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Trade In

Dealership manager gets an offer to trade in for a new model on the heels of his divorce filing.

It was a good thing I’d moved up to managing the dealership.  I couldn’t have dealt with the public that day.

I had my suspicions for a while, but I’d finally put in the time and effort to find out for certain that my wife was cheating on me.  I’d filed for divorce on Friday, and moved my personal belongings into an apartment over the weekend.  I was not in a cheery mood that Monday morning.

Six years down the drain – counting the two years of dating before we got married.

Fortunately, circumstances had only forced me to put on a fake smile twice the whole day, and we’d sold a few vehicles.  My reps were in the process of closing up shop to go home when someone unexpected walked in the front door.  I did a double-take when I saw her through the smoked glass of my office window.

Technically, Laura was my stepdaughter, though I’d never really served in that capacity.  She had never called me Dad, or anything of that nature.  My soon-to-be-ex made it clear while we were still dating that she wasn’t interested in anyone else sharing disciplinary duties.  I had tried – gently – to convince her that she was going to drive her daughter away with her hard-ass discipline, but that only resulted in arguments.

Laura proved me right when she moved in with a friend on her eighteenth birthday.  She had barely interacted with her mother in the year since.

As was usual ever since she moved out, Laura was dressed – or rather barely dressed – in a tube top and a short skirt.  Her dark blonde hair always seemed to be longer every time I saw her.  It nearly reached the small of her back.  Despite the lack of any genuine relationship between us, I clenched my teeth when I saw one of my reps staring at her.  She must have asked if I was in because the desk assistant pointed her toward my office.

I got up, opened the door of my office, and stepped into the doorway.  “Everything all right, Laura?”

“I’m good,” she answered.  “Are you okay?  I heard.”

Even though I’d let my staff know about the divorce, I hadn’t elaborated.  “Give me a few minutes to close up shop, okay?”

“Sure.”  She pointed to the chair in my office and asked, “Mind if I sit?”

“Go ahead.  The Wi-Fi password is on that card there, if you want to use your phone.”

She smiled while reaching for one of the cards and said, “Thanks.”

I walked up the desk and told my assistant, “I’ll lock up tonight.”  She usually locked up, because her data-entry sometimes took longer than closing down the dealership, and she was the owner’s niece.  “My stepdaughter just found out about the divorce.”

“Say no more,” she said and handed over the keys.  “I’m actually done for once, so it will be nice to leave early.”

I thanked her and dealt with a few minor things.  When I glanced toward my office, I could faintly see Laura with her head bent down to look at her phone.  In about ten minutes, everyone was cleared out, so I turned out the lights and locked the doors.

When I walked into the office, Laura put down her phone and said, “I can’t believe Mom was cheating on you.”  She paused for a moment, shrugged, and then said, “Actually, I can totally believe it, but you know what I mean.”

“It is what it is,” I said, and then sighed as I sat down heavily in my chair.

“I know she’s going to be a total bitch about it.  She’s going to try to take everything,” Laura said.

“Honestly, I have everything I care about out of the house.  I’m not even going to fight her for it.  She can have it.  My lawyer will take care of keeping her from siphoning off my whole 401k and everything else.”

“She’s still a bitch.”

I chuckled and said, “That she is.  I suppose I can say that now.”

“So, are you okay?”

I answered, “Things weren’t great for a while, and I had my suspicions about her cheating, so it’s not as if it all dropped on me at once.  It’s no walk in the park, but I was prepared for it, to some degree.”

“I wondered,” Laura said.  “I could tell from the way you both were acting that she wasn’t putting out even before I moved.”

As much as having my stepdaughter casually mention me having sex with her mother took me aback, I knew that reacting to it wasn’t going to make it any less awkward.  I also had practice.

While she had barely spoken to her mother since moving out, I was a different story.  When she needed something, she had started coming to me.  Her manner when asking for something had steadily leaned toward flirtatious as time went on, and the way she dressed only punctuated it.

So, I’d learned to roll with the punches and pretend I was oblivious to what she was doing.  I suspected she was using it as a tactic to get what she needed without argument, and if that was true, it worked.  It was easier to lend her a few dollars than to risk her delving into even more scandalous behavior with me.  She had even paid most of those loans back.

I said, “Anyway, I’m fine, Laura.  No need to worry about me.  Life goes on.”

“Well, if you’re sure,” she said, her tone indicating that she was leaving an opening.

“I’m sure.”

A pregnant pause followed, and I could tell by the look on her face that something else was on her mind.

“Do you need something?” I asked to break the silence.

“Am I that obvious?” she asked with a crooked smile.

I shook my head, chuckled, and reached for my wallet.  “You’ve been good about repaying loans, so I don’t see any reason to change that, despite the circumstances.  How much do you need?”

“Well...” she began.  She stood up, smoothed out what little skirt there was, and stepped around to my side of the desk.  “I don’t need money.  There’s something I bet you need too, and I thought we could help each other out.”

Oh shit, I thought.  The look in her eyes was sensual – dangerous.  I asked, “What are you talking about?”

She smiled and leaned on my desk.  She was posing, showing off her lithe body, and making no attempt to hide it.  “I can’t see you cheating, so if Mom wasn’t giving it up all this time, then you have to be feeling neglected.”

She took another step toward me, letting her fingertips glide along my desk, and never breaking eye contact.  I held up a hand, prayed my voice wouldn’t fail me, and said, “Laura, you need to stop.”

“I don’t think you want me to,” she teased and reached out to caress my arm.

I flinched away and said, “Laura, whatever you’re thinking, it’s out of the question.  I was married to your mother.  I’ve known you since you were thirteen.”

She shook her head and said, “I’m not thirteen anymore.”  With that, she reached up and yanked down her pale pink tube top, baring her braless breasts.

Even though I was in panic mode, it was impossible not to look.  Her firm little handfuls had a point to them, and her nipples were puffy, just like her mother’s.  As little as I want to admit it, I had a flash of thought that her mother’s breasts had never looked that good.

I tore my eyes away, looked at the wall, and kept my hand interposed between us.  I should have known better.  She squatted down and pressed her right breast against my palm.  I could feel her stiff nipple poking me.

I yanked my hand away and kicked with my feet to roll my chair back, but that only put a foot of space between us before the chair collided with the filing cabinet.  Laura bunched up her tiny skirt, which was the same hue as her top, and revealed that her thong panties matched the rest of her outfit.

I was trapped in the corner.  I started to raise my hand again but realized she was only going to push her smooth young flesh against it if I did.  Short of climbing over the desk, there was no escape.  Before I could recover from the shock, she turned sideways and sat down on my legs.

“Laura...” I muttered, trying not to look at all the bared skin.

“Relax,” she said.  “You filed for divorce, so you’re free of Mom.  I’m nineteen.  I’m perfectly legal.  I’m here, and I want you.  You can’t tell me you don’t want me, too.”

Her hand slid straight to my crotch as soon as she finished, and I stiffened.  To my chagrin, my muscles weren’t the only things stiffening.  I had a young, sexy woman sitting on my lap, squeezing my cock, and it was reacting naturally.

She moaned.  “Even if you do try to lie to me, this doesn’t lie.”

My voice strained, I said, “Laura, you have to stop.”

“No,” she protested.  Then she moaned again and squeezed my hardening cock even more ardently.  “It just keeps getting bigger.  I’m getting so wet.  Want to see?”

I didn’t look, though it took more effort than I’d care to admit.  Her words and the movement of her other arm in my peripheral vision told me what she was doing.  I knew she’d pulled her panties aside.  She lifted her hand in front of me, and I could see two of her fingers glistening.

“See?” she said and moved her fingers toward my lips.

The perfume of her arousal hit me like a freight train, but I pursed my lips tight, refusing to part them.  She wiped her juices on them instead.  My mouth was watering, and my fully engorged cock was throbbing.

She suddenly stood, and I thought for a brief moment that she was going to give up.  Of course, I was wrong.  She pushed up the arms of my office chair to get them out of the way, straddled me, sat down with her pussy pressed against the bulge in my pants, and wormed her hands behind my neck.  Her body undulated, grinding her sex against me, and thrusting her breasts into my face.

“Please.  Please fuck me.  I’m so hot, I can’t stand it,” she begged in a desperate, sensual tone.  Then she crushed her tits against my chest and kissed me.

Knowing that she was tasting her own pussy on my lips was what broke me.  She had me backed into a corner – quite literally.  Deep down, beneath the layers of societal norms, instinct forged by thousands of years of evolution was driving me.  That beast ripped free of its cage and took over.  A brief, excited moan from her accompanied my lips parting, allowing her questing tongue inside.  Mine slipped out to meet hers.

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her hard.  There was no going back at that point.  Any man who has worked a job where he had an office and claims he never had a fantasy about having sex there is a liar.  I was no exception, and since she’d neatly roped me in, I was going to indulge it.

I pulled away from her lips far enough to look her in the eye and said, “Up on the desk.”

She let out a purring moan and planted her feet on the floor.  I raked clear a space for her, and a moment later, she was hopping up onto my desk.  Laura spread her legs wide, inviting me into her little pink pussy.

“You’re just doing this to get back at your mother, aren’t you?” I asked as I rolled my chair back to my desk.

“You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound fun.  But, no.  I am so sick and tired of guys my age who have no clue how to make me come.”

“How do you know I do?” I asked while letting the fingers of my left hand glide up her inner thigh, toward her bare-shaven treasure.

She shivered and moaned.  “Because Mom has always ditched any guy who wasn’t good in bed – like instantly.  She married you, so...”

I pulled her panties around the curve of her ass and slid my fingers over her folds.  Her pussy looked like her mother’s as well – at least superficially.  Her labia were firmer, and far pinker, though.  When I slipped a finger inside her – causing her to whimper – it confirmed what I already suspected.  She was far tighter than her mother, and she wasn’t exaggerating about how wet she was.

Her voice was deep with need when she said, “Ohh...  Eat my pussy.”

I was beyond the point of her needing to ask twice.  I leaned forward, filled my lungs with her hot musk, and dived in.  She wanted a man to make her come, and I was determined to deliver.  I rested my upper lip just above her hood, stabbed my tongue between her lips, and sucked them in.

“Oh.  Oh.  Oh, yeah,” she whimpered.  Her hand settled on the back of my head for a moment, but apparently, it was too difficult to balance without the support of both hands, and she braced it behind her again.  “Does my pussy taste good?  Better than Mom’s?”

She did.  I don’t know whether it was a genuine difference, the sweet revenge of licking my ex’s daughter, or simply the novelty of having my face buried in nineteen-year-old pussy, but she tasted like pure, hot heaven.  Rather than answer her question with words, I responded with deeds.

A growl did rumble in my throat as I bore down, sucking even harder.

Laura squealed and her hips lifted slightly, pressing her folds against my lips.  I kept the pressure on and added a shake of my head as well.  That drew out a gasp, followed by a string of whimpers.

“W-wow,” she exclaimed, and then let out a silvery laugh.

My stiffened tongue wiggled – up and down, side to side, and in circles.  Whenever her folds threatened to slip from my lips, I quickly sucked them back in, never giving her a moment’s respite.  Laura panted for breath between the sounds of pleasure tumbling from her lips, which were coming ever more frequently.

She cried, “Don’t stop.  Make me come.”

There was no chance of that.  I was lost in her.  I drank up her juices and assaulted her clit relentlessly.  Though I scraped my knuckles on the edge of the desk in the process, I pushed two fingers inside her and curled them toward me.  Her walls squeezed around the digits, promising an even tighter squeeze later on.

“Yes.  Right there,” she encouraged me.  “Don’t stop.  Make me come.  You’re going to make me come.”

The angle was awkward, and my neck was starting to ache, but I didn’t care.  I rubbed her g-spot hard, making her groan.  Soon enough, I felt her wetness dribbling down my fingers to gather on my knuckles.  My ferocious assault on her clit continued – unabated – and I could feel her muscles clenching.

“I’m...” she exclaimed, but a yelp cut off whatever she had meant to follow.  After sucking in a breath, she said, “Gonna come.  Gonna come.  Gonna come for you, Daddy!”

That should have caught me off guard.  It should have made me uncomfortable.

It didn’t.

A chill ran up my spine, and somehow, she tasted even sweeter.  A few seconds later, she followed through.  Though she didn’t make a sound at first, I knew she was coming from the way her walls clenched around my fingers and her hips began to randomly, forcefully buck.

She finally let out a clipped scream when one of those lurches pulled her clit from between my lips.  I chased it down and latched right back on.  High-pitched moans and groans echoed through the tiny room as I kept her coming.

When those sounds turned sharp and weepy, I reluctantly let her go.  The moment her pussy slipped from between my lips, her elbows slid out to the side, dropping her back onto the wood.  Her legs snapped together, and her left arm jerked.  My inbox and the face-down photo of her mother tumbled to the floor when her hand slapped it.

I licked my lips and watched her tremble, with her head hanging over the back of the desk.  I could see the long curtain of her hair reflected in the smoked glass behind her.  Never taking my eyes off the exquisite sight of her young body writhing from the aftershocks of her climax, I reached down to pull off my shoes and socks.  Then I loosened my tie and removed it as well.  At the same time as I popped open the top button of my shirt, she let out a long, languid moan, followed by a weak laugh.

Laura pulled her elbows beneath her again and lifted up to look at me.  When she saw me unbuttoning my shirt, she drew in a shuddering gasp.  The sight of my bared chest through the part of my shirt seemed to renew her.  She quickly sat up, and then dropped off the desk.

Fixing me with a sultry stare, she reached under my arm and lifted, encouraging me to stand.  As I did, I bumped the chair with the back of my legs, sending it rolling away, into the wall behind.  Laura slid her hands beneath my shirt, to my back, and then tilted her head back.  I cupped her cheek and kissed her.

I knew she was getting a far better taste of her pussy in that kiss because my mouth and chin were covered in her wetness.  To make it even better, she moved away from my lips after a few seconds to purposely lick up her juices.  It made my cock throb like mad.

As if she knew I needed it, Laura gave me one last peck on the lips, pushed on my chest to make me back up, and then sank to her knees.  She maintained eye contact all the way down and kept it up except for brief glances while she unhooked my belt and worked on the fastenings of my pants.  She parted the zipper, tugged my pants down a little, smiled, and then looked down.

Her eyes widened and she gasped when she saw the bulge in my boxer briefs.

“Oh my god,” she whispered.  Before she even finished the exclamation, she pulled down my underwear and fished out my erect organ.  Two brief, amazed gasps escaped her as she took my cock in hand.  She looked up at me – her eyes filled with wonder – and then back down at my throbbing cock.  She moaned and let my erection go in order to shove my pants and underwear down.

It only took a few seconds to free my legs.  She already had her fingers wrapped around my cock before I could pull my left foot out, though.  As soon as I was standing on my abandoned pants, she leaned in to give me a broad-tongued lap.

I groaned – looking down at her, as she looked up at me.  Wearing a lusty grin, she licked her way around my shaft, wetting it in her saliva and then suckled the tip.  I saw a sparkle in her eyes right before she twisted her head to the side, and took me in.

“God, Laura,” I growled as her soft lips slid up and down my shaft.

“Feel good, Daddy?” she asked, and then engulfed me in her hot mouth again.

“So good, baby.  So sexy.”  I ran my fingers through her long hair, marveling at the barely legal young woman kneeling between my legs.  She might have been disappointed with lovers her age, but I certainly had no complaints.  She was taking me deep, sucking hard, and rotating her hand at the root with skill that belied her youth.

As good as it felt, the only thing I could think about was burying my cock in that tight pussy and making her come again.  I was ready to lift her up and bend her over the desk when a touch of reality intruded on the fantasy world I had been drawn into.  While nobody was in the dealership, and the smoked glass would obscure what was happening to anyone outside, they would be able to see something.  Even a silhouette would be enough to discern what was going on.

I cupped her cheek and pushed her away from my cock.  When she looked up at me – her tongue still flicking over my glans – I said, “Lie down, baby.”

She sat down and shoved the things that had fallen off the desk out of the way.  I heard a crack and glanced over to see the glass covering the picture of her mother split diagonally over my ex’s face.  A few more rakes of her hand cleared a spot on the carpet, and she moved into it.  I dropped down to my knees as she reclined and tugged her panties out of the way again.

I moved between her parted thighs and took my cock in hand.  I slapped the head against her clit a few times, making her whimper.

“Oh, fuck me,” she begged.  “I want it.  I need it.”

I ran the head of my cock up and down through the part of her nether lips.  In only a couple of passes, it was slick with her juices.  I couldn’t wait any longer.  I took aim and pushed past the resistance of her tight little hole.

“Ah!  Ah!  Ah!” she whimpered as I worked my hips, slowly sinking deeper inside her.  Her velvety walls were caressing every centimeter of me with delightful pressure.  She lifted her right leg and rested it on my shoulder.  I took hold of it, using it for leverage to drive my cock even deeper inside her.

Laura braced her arms behind her, and sat up to watch my cock vanish inside her.  Her lips formed an O as I stretched her out, seeking her deepest depths.

“Oh, fuck yes!” she cried once I was balls deep inside her.  “So fucking full!”

“You feel like heaven, baby,” I growled as I held myself inside her, feeling her walls contract.

“Better than Mom?” she asked.

“Fuck yes.  Not even fucking close.”

I leaned in, and she tilted her head back.  I kissed her hard and tightened my groin muscles to make my cock twitch inside her.  She rewarded me with a whimper before crushing her lips back to mine.

“Fuck me hard,” she said when she pulled away.

I took that instruction to heart, pounding her tight teen pussy.  Her head lolled back and she screamed to the ceiling above.  Her long hair danced in sinuous waves and her breasts bounced chaotically from the shockwaves traveling through her body.  I pushed on her upraised leg, forcing it back toward her chest, and she dropped onto her back once more.

I held on tight, driving my cock into her and listening to her wail.  Her face grew redder with each passing second.  I knew that I hadn’t felt a pussy that tight since college, and I couldn’t hold back the growls surging up into my throat as I pounded her.

Her panties slipped over, scraping my dick, and I yanked them out of the way.  Only a few thrusts later, it happened again.  I pulled out, and the moment I wormed my fingers beneath the waistband, she lifted her butt from the floor.  With her help, I quickly removed her panties and tossed them aside.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the knotted, damp cloth landed right on top of her mother’s face.

My shirt flapping around was another distraction I didn’t want, so I shrugged it off as well.  She wriggled her way out of her tube top, and we were finally naked on the floor of my office, amidst a ring of discarded clothing and tumbled paperwork.

Laura let out the sexiest growl as I buried my cock inside her.  “So fucking big.  So good.”

“I love that pussy, baby,” I told her as I got back into rhythm.

“Take me.  Fuck me.  Yes!  Yes!” she cried as our bodies collided with loud smacks.

I couldn’t have done otherwise, even if I wanted to.  It was as if I was possessed.  I gave her everything I had, grunting with effort.  The flush in her face returned, growing brighter than ever.  Her features tightened.  I could feel her pussy juice beginning to drip down to my balls.  A sweet serenade of pleasure-filled exclamations burst from her, rising in pitch, even as she soared toward a crescendo.

Laura’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped open in an expression that looked almost fearful.  It remained frozen on her face for a few hard thrusts, and then her head snapped forward.  A squeaky cry escaped her when her chin slammed into her chest as the first searing wave of orgasm wracked her body.

I tightened my grip on her thighs, keeping her in place as she thrashed in ecstasy.  Pained cries burst from her lips with my every thrust into her climaxing pussy.  I was growling like an animal, trying to hold back an eruption of my own, but it was a lost cause.

“Going to come,” I snarled.

“I-inside me, D-daddy!  F-fill me up!  Come i-inside m-m-meee!” she shrieked.

I knew better, but that plea knocked out my conscience as effectively as a prize fighter’s best haymaker.  I erupted with volcanic force into my stepdaughter’s fresh young pussy.


I was in wonderful spirits Tuesday morning – for obvious reasons.  I had to fake a bad mood to avoid arousing suspicion about what had happened in my office the night before.  Minutes seemed like hours as I waited for closing time to arrive.

I stood up from my chair the moment the clock hit nine.

Leaving my reps to close up, and my assistant to lock up, I drove straight to Laura’s apartment.  She peeked out when she answered the door, and when she saw nobody in the hall, she flung the door wide open.

She was wearing a gauzy negligee that wasn’t even long enough to cover her pussy.  After giving me a second to admire the view, she grabbed a fistful of my dress shirt and pulled me inside.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of trading in the old model for a brand-new ride.


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