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Kira and the Satyr

Hilarious adventures of a nymph satyr

Back in the times of Greek mythology there lived all kinds of mythical creatures. Our story tells about two such creatures, Kira & Kronos.

Kira was a nature spirit known as a Dryad, also known as tree nymphs, they were bound up in their own tree, living in it and never traveling far from it. They were lovely, joyful spirits. They cared for all of nature and its creatures, and they were constantly running away from satyrs, whom were obsessed with their beauty.

And lovely they were, long flowing hair, willowy bodies, nicely shaped bosoms. They had what the satyrs wanted. They usually dressed in a green transparent gossamer material that draped over their bodies, but it didn't hide much of their charms, which was why the satyrs were always after them. They also wore a wreath of leaves on their brows and some around their loins just enough to cover their goodies.

The second creature in our story is Kronos, a satyr. Satyrs were robust half-man, half-beast, nature spirits who lived in the woods and mountains. They had small horns growing out of their foreheads or large pointed ears and tails. They were roguish folk, lovers of wine and women especially nymphs, their favorite. They would drink wine and dance all night. They were instinctively ready for every physical pleasure, and were known for their huge phalli. The only clothes they wore were animal skin loincloths that hardly covered their members, especially when excited. They were experts at seducing women using all kinds of flattery. They were the original party animals!

Both types of creatures lived in the forest and at the time of our story there came about a section of the forest that became vacant. The old satyr just sort of wandered off one day and never returned. When Kronos heard of the vacancy he decided it would suit him just fine since he needed a new place, and of course some new pussies! So off he went to find his new home.

As he walked in the forest searching for the cave of his predecessor, he saw in the distance a lovely wood nymph. He hadn't had one of those in ages and thought to himself, “Great” and licked his lips. He slowly walked towards her, already his big dick was growing and his left hand started to stroke it. He could hardly wait to get it inside of her. Unfortunately for him, he made a lot of noise as he got closer to her and of course she heard him and jumped up and looked at him.

She put her hands on her hips and said, “Oh no not another satyr. We just got some
peace around here.”He said, “Now little lady, I come in friendship, can't you see that?”

Kira said, “Oh yeah I sure can and that is a sizable phallus you got there, what do you plan on doing with it?”He laughed and said, “If you let me show you I am sure you are going to love it”.

She laughed back at him and said, “Like Hell I will”.
He kept on stroking and said, “But let me tell you this, I can make you feel so good, just give me a few minutes, and you will see”.

She licked her lips and said, “No thanks. I certainly know your game, and don't have any intention of playing it.”

He said, “But I know you would love for me to kiss those lovely lips of yours and run my tongue along your throat, now wouldn't you?"

She started to look worried and said “No I certainly wouldn't”, but he could see she was getting excited.

He said “I can see your perky little nipples just wanting me to suck on them (they were
all puckered up).

She covered them with her hands and said “No way, you are just like the old satyr, just want to jump on me, “wham, bam, thank you mam”, well, no thank you, that is not for me”.

He tried again, “But luv...honey, I wouldn't do that. I would make sweet love to you and you would want it again and again, trust me! Your little pussy would call out to me”. (This was really how satyrs talked, not a word of a lie).

“Come on, let me show you what I can do for you, it will be so good I promise!" He kept on stroking his member, both he and his dick were leaning towards her now. He was just about within reach of her when she said, cried out “NO!" and before he knew it she disappeared into the forest. He just stood there with his big dick in his hand wondering where she had got to so fast, then said “oh well I will catch her another time. I better find my new cave before it gets too dark and I have to sleep out in the open.”

So he continued on, still stroking his dick (That is what those creatures did all the time). About an hour later he found what he was looking for and walked into his new home. Geez, what a mess! He had some work to do to clean it up and make it his own. So he set to work and before long it was looking more like a home than an old dusty cave. He even had a nice soft bed of leaves and grass ready. He then lay down on it and soon fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of the wood nymph and what he was going to do to her when he caught her!

Meanwhile in another part of the forest Kira went to her hollow Linden tree and waved her hand. It opened up for her and then she stepped inside and it closed behind her. She sighed and thought about that satyr, he was a lot younger than the other one and what a big phallus he had, wow, she put her hand between her legs and felt the wetness. Oh, and boy he talked a good talk, that was for sure, typical satyr talk. She had better keep her eyes open to make sure he didn't catch her unaware!

He was going to make life a little complicated, that was for sure. She had just gotten used to relaxing after that last satyr had left. Shaking her head she thought, such was life. Then she went about preparing her evening meal. Later on when she was in her bed she thought about what she would do the next day. First of all she wanted to collect some of her favorite mushrooms for her dinner, and some buttercups to brighten up her home. She enjoyed her life singing and playing with her woodland friends. And with those thoughts, she fell asleep. Her dreams were of dancing in a field of yellow flowers and the birds singing and butterflies all around. But mixed in were feelings of hands on her body, and warmth between her legs. It was a lovely but strange dream. She woke up feeling hot.

When Kronos woke up he had his usual hard on and laughed, he sure needed to find that pretty wood nymph he saw yesterday, and knew when he caught her he was going to wear her out. So as he thought of the things he wanted to do to her, he made himself some breakfast and then went outside. It was a lovely day, blue sky and warm. He needed to explore more of his new home so just picked a direction and started to walk. After awhile he heard someone singing and he quietly moved towards the sound. Sure enough he came upon a small sunny meadow and saw to his delight the same nymph from yesterday, his phallus started to grow. He looked down at it and said, "yeahhhh!"

As he moved closer he saw that she had a basket and was happily picking some mushrooms. Oh but she was lovely to look at and would be even lovelier when he made her moan underneath him. He chuckled at the way his mind worked.

As he got closer, just a few more feet and he would be able to grab her, and then as luck would have it he stepped on a twig. It snapped and her head came up and she looked straight into his eyes. She then crouched making ready to run, when he said, “Oh darlin, wait. We need to get to know one another, I am after all your new neighbor what do you say?"

She straightened up put her hands on her hips and said, “Why on earth would I want to know a horny guy like you?”

He smiled, stroking his engorged member (as usual), and said “Well you are so beautiful. I just want to know your name. Come on, tell me your name at least! And just to show you that I mean no harm I will sit down right here and you sit where you are and we can get to know each other, OK?"

Kira looked at him as he sat down and thought he looks harmless except for that giant phallus he keeps on stroking....geezz! So she said alright and sat down and looked at his face. It was a nice looking face actually and his body was very nice looking too, lots of muscles. He was a lot bigger than she was, that was obvious, but satyrs were robust in build and very, very male. She kept on glancing at his engorged phallus.

He smirked and said “My name is Kronos. What is yours, my lovely?"

She said, “It's Kira and don't be getting any ideas of using that thing your stroking. I won't have any of it; got it?'

He said “Oh but my sweet you don't mean that, this is what you were made for, our parts would fit so well together. Believe me, I know!"

She then made a face and said, “No they don't and never will, no matter how much you flatter me, I'm just not interested”. But, she kept on looking at his crotch and felt warm between her legs.

He inched a little closer to her pretending to look at something on the ground and then he reached out to grab her arm, and found only empty space. Looking up, he saw her a few feet away laughing at him.

“You think you are so clever, Ha! Not by a long shot my friend” and she took her basket of mushrooms and ran off into the forest. Oh darn, I was so close, he lay back and continued to stroke his dick dreaming of what might have been. He finally ended up having a great climax, shooting way up into the air. He then laughed got up and continued on his tour of the forest, thinking oh my Kira there will be another day just you wait oh yes indeed!

So as the days went by Kira and Kronos would meet in the forest he always trying to seduce her and she kept laughing at him and running away. Being so much smaller than him, she was way more nimble.

But, he was not one to give up and told himself, “one day, my Kira, one day!” This was one game he was going to win no matter how long it took him.

In the meantime he met all of his neighbors some even of his own kind, they invited him to come party with them, which he did with great enthusiasm. He did love his wine and dancing and there were always some human girls at these parties they were so easy to flatter, easily coming under the satyr's powers.

Once these girls got a taste of what the satyrs had to offer they then couldn't stay away from them for very long. Human boys and men could never measure up to what the satyrs gave them. The girls may have gone home sore and that was a fact, but they also were very, very satisfied.

That would lead to lots of parties and all kinds of pleasures which Kronos was up for at all times. He had a good life and knew it. The only fly in the ointment was Kira. He just wasn't making any headway with her and for some reason, she was what he wanted most, he was becoming obsessed with her. Just thinking about her made his dick become so engorged that he had to stroke it, til he got some relief. So his days went on like this but overall he was a happy satyr. And he had a lot of patience too. One day he would say to himself, one day.

Then one day his luck changed for the better. He came upon Kira, singing and dancing around her woodland friends. As usual when she saw him he mocked him and ran away. This time he followed her trying to keep up, he wasn't giving up. Finally tiring, she nimbly climbed up a tree and settled on a branch just out of his reach. She smiled at him, and said “Now what will you do? You can't reach me so why don't you just give up?"

He said, “I will never give up, I must have you and that is all there is to it.”

Then he started with his usual flattery. “Now Kira honey, why don't you just relax? I won't hurt you, I just want to give you pleasure.” His member was huge by now and the loincloth didn't cover him at all. He started to stroke it as he talked to her. This always worked for him with other girls.

But Kira just shook her head and said “In your dreams Kronos”! All of a sudden she heard a crack and said “Oh no”, and the tree limb broke away from the trunk, crashing down and taking Kira with it. She landed with a loud thump and lay still. Kronos rushed over to her to see if she was alive. Bending
down he put his ear to her chest and listened. Then he heard a heartbeat and relaxed. Oh that was close, he didn't want to lose his Kira. Then he looked at her, this being the first time he had ever been this close. She was so lovely. Dare he touch her? Oh of course, she needed to be touched and he was just the satyr to do it, he chuckled to himself.

As he was thinking these thoughts, he heard her groan a little. Good she
was going to be alright. He bent down and said, " Kira how do you feel?
Where are you hurt?" She moaned; " I hurt all over, but I think I am
alright" He said, " I better check, just to make sure." She said, " Okay "

Pushing her skimpy transparent garment to the side, to have a better look he now saw there was going to be some bruises, but that was all.
He said; "It looks like your going to live" and he then bent down and
gently kissed her lips. She looked up at him and smiled.He was encouraged.

He lightly ran his hand along the side of her neck and down to her sweet breast pushing it gently inwards. He then did the same with the other one, making them come together, so pretty. Now they were easier to put his face between them and lick each one in turn and suck at them. She moaned a little, wanting him to do more.

Oh this was glorious; his engorged member was beginning to ache now. He wanted to put it in and bang at her, just thinking about it made his member drip pre-cum.

Then just as he was positioning himself between her legs, he thought no, he shouldn't do this so fast. He had waited so long he should make the best of it, as he might not get another chance at her. There were just so many things he wanted to do to her.

So, he got comfortable, spread her legs nice and wide and looked at her pussy. It was like one of her flowers with many folds which he spread apart with his fingers then he saw what he was looking for her little button. He then bent down and flicked it with his tongue. At the same time his large finger stroked her along the folds. He flicked and sucked on her for awhile,causing her to moan louder.So, he went back to sucking and licking her. But now his tongue traveled all along the folds too, while his finger went inside moving in and out she then got very wet so he was able to put two fingers in.

More moans came from her as she started to squirm. Oh gods but he was enjoying himself eating her pussy and with his free hand stroking his engorged member which was really aching now and more pre-cum was leaking out of the head. He smeared this all over his phallus and then moved into position. First he rubbed her up and down the folds giving her button extra rubs, she moaned some more, this encouraged him to go on.

Now he guided his dick to her entrance and pushed the head in then stopped. Yes she was so wet and tight so he slowly pushed himself in a little more and sucked at her nipples at the same time.
He was sweating a lot now trying to keep control himself to last as long as he could.

As he moved deeply in and out of her she began to moan louder and squirmed underneath him. He liked looking at her this way it was so hot. He kept on moving building up a faster pace, and then he would slow his strokes down, and then quicken them again. This was what he was meant to do, oh gods he knew he was getting closer. Kira moaned some more and moved under him like she was getting close to coming too. He had seen it many, many times in his life.

So then he took her hands in his big ones and held them above her head, she continued to moan, he put his lips on hers, and slipped his tongue inside.Her tongue mingled with his and her body started to move in sync. with his.

He began to move faster and deeper pausing to rotate his hips just before driving in again. He wanted her little button to be rubbed as well as the rest of her pussy. She just moaned all the more, making him move faster and faster.

He pulled out of her completely and lifted her up and carried her to a large rock nearby and turned her around to face the rock and pushed her against it. Then he pulled her hips towards him and slid his huge rock hard dick back inside of her.

She hung onto the rock arched her back and shouted, “Don’t stop. Give me all you got!”

So he did just that, thrusting into her like it was the end of the world and his last chance to cum. He reached around her waist to play with her button at the same time. Both of them were drenched in sweat by now but that didn't stop the action it just made them more slippery.

They did this for awhile then he put her back on the grass and ground into her some more. All the while she was groaning and yelling, “oh yes, more, harder, faster”. He was now getting very close to coming, and then he heard her scream. “I'm coming now, oh gods.”

He felt his balls tighten and growled out loud, pumping his cum deeply into her. It took a long time as it did with satyrs, he couldn't think or stop when he was in this state.

He just kept on moving grinding into her. The feeling spread from his phallus down his legs to his toes then back up to his chest and further til it reached his head and made his whole body spasm over and over again. She too was feeling the climax from her head to her toes it went on and on for at least 5 minutes. Then they both collapsed exhausted and fell asleep.

Hours later when he woke up he reached to where she was supposed to be and found just empty air.
Oh. how disappointing cause he was now ready for another round. He just sat there holding his hard member and thought alright Kira there will be more of this when you least expect it. He then laughed got up and walked back to his cave, stroking himself as he went. He wondered how was he going to catch her again? This time it had been totally a fluke he had to find a way to get her on his terms so he started to form a plan in his head.

After a lot of thought he finally came up with what he figured was a brilliant plan. He knew where Kira's favorite pool was. It had a small waterfall and was really very pretty. It always had water lilies growing in it, he had watched her many times gathering them as she swam around the pool. They were all white lilies and smelled divine. She would take them home with her filling her tree home with their scent. He had come across another water lily that was a very deep shade of purple and knew if he put it in her pool she wouldn't be able to resist it.

So he carried it from its home keeping all the roots intact and making sure they didn't dry out.
He took it to Kira's pool and transplanted it very carefully. He made sure he put it near the waterfall where he intended to be hiding. He thought as she swam up to the flower smelling its heavenly scent he would put his arms around her from behind and start to kiss her neck. Just thinking of this made him throb.

So he waited beneath the waterfall for Kira to come for her swim. He had found found a small shelf-like ledge under the waterfall and now sat there just enjoying the cool spray from the falling water. Then he heard her voice, she was humming her favorite song. She stopped at the edge of the pool and started to take her garment off. Then she took the wreath of leaves off her head and set it down on a rock. Next she undid the little string that held the patch of leaves over her pussy and behind her butt.
Kronos' mouth started to water. She stretched her arms up towards the sky and dived right into the sparkling water.
Oh she was glorious and his member was already standing up at attention, his left hand moved to stroke it as usual. He thought I'm a good swimmer, why not dive under the water and swim up underneath her?

Yes that is exactly what he would do. So when he saw she had spotted the purple water lily, he got ready. She exclaimed out loud what a lovely lily as she smelled its heady fragrance. Then all of a sudden she felt something touching her legs and then it moved between her legs oh what is going on? Then she felt something stroke her pussy, what could this be? It moved between her lips now and then slipped inside her.

This was feeling good but also scary what was doing this to her? She ducked down into the water to
have a look. That is when she saw one big hand between her legs and the other was now going around her waist, so she couldn't swim away from him. Oh that darn satyr he is so sneaky when she popped her head above the water he came up with her. Laughing but still stroking her pussy. He asked “How does that feel, Kira?" She said, "Oh I am liking it, more please."

He proceeded to slide two fingers inside and rubbed his thumb at her button. All she could do was moan, her treacherous body was taking over again. And there didn't seem to be anything she could do about it.

She then grabbed his engorged phallus, it was so big her little hands could barely wrap themselves around it. She now started her own stroking all along the length of it and when she got to the top she tickled the sensitive head. She used both hands to do the job as he worked on her with his hands and mouth.

As he rubbed her pussy his mouth sucked on her taut nipples. She then moaned, jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist opening herself up to his huge member. She had no clue how he was able to fit inside of her. All she knew was he could, and it felt fabulous. Then she felt him squeeze in deeper and deeper til he was all the way in.

Now he started the age old rhythm of moving in and out. Helped by the water it was slow and so smooth going in and out. As the tension was rose, all of a sudden she moved so that he slipped out of her then she took a big breath and went under the water.

She found his member and put her lips around the head. Being the size it was, she wasn't able to fit much into her mouth, but that was okay her tongue was dancing all around the head as she sucked away at him making him nearly fall down in ecstasy. “Ahhhh Kira”, Kronos cried out! She also tickled his balls as she sucked on him this was making him crazy and all of a sudden he started to cum in her mouth under the water! She felt the warm fluid gushing in her
mouth and held onto it. When it finally stopped she came up for air and swallowed his cum. He just looked at her and said “Luv you are the best I have ever had!

Then he started to kiss her and put his hand back between her legs again. It felt so nice and warm there, slippery too she was not only wet from the water but from being excited. So he continued this treatment for a while longer then he too took a big breath and went under the water to her pussy and started licking and sucking at it. This was truly a fantastic way to make love.

Meanwhile Kira was making a lot of noise even under the water he could hear her cries of passion. It didn't take long for his member to start to rise again (it never did with satyrs). So he moved and replaced his mouth with his hard dick moving as before slow and smooth in and out again and again.

He had never come in a pussy under water before and wondered what it would feel like. The tension seemed the rise nice and slow but as the minutes went on and on there was no doubt about it, there was going to be a huge explosion. Then he started to move faster there was a lot of splashing but he kept on moving. She started to moan louder that she was getting close to coming ...ahhhhh.
He knew he was too and it got ready for it.

As they frantically moved and splashed both started to cum at the same time and it lasted for many long minutes.

They both felt it though out their entire bodies from top to bottom. When it was over, he could still feel her pussy pulsing on his member like she was sucking on him still. All they could do was hang on to each other and slowly move to the edge of the pond crawl out and collapse on the shore and fall asleep.

After awhile Kronos woke up and felt Kira move a little, moaning softly. Before she could get away he reached over to her and brought her body up against his. He said “Oh no my sweet, not this time. I have not finished with you yet”. She moaned “You’re going to wear me out”. At that he laughed. “That is the idea to make you so exhausted that you can't run away from me again.”

They lay on their sides facing each other, looking at each other, and then he reached out and lifted her leg up. With his other hand he guided his hard and ready member inside her again. It was so tight he shut his eyes and started moving in slowly.

The wood nymphs had a special ability their tight pussies could accommodate any size phallus and then when the love making was done, it would go back to its tiny original size again. This was the main reason that satyrs were so obsessed with them, they felt fantastic every single time. At first it was a tight squeeze to get in but after a few strokes the pussy loosened up enough to make moving in and out slick and easy.

“Now”, he said “Isn't this nice? A little dessert after the main meal”? All she could do was say “Yes I do like desserts,” and laughed! As he moved she started to move around so much that he slipped out, then he pushed her onto her back and said “Lay still til I get it in again,” which he did. After awhile she moaned and cried she was coming again. It started deep inside her pussy then radiated outward traveling down her thighs all the way to her toes, then went back up to her stomach and chest. When it reached her boobs they tingled. All she could do was cry out “Oh gods” then the sensations went to her head, where it stayed, making her whole body twitch over and over again.

Finally she slowly came out of it, and was completely exhausted. Meanwhile Kronos was going through a similar thing. His climax rocked his whole body from head to foot, he kept on moving automatically in a mindless state until he totally emptied himself in her. He then collapsed along side her and both of them fell asleep. These creatures were made for pleasure and sure knew how to make the most of it.

After that day, whenever he found Kira, all he had to do was sweet talk her a little while stroking his huge phallus and she would come running to him instead of running away.

Kira was outside her tree one day doing a little maintenance work, cleaning up dead leaves, doing some pruning etc. All of a sudden, one of her bird friends flew onto her shoulder. She smiled and said “Hello what can I do for you”? It was one of her favorite birds, a lovely little bluebird. As it sat on her shoulder it made little cheeping sounds like it was trying to tell her something. So she took a closer look and found a little note on its leg.

When she undid it she cried out in happiness. She was about to get a visit from her two sisters, Cassie and Darma. They were triplets and very close. It had been awhile since she had seen them, oh but she was happy and ran into her home to make it ready for them. She then thought; I will make their favorite meal, mushrooms! So off she went with a big basket to a spot she often found loaded with them. She wanted everything perfect for her sisters.

They were due to arrive the next day, so she had plenty of time to get everything ready for them.
She was busy frying up the mushrooms when all of a sudden she heard their voices. They were singing her favorite childhood song. She rushed out and they all came together hugging and laughing.

It was so good to see them. Then when all was calm they went inside of Kira's home and sat down to her delicious meal and afterwards had some fruit. They spent the rest of the day catching up. Finally they went to bed .Kira thought it would be nice to go down to the pool with the waterfall for a refreshing swim in the morning and have a picnic lunch. And with that thought she fell asleep.

In the morning, as they had their breakfast, Kira suggested going for a swim both and the girls happily agreed. So they packed up a lunch and set off to spend the day swimming and just having a great time. As they walked to the pool, Kira had a thought. If Kronos showed up, and he usually did since he knew her routine of going for a swim once or twice a week, why not surprise him! So she told her plan to her sisters and they agreed it would be so much fun. They went to the pool and set their blankets and food on the ground, then took off their garments and ran jumping into the pool.

A little while later Kira heard Kronos, he was humming his usual song to let her know he was coming to see her. She smiled and said “He is coming, go hide under the waterfall. Quick, before he sees you.” They swam over to the waterfall and disappeared just as he came into view. He said “Hi Kira, my luv, look what I have for you”! He was of course stroking his huge member and smiling. “Come out and get it Sweets, you know you want me as much as I want you!”

Kira just stayed in the water and smiled at him. Then she said “Why don't you come into the water and get me? It's so nice and refreshing today.” He said “Great idea”, and off came his loincloth. He jumped in and swam over to her. When he was next to her he put his arms around her and pressed himself against her, pushing his dick between her legs, and then pressed his lips against hers giving her a deep kiss followed by his tongue. She opened her mouth and let him in. It made her pussy ache for him when they kissed. Then she pushed him away and said “Kronos, not so fast, let’s play first”.

As she said this she moved closer to the waterfall where the water was deepest, but it still was
just only up to her chest. Then they started to kiss some more and his hands wandered down to her pussy. While he was enjoying himself, all of a sudden he felt a mouth on his dick and thought “What the hell?” It felt good, that was for sure, but who was sucking on him that way? He looked at Kira. She had her eyes closed and was just feeling what his hand was doing to her.

Then when he felt hands running up and down his dick as well as the sucking, he had to know what on earth was going on! So he ducked under the water and saw another nymph working away at his huge member. She then came up for air and to his utter surprise he saw Kira! Then he looked at both girls standing side by side. They just laughed, and Kira said “Luv, I would like you to meet my sister, Darma. Darma meet Kronos.” He just shook his head, “I can't tell you two apart. You must be twins.”

Both of them laughed and said “Let’s continue with what we were doing OK”? He said “Oh you betcha, absolutely”. So he again bent down and started to kiss one of them while his hands got busy with the other one. He thought this must a dream as he stroked a pussy, sliding his finger inside. So they continued this for a few more minutes, when all of a sudden he felt his dick being handled again, and a mouth started to suck on him. Oh gods, now what is going on?

Both girls started to double up in laughter. He said “Hey someone is sucking my dick and now my balls are being cupped. Who”? Then up popped another girl who looked just like Kira and Darma! The poor confused satyr! All he could do was stare at the three identical girls. Then finally Kira said “Kronos, meet my other sister, Cassie”. She said “Very pleased to meet you. Would you like us all to continue?

He said “Oh Hell yeah!” So they all got down to the greatest love making in history, enjoying themselves immensely. It was lucky he had great stamina because he needed it, and he also had the ability of recovering very quickly, so he could go many rounds in one day and night, which is what they all did.

Just stopping long enough to eat and rest a little before going on and on and on. He never knew which pussy he was working on or who was sucking him, he just was in heaven. And so many boobs to fondle and suck on, wow, and there was a lot of moaning and groaning and yes, screaming,
for the next 24 hours. Finally they were all thoroughly satisfied and needed some real rest. So Kronos said his thank yous and how he would love to do this again, before the sisters went home. They all agreed, after all they were very close sisters, and shared everything.

So a few days later he showed up at the tree and was met by all three sisters ready and willing and able to have another session or two or three with him. He had thought about bringing some of his satyr friends, but then said to himself, naaaa this is just too good to share!
So they all went at it with each other again, doing what they did best, which was making love over and over again til they ran out of steam.

It was a simple life but they would not change it for the world. Living each day to the fullest, with wild abandon and lots of caring love
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