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A wild night with Mr. and Mrs. Smith

I used to babysit for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and one night things got very dirty between us.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith were out for a party, and I was babysitting their five-years-old son. Yes, I worked as a babysitter to earn a little extra. I was a good girl, but recently I turned into a dirty whore. I had recently discovered the pleasure of touching myself. Now I did it almost every night and in the mornings too. Sometimes I did it in the afternoons, after getting back from school. I just loved playing with my tight pink pussy in my bedroom. I was seventeen, and my young pussy just wanted me to touch it all the time.

However, to please my pussy, I only had my fingers and a hairbrush, whose smooth handle felt quite good in my tight virgin cunt. Once I searched my mom’s room, just to find if she had any toys, which she might have used in her college days. I found nothing but just a packet of condoms and a bottle of lube in her nightstand drawer.

Once, I also tried rubbing my pussy against the soft pillows, my friend suggested it. However, it didn’t help me either. I didn’t have a boyfriend and instead of getting on my knees to suck a random guy in a party, I wanted a boy to ask me out. I was a little shy. My friends told me that, I was very pretty and beautiful, but I always doubted that. I was slim, had perky 34B size boobs, a cute ass, blonde hair, and I wore glasses. Once a man, who I met on internet said that I looked very fuckable in those glasses, but I didn’t believe him either. I thought he just wanted to make me feel good, so that I could pull up my top and show him my tits on the webcam.

I had recently started babysitting for Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Mom used to work overnight, so I also engaged myself with this babysitting job. Mr. Smith was a handsome thirty-five year old man. I had always seen him in black or gray colored suits. He was tall, and I imagined that he had a nice body under those expensive suits. Mrs. Smith was a beautiful thirty-years-old woman. She had long black hair and big tits. I guessed her tits were about 36D. She was taller than I was and had long sexy legs. However, the best thing in Mrs. Smith was her curvy huge ass. Sometimes I wondered if Mr. Smith fucks her wife in her ass too.

Tonight, after putting their kid to sleep in his bed, I was watching TV in the living room. I got a phone call from Mr. Smith, and he told me that they might get a little late as they were going to watch a movie after the party. They said they would pay me extra to stay a little more in their house and look after their kid. I accepted their offer and put down the phone.

I turned off the TV and headed to the master bedroom. It was a beautiful bedroom with a big nice bed, a full-length mirror and a big closet. As I did many times, I started checking out Mrs. Smith’s jewellery. There were many necklaces, rings and earrings in a drawer. However, no necklace looked good on my yellow top. I wished that I had something beautiful, classy and expensive to wear. I started checking out more drawers. In another drawer, I saw some sexy designer bras and panties of Mrs. Smith. If my boobs would be as big as Mrs. Smith had then I would have tried those sexy bras. I saw one more drawer. I had never checked this drawer before, and when I opened it, I was completely shocked.

The drawer was full of sex toys. There were many colored dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and much more. I checked out the toys. There was Hula Beads Ocean Blue Vibrator and Icicles glass dildo with swirly texture. I knew there names because I had looked for them on internet and wanted to buy them. There were many other colored dildos, vibes and bullets. I found a few butt plugs too. They were all so beautiful. I grabbed a round butt plug made by Doc Johnson. I remember it because I loved the name Doc Johnson. It was black in color, and Mrs. Smith had three of them in different sizes. I wondered how much Mrs. Smith liked playing with her nice ass. I founded a crystal butt plug too.

After checking out all the toys, I started feeling curious about using them. I looked at the clock, Mr. and Mrs. Smith won’t be home for another one hour so I quickly grabbed the glass dildo with swirly texture and the crystal butt plug. I came to bed and slowly pulled down my shorts. I looked at myself in that full-length mirror. I took off my top too, and now I was just sitting in my white panties. I squeezed my boobs looking at myself in the mirror. I was getting horny and excited to use my first sex toy, which was practically not mine.

I took off my panties and left them on the floor. The mirror was right in front of the bed so I could just sit in the bed, spread my legs and watch my beautiful pussy, and I did. I rubbed my pussy and got excited to see my little fingers moving around my wet folds.

“Hmm…” I couldn’t control myself from moaning.

I grabbed the glass dildo. I had seen a few porn videos so I knew how to use a dildo, how to tease yourself etc. I spat a little on the dildo, and then slowly pushed it inside my pussy. The dildo was thicker than the thickness of my two fingers, so it felt very tight inside my wet cunt. I pushed it more inside my love hole, and it went almost 3 inches inside me. I wanted to take it more inside my pussy, so I leaned back on the bed, and spread my legs wider. I pushed the dildo inside my pussy a little more, and a moan escaped from my mouth. I kept pushing it and soon the five inches of the dildo was inside me. Slowly moving the dildo in my pussy, I started rubbing my clit.

After a minute, I grabbed the crystal butt pug and started sucking it.

“Hmmm… I love it,” I moaned.

After fucking my pussy with the glass dildo, I got very horny. I wanted to try some more toys. I got out of the bed, and went to the drawer. I grabbed Lelo’s Hula Beads Ocean Blue Vibrator. I came back to the bed and tried to figure out how it worked. I put the vibrator in my wet cunt and then turned it on. It slowly started vibrating, and I felt fucking good. It was smooth and fit perfectly in my tight cunt. I lay down in the bed and let the vibrator make me cum. While the vibrator was pleasing my pussy, I grabbed the glass toy and crystal butt plug to suck on them.

“Ah, God, yeah,” I screamed, as I figured out that I was closer to have an orgasm. After a minute, my body shook with an intense orgasm, and I came hard. It was a very good orgasm. I turned off the vibrator and lay down there breathing heavy. I touched my pussy and my fingers soaked in my pussy juices. I licked the juices off my fingers. I was feeling so fucking good, after using all these toys. I decided to save more money and buy all these toys as soon as possible. I couldn’t use Mrs. Smith’s toys always, and it was risky too. I could loose my job as their babysitter, if Mrs. Smith would catch me someday.

I was thinking about all this when suddenly the door of the bedroom opened, and Mrs. Smith came in. I got very scared and jumped off the bed quickly. I stood there near the bed and looked at Mrs. Smith. She first looked at me and then looked at all the toys, which were still all over the bed. She dropped her handbag on a chair, and then came a little closer to the bed.

“Mrs. Smith, I’m sorry… I was just…” I didn’t know how to explain the dirty things I did behind her back, with her toys.

“Relax, Lily,” Mrs. Smith calmed me down.

A minute ago, she looked a little surprised to see me in her bed, naked, and now she had a little smile on her face.

“In my college days, whenever I visited my aunt’s house. I did a few things like you did tonight,” she said. “However, I never got caught.”

Mrs. Smith grabbed the vibrator from the bed and noticed my pussy juices were all over it. She dropped it in the bed again, and then looked at me.

“I’m very sorry…” I said.

“So, you like sex toys, huh?” she asked in her soft voice.

“Yes, No… I mean,” I didn’t know what exactly say to Mrs. Smith.

“I hope it made you feel good. It does its work very well,” Mrs. Smith said pointing at the vibrator. “And this, you never get tired of using it,” Mrs. Smith grabbed the glass dildo with which I fucked my pussy a few minute earlier.

“I should leave now,” I said, “I’ll clean them up,” I bent over the bed to grab the toys.

“You have a beautiful ass, Lily,” I heard Mrs. Smith’s voice. She came behind me and put her hand on my ass. I felt weird. No one had ever touched my ass or pussy before. Moreover, having a woman touch me like this, I never ever thought about it.

Soon Mrs. Smith’s fingers reached between my legs. I tried to get up, but she didn’t let me. She kept me bent over the bed and touched my pussy. Her long fingers moved around my dripping wet cunt.

“You are still wet, Lilly,” she whispered.

“I…” I again tried to say something, but there was nothing to say.

“You taste good, young girl,” she said.

I was confused about what she really meant. I looked at her, and she was licking my pussy juices off her fingers. For one second, I felt very weird, but next second when I noticed my pussy juices all over her red lips, I turned on.

Mrs. Smith’s hand again moved back to my pussy, and due to some unknown feelings inside me, I spread my legs. I bent over the bed a little more. Mrs. Smith smiled, and her fingers explored the inside of my wet pussy. Her long fingers felt so fucking good. She moved her fingers slowly, and I enjoyed it.

“Pass me that vibrator, Lily,” Mrs. Smith said.

Getting excited to know that I was going to use the vibrator again, I quickly passed it to her. She put the vibrator in my pussy and turned it on. For first one minute, it vibrated as it did when I used it a few minutes earlier, and after that, it started vibrating and shaking faster.

“I guess you didn’t know that it works on different levels and speeds,” Mrs. Smith explained the thing about the vibrator.

“No, I…. ah,” I moaned, “I didn’t knew that.”

With my eyes closed, still bent over the bed, I enjoyed the vibrator pleasing my pussy.

“Stay like this,” she said, and I watched her going to the drawer of her toys.

She came back with the black round butt plug by Doc Johnson. It was the smallest one. While I held my moans, she came behind me and touched my ass again.

“Did you use the butt plugs, too?” Mrs. Smith said.

“Yes, I mean no… I just sucked one,” I said. “Ah…” I moaned, as Mrs. Smith increased the speed of the vibrator.

“You will love it, Lily,” Mrs. Smith said.

Mrs. Smith brought her face closer to my ass, and she licked my asshole. I was already feeling very horny and very dirty, and when Mrs. Smith licked my asshole, it only excited me more. She spat on my asshole, rubbed her finger over it, and then slowly pushed the round black butt plug inside my asshole.

I never thought that I would have something inside my ass at such a young age. I knew that one day I would be giving my ass to my boyfriend or husband, but Mrs. Smith was neither of them. However, the butt plug was smallest one, but it still didn’t go easily inside my tight asshole; Mrs. Smith had to spat some more.

“I’m cumming…” I couldn’t hold my moans, and I came again all over that vibrator.

Mrs. Smith turned off the vibrator and pulled it out of my pussy. She then made me lay down on the bed, with my legs hanged by the edge. Now as I was comfortable with Mrs. Smith, I noticed how beautiful and hot she looked in her red dress. Her boobs were trying to come out of her dress and her sexy thighs could give a boner to any man.

Mrs. Smith smiled looking at me. She pulled her dress down, revealing her boobs, and then took it off. She was wearing matching red panties, but she quickly took them off too. Now we both were completely naked. Mrs. Smith touched her shaved pussy, and then got on her knees. She spread my legs and licked my wet cunt. She licked all the juices off my pussy lips, and then climbed over me.

She held herself over me. I looked into her beautiful eyes, and when she lowered her head to kiss me, I wrapped my hands around her neck and kissed back. My hands moved to her huge curvy ass. Her big boobs pressed against my perky boobs, and it felt good.

We kept kissing for a while, and I forgot that the butt plug was still inside my ass.

“Would you like to eat my pussy, Lily?” Mrs. Smith asked.

I had never done it before, but I replied yes.

Moving all the toys aside on the bed, she lay down on her back comfortably. She spread her legs and looked at me with inviting eyes. I moved between her legs, and next second my tongue was all over her pussy. I had never done something like this before, so I decided to do it slowly and softly. However, Mrs. Smith was very horny, and she grabbed my head and pulled me more onto her pussy. I also got dirty, and started eating her pussy. Her pussy tasted as good as mine did.

“Wait,” Mrs. Smith said.

I stopped and she got on her hands and knees. She stuck out her ass at me, and I was surprised to see her asshole filled with the same butt plug, which I had in my ass right then but her butt plug was a little bigger than what I had in my asshole.

“When did you put that in?” I asked, and later I thought that I shouldn’t have asked that.

“My husband loves me going out with him wearing a butt plug sometimes,” Mrs. Smith explained, “Would u pull it out, please?”

I fulfilled her request and pulled the butt plug out of her beautiful asshole.

“Hmm…” Mrs. Smith moaned.

She stuck out her ass at me. I did what she did with me, a few minutes earlier. I licked her ass. Yes, I licked it, I mean personally I never thought about doing something like that, but seeing her beautiful asshole, I did it. I also wanted to return the favor that she did to me.

“Oh, wow!” Mrs. Smith was surprised to feel my tongue over her asshole. She might have not expected this from me.

“Give me that glass dildo, Lily. I want to fuck my pussy as you lick my asshole,” Mrs. Smith said showing me how dirty she was.

I did as she said, and we pleased each other. She fucked herself for a few minutes, and then I grabbed the dildo from her hand and fucked her pussy. I made her cum, and she collapsed on the bed. Her orgasm wasn't as intense as mine was, but I could hear her heavy breathing. She flipped on her back. I looked at her big boobs, and I couldn’t resist my urge to suck on them. I moved closer to her and licked her erect nipples.

“You like my tits?” Mrs. Smith asked.

“Yes,” I replied with a big smile.

Mrs. Smith let me suck on her boobs. I squeezed her tits and kissed all over them. We kissed a little more; I mean deep tongue kisses.

“Don’t you want to pull that butt plug out of your beautiful asshole?” Mrs. Smith said.

I felt embarrassed and laughed.

“Let me do it,” Mrs. Smith said. She came behind me and pulled the butt plug out of my butthole. As I was expecting, she again licked my asshole.

“Are you a virgin, Lily?” Mrs. Smith asked.

“Yes, Mrs. Smith,” I replied.

“Call me Jenny,” she said.

“Ok… Jenny.”

“Don’t you want to have sex? Or are you a lesbian?” Mrs. Smith said.

“No, I do want to have sex. I’m not a lesbian,” I responded quickly.

“What you did tonight, you can call yourself bisexual, Lilly,” Mrs. Smith said, and I tried to understand her.

Mrs. Smith again climbed over me to kiss me more. She also sucked on my young tits and bit on my nipples softly. Suddenly she brought out a piece of black cloth under the pillows. I thought she did wild kinky sex with her husband every night.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Don’t worry you will love it,” she said and blindfolded me. I let her do it because I trusted her.

She again started kissing and sucking on my boobs. After a few minutes, she left the room, saying she needed to have some water. She also asked me not to take off my blindfold. A minute later, I heard her entering into the room, again.

“Mrs. Smith?” I said.

“Call me, Jenny, baby,” Mrs. Smith confirmed her presence in the room.

I felt her coming onto the bed, and then she dragged my head to the edge of the bed. I had no idea what she had in her mind.

“There is a real cock in the room, if you want to suck it then open your mouth, Lily,” I heard Mrs. Smith saying. I was completely shocked to hear that. I wanted to take off my blindfold and see who else was in the room, but I didn’t to it.

I didn’t respond for a minute. Many things were going on in my mind.

“Lily, you want to suck a nice big hard cock? I must say it’s looking so delicious,” I again heard Mrs. Smith’s voice.

I opened my mouth. Yes, I opened my mouth for a strange cock. Next second, I felt something touching my lips. The cock was thick and hard. The man who was standing on the floor near my head slowly adjusted my head and put his dick in my mouth. The man didn’t choke me or forced me. He was gentle and let me take his cock in my mouth, as much as I could. For the first time in my life, I was sucking a cock. I felt Mrs. Jenny moving onto the bed. She spread my legs, while I was busy in sucking my first real cock. I thought she would to push the glass dildo in my pussy or maybe use the vibrator again. After a couple of minutes, I felt something slowly pushing inside my pussy.

“What is it, Mrs. Smith? It doesn’t feel like that glass dildo?” I asked, and got a little nervous.

“Relax, Lily. It’s a strap-on, which I’m wearing,” Mrs. Smith said, and confirmed it by climbing over me and pressing her boobs against my perky tits. The strap-on dildo went inside my pussy. It was a little painful, but I enjoyed it.

“Why can’t this man fuck me?” I asked like a cock hungry slut.

“Because he is not allowed to do so,” Mrs. Smith replied.

I couldn’t ask any more questions, as the man put his cock in my mouth again. Mrs. Smith also sucked the cock with me. Our lips were moving all over the hard cock. We sucked the cock well, and Mrs. Smith fucked my pussy with her strap-on. It felt like a man was fucking my pussy; Mrs. Smith was very good in fucking a cunt.

“I’m going to cum, Jenny,” I heard a familiar voice.

Mrs. Smith quickly took off my blindfold. I was shocked to see Mr. Smith standing near my head. He was stroking his cock faster.

“Mr. Smith?” I said.

“Cum, baby… I hope she will like the taste of your cum,” Mrs. Smith said, and she sucked the cock head.

My mind was completely blank now, but I really did want to taste some cum. I watched Mrs. Smith sucking the cock good and hard, and Mr. Smith groaned as he shot his cum in his wife’s mouth.

Mr. Smith stood there, while Mrs. Smith looked down at me. She put her lips on my lips and made me open my mouth. We kissed and shared the cum. We sucked each other’s tongue.

“Honey, let Lilly clean your cock,” Mrs. Smith said and looked at me. I got up and went on my knees in front of Mr. Smith. I grabbed his cock and cleaned the rest of the cum, which was dripping from his cock.

“Hmm… beautiful,” Mrs. Smith said. “Sorry, Lily, but I don’t allow my husband to fuck someone else’s pussy. However, some blowjob is always fine.”

“I understand, Mrs. Smith. This is the best night of my life, thank you,” I said.

Mrs. Smith got up and started taking off the strap-on, with which she fucked my pussy.

“That’s All American 6.5" Flesh Dong, right?” I asked.

“Yes, how do you know?” she asked.

“I saw it on internet,” I replied.

“It felt good, didn’t it?”

“Yes,” I replied with a smile of satisfaction.

“Get dressed, Lily, I will drop you home,” Mr. Smith said, and big grin was on his face.

“She can stay with us for the night, honey,” Mrs. Smith said.

“Okay, as you wish. I’m going to inform her mom,” Mr. Smith said and walked out of the room.

Mrs. Smith also went out of the room and asked me to follow her. She poured some wine in two glasses and poured me some soft drink in a glass. We came into the living room. Mr. Smith also joined. Mrs. Smith told me that Mr. Smith was in the study room all the time, when she and I were getting dirty with each other. Moreover, when she found out that I was a virgin and never sucked a cock, she blindfolded me and went to get Mr. Smith. She wanted to see me sucking a real cock for the first time.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith finished their drinks and started kissing each other in front of me. Mr. Smith was playing with his wife’s beautiful breast. I also wanted to suck on her tits. Mr. Smith was wearing shorts, but his cock was hard, and I could see it through his shorts.

“Let’s go to bed, I want you to fuck me hard,” Mrs. Smith said looking at her husband.

They got up and headed to the bedroom.

“Lily, you are coming?” Mrs. Smith turned to look at me and asked.

I quickly got up and followed them. She held my hand and took me to her bed.

“I will get you a real cock soon, but he is all mine,” Mrs. Smith said and laughed, “You feel free to use any toys you want, or you can just lay down in front of me and I will eat your pussy until you cum hard all over my face.”

Mrs. Smith’s words made me horny. I grabbed the glass dildo with swirly texture and leaned back in the bed. Mrs. Smith bent over the bed next to me, and Mr. Smith came behind her. He grabbed Mrs. Smith’s huge ass, and then I watched him pushing his cock inside her.

“He loved fucking my ass,” Mrs. Smith told, and I came to know that Mr. Smith had just pushed his cock deep in Mrs. Smith’s ass.

With the dildo in my pussy, I moved a little closer to Mrs. Smith’s ass. I wanted to watch Mr. Smith’s cock moving in and out of the beautiful ass of Mrs. Smith.

“Spit on her ass,” Mr. Smith said.

I looked at Mrs. Smith, “Yes, do it, Lilly,” Mrs. Smith agreed.

I spat on her asshole to help and lube it a little more.

“Come here, let me eat your pussy,” Mrs. Smith said.

We shifted a little and I lay down in front of Mrs. Smith. She fucked my pussy with the dildo and licked my clit. She ate my pussy bringing me closer to another orgasm. She again put the vibrator in my pussy, and turned it on. I guessed she set the vibrator to its maximum speed, and I cam hard all over Mrs. Smith’s face.

Mrs. Smith’s ass was still moving back and forth on the hard cock of Mr. Smith.

“Fuck, fuck, yeah… make me cum,” Mrs. Smith screamed.

She collapsed on the bed with her head lying on my stomach. She also had a nice orgasm. Mr. Smith quickly pulled his cock out of his wife’s pussy, and came to me. I knew what I had to do. I took his cock in my mouth, and sucked him good. This time, Mr. Smith filled my mouth with his cum. I swallowed some of it, and then kissed Mrs. Smith to share some cum with her.

“Fuck, what a wild night it is,” Mrs. Smith said.

“Yeah, thanks to Lilly,” Mr. Smith replied.

I didn’t know what to say so I just smiled looking at them.

“Let’s take a shower,” Mrs. Smith said, and we all took a shower together.

In the shower, Mrs. Smith kissed me, and Mr. Smith fingered my pussy giving me another nice orgasm.

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