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The Angel's Secrets

When angels and men meet, secrets are made.
My wings lift me up so I can fly. Sometimes, I come back around to Earth. The Earthly Plane, we call it. There is a door that we open that leads us back into the land of pain and sorrow. We do not remember when we left this place, but many of us want to go back.I often go back.

My name is Mahala, and I first saw Jack when I was visiting. I was floating high above the sky on a dark night, as he was walking home from a place made of bricks and wood. I felt his sadness. Tonight, I was going to talk to him, because I had watched him for so long, and I was curious about him and his words.

When I come down from the sky, wings go inside my back like tiny diamonds.I feel my feet touch the ground and my wings are put away as soon as I put my arms down. On Earth, I look just like anyone else, except I am a Secret Keeper. I have seen things you will never see until you leave this place. Tonight, I am barefoot, with a long blue gown, and my hair is long and flowing. I smile at people as they walk past me. I find a bench, and I sit down. I know many words like "bench", "chair", "sofa". I have been to Earth many times since I took my last human breath.

He walked past me and I stood up.

"Jack," I say.

"Yes?" He is puzzled as to how I know him. I smile at him and I reach out my hand. I can feel his apprehension. I smile again.

"My name is Mahala. I want to talk to you," I say, and he smiles at me and comes to the bench. He is a tall man and his blue eyes are better than Heaven.

"Can I help you?" he asks me, and he peers at me, and then at my lack of shoes. The night air is getting colder; it is early October.

"I heard someone say your name a few days ago, and I remembered it. I am new here. I want to know more about your town," I tell him, but he stares at my feet.

"Where are your shoes?" he asks me.

"I lost them," I say, and he stands up. He holds out his hand to me and I take it. His hand is rough and strong. He smiles at me.

"You need shoes; come with me." I follow him to his car and we get inside. I have not been in a car in a long time. There are no rules for me, like, "Do not talk to strangers."

He parks outside a store, and comes back with two pairs of shoes.

"Maybe one of these will fit you." He watches me as I put on the shoes. My dress is now up, and revealing my long leg and knee.

"Thank you." I am glad he does not ask me how a grown woman would lose her shoes. We drive for a while before he asks me where would I like to go.

"I want to go with you, Jack," I say and I stare at him in the dark car. He smiles at me. I can almost read his mind. He is very confused as to why a woman is with him tonight so easily, without much fuss. He nods.

We arrive at Jack's house, and I follow him inside. I tell him I am visiting and that I haven't found a place, and the hotel is terrible.

He is very warm and caring. We can feel other's emotions easily. I also know he desires me. I have not wanted a man in a long time. I am very attracted to him, and I want to feel him inside me. I want his kisses and his hands on my body.

"Jack, do you want me?"I ask him, as he pours a glass of red wine for me. His smile tells me the answer.

"Mahala, of course I want you." He comes to sit next to me and takes my face in his hands, kissing my forehead gently.

"I know I am just a stranger, but I have watched you and wanted you." I tell him this as I kiss his fingers, sucking on each one slowly as he moans in pleasure.

He kisses my neck and kisses me. Our tongues are dancing an ancient dance that has no name. I feel him grow hard against my belly as he kisses me.

He takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom. The lights are dim and he lifts my heavenly garb off my head. I do not care if I am cast into Hell for this night of passion. He takes my breasts in his hands and kisses them, licking my nipples and sucking them gently.

"Jack..." I moan softly.

He lays me down on the bed and parts my legs, his tongue searching what made me female long ago. I enjoy the feelings of being tasted and wanted. His tongue is taking the nectar of my flower and it begins to rain inside his sweet mouth.

"You taste so good, baby."

He kisses me up the length of my excited body and enters me with a sure thrust that makes me tremble with delight. I am hot and alive, and my body responds to him. As he moves inside me, I grab his bottom and my hands knead into him. I take him inside me, and I appreciate every last inch of him until he comes inside me. He holds me a long moment and kisses my cheek.

"Thank you,"I tell him. I kiss his face and he holds me until he falls asleep.

Leaving him is very hard for me. I tell myself I will come back soon, although I have no concept of time any more. I pull on the dress and leave the shoes behind.

I open the door and reach up my arms; my wings lift me up so I can fly home. I smile, because I know I will see Jack again, and he will make love to me again.

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