemed to have a plan.

I peered out the window, looking as far into the distance as I could. “Uh, coast is clear. I’ll get in front of him.”

As I maneuvered my Volvo into the passing lane, she quickly pulled her white t-shirt over her head and proceeded to flash the trucker. I didn’t want to look away from the road, there was always the possibility of oncoming traffic, but I could see her presenting her breasts to the trucker as she shimmied. The loud honks from the truck made her rock back and forth, as her breasts moved in sync with the rest of her body. I thrilled with every blast of the horn.

Once I’d pulled ahead, she sat back down and reached for her t-shirt. I held her hand still, stopping her from covering up. “Well, that was a rush.” She sat there topless in the front seat of the car, her creamy skin contrasting with the black leather upholstery.

“Oh yeah. I love doing that. It makes their day, too, you know.” She turned her body towards me so that I could see the fullness of her breasts and the kind of gravity-defying nipples you only observe on twenty year olds.  Strands of her long brown hair framed her pale chest, in an image that seemed lifted from Renaissance art.

“Christ, you’re gorgeous.” She grinned as she leaned back in the seat while I gently caressed the side of her left breast.

“Find a nice spot to pull over, would you?”

“Would I? Absolutely.” It wasn’t my most honorable moment, but it was hard to say no to an invitation like that. As I scanned the road, looking for a discreet place, I let my right hand roam across her chest, feeling the weight of both her breasts and teasing her nipples as they hardened between my fingers. It took only another minute or two before I found a driveway leading nowhere.

As soon as the car had stopped, she stared into my eyes as she proceeded to unzip my pants. In a quick move, she knotted her long hair behind her head and licked her full, pink lips. “Sit back,” she ordered. I complied without question.

She eased my jeans and boxers down to my ankles, and then she leaned in and ran her breasts along my cock. My prick was already hard in anticipation, but it became engorged as I watched her tease my shaft with her tits.

She stuck her tongue out, and began to play with the ridge. She’d lick the head of my dick, and then suck the flesh between her lips and teeth in a move that was extraordinary yet excruciating. I let my hands rest on her neck as she took me deeply into her throat, letting me thrust into her. Instinctively, I pushed her head down every time I raised my hips, and she took me without complaint or hesitation. She just moaned quietly with every breath.

My pace quickened, and she got faster still. Her mouth bobbed furiously along my cock, getting it slick and wet.  She then unbuttoned her shorts, stuck her fingers in her own cunt, and fed me her juices. They were tangy and delicious. It was my turn to issue an order. “Play with yourself.”

She peeled off her shorts, pushed her right hand into her pussy, and once moistened she rubbed her clit furiously. “Oh god, you need to feel how wet I am.”

I took my hand and put it between her legs. She was dripping. “Christ, you are so hot.” My fingers found her clit and it was my turn to get her off.  I teased and twirled with the fingers of my right hand. I even inserted two fingers of my left into her cunt, pushing on that spongy spot that always makes women go crazy.  She began panting, letting her head sway from left to right.  While I remained seated in the driver’s seat, she climbed over and straddled me.

“Now use your cock.”

I raised my hips and felt her opening, and then she slid her pussy down my cock until I could bury myself no deeper. She lifted herself up and down along my shaft, even as she pressed her full breasts into my chest. My lips found hers, and we kissed as deeply as we fucked. She rocked, repeatedly hitting the steering wheel with her ass, causing the horn to emit a quiet beep with each bump.

“Fucking horn. Let me fix this.” I muttered, while fumbling with the keys and trying to turn off the car.

“Forget the fucking horn. Let’s just do it outside.” She licked her lips and then she licked the side of my face. “Just push me down on the hood of your car and take me.”

We fell out of the car, and I followed her instructions to the letter. I pressed her down onto the hood, stretching her arms out ahead of her. I kicked off my pants and shoes, and then I parted her cheeks and shoved my cock in. She squealed as she pushed back, bracing against the car. Her sticky fingers left smudges on the hood, leaving visible proof of her arousal all over the navy metallic paint.

Her hair kept getting in her face as I fucked her, and I wanted her to see me. I grabbed her tresses and forced her to watch as I ploughed into her. I fucked as furiously as I had in years. “Harder. That feels amazing.”

She snuck her hand between her legs, and I could feel her fingers pushing into her clit as her breathing became ragged. “Come for me,” I ordered.

“Fuck me in the ass, first. I need it, bad.”

You don’t get an offer like that very often, so I went for it. My cock was dripping from her cunt, so I pushed it into her tiny, puckered asshole. She squeaked with that first penetration, but then she looked back at me and said, “Finish the job. Fuck my ass like you mean it.”

I grabbed her hips to steady myself and then I thrust past that reluctant muscle. In slow, deliberate motions I propelled my cock in and out of her until she had loosened up and accepted my organ fully.

“Oh god…That’s so good.” She held her cheeks apart so that I could see my cock as it plunged in and out of her. Her ass was tight and hot. The sex felt pornographic and filthy in the best possible ways. I spanked her with each thrust, making her squeal as she panted and leaving pink marks on her smooth white flesh. There was something so liberating about being with her, where no act seemed too debauched or outrageous; where she was game for anything, and nothing was off limits.

“Use me…Make me your cunt.” She whispered.

I upped my pace as my cock grew close to orgasm. “I’ll use you alright.” The sex felt raw and I felt emboldened. “You’re gonna suck me again.”

She spun around, got down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth without a moment’s hesitation. There was only enthusiasm and excitement. “Fuck my face. Shove your cock down my throat. Use me.”

I grabbed her hair like it was the reins of a horse and pulled her forward as she sucked. My dick began to twitch, and she leaned back. “Come on my face.”

My hands knew what to do.  It took only a few strokes, and then I showered her with cum.  I aimed my cock each time. Once, she caught it in her mouth and blew me a kiss.  The next time, it landed on her cheek. In a swift move, she wiped the cum onto her lips as she steadied herself for my next load. Her beautiful tits were my next target.  As a final move, she took my cock in her mouth again and sucked the last little bit of cum out of me.

Once I was spent, she got up off the gravel, untied the blue paisley scarf that she’d wrapped around her wrist like a bracelet, and proceeded to wipe off the traces of cum from her chest and cheeks.  “Wow, that was amazing.” She gazed up at me with a sincere look. “I hope you won’t forget me.”

“How could I? That was amazing. You’re amazing.” The prospect of forgetting her was impossible. I’d never met anyone so open, feline and gorgeous. “What’s your name? I’m Jeff. I’d love to see you again.”

“Yeah, I guess we didn’t get a proper introduction. I’m Sadie.” We both began to restore ourselves.

After an encounter like that, I felt a moral obligation to make sure Sadie got exactly where she wanted to go. “So, how far is Almonte, anyway?”

“Fifteen minutes from here. I can’t believe you don’t know it. Do you know Highway 7? It’s just five minutes east. Main Street is the first stop sign.”

“123 Main Street. Right?” She nodded. It all seemed straightforward.

“I think I should change before I arrive. You got me a little messy.” Sadie shrugged her shoulders as she gave me a quick grin. “I’m just going to grab my stuff and find something fresh to wear.”

“No prob.” I helped her retrieve her suitcase and watched as she went off in search of a stream or some privacy. I lost sight of her when she wandered behind a stand of trees.

I got back in the Volvo and turned on the air conditioning and the radio, and I waited.  Five minutes passed, and then ten. After twenty minutes, I got out of the car to investigate fearing that she’d gotten lost or hurt.

I walked towards the trees calling her name.  “Sadie... Sadie…” I walked around the stand. I found the blue paisley scarf she’d worn tied to a branch, but no sign of her clothes or suitcase.  I broadened my search radius, looking for footprints or any other garments.  I peered in ditches and under rocks, but there was no hint of her. I drove up and down the road hoping to spot my long-haired girl with a battered suitcase. Sadie’s disappearance was baffling, but I held out hope that maybe she’d had second thoughts about our time together and she’d flagged another car.

Highway 7 was easy to find and so was Almonte. I found a bar, drank a cool glass of Bud and collected my thoughts.  I wasn’t sure what my intentions were, but I did want to be sure she’d got home safe.

I drove over to 123 Main Street and parked my car by the curb.  The house was shoddy, with peeling gray paint and piles of junk deposited randomly around the front yard. There was an axle under one tree and a washing machine without a lid beneath another.

I steeled myself and walked up to the door. Before I had a chance to knock, a gnarled elderly man whipped open the door and stared at me. “Whaddaya want?”

“Sorry to disturb you, sir. But I gave a hitchhiker a ride today and she gave this address.” The man glared.

“She’s not here, asshole.”

“Oh…” I wasn’t sure what to say. “You see, sir, she got out of my car and then I lost track of her. I just wanted to make sure she got home okay.”

“Did you fuck her?” His teeth were stained yellow and his face was ruddy. His eyes watered even as they bulged with anger.

“That’s none of your business.” I felt badly for Sadie. “Are you Sadie’s father?”

“Father? You’ve got to be kidding me. I was her boyfriend.” Spittle came out of his mouth as he hissed at me. I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

Things were getting strange and I didn’t want to engage this man, who was clearly drunk or drugged. There was no way that such an exquisite woman would ever have such a dissolute creature as her boyfriend.

“I know what you’re thinking, asshole. That she’s too good and too pretty to be with me. Well, I got news for you. I fucked her… And you didn’t.

“I never said I had sex with her, sir. But whoever does is a lucky man.”

The old man got close to me and grabbed both of my shoulders. “She wasn’t real, asshole. You screwed a ghost.”

“Excuse me? Whaddaya mean, I screwed a ghost? That’s not possible.”

"She had long wavy hair, short shorts and a white t-shirt, right?” Instinctively, I nodded. “That's what Sadie was wearing when I threw her out."

"You threw her out?" I tried to imagine him as the man he might have been earlier in life, but all I saw was a disheveled guy, whose face was etched with wrinkles and whose liver had surely seen better days.

"Yeah. Come here.” I followed the man into his shabby home, and in a frame by the door there was a faded picture of Sadie next to a young, raffish version of the haggard man in front of me. They looked like cute, young hippies. “She was a real headcase. Obsessed with me. As she was leaving, she said, 'You'll never forget me. I'll fuck lots, and they'll all be better men than you. You’ll regret this.'” His voice became quiet and he began to choke up. “She OD'ed that night.” His body began to shake as he sobbed. “Her family never forgave me. My family never forgave me, either."

I wrapped my arms around him, in part to offer comfort but also, because I was staggered by the tale and the photo. I needed steadying, too. "When’d this happen, man?"

"Over forty years ago.” He stepped back from me and slumped against the door frame. “It feels like yesterday.”

"Shit, that's awful. Why don't you move?"

"I've tried, but the little cunt keeps finding me.” He emitted a loud sigh. “Every few days, some guy like you arrives at my house asking for her, and the pain starts all over. I should be numb by now, but I’m not." He snorted and nodded as he looked over my shoulder. A sharply dressed fellow was climbing out of a red Porsche holding a paisley scarf. He waved at us.

"Hey, do either of you know someone named Sadie?


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