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Stories of a Post Apocalyptic World: Part 4

Stories of a Post Apocalyptic World: Part 4

21 year old Ruby gets her come upance...
Ruby glanced at Whiskey tower as it lit up the surrounding area like a beacon. She had only been here once in her life and under much different circumstances. The last time she was here, she was a guest, now she was here to assassinate the owner.

Growing up, Ruby was a shy girl which led her to being picked on by a few of the other kids. As the years of torment and teasing went on, she began to develop an aggressive and feisty temperament. This personality helped her become one of the top assassins in the wastelands of New York.

Her jet black hair blew recklessly as the wind picked up. Her hazel eyes were focused on the tower as she grasped her dagger tightly. She began to walk forward through the boggy marshes towards the gates of the tower. As she got closer, she concealed the knife in her tattered trousers to ensure her entrance to the building. Two guards carrying rifles greeted her as she reached the gates to the compound.

“What’s your business?” one of the guards asked.

“Just passing through,” Ruby said as she threw a bag of gold to them.

They stepped aside allowing her to walk through the gates. Her eyes scanned the inside of the complex, seeing groups of people gather around roaring fires. The wind started to howl and rain began to fall. Immediately the crowds of people began to dash inside the building to take shelter from the harsh weather. Ruby pushed through the mob as she made her way into the lobby.

Golden chandeliers hung from the ceilings and their lights reflected off the smooth, marble floor. In the middle of the hall was a grand staircase with a thriving fireplace at the top. The flames crackled around the soldering coals and the heat radiated around the hearth.

Ruby sauntered along the lobby, her eyes focused on more of the towers guards on the balconies above. As she walked up the stairs, two elevators came into sight. She began to quicken as she got closer to the top of the staircase. She knew if anyone saw her use the elevators, she would be compromised. Luckily for Ruby, a bolt of lightning struck the security wall outside distracted everyone, including the guards. Fragments of stone began to smash against the building and it’s interior.

Ruby took this opportunity and briskly stepped inside the elevator. She took a moment to compose herself as the lift slowly ascended the tower. The lights began to flicker as the storm continued to terrorize the world outside. After what seemed like an eternity, she reached the top level. The lights continued to flicker as she entered the corridor. She cautiously ambled down the hallway towards a gold plated door with gemstones scattered around it. As she reached it, she drew her dagger.

Ruby took a few deep breaths before slowly opening the door. Her eyes widened as she saw the luxurious velvet walls covered with portraits for the first time. She quickly stepped inside the room, admiring the suite. It seemed fit for royalty, but then again it belonged to the owner who pretty much saw himself as just that. As Ruby stumbled around the room in wonder, she heard the clicks of firearms behind her. She hesitantly turned around to see the two guards she had bribed to get inside as well as the man himself, Benjamin Whiskey.

“Drop the knife,” they commanded as they pointed their guns at her.

Ruby quickly threw the knife to the ground in front of her. The guards approached her and swiftly handcuffed her before Benjamin came face to face with her. He looked up and down her stature as he licked his lips.

“Leave us,” he ordered.

Both of the guards looked at him in disbelief but they followed his request, exiting the room immediately. As he heard the door click behind him, Benjamin pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked her handcuffs. Ruby breathed a sigh of relief as the handcuffs dropped to the floor.

“Come,” he directed as he walked towards a cream coloured sofa. “Don’t even think about the knife or I’ll put a bullet in your head myself.”

She tentatively followed him to the couch and in sync they both sat down.

“If you want to get out of here alive, you will obey my every command.” Benjamin said strongly.

“What if I don’t?” Ruby asked.

“You’ll regret it,” he replied.

“You’ll regret un-cuffing me,” she mocked.

“Is that so?” He laughed as he pulled out a diamond studded revolver, “Strip.”

Ruby reluctantly began to unbutton her blouse to Benjamin’s delight. He licked his lips again as her tits came into view. Her brown nipples were already erect as she dropped her blouse to the ground. For a moment, Benjamin admired the tattoos on her arms. It seemed to add extra excitement to the ‘bad girl’ image Ruby had going for her. She then stood up and moved a few inches in front of him. For a few moments, Ruby put her thumbs under the waistband of her pants and did a few rotations to tease her captor.

All of a sudden she stopped with her back to him.

“Do you have any more artwork?” he chuckled.

“You’ll have to find out,” she hissed as she looked over her shoulder.

She then faced the door again and slowly leaned forwards. Teasingly, she started to tug her ragged pants down her legs. As her freshly shaven pussy uncovered, she playfully tapped the lips a few times before sliding her middle finger inside her soaked hole and then quickly back out. Even though his cock was harder than stone, Ben composed himself amazingly well as he watched the little performance Ruby put on.

“Has anyone ever told you how amazing your body is?” he asked as he set the revolver down.

“Of course they have,” Ruby snapped as she stepped out of the trousers.

He started to beckon her with his finger, his dark brown eyes staring into hers. With his other hand, he opened a drawer on the side table. As she got closer, he pulled rope from the drawer and grabbed her wrist tightly. Swiftly, he began to tie her hands together making her snarl with frustration.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she shouted angrily.

“You wanted to act like a bitch, I’m going to fuck you like one,” he said calmly.

He stood up, his massive six-foot-three figure towering over Ruby’s five-foot-two one. He gave her a playful slap on the ass before marching her into a dungeon-like room. Unlike the main room, this one wasn’t decorated and just showed bare, white brickwork. Ruby looked around the room whilst Ben locked the door behind them. He kicked off his shoes and turned back to her.

“Get on your knees,” he commanded as he fiddled with his trouser’s zipper.

In a turn of events, Ruby did as she was told as she immediately dropped to her knees. Benjamin finally pulled his zipper down allowing his big, black cock to spring out, almost hitting her face. She opened her mouth widely and speedily Ben brought his dick to it. He gasped as he felt her lips slide onto his head and her tongue lashing at it. As he felt her warm saliva covering his head, he began to unbutton his shirt. Ruby started to take more in and her tongue danced delicately around his shaft.

Ben pulled his shirt off, revealing his muscular torso for the first time, and then placed his hands on the back of Ruby’s head. Her tongue carried on pleasuring his manhood as he slowly started to thrust his hips forward. The head of his cock started to hit the back of her throat, making her gag slightly before moving back to the front of her mouth. His dick seemed to gleam when the light hit the spit covering it.

“You haven’t got much to say now,” he laughed as he carried on fucking her mouth.

Ruby looked up at him whilst he fed more of his cock between her lips. With one hand on the back of her head, he started to unbutton his trousers with the other. They quickly dropped to the floor, allowing Ruby to start paying attention to his testicles. Benjamin instantly pulled his cock from her mouth, letting dribble run off the shaft. With his cock rested on her face, her tongue flicked at his scrotum making him groan more. He was in pure ecstasy as she caressed his manhood with her soft, spongy tongue. He felt as though he was going to explode.

He pulled her to her feet and moved her closer to the bed. Without warning, he pushed her onto it, burying her face in the soft duvet. Ruby pushed herself up onto all fours straight away and as she waited, Benjamin took the excess rope and tied both ends to the headboard. He watched as she pulled slightly, indicating that she was going nowhere. After a few moments of admiring her body, he took his position.

He poked his cock against her pussy teasingly before stroking it up and down the lips. Playfully he rubbed the head on her clitoral hood, making her almost beg for him.

“Just give me your cock,” she ordered.

With another playful tease, he began to stretch her hole. Ruby started to moan loudly as she felt his head go deeper inside her body. It was that big, she felt for certain it was going to begin tickling her ribcage but as she thought that, the whole of it was embedded deep within her. Benjamin started to spank her hard as his gland rubbed against her cervix. Her pussy juice and saliva mixed as he held it there for what seemed like forever before he started to remove his shaft from her now gaping vagina.

He slapped her beautiful, peachy ass again as he rammed his cock in as hard as he could. And again, he pulled back out with his head hooking the edge of her hole. With another hard slap, a pink handprint began to form on her backside and his cock was swallowed by her body. Ruby screamed with excitement and her knees began to buckle as immense pleasure sent shivers down her spine. She started to feel light headed and collapsed with her head in the pillow, her ass and pussy only remained in position because of Ben’s firm grip on her hip.

Once more he spanked her hard, making her cry out in satisfaction, as he fucked her bald pussy. Her muscles began to clench and tighten around his big, black manhood. Her eyes rolled back and her pussy started to cum, making it easier and more desirable for Benjamin.

“I knew you’d love my cock you little, white whore.” He laughed as he thrust his hips.

“Don’t stop,” she murmured as she trembled slightly.

She closed her eyes as he slapped her again. His cock hit her cervix once more and his balls smacked against her clitoris. As he continued to breed her, he started feeling a tingling sensation across his balls. However, he kept fucking her pussy as it clamped his shaft, trying to milk him. Each thrust was like heaven to him as he ran his eyes from her gorgeous holes, up her back and to her silky black hair. He started to thrust quicker, letting the friction send him over the edge.

His balls began to tighten, and immediately he pulled out and rammed his cock up in-between her ass cheeks. His cum began to squirt from the head of his cock, covering her back with what she considered was her ‘prize’. String after string of his semen rushed onto her back, and with each string that landed, her smile grew bigger.


As the semen dried on her back, Benjamin untied Ruby and led her to the corner of his room. He carefully buckled her wrists to the ceiling and padlocked the buckles before tying each of her feet to a bar of metal.

“You’re now my slut,” he said casually as he squeezed her breasts and their tongues wrestled.

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