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Short Stories: Supernatural Vampire

The following stories are short stories, meant for only having one part. No background information and made for everyone. This short story season will be one for everyone of the subjects on Lush and if you would like a personalized story just put it in my inbox. I will ask for details ECT. Please enjoy this installments of my short stories.


Supernatural : Vampires.


As I closed the book to my favorite story "Vampires the lost lovers" there was a long chill coming down my neck. The window's were closed, and it was midnight in summer. So it should be hot.

As I flung the silky black covers from my body I shivered once more. Cursing myself for wearing only a pair of panties and a bra I felt my way to my dresser.

I breathed in slowly "Come on Sophia.." I said quietly "This is your know were these things are.." I exhaled.

But everything seemed to have been moved around. I stubbed my toe then yelped out "Owchie!" I frowned and sat down landing my firm ass on a pair of heel's I jumped and hit my head on the low ceiling. I Growled but at least I knew were I was know.

I Was near the bathroom. I felt my way and turned the light on. As I turned around I noticed that my draws were all open, my closet was too, and so was my window. I laughed and rubbed my head. "Always forgetting thing's.." My mother used to say.

I looked at my toned and pale body in the bathroom Mirror. My long auburn hair was like fire and my skin was like milk. My 34DD's was not the biggest pair of tit's for my age. But if you were a 21 year old single waitress from England you would think 38GG's were tiny.

I Heard a dark chuckled from behind me and turned sharply and saw nothing. I wiped my forehead, setting my path from the bathroom to the bed. I turned the light out and sprinted to my bed. But I stopped. Something grabbed hold of my and pinned me to my bed. I wiggled left to right and yowled "Get off me!" I wiggled more then the light flickered on. On top of me was an inhumanly beautiful man. Muscles in the arms, his hair slicked back in a very 1950's fashion and his eyes looked like they could cut through the silk sheets that laid underneath me.

He put his hand underneath my back pulling me up slowly as I went limp in his arms. I was terrified as he leaned into my ear and whispered in my ear "Do not be afraid Cherie" He said in an almost French accent. "It will not sting for long"

His hand glazed down to my leg, he sat me on his laps like I was his puppet and he was the master and purred in my ear. His hand went among my legs on a side and stayed there, pushing against my sensitive pussy every few seconds, making me gasp in excitement. I knew this was a dream now. It had to be. right?

He licked my neck once making my shiver then bit down, breaking the flesh and into my neck. I felt a tingling sensation among my legs and my neck at the same time. I felt the blood leave my body. I closed my eyes and put one hand on the back of his neck, pulling him closer, edging him on to drink more. He obliged by adding more pressure to my pussy.

His hands tugged at the elastic waistline of my panties. He gave another tug making the elastic snap back onto my skin, leaving my thigh stinging momentarily. He licked around the bit wound and licked up my jaw. I sat there panting slightly, my eyes half opened, my panties half soaked. He seemed displeased about this and licked down my chest. Taking hold of one of my breasts and giving them a good squeezes while licking the nipple of the other. I gripped the bed as he did the same over and over again. He bit down finally on my left nipple and sucked heavily. Like a baby. I Stroked his hair and breathed slightly quicker. While he was feeding on my left nipple he was massaging the other. This mixture of pain of pleasure was enough to push me over the edge...But I just was not there yet.

He was angry now. He pushed me backwards and stroked my freshly shaved pussy with those hands while fiddling with his belt buckle. My eyes widened as that monster of a cock was released from his pants. It hanged half way down his leg freely while his apple sized balls swung a little. I backed away but he was already on top of me. Teasing my pussy with his cock, rubbing it up and down my already drenched pussy.

I Gave in and sighed. Taking hold of both of his forearms, flinching and closing my eye. I could tell his cheeky smile was on me as he rammed all eight inches of his cock inside me. Making me gasp. He leaned forwards, pushing my legs up and bending them like I was sat down. He quickly moved his hips in and out at inhuman speeds. Making me make all sorts of noises.

"Yes My sweet. Tell me how much you want this..I know you dream about being fucked by a vampire"

He laughed evilly and went faster.

"Y-y-yes! I love it..p-please do not stop..don't ever stop!" I called out, not embarrassed at all. Fucking loving it. I gripped his ass moaning loudly. Bitting my lip.

"Sweet Sophia.." He went faster "Well..not so sweet anymore" He laughed again, sweat dripping from his face as he went faster and faster, the bed vibrating and collapsing "Seems I owe you a bed" He laughed then slowed down. Then went so fast I came instantly.

I clenched all over making him Roar in delite. I arched my back as he whispered in my ear "Your mine now forever my sweet" He pulled out his cock and came all over my tits and stomach. He smiled at his masterpiece "Till next time My love" He called to me then left. Leaving me on my bed in a sticky oozing pile of cum. My eyes closed and I fell into the best sleep of my life. When I awoke I rubbed my eyes and sat up. Walking half asleep to the bathroom, brushing my hair then staring in the mirror. I gave a large grin at my crusty cum covered body. It was not a dream I giggled and looked at my broken bed.

I Then gave a cheeky grin looking into the mirror. I knew who I was now. I was.

The Vampires Slut.

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Copyright © All right go to me and/Or people i have roleplayed with to give me the great ideas which have come to writing the following stories, trademark of secret girl is to always use the name skye or use anything to do with anything to do with water. you have been forwarned, if anyone uses any of my information without my say so i will hunt you down.

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