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Three Wishes

Three Wishes

It's amazing the things one can find at a swap meet!
Jimmy Laughlin was a just regular kind of guy. There was nothing really remarkable about him. At six foot tall and 165 pounds with sandy-blonde hair and blue eyes he was good looking, but nothing spectacular. He wasn't rich by any means - he worked hard to make a living. Jimmy was a "picker", a person that goes from one swap meet, yard sale, or rummage sale to another buying things that he thought he could fix up, clean up, and resell for a profit. He was mechanically-inclined and pretty good with a wrench so he made a fair living at his job, but that was about it.

Jimmy was down in Alabama attending a small swap meet in a small nondescript town. Things had been a little slow for the past month or so and he was looking for a few things that might bring in some much needed cash money. So he had loaded up his beat-up old 1976 Chevy flatbed truck and driven down from his shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee to see what he could find. Jimmy was a little concerned about his truck - it had definitely seen better days. Rusty, rattley, and with way too many miles on it, he was worried every time he took a trip like this that it may leave him stranded someplace far from home.

He did make it to the swap meet without too much trouble. He was tired, but at least nothing broke on the truck. He arrived the day before the activities were to begin so he could get a good night's sleep and hit things fresh and early on the first day of the swap meet.

* * * *

With a much-needed night's sleep, a hot shower, and a good breakfast, Jimmy was ready to wheel and deal the next morning. He drove to where the swap meet was being held in an old drive-in movie parking lot. He had to park his truck further away from the rows of booths and stands than he would have liked - it would be hard to pick up anything he would buy today, especially if it was a large object.

He began at one end of the meet, walking through the aisles of booths and stands and checking out what everyone was bringing in to get rid of. A lot of it was just junk and Jimmy picked through the different seller's wares, getting more and more disappointed as they day wore on. He did manage to find a couple chairs he wanted to restore and a chest of drawers at one booth, three or four lamps he could clean up, and an old soda vending machine that might bring in a buck or two if he could find the right buyer. But none of this would make the trip worthwhile. They would pay for the gas and hotel room but it wouldn't leave much left after that. Figuring in the cost and time to restore these things, he would be lucky if he broke even.

He was just about through every one of the booths and stands and had seen almost everyone's offerings. He was about to pick up his meager purchases and head back to Chattanooga disappointed in the whole trip, when he came to this small vendor tent in a tucked away corner of the swap meet. "I haven't checked this one out." he thought to himself, not really expecting a whole lot either. He was met by a frail little old woman who looked like she had seen the better part of 80 years at least.

"Hello," he said as cheerfully as a hot, tired, and discouraged picker could.

"Hello, young fella. How can I help you?" she said in a shaky old woman voice.

"I'm just looking around to see what I can find."

"Well, let me know if you have any questions, allrighty?"

"I will, thanks," he said, and went about looking at the various knick-knacks and items she had for sale.

At first he didn't find much, as he expected. Just a lot of useless bric-a-brac that would never bring in any real money. But then just as he was about to give her an obligatory goodbye and leave, he spotted an old brass oil lamp sitting on the back edge of the table. Picking it up he examined it. "This might just be worth a little something..." he thought.

"Excuse me - how much are you asking for this old lamp?"

"Oh how did that get in there? No, I'm sorry, that isn't for sale. It should never have come out here," she said, reaching for the lamp.

"Are you sure you wouldn't like to sell it? I would give you a good price."

"No, I'm sorry, you wouldn't like that anyway, It doesn't work anymore."

"Well, I'm in the business of fixing things. I may be able to get it to work."

The old lady looked up and down the row. Seeing no-one nearby, she curled a finger indicating she wanted him to come closer. Jimmy came up next to her and that's when she told him something that would change his life very soon.

"Sonny, this isn't an ordinary oil lamp - there is something very special about this lamp. If I sell it to you, you may not like what happens. So if you still want to buy it, you will have to deal with anything that comes of it," she said in a low voice. She looked at him and he could have sworn that her eyes turned red and glowed as she warned him. It took him by surprise, but he was desperate. He had spent good money to come down here and needed to show some kind of profit.

So Jimmy took the lamp and gave the strange old woman the money. He took the lamp and went to his truck, pulling back around to the loading area to pick up his other purchases. Once he was loaded and everything was tied down securely, he left the swap meet, the strange lamp sitting in the seat next to him.

Jimmy decided that he just wanted to get back home, so he went back to the hotel to pay for the hotel room and pick up his overnight bag. He left right after that, stopping only to eat dinner at a small roadside diner on the way. He got home about 10:00 pm that night and after quickly unloading the truck he went in and collapsed on the couch, falling asleep right where he was.

The next morning he woke up stiff and sore from sleeping on the old lumpy couch, but at least he was home. He went to the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee and wake up some more. He spotted the old oil lamp sitting on the counter where he had left it the night before as he came in the house. He picked up the lamp and looked at it again, this time in the bright lights of his kitchen.

"Well it's a little tarnished and dirty, but it doesn't look like it's broken or dented. I can clean it up and sell it as a conversation piece at least, if I can't get it to work," he said out loud to himself. The lamp was indeed made of brass but it had some strange markings on it, some of which were covered with grime and years of dust and dirt. He picked up a dishrag and wet one end. He took the lamp in one hand and began rubbing it with the wet dishrag trying to get some of the loose dirt and grime off of it.

After some vigorous rubbing, he was able to get it a little cleaner and he set it down on the counter again, about to go get some of his chemical cleaners to work on it some more. But as he sat the lamp down, something very strange began to happen.

Sitting on the counter, the lamp began to glow with a soft light. The light got brighter and then the lamp shook on its own and thick pink smoke came billowing out of the spout. Jimmy stood there slack-jawed as he watched more and more of the smoke came out starting to fill his small kitchen with it.

Just about the time it was beginning to get hard to see and Jimmy had enough wits about him to run out of the house, another surprise floored him. From the thick pink haze stepped three gorgeous women!

Jimmy jumped behind the kitchen counter and hid there for a moment, quite unsure if he was still asleep and dreaming or totally lost his mind! He hid back there shaking his head and trying to make sense of what was happening when he heard giggling behind the counter. "Well at least it's not just my eyes lying to me!" he thought to himself. Slowly, cautiously he reached up, curling his fingers over the top of the counter and raised his head to peek over the top.

Jimmy was dumbfounded as he saw three beautiful female figures standing in front of him, looking down at him with big smiles on their faces. They all looked exactly alike, except one had blonde hair, one had black hair, and one was a redhead. Their hair hung down past their shapely asses in silken waves. They were dressed in similar outfits. Not your everyday kind of clothing either. They all wore harem pants with billowy sheer fabric on the legs and a small tight panty top. Elastic around their ankles made it a bit easier to walk. Their tops were all tiny little bikini-type tops with thin spaghetti straps and the low-cut cups came together into a small gold ring in the center between their very ample breasts. Each girl's outfit was exactly the same except for the color. The blonde wore blue, the brunette wore hot pink, and the redhead wore green. Each girl also sported a gem in her bellybutton matching the color of her outfit. Their shoes, high-heeled CFM sandals, also matched their outfit colors.

Jimmy's eyes traveled up and down each of the luscious babes as he stood there with his mouth open. The girls looked at each other giggling, then looked back at Jimmy. They whispered to each other for a moment before the blonde stepped forward a bit.

She said something to him, but in some strange language that Jimmy didn't know. He just looked at the girl and shook his head indicating as best he could that he didn't understand her. The blond turned back to the others and they whispered a bit more. Then the brunette tried talking to him.

"We have come to grant you three wishes, Master. What is your first wish?" she asked.

Jimmy blinked and looked, "M... Me?" he stammered.

The three girls giggled again and the brunette one said "Yes, Master. You were the one who rubbed our lamp and called us forth. We have been imprisoned in that old lamp for many centuries and you released us. We are now bound to grant you three wishes as our thanks for setting us free."

"I... I don't understand," Jimmy said, getting a bit woozy from all this. The blonde and the redhead each took one of his arms and they walked into the living room and sat him on the couch. Then all three of them knelt on the floor in front of him as the brunette explained further.

"Master, we are three women who, many thousands of years ago, were turned into genies because our mothers all slept with a man in our village. His wife, who was a very jealous woman, was angered by his infidelity and put a curse on him that the kids he had by our mothers would become genies. We were born of this illegitimate coupling and became genies upon reaching our 20th birthdays. We are all still 20 years old to us, but to you were are many thousands of years old."

Jimmy listened to the girl's story, still not believing what he was hearing. Surely this must be some kind of mental breakdown! He had been putting in long hours lately. And what was that weird food he had eaten at the swap meet the other day? That must be it!

"This can't be happening. I have to be dreaming or hallucinating or something," he said.

The brunette came closer and put her hands on his face pulling his face to hers. She kissed him long and deep and passionately as she ran her fingers through his collar-length blonde hair. After a few glorious moments kissing the beautiful girl, she pulled away and knelt back down.

"Did that feel like a dream or hallucination to you, Master?" she asked with a smile.

"No, it certainly did not," he had to admit. The brunette was an excellent kisser and as beautiful as she and the others were, he could feel a stirring in his crotch as he looked at the three lovely women kneeling in front of him.

"So what are your names girls? My name is Jimmy. Jimmy Laughlin."

"Our birth names would be too hard for you to pronounce. They are ancient Arabian names. Perhaps you could give us more modern names - something easier to pronounce and more in fitting with these times?"

"Okay, let's see..." Jimmy looked at the blonde "You look like a Sarah."

"Sarah. I like that," she said, "I shall be Sarah then."

Then he turned to the brunette he had been talking to the most. "You, I see as a Diane."

"Diane sounds fine to me," she said.

Finally he turned to the redhead. She hadn't said anything since they appeared and Jimmy wasn't sure about her. "How does the name Tess sound to you?" he said cautiously.

"Tess... yes Tess is a good name. Thank you Master Jimmy," she said, with a smile.

"You girls can just call me Jimmy," he said smiling.

"Very well Jimmy," Tess corrected herself.

"Now that we have new names, have you thought about your first wish?" Diane asked him.

"Well," Jimmy said, "I could really use a new truck. That old Chevy out there is just about seen its last days, I'm afraid."

"What is 'truck' and 'Chevy'?" Diane asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry... you aren't familiar with those terms. Come with me," he said, helping the girls to their feet. He took them out onto the front porch and showed them what a truck is. "This old thing here is a truck. It's what I use for work and to get around. It's my transportation - at least when it runs!"

"Oh I understand. Like the horses and camels of our time!" Diane said.

"Yes, except with a lot more power!" he said.

"Very well you shall have a new 'truck'. You simply have to wish for it," Diane said.

"Okay, I wish for a new truck!" he said. Just as quick as that, a brand new Chevy flatbed truck appeared where his old one once stood.

Jimmy went out to look at his new truck. He opened the door and sat in the plush seat, he looked at the dash and the interior. Then he went and looked at the engine and walked all around the vehicle before returning to the porch.

"Does this 'truck' meet with your approval, Jimmy?"

"Yes, it's wonderful! Thank you. This will make work so much nicer and easier."

All four of them went inside and suddenly Jimmy realized that he had eaten breakfast yet... he had come into the kitchen for a morning cup of coffee and hadn't even gotten that yet!

"I'm sorry, all this has been a little overwhelming. I was going to make some breakfast before all this happened. Do you girls... um... eat?" he asked sheepishly.

The three girls burst out in laughter at his question. After a minute or so Sarah replied, "Yes we do eat. It's been a very long time since we have, though."

"Yes a very long time," Tess added.

"Well, let me see what I can whip up for us then," Jimmy said.

"No need for that Jimmy," Diane said, and she clapped her hands twice quickly and on the table before them was a feast! There was various fruits and meats and all manner of delicious foods, all spread out and arranged as if a party caterer had made it all.

"Wow! Now that's some breakfast!" he said. "But I don't understand - I thought you girls said you hadn't eaten. If you can just clap your hands and create all this..."

"We have no powers when we are in the lamp. That's why we needed you to call us out. But now that we are freed we have our powers back."

"Oh, I see. Well, let's eat," Jimmy said. The four of them sat down to the table and ate and talked. They ate their fill and then went into the living room to sit more comfortably. Jimmy sat on the couch and all three girls got on their knees again in front of him.

"Please girls, you don't have to do that every time. Sit up here with me," he said. The girls all looked at each other as if what he was asking was just too bizarre.

"But Jimmy, we have always knelt in the presence of our Master," Sarah said.

"Well this Master desires you to sit with him," he replied. And with that they got up and sat on the couch with him - two on his right side, and one on his left.

They sat there for a bit, Jimmy sitting between his lovely girls enjoying being the center of their attention. Then suddenly things got really interesting!

"Jimmy, can I ask you something?" Sarah asked.

"Of course, Sarah. What is it?"

"Well we have been trapped in that lamp for a very long time just us girls. Do you think... I mean would you..." Sarah started.

"Fuck us, Jimmy! We need a good stiff cock!" Tess piped in to finish the question. The crimson-haired Tess was not one to mince words! Jimmy's mouth dropped open again as his head bobbed up and down in an affirmative reply. It wasn't often anyone as beautiful as these girls were asked him to fuck them - let alone three girls! He looked at Tess wide-eyed and saw her devilish little grin. How can a guy turn down such a sexy offer!

"Really girls? You want to have sex with me?" he asked incredulously.

"Of course, Jimmy. Why wouldn't we - you are our Master and we are here to serve and please you. Don't you like us?"

Such a question required an immediate and decisive response. Jimmy stood up instantly and took each girl by the hand, helping them to their feet. Then he led the girls hand in hand in hand to the bedroom. As the girls entered his bedroom, they looked around. They saw the sparse furniture and the small full-size bed he had.

"This is your bedchamber?" Diane asked.

"Yeah I know it isn't much, but I do live alone," Jimmy said, quietly.

"This simply won't do!" Sarah said. She clapped her hands and suddenly the four of them were lying on a big round bed in a huge room that appeared to be lavishly decorated with silk curtains on the walls, silk sheets and a fur bedspread on the bed, and opulent furnishings. The whole thing looked just like something from the Arabian Nights story!

"Now this is a bed worthy of our Master!" Sarah said, proud of herself. And it was - the bed was huge, with more than enough space for all four of them to lie together.

Jimmy sat up quickly, mouth agape, and blinked his eyes several times to be sure he wasn't dreaming. The three women were naked now, as was Jimmy, and the brunette Diane was straddling his chest on her knees. Her full, firm, and very ripe breasts were inches from his face and she pushed them up and together like she was offering them to him. Jimmy completely forgot about how he got into this strange huge bed and everything else that had occurred on this bizarre morning, and leaned forward to suck on the beautiful nipples waiting for his mouth.

Sarah and Tess were positioned on either side of him at his hips. Sarah reached for his cock and was licking and sucking on it. Jimmy was enjoying all the attention and his cock was as hard as it had ever been.

"Oh wow, he's got a big cock, I love big, hard cocks like his," Tess said, complimenting his thick hard tool, "I can't wait to feel you shove it deep into my ass... mmm... yeah." Tess then began sharing his cock with Sarah and the two of them licked and sucked his cock like he'd never felt before.

Diane put her hands on his chest and firmly pushed him back on the pillows and started kissing him deeply, her tongue pushing into his mouth and seeking out his to play with.

When Tess said she wanted to feel his cock up her ass, Jimmy moaned loudly. He had always wanted to try anal sex, but the women he had fucked were always intimidated by his nine inch cock and would never let him anywhere near their back door.

Then Diane stopped kissing Jimmy and moved around to straddle his face and place her hungry pussy over his face. "Lick my pussy Jimmy! Taste my sweet pussy, Master!" she cried, and sank down so he could snake his tongue up into her wet slit.

Jimmy was moaning and groaning under the girl's expert work, he was getting very close to blowing his load all over the place. Sarah sat up and positioned herself over him. Her tits hung down as she impaled herself on his cock and then started bouncing up and down. Her pussy was tight and very wet around his cock. Sarah pulled Diane closer and began sucking her tits licking and chewing on her nipples. Diane moaned loudly, having both her pussy and her nipples tongued. Sarah ground herself on Jimmy's hard cock trying to shove as much of his length into her as she could.

Tess, meanwhile had placed herself in a position she could lick Sarah's pussy and Jimmy's cock and balls, whichever presented itself to her. Jimmy was so turned on by all this fucking and sucking and the sounds the girls were making that he couldn't hold out any longer and blasted cum up Sarah's hot little pussy. Sarah started cumming at the same time, Jimmy could feel her cum flowing over his cock with his own. Tess happily was there to catch all of the cum flowing from Sarah's pussy and down Jimmy's cock.

Sarah got off him and laid down on the bed next to him. Right away Jimmy's cock began to stiffen again. Tess took advantage of the unattended cock and crouched over him. "Now Master, let's see how that fat cock feels in my ass!" she said, as she took hold of the base and aimed the head at her puckered hole. Jimmy was plenty lubed up, having just cum in Sarah's pussy so he slid inside Tess's ass easily. Tess lowered herself slowly down Jimmy's hard cock, feeling every inch and savoring the feeling of his cock filling her.

"Ohhhhh... fuuckkk!" Tess moaned long and slow as she slid down his pole. Jimmy's cock seemed to have no end to it and Tess was loving every long, thick, inch of it.

It was about this time that Diane, perched on Jimmy's face with his tongue deep in her wet pussy, reached her limit as well.

"Ohh! Oh, I'm cumming!" Diane cried out. Jimmy felt her pussy quiver then flood with her sweet juice. He lapped up what he could before it started running down his cheeks. Diane trembled and shook as her orgasm swept her away, finally falling over onto the bed unable to sit upright anymore.

Jimmy was glad for the fresh air and now he could concentrate on the last girl, Tess, and filling her ass with his cock. He could tell she was the wildest of the three, so when he reached up to grab her bouncing tits, she got all the more excited.

"Oh yes! Yes! Play with my tits! Pinch my nipples. Pinch them hard, dammit!" she shouted encouragements to him. He did as she wanted, pinching and twisting her nipples till he was afraid they would pop off in his hands. But she just howled louder and fucked his cock all the harder.

Jimmy looked to his side to see Diane and Sarah both at it again with each other. They had both magically produced dildos and were fucking each other furiously. Their moans and groans and whimpers combined to create quite a cacophony even in the expansive bedroom. The ambiance creating by the girls play also served to excite Tess and it wasn't long before she was on the edge of her orgasm.

"Ohhhh fuuccckk!" Tess screamed as she exploded in a tremendous orgasm. She bucked and pitched as she bounced on his hard cock. She grabbed her tits and nearly pulled them off as her orgasm ripped her world apart. Finally, completely spent, she collapsed, panting and sweat-covered onto the bed.

"Ohh, Jiiimmmyy..." the two other girls chimed. He looked over and saw two beautiful sex-hungry women looking at him and beckoning him over. He crawled over and they threw their arms around him gleefully. The pair resumed their 69 position and Jimmy came up behind Diane who was on top. With his cock still hard and wanting more, he slid into Diane's waiting pussy and Sarah began licking Diane's pussy and Jimmy's cock and balls. Diane obliged Sarah and lowered her face into her wet slit.

Jimmy fucked Diane hard and fast and she responded with moans and pushing back against him wanting more of his cock. He slapped her ass a few times, each slap eliciting a squeal and even more frantic licking and wriggling her ass for him. A few strokes in Diane's pussy and he pulled out of her. Sarah opened her mouth and he shoved his cock down her throat. Sarah accepted it gladly and began sucking him like he had never experienced before. He fucked Sarah's face for a bit and then it was back into Diane. Back and forth he went giving each girl his cock as she liked it.

As much as Jimmy would have loved to keep going like this forever, he wasn't able to keep the pace up for long. Unlike his three genie playmates, Jimmy was human and bound by human constraints. So after a bit he felt his balls tighten and he knew the end was near.

"Girls I'm gonna cum!" he announced. Instantly all three girls spun around and got into position, three lovely ladies kneeling in front of him, mouths open and ready to receive his gift. He jerked off the last few strokes before giving them what they desired, shooting ropes of hot cum into each hungry mouth and over their beautiful faces. When he last spurt was given, the three licked and sucked him clean, then licked the cum of each other's faces as well.

Jimmy lay there between his beautiful playmates, happier than he'd ever been in all his life. These girls were really something special and he was lucky he had come upon them like he did. He said absently "Damn...I wish you were my girls!"

The three women sat up in a flash and said at the same time "Your wish is our command!" and the sound of tiny bells seemed to fill the air around them. Now he had used his second wish to make them all his!

"WOOHOO!" he screamed in joy. "HOT DAMN! I got me three hot fuck'n babes!" he yelled. The girls laughed and clapped their hands at his happiness at being their Master forever. They didn't mind, especially since he had a large, willing cock to play with. They all laid there together resting from their play for a couple hours.

After awhile, Sarah asked, "So Jimmy, is there anything else you wish for?"

Jimmy thought for a moment. "I only have one wish left don't I?"

"No, since your second wish was that we were your girls, we are bound to grant you every wish you desire, no matter how many. We are your girls until you wish us not to be," Sarah said, "which I hope never happens!"

"Don't you worry about that Sarah!" Jimmy remarked. "Okay then, I wish that I was wealthy and didn't have to work so I could spend all my time here with you girls!"

With a happy clap of the girl's hands, Jimmy got his wish and he never had to worry about money again. He spent the rest of his life with three of the most beautiful, sexy, and fun-loving women he had ever known.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events in it are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over sixteen (16) years of age.

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