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The Woman With An Invisible Chain
RuNe & Master_Jonathan

The Woman With An Invisible Chain

Contributing Authors: Master_Jonathan 

Freedom … If only it was true...

Maria’s officemates planned a long holiday weekend going for upland hiking up north, where the native tribes of the Cordillera, collectively known as the Igorots, still lived. They expected to see the magnificent sea of clouds that were rumored to be witnessed at the top of the mountain as the sun rises. The crystal cave, celebrated for stalactites and stalagmites, could also be explored cruising along the cold underground river. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Rice Terraces, was something she had been dreaming of seeing. With all these reasons, she agreed to tag along.

They left the city one Friday night straight from work and arrived early the following afternoon. It had been a long trip, first by plane and then by bus to get to their starting point, but they were glad to be there. All of them agreed to take an early dinner and get some sleep in preparation for the hike before the break of dawn. All of them, that is, except Maria.

She decided to take a walk and explore a little bit, enjoying the fresh air which is rare in the city she lived in. Maria began strolling down a wooded path leading from her hotel into the forest of big tall pine trees she could see from the hotel room. At the end of the path, she found a small village and wandered around in it looking at the houses and sights until she found a small old rustic Spanish mansion with a big sign "The Library” hanging on the gate.

Maria's natural curiosity hit her, and she decided to look inside the mansion a little bit. Inside, it was more like a museum than a library, but a spotlessly clean museum and everything in it looked strangely brand new. The furniture was old Spanish designs in heavy kamagong wood, an extremely dense and hard wood from trees found only in the Philippines. Old paintings hung on the walls in the living room and in the dining room area which was furnished with a long mahogany table and chairs, and glass window cabinets filled with Chinese porcelain plates and silverware.

Wandering from room to room down the long hallway, she finally reached the last door - the library, where the smell of old books mixed with the smell of pine trees coming in from outside through the large open windows surrounding the room. The scents wafted through the room hitting her nostrils and making her feel at home.

Almost hypnotically, Maria slowly walked towards the books on the shelves. Her hand softly touched the spine and caressed each book with care, reading the title of each hardbound book as she went along the shelves. Some were science texts dealing with things like agricultural farming, weather, and chemistry, while others are about mineral mining and a few didn't have a title on spines at all. And each book was an 1809 edition, which Maria also found quite curious.

Suddenly one title caught her attention as she browsed the books and she felt it seem to beckon her to get closer to it. The book title read:

"Freedom: Maria's Journal"

Maria, in a trance, carefully pulled out the hard-bound book from the shelves and seated herself comfortably on the sofa in the well-lit corner of the library. She started browsing the first page, a dedication:

"To my beloved, Señor Miguel"

Reading the strange old leather-covered book; about a native girl sold by her adopted parents to the Spanish Conquistador, a mine owner in a remote corner of Benguet, a province of the Philippines.

He was called Señor Miguel; he was described as a widower and strict, but generous landlord. His full physical details were also given; a very tall man, a mestizo - a man of mixed native and foreign descent. He had a pointed aristocratic nose, golden-colored knowing kind eyes, unruly dark brown hair and thin sensuous lips with a perfect set of white teeth.

She was called Maria, a typical shy native woman, curvy, five feet tall with her wild black curly hair, eyes as black as midnight, natural red pouty lips and dark cinnamon brown skin.

She became one of the house slaves in the mansion, doing all the cooking and cleaning exclusively for the Master of the house, then later on serving him in bed. He never raped or forced her to join him in his bed, he only asked her discretely to submit to him and become his mistress.

However, in time Maria found herself falling in love with him. She didn't mean to, she didn't plan to, and she didn't realize it was happening until it was too late. But it did happen, nonetheless. Miguel was also very fond of her as well. All the other servants and service people noticed the way his treatment of her changed. She went from being a simple slavegirl to a cherished mistress.

But to Maria, she was still just a slavegirl... a slavegirl who happened to be sleeping in the Master's bed. And while being part slavegirl and part Master's concubine had certain perks and privileges around the mansion, it meant little in the village and outside the mansion's estate.

One night after their typical sexplay was finished, Maria sat up in bed with the sheet wrapped around her young firm breasts as Miguel came back to bed from the bathroom.

"Señor, may I please speak to you? I wish to talk about my freedom. How can I earn my freedom or how much would it cost to buy it?" she asked.

"Your freedom? What do you mean, Maria dear? Are you not happy here? Do I not treat you well enough? I don't understand," he said confused.

"Oh yes Sir, you treat me very well. Please don't misunderstand, Sir, I am very happy here. I do not wish to leave at all. It's just that when I go into the village to shop or do business, I am treated like a slavegirl. I am looked down on and treated as if my opinions and my desires are not important. I am always the last one served or waited on if I am served at all. I have to sit at the back of the bus and crowded even then. I wish to be like the other women - respected, listened to and treated as if I am more than just the dirt they scrape off their boots.

Sir, I want to be free to come and go as I please, to conduct business on my own without telling everyone that my Master says this or Señor Miguel wants that. I want people to pay attention to me not just because I represent you. Can you understand that?" she explained.

He looked at her as she spoke and when she had finished he thought about what she had said. "Yes, my dear, I do understand. How long have you felt this way?" he asked.

"For some time, Sir. Since right after becoming your mistress. I would have said something earlier but I felt that it was too soon after you brought me into the main house. I didn't want to seem ungrateful for that," she said.

"Well, I wish you had come to me sooner... I don't want you to feel like you don't matter. I don't want you treated like that by anyone here or anyone in the village either. You do represent me and when others see how you are treated in the village it reflects on me - as if I am not taking care of you. And I don't want that.

I will tell you what I will do. Let me think on the matter for a few days and see what I can think of to solve this. I am not saying no, my dear, I just need to look at this from all angles before making my decision. Okay?" he said.


It was several days before the matter of Maria's freedom came up again. Miguel was sitting in the living room in his favorite chair, relaxing after dinner. It was a warm night, as most are there, and with the big double patio doors wide open, a nice breeze blew softly through the mansion, cooling things down a bit.

Maria brought him a drink as he sat there digesting his delicious meal. "I thought you might like something cool to drink, Sir," she said smiling.

"Thank you, my dear," he said as she sat the drink down on a small table next to his chair. Just as she turned to leave, he grabbed her wrist. "Come, my sweet, sit down. I wish to talk to you," he said, patting his lap and indicating that he wanted her to sit there. Maria smiled and crawled up into his lap, straddling his legs and facing him.

"I have considered what you and I talked about a few days ago...about your freedom. And I think I have a solution we both can live with... " he began.

Engrossed in her reading as the sun set on the horizon and the room started to get cooler, Maria was unaware of the room's dimming light. Someone lit the fireplace, warming the room and a lit oil lamp appeared on the table beside the sofa near her corner. Raising her head up from the book and looking around the room, she saw that she was still in the old library alone. She also noticed that it was getting dark and knew she would have to be getting back to the hotel before it got too dark to walk the forested path.

Just then a commanding male voice coming from the darkened doorway on the other side of the dim living room. "Maria, dinner will be served in an hour." The voice startled her - she thought she was alone in the library!

Maria curiously got up from her comfortable sitting position in the library sofa while closing the book to see who was calling her. As she walked towards the doorway with the oil lamp illuminating her way, she suddenly came upon the source of the voice.

There standing just inside the ring of light from the lamp was a tall well-dressed man in a crisp white shirt and black pants. He wore a bolo tie with silver medallion and tips on the strings, black wingtip shoes, and a white Panama hat. He smiled as she stood there in the lamplight.

"I am terribly sorry to have bothered you, Sir, I am going now. Thank you for allowing me to stay and read in your library," she said. Looking past him she noticed the mahogany dining room table had two formal place settings as if she had interrupted a private romantic dinner he was planning for someone. It was only then that the delicious aroma of the food hit her nostrils and it made her stomach grumble reminding her that she hadn't eaten all day, either. Maria blushed at her ignorance and lack of awareness.

"If you are done with your reading, shall we eat dinner, Maria?" he asked in an authoritative voice. He removed his hat and set it on the hallway table, looking back at her. Their eyes met, and she froze in shock looking at the man’s familiar face.

"Going to stand there on your first night of freedom, Maria?" the man smiled.

Maria, still in shock, stared intently at the man. A nagging feeling of familiarity kept kicking in. The book described the man in front of her in detail as the man called Señor Miguel!

"Señor Miguel" she breathlessly whispered.

"I am Miguel to you now, Señor no more," he said, as his kind eyes twinkled.

"You look lovely as ever in your yellow dress," he said, offering his hand to her.

She automatically lifted her hand to his, placing her palm on the back of his hand as she scanned her clothes. Indeed a yellow off-the-shoulder summer dress had strangely replaced the blue jeans and white button-front blouse she had worn since arriving at the hotel earlier that day.

Looking at his eyes, she whispered "Gracias, Señor"

"You're still beautiful, Maria. How do you like your freedom, my little one?" he asked.

"I have missed you, my love," as his lips softly grazed hers.

The kiss paralyzed her mind, taking the breath from her lungs. The room melted away for her and nothing registered but the soft lips caressing hers. Slowly her eyes closed on their own accord and her hands gripped his upper arms as he pulled her into a deep kiss.

"Señor" she softly moaned.

"Ssshhh, just kiss me," he whispered, kissing her hard again. Gently she bit her lip as he slowly unbuttoned the front of her dress. His lips traveled down her chest to the now exposed breast. His mouth closed over one hardening nipple as she moaned again. Her head fell back and she arched her back offering herself to his ravenous mouth, running her fingers through his hair as he devoured her.

He licked and chewed on her tender morsel for a few minutes as Maria felt her passions rising. But then he playfully pulled away from her. "I don't want to stop but dinner is getting cold and I hate cold dinner," he said, giving her one last kiss to her now hard nipples.

"Nooo," she softly protested, her eyes still closed.

Laughing, he escorted her to the table and carefully seated her in her chair. "We're celebrating your freedom."

Embarrassed, Maria hurriedly buttoned up her dress and tried her best to sit comfortably.

The dinner was quite delicious but very uncomfortable for her. She sat there blushing, head bowed down throughout the dinner, like a child who happened to be reprimanded while she ate. Miguel, on the other hand, just smiled, looking at her the entire dinner time.

"Señor, I am sorry but I have to leave. I had a wonderful time though and thank you again for dinner and for letting me read in your library," she anxiously said, looking up at the clock on the wall.

"Leave? What's wrong, Maria?" he said. Worried, he stood up to come to her side. knelt on one knee and gathered her hands in his "I thought we agreed. Freedom was yours as long as you wanted it and if you came back, it would be to stay for good. Was I wrong?" he softly inquired, a deep sadness in his eyes.

"Señor, I don't understand. This is my first time here to this place. I have never been here before and I have never met you. I am here with friends for our weekend hike," she nervously said.

"Maria, I am Miguel to you now. You're free to be who you are," he said. Confused as well, he tried to reach for her hand.

She quickly stood up and the chair fell to the side as she moved backward, scared. She didn't understand what was happening at the moment.

Miguel quickly rushed to her side, reaching for her. Wrapping an arm around her waist he pulled her into his arms and pressed his lips to hers for a kiss. Maria gasped as their lips touched and she automatically deepened the kiss as naturally as if she kissed him like this every time he got near. Their kiss heated up, and Miguel’s hands roamed up the sides of her body and cupped her breasts outside her dress. Lost in what she felt at that moment. Maria didn’t notice what happens next

Miguel swept her legs up in his arms and carried Maria into the bedroom and set her down beside and facing the bed. He moved behind her and wrapped his arms around her, cupping her breasts as he kissed her soft neck. Maria moaned and laid her head to the side, allowing him access to her as his hands began working to release the buttons on her dress. This time, however, he didn't stop at her breasts, he unbuttoned the garment completely, removing it and letting it fall onto the floor beside her.

He stood up and removed his shirt, as Maria took off her panties. She knew she wanted this; she didn't know how it happened or why, but she knew she wanted this. She moved onto the bed and placed herself in the center of the big bed just as the Maria in the story had for her Señor. Maria bit her lip in anticipation as he slowly revealed his well-defined, powerful chest. As the shirt fell to the floor behind him, Miguel moved onto the bed and positioned himself between her slightly spread legs and leaned over her. With a hand on each side of her shoulders, he lowered himself down to kiss the young Maria on her full, red lips.

"Ohhh..." Maria moaned softly as his lips touched hers, then their kiss deepened and became more passionate and more urgent. Miguel feasted on her sweet lips for a few moments before moving his kisses to her cheek, then down her neck and across her collarbone to the center of her chest. He began moving slowly down her breastbone as her moans became louder and she arched her back, thrusting her chest up to meet his mouth.

Just before he reached her now heaving breasts again he paused, looking up at Maria who was trembling with anticipation. Her eyes flicked back and forth as if searching for some sort of sign or reaction from her amante (lover). Miguel smiled, his soft brown eyes sparkling and she returned the smile with a small one of her own.

Maria lay there in all her splendor, fully open and spread apart, wanting him. Miguel paused for a long moment drinking in the sight of the beauty that lay in front of him.

Maria, concerned that he hadn't spoken yet broke the spell herself. "Miguel? Is everything all right?" she asked.

"More than all right my love... you are... beautiful. Simply beautiful," he said when he found his words again.

Maria held her arms out to him, and Miguel wasted no time in accepting the invitation, moving onto the bed and over the woman. When he had moved up her body to eye level, she reached down to gently take his hard cock in hand. She guided it to where they both wanted it and he settled down on top of her, sliding deep inside the beautiful woman's eager pussy and eliciting a happy groan from her. He slid in as deep as he could to the delight of Maria and when his balls slapped her ass, he began slowly stroking in and out of her, gently at first, but accelerating at a pace she was comfortable with.

"Miguel, fuck me hard! Please! I need you to fuck me hard and deep. That's how I like it. Please, Miguel, take your pleasure in me!" she cried as he pumped in and out of her.

Hearing that she needed more, he was only too happy to give it to her. He instantly picked up the pace, thrusting harder and deeper into her. Maria moaned her approval and Miguel set about making sure this young woman got everything she wanted from this experience.

Maria came multiple times that night as Miguel fucked her in several different positions in front and behind. Finally, when he had reached his end, he announced "I'm going to cum, Maria! I'm going to cum now!"

He got off her, not sure what she wanted until she dropped to her knees in front of him, her mouth open and holding her tits out to catch any stray drops. He smiled and then stepped forward. He jacked his cock until the first spurts shot out, landing on her tongue and in her mouth. The second shot wasn't quite as accurate, jetting out to land on her face, but she didn't mind. Another shot dripped off her chin onto her tits, and she took him into her mouth to catch the last couple. When he had stopped pumping his seed into her mouth, she sucked the last remaining drops from him. Then using her finger, she wiped the white stuff from her face and licked it off. She used his cock to smear the cum on her tits into her skin, letting it dry there as he picked her up and they lay together on the bed, recovering.

Miguel gathered Maria into his arms. Looking at her contented smiling lips as her eyes sleepily closed and she started drifting to unconsciousness, deeply breathing and finally falling fast asleep.

Maria became aware of someone caressing her face, and a soft-spoken masculine voice whispering in her ear. “Wake up, little one.”

He was looking at the loveliest sleeping face of a woman he ever saw in his life. His heart was beating so fast. He shook his head and tried to figure out how she got there who she was.

Smiling sleepily, her eyes slowly opened to a pair of beautiful golden eyes watching her. Still foggy-headed, she stretched like a cat on the sofa. Then a sudden confusion hit her as she looked at where she was laying. She was on the sofa in the library again! The last thing she remembered was that she was in a bed with a handsome man who made passionate love to her.

How did she get back into the library? And who was this young man sitting here watching her? She looked around the room. It was broad daylight now and she could see that some redecorating had taken place. Some things remained the same but there were subtle and not so subtle differences than what she remembered. How long had she been asleep? What was going on? Maria began to panic.

"Are you awake now, little one?" he asked, "How come you are here in our library and reading my great grandfather's private book?"

"What? Who are you? Where am I? I thought I was in the public library and...where is the man I was with - Señor Miguel? she asked, still in her confused and hazy mind.

“I am David and who might you be, young lady?” he asked extending his hand to the lady who is still lying on the sofa as if she was still in the Master’s bed.

"I-I am Maria. Maria Sanchez," she said.

"Well, Maria Sanchez, the way I see it, you got lost going to the public library which is located at the end of the road from our house. This is a private residence of the "Master" which is my great grandfather Señor Miguel who was long been gone a few hundred years ago and you are reading his mistress's diary." David patiently explained.

"Oh my God!" Maria exclaimed. "Oh, I am so sorry!"

Embarrassed, Maria reached for the offered hand and as their hand touches all that she felt last night came rushing back to her mind as if it was the familiar hand of Señor Miguel. Maria properly sits on the sofa. Her face feels hot; she puts both her hands to covers her face.

She realized what David has told her about where she is, who she thought she was with last night and where the library was. What had happened last night while reading the book was that she fell asleep and it was just a beautiful dream... but a dream as real as the man standing in front of her.

Maria could only imagine how stupid this man thought she was right now, and her face turned crimson as she thought about it.

“I’m so sorry, I have to go. I didn’t mean to intrude on your privacy and read the book. I really thought this was the library,” she hurriedly explained as she stood up, only to be caught by a hand that gripped her arm.

“Not so fast there, speedy! You aren't steady enough on your feet to be running off!” David said trying to control his mirth at the girl’s obvious state of dilemma and embarrassment.

“I really do have to go; my friends have been looking for me by now,” she said again as she tried to free herself from his gripping hand.

David pulled her into his arms to hold onto her and keep her from falling and hurting herself. As he held her she suddenly felt safe and cared for - it reminded her of how Señor Miguel held her the previous night in her dream. She relaxed and allowed him to hold her. Maria looked into his eyes and she didn't see David anymore... she saw Señor Miguel instead.

As David held her, he also felt a drawing towards her and he slowly closed in for a kiss. As their lips touched, Maria moaned and melted in his arms; all her resistance evaporated and she surrendered instantly to him. Maria put her arms around his neck and their kiss became a passionate, burning hunger for each other.

After a few heated moments, she broke the kiss. "I really should let my friends know I'm all right. They will be worried," she whispered softly.

"I'll show you where the phone is. You can call them if you like," David said.

"Yes, thank you," Maria said. He offered his hand just as Miguel had in her dream. She placed her hand on the back of his and they went to make the phone call.

"Maria..." David said, "That was my great grandmother's name - you know, the Maria in the book you read..."


Master Jonathan,

Thank you so much, Sir for making this story possible by accepting my invitation to write this story with me even in your busiest days, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to with my rantings, for being a very supportive dear friend and making magic with our story.


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