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Vampire sex part 2

a girl meets up with a vamp in a grave yard to have sex with him.

    Darkness surrounded me as I sat in the grave year waiting for jack. It was a warm fall night and the stars were shining in the black sky overhead. He was late. Out of nowhere he had called me and had told me that he needed to see me. I had come at the given time but where was he? I was growing impatient as I looked around into the darkness of the cemetery
     “Sorry to keep you waiting” I heard a voice form behind me.
    I turned to see him standing behind me dressed in black and red Tripp pants and an unbuttoned black dress shirt, His hair falling gracefully around his face and a perfect smile. He had a leather choker on with a short chain hanging down from it and as soon as I saw it I wanted to yank him towards me.
    “I was starting to think that you wouldn’t show.” I told him standing up to hug him.
As I pulled our bodies together and felt him hold me in his cold embrace I could already feel wetness between my legs. As I let go of him I led him down to the grown with me to sit in front of an old tome stone.
He looked at me for a moment his red eyes running over my body and in my mind I questioned if it was such a great idea to come to a dark grave yard in the middle of the night to meet up with a vampire. But all I could think about was that night at our friends’ house and how bad I wanted to touch him, to feel him in me. It was odd as I thought that I had never before in my life been this horny, like it was taking every ounce of my self control to keep from throwing myself at it.
He looked at me and smiled and rubbed the back side of his cold hand down the side of my face.
    “You’re so warm” he spoke getting closer to me.
His hand slowly drifted down my neck and to my breast. I shivered with anticipation and wandered why he was doing this to me. Couldn’t he see how badly I wanted this?
He took his other hand and ran it through my hair and down my back the whole while smiling. I saw his fangs magically grow as he reached the base of my back.
    “Are you afraid?” he asked.
    “No” I answered quickly.
He came closer to me and kissed me softly on the lips. As he did so he pushed me onto the cold damp grown and positioned himself on top of me.
    “This time there won’t be any one to interrupt us.” He whispered into my ear when he pulled away for a moment only to return to me. My hands came up and ran under his shirt feeling his cold hard body against my hands. His long raven colored hair fell to the sides as we kissed. He moved now to the side of my neck and down to my chest.
I had come prepared for this and only wore a black tank top I had bought the day before. He gently moved it aside and licked the full circumference of my left breast before letting his tough tickle my nipple. He moved the other as I began to softly moan my finger tips slowly wrapping them self’s around his hair.
    “I’m shocked at how bad you want this. Most people would be a little more careful when dealing with vampires.” He said as he took my foot and moved it aside, Opening my legs wider.
    “Maybe that’s why I want you”
    He smiled then looked down. his hand ran over my shaved pussy before he slipped a finger in ever so gently and lightly at first, then his finger moved over my swelling clit,
I gasped as I felt his finger pass and finally slip into my hole.  I could hear the sluicing sound as he worked my lubrication around inside of me, how he pushed faster and faster rubbing against my walls and my moans and gasps grew louder.
     I glanced around nervously to see who might be watching I knew it was the middle of the night and a grave yard yet I still had a feeling someone was seeing this, Watching us. Tomb stones lined much of the horizon and if anyone was out there watching they were beyond my sights.
     He withdrew his hand, only to take hold of my hips, pulling me upward closer to him.  I could feel my wetness dripping out of me and I let my hands go off and dip it into the dampness on the slips of my pussy. I brought my fingers to my mouth and tasted myself.
I heard his zipper slide down and I looked to see him pull out his hard dick. It seemed to me bigger than before I could feel the tip of him against my entrance and I knew that this fact was true.
He shoved in, burying deeply inside me he started to move, filling me, as I had never before experienced. The way he moved inside of me seemed inhuman. Perfect something that would take years and years to perfect to his level. Something I was sure I would never feel again in my life.
     His head came down, his mouth covering one of my breasts and for a time I felt a sharp stabbing of pain and then the sucking. I moaned first with soreness and then pleasure as he sucked my blood. I could feel it over flow and run down my skin leaving a cold trail. His head moved to the other breast, his teeth sinking into that one as well, just above my pink nipple, as the blood rose from the freshly made wound I could feel his tongue working, pushing up against my nipple, as if he were forcing more blood through my veins and straight into his mouth. I could feel the vibrations of him moaning as he fed on me and my eyes slowly closed as I felt myself tighten around his throbbing cock, about to climax.
    We reached climax together as he fed off of me. I took deep breaths as he finally slowed. He lifted his head his lips red with blood and kissed me. I ran my tough over his fangs as he gave one final push inside of me before withdrawing. My heart was pounding as he pulled himself away from me.
He smiled as he licked the last of my blood off of his lips.
    “You did well” he whispered to me. “Maybe next time I can show you a little more.”
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