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She Never Knew Part 1

Sometimes when you don't fit it, maybe its because you really don't belong.
She knew that vampires, werewolves, demons, witches, even fallen angels did exist. She was only human and only 20, but someone she knew. She had been born to a very Christian oriented family, one she felt was to into the idea of God. She also knew God was real, she said her prayers and saw miracles in her short life, but it wasn’t as… life flooding as it was for her family. She was born into a family with a Mother, Father, and 1 brother older then her, and 2 younger. Everyone dressed in normal clothes, her eldest brother Seth loving the polo and jeans look. Her 2 brothers being twins her mother named them Cain and Abel. They were typical 12 year olds, she loved them dearly and they all got along fine, except her and Seth. In the Bible Seth is the 3 rd son born to Adam & Eve, while Cain & Abel were the first born of Adam & Eve. She found it interesting how her Mother had done that.

Point being her and Seth did NOT get along. He was 18 when she was 16, she was going through the phase of realizing how much she did not care for the way her family acted. Seth said she was a sinner that she’d end up in hell. That she was marked for disaster because she had jet black straight hair with silver eyes while her siblings and even parents had dirty blonde curly hair with green blue eyes. Ahava never thought that she was “marked”, but her brother’s words were hurtful.

Ahava did not fit in with her family; she was a creature of the night. Her family lived in a country home on 12 acres of land, 5 being wooded with a stream. Ahava would sneak out at night to run through the woods, feeling whole in the darkness with the pale moon light hitting her face. Ahava spent hours staring at the moon; it was like it called to her. She herself was very pale & thought that somehow she was born from the essence of the moon and that is why her name was Ahava. It meant essence.

She always knew that creatures lurked the night, a new world that she should belong to, one that called her name in the wind… like tonight did.

It was a normal day, the day before her 21 st birthday, wake up, school, home, horses & dogs care, harassed by Seth, dinner, & finally bed. She had a long day at school and was exhausted. She looked at the moon that night and promised to see him tomorrow. She fell into her bed and was knocked out.

The night was bitter cold and windy, a small tree by her window lightly tapped the glass, the wind called to her “Ahava… Ahava we’re waiting… wake up Ahava. Ahava.” Suddenly she was up, a cold sweat drenching her clothes; she could hear her name being called. A voice she didn’t recognize, but somehow knew it wouldn’t harm her. She stood up and looked outside, 3 figures standing about an acre from her. She wasn’t afraid, rather then panicking and getting her parents, Ahava grabbed a sweater and threw it over her pajamas and slipped into her gym shoes. She opened her window and climbed out, her home was a ranch style so it wasn’t a big leap.

She walked towards the three figures; she stood about 3 yards from them. “Ahava, we’ve been waiting for you.” She was a bit confused, unsure of why they’d wait on her. It made no sense for anyone to wait on her. “Why? Who are you?” “We’re the Night Crawlers. I’m Jason, he’s Kyle (the male to his right) and he’s Roi (male to his left). Our coven leader Vincent has sent us for you, he thought you would have joined him by now.” Ahava felt a flood of panic run over her. “What?” Her breathing was becoming hard, she knew that name. Where though? How? Before anyone could answer her, Ahava felt something inside her piece through her heart, not a knife, but a sudden pain over whelmed her as if someone had stabbed her. Her eyes fell closed and she collapsed onto her knees, her hands over her heart as she tried to sit up. “Oh no, it’s midnight, we have to get her to Vincent.”

Ahava’s body trembled to the sound of that name, how could she possibly know it? How?! She was in pain and couldn’t think anymore when Jason ran up to her. He scooped her up and took off into the night, the rest was a blur.


Ahava wasn’t actually awake or aware of what was happening around her, but she could hear what was being said and her mind was trying to process it as she was in her last moments of life.

Jason – “Vincent she is dying, she began just after midnight.”

Vincent was staring at the girl he hadn’t been so close to since her birth. He shook his head slowly, knowing he should have sent for her long ago. He tore viciously into his wrist, carefully opening her mouth to let the blood and some of his torn flesh fall into her mouth. Her eyes were fluttering open; they weren’t silver, but a dull fading grey.

“Please Ahava, please take it…” Ahava wasn’t conscious; everything happening from the moment she collapsed was her body and minds doing.

Ahava’s tongue licked at the blood while her teeth slowly gnawed at the flesh. It was a natural instinct for her; one she hadn’t known was there until a moment came for it to take over. Ahava was slowly coming to, feasting on the flesh and blood that her body had needed, but the craving being dormant for so long she wouldn’t have known what to do if it suddenly had taken over previously.

Ahava stayed feeding from his wrist for a few more moments before he pulled his wound away from her, he wrapped it with some gauze knowing in a few minutes he could take it off. He carefully lifted her head to push all her hair back; watching as her eyes fall closed he gently unzipped the sweater. The next step to her transformation would begin.

“Should we stay?” Jason asked, being a few feet from Vincent who had his back turned to the 3 Crawlers. “No, when she changes I have to dominate her on my own.” Jason nodded and the men left, locking the large iron doors behind them, leaving Vincent and Ahava alone in the room.


Hours passed of Vincent sitting and waiting on his beloved, watching her breathe, twitch and groan as the transformation began on the inside. He knew it would take longer since she was now 21, he should have brought her home and changed her when she was 16 or 17 but he wanted her to come on her own.

Vincent reflected on the day Ahava was born of Luke & Juliet. Her mother died in a child birth, her father knew the tradition. He & Juliet had thought of whom their child should marry, knowing from instinct that his wife carried a girl.

They came to him when Juliet was 4 and 1/2 months pregnant. They presented themselves as humble parents wanting the best for their child. Vincent was 120 at the time and was in search for his mate, naturally he did what anyone would do when presented with this offer, and he laid his hand on Juliet’s belly and saw the future of the child. Normally, he wouldn’t have been able to if she wasn’t for him, but seeing her future meant she was literally being born to be with him, it was her purpose. It may sound strange, but that was destiny at hand.

Vincent was in the room when Juliet gave birth and moments after died. Luke knew she would pass after giving birth and so had she. They saw it in a dream when she became pregnant, so though he was sad at the loss of his wife, he was rejoicing for the birth of his daughter. He remembered how Luke loved his daughter, knowing it would be difficult to follow customs. He handed her to Vincent, and he cradled her. Some how it felt wrong that he was holding his future wife, but at the same time, he didn’t question it the moment he held her and had a vision of her as an adult, being one with him.

Luke chose a family to take his newborn daughter. He needed her to be raised among the humans before coming to be with his kind. It taught her not to be cold and cruel like so many of his kind had turned out to be when raised amongst their own kind.

Vincent suddenly felt the urge to look up at Ahava, seeing her eyes wide open and staring at him, her teeth were growing longer as she sat up and her body began to grow larger. Forming into muscle and fur that would be her new form, one she would be able to hide when needed. She growled at him as she flung herself in his direction, her body being fully formed. He quickly moved out of the way, being a few yards from her. He watched her as she sat on her furry ass with her tail swaying slowly, her front legs flat on the ground as her back legs were bent. She was watching him as a hunter going after prey.

He could see she was smaller than him, much smaller then what an average female should be, most females being just barely smaller then the males; he was 6 ft when standing and about 5 ft sitting. She was about 5 standing and 4 sitting. He assumed it had to do with him not bringing her home sooner. Vincent kneeled slowly onto the ground, acting as if he was submitting to her; he knew she would lunge soon. He waited a moment and then she came at him, he jumped up being in his full werewolf form, jumping over her. She hit the iron wall, shaking her head as she looked back him.

He ran up behind her before she could react, his front right paw shoving her down onto her stomach, snapping his jaw closed near her face. She had begun to snarl when his jaw snapped in front of her face, she submitted, giving in completely knowing what was occurring. He let her up as she slowly pushed herself off the ground, looking at him with dark tender eyes. He licked her muzzle lightly, nuzzling his snout to hers, comforting her for her mistake. She didn’t know any better, if she had met him before hand she wouldn’t have tried to eat him, but she didn’t know her body and mind were going based off instincts and hunger.

Vincent raised his right paw to lightly bend into the curve of her right hind leg, showing his dominance over her, it was a simple act really, but one that wolves took as being claimed. She didn’t fight it, she welcomed it as she made soft puppy whines, licking his throat and chin with her long rough tongue. Ahava wouldn’t remember this first event, but he would tell her. He enjoyed her submission, having his first experience with her. He leaned his muzzle down to lick the fur between her eyes, her wet nose rubbing a bit into his collar bone.

Ahava stayed close to her male, watching him with pleasing eyes, willing to do anything for him. Her tail wagged from left to right, the skin of her belly shivering under the feel of his cool paw. He could smell her hunger, moving away from her to have her follow him. He darted up the wall and out the open window, she followed him without question.

He led her off into the deep forests that were close to his mansion, hunting down several large bucks for her to feed off of. He laid all 3 before her, growling as she tried to take first bite, asserting his rule as alpha. She whimpered and backed down; he stepped towards her, his tongue licking her ear. He pushed her forward, letting her eat first this time since it was her first real meal. She pushed her face into his chest before lunging at the deer. She at all meat that that was there, her belly was swollen with meat and blood when she turned to find him. He was sitting on the ground in his human form, at first she was confused, but smelling his scent she understood it was still him.

She crawled towards him, staying low to the ground as she didn’t want to anger him. “Aw, baby, that’s okay. Don’t be afraid.” He rubbed her large head and snout to assure her he wasn’t upset or angry, he was patiently waiting on her. Though it was important for her to know he was alpha it was just as important for her to not be afraid of her domineering partner.

She kept her face low as she laid it in his lap, snuggling up against him. He stayed with her for a few minutes like this before he lightly pushed her up and returned into his wolf form, having her follow him again. The moon was full & it was time to present her. Before leaving the woods he licked the excess blood off her fur and led her through the front doors. Every wolf of the coven was gathered, welcoming her as the new alpha female as she was his mate, his lover. No one would be above her except Vincent, which included other males as well.

They all bowed and said “Welcome Ahava”, being in there human forms. She looked confused, but followed Vincent, sitting beside him as he sat like a king before is subjects. He nodded in the direction of each crowd, slowly nudging Ahava to rise. He led her in his wolf form to his bed room, his hand shaped paw turned the knob to let her enter his bedroom first. She took unsteady steps into the room, her wolf form starting to shrink into her human shape. She managed to turn to face him before she fell onto her stomach and changed from wolf to human; her muscles shrinking, fangs to teeth, tail vanishing, and ears and snout recoiling. He stepped into the room and shut his door, locking it behind him. He returned to his human form, lifting her off the floor. She was naked and bare to him, unconscious as well. He laid her in their bed, a California king size. Laying the blanket over her body, he was naked as well, crawling into the bed with her, his arms wrapped around her warm body.


To be continued.

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