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A Warm Welcoming

Sarah's new boss welcomes her to the community with a twist, leaving her begging for more.
Excited about the new job, Sarah laid out her best clothes. Being summer and all, her attire consisted of a long flowing sleeve-less top and a narrow fitting skirt, showing more skin than she realized when she first bought the outfit. Loops of gold decorated her chest, a great deal of which was visible, thanks to the plunging neckline of her dress. Looking one last time in the mirror, she shrugged and was on her way to the new corporation.

Sitting in the manager's office was bad enough, but her habit of crossing and un-crossing her legs in a time of anxiety made her nerves much worse. She didn't even know why a talk before starting the new job was necessary, was he not sure of her workmanship? The door opened, and striding in came the manager. Sarah held back a gasp of astonishment. This man was perfection. Dark blue eyes with hair that seemed to shine like gold. To think of it, this whole body seemed to glisten like gold. High cheek-bones and full lips, she itched to kiss them. Six feet tall and long legs, she wanted to see more. The bulge in his pants caught her attention, but she was snapped back from her reverie when he introduced himself as Peter, her boss.

"I'd like to welcome you to the community. Show you around the hotel, familiarize yourself with the building."

"Erm,o-oh yes, that'd be great," Sarah replied. Idiot! She scolded herself. This man is your boss, not someone you'll be fucking anytime soon, so get your head out of the gutter.

As they walked around the hotel, Sarah's attraction for Peter grew at an alarming rate. She caught herself fantasizing what she'd do with him if she ever got him alone. Peter seemed to notice her lack of interest in what he was saying and asked if everything was alright.

"Oh, yes, perfect! Just can't wait to get started is all," she said.

Peter eyed her suspiciously. Sarah couldn't help but notice how the bulge in his pants seemed to grow. "Why don't you come in here with me, I'd like to show you something," Peter said, pointing to a hotel room. Sarah's pussy was contracting. Alone? In a room,with him? How would've be able to control herself?

He held the door opened for her, and locked it once they were both in. "Please, sit down," Peter insisted. Sarah sat on the edge of her bed, biting her lower lip, looking anywhere but at him. "I can't deny my attraction towards you, and I don't think you can,either. So..let this be our little secret,okay?"

Sarah couldn't breathe. Couldn't think. Her heart was beating fast, and her pussy was swollen. Before she could say anything, the lights went out. And before she had the chance to look around, Peter was on top of her, ripping her shirt off.

Sarah closed her eyes and moaned softly. She grabbed his crotch, and he let out a moan. He swiftly turned around and grabbed something out of his back pocket. She caught sight of a glisten of sliver. He held it up. "Do you mind?" Shackles. Sarah nodded her head rigorously and his eyes glinted. He put them around her wrists and tied her to the bed.

"Just show me a good time, boss" she crooned.

In reply Peter took her skirt off and ripped her lacey, wet, thong. He kissed and bit her neck, squeezed her nipples, while his hands spread her legs open and rubbed her sensitive pussy lips. He buried his face between her legs and tounge-fucked her cunt. Nibbling on her clit, he dropped in to leave a kiss on her soft mound. He then gently massaged her core, but soon enough he was getting rough. Slipping his fingers fast inside Sarah's tight pink pussy, he began to slurp every last drop that dripped down. Sarah was screaming his name, in pain and ecstasy. She sat on his face, and let all the juices come down. He got up, and motioned to his eight inch long hard, cock. Not being able to use her hands, she nibbled on the head and licked up and down the dick. Putting his balls deep in her mouth, she gagged with satisfaction as she heard him moan. He threw her back down on the bed, and told her to be ready to be fucked out of her mind.

"Spread your legs for me." Peter demanded. She obeyed and he pushed his cock deep into her tight,little pussy. Sarah screamed and Peter laughed. His hard cock would lift her off the bed every time he thrusted into her. Hands gripping her hips, he fucked her brains out, her juices dripping down his shaft.

"My pussy's so tight!" she exclaimed.

"Don't worry, I'll fix that," Peter murmured. He could feel every inch of her cunt, as he thrusted deep and hard while she adjusted to him. He put her legs on his shoulder, sliding deeper inside.

"Harder!" she screamed. "Make me cum!"

He thumped her pussy hard. His balls slapped against her big ass, as he twisted her nipples. Peter pushed deep inside and cummed hard. Her pussy filled to the brim, Sarah's lips red and sensitive.

Sarah kept screaming that she wanted more. His big cock hurt, but she couldn't get enough. He pulled his cock out and put his mouth over her hot cunt. Lapping at her wet lips, flicking her hard clit. Sarah couldn't resist, her pussy tensed as waves of cum squirted into Peters mouth.

Getting up, Peter shot his load down Sarah's throat. Choking on his cock, she was sure to swallow every drop. He then squirted his hot,sticky cum all over her face. Smearing it with the tip of his cock. Sarah has never been so pleased. Her pussy was destroyed, and she loved it. Looking up at Peter she said, "Thanks for showing me the ropes around this place. It's been a warm welcoming."

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