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Ashley's Place 2

Getting to know Ashley's family

The morning sun started to rise as Nika yawned to realise how tired she was, her ink black coffee still lukewarm even after an hour. The memory of day she had spent at Ashley’s house was still in her mind, but she was most happy of all that she had all her work done, everything accomplished. She got up in triumph having finished the company project assigned to her. Her new job was immense, but it paid well. She could have been doing modelling work with that lean sexy body, that sexy bubble butt, slender long legs, brunette hair and mouth watering breast.

 Nika got up from her seat and headed for the toilet. When she got there she sat down for a moment of silence as she took off her black skirt, white panties and stared at her shaven clit. She began to rub it and moan with the thought of Ashley’s brothers' cocks filling her. It was her release, the sensation bursting to all reaches of her body, her pace quickening and her pussy starting to feel wet, the moist juices succumbing with her pleasure, as she began to cum to that erotic thought.

“Awwwwwwww”, Nika moaned.

Feeling the orgasmic pleasure as she continue to wriggle her two fingers inside her pink fleshy clit, feeling it get more wet by the second. When she stopped, she opened the stall door and looked at herself in the mirror; her skirt was still down at her feet and her thin stripped panties binding round her knees as she stared at her wet dripping cunt. God Nika not here, she thought, not at work, what if someone walks in next time. Breathing heavily she walked out and sat back at her office chair, was this what she wanted. Just then Ashley, her good friend walked in.

“Hey Nika we’ve got a party tonight, do you want to come?”

“Sure, I’d love to Ashley”, thought Nika, that Ashley, did she forget what happened the other day.

Ashley loved to party and what she did most at those parties was get to know guys who she guessed would end up with their cocks filling her innocent holes. Ashley was such a lovely girl, the thought of her having sex was erotic, her sucking a big hard juicy cock, while moaning in pleasure with another entering from behind. Nika couldn’t get the imagines of Ashley on the ground and the sounds she had made when her brothers had made her their spit roast.

“6pm at Mark’s?”

“I'll be there!” said Nika, with a zest of intrigue.


“So Ashley about the other day, do you think about it?” Nika eagerly asked.

“Well sometimes, I’m not going to forget about it that quickly, after all it was with my brothers. That’s why I need to go to tonight’s party; I need another man’s cock fast, the thought of those brats being the last ones inside me, hell no! Also promise me you won’t do it with them again? It makes it awkward if you do when I bring you over.”

“O sure, I wouldn’t want that to happen.”

That night Nika showed up to the party, there were a lot of people; they all looked young and active, dancing to the music and socialising with alcohol. Nika saw Ashley who was with two guys; she could see them with their arms around her slightly rubbing their cocks against her thigh. Ashley looked a little drunk, but she knew what she was doing as she brushed her finger along one of their cocks. It was followed by one of them sliding one hand gently up her skirt, up his hand went, feeling her delicate smooth skin under those pink knickers and rubbing her soaking wet pussy in broad daylight. She was very determined to forget that night with her brothers Nika thought, while smiling.

“Hey guys meet Nika, she’s gorgeous isn’t she?”

The guys agreed, while still rubbing her clit from behind in front of Nika and having a look of lust as they stared at her big round peaches. Nika had a chat to them and then said she would go get a drink. Her swallow of lust said it all, but was she that quick to forget what had happen with the two youngest members of Ashley’s family.

As she was getting a drink one of the guys walked up to her, sliding a hand on her ass. Nika turned around, any normal day she would have screamed at him, but not today she just couldn’t muster the energy. She looked at him as he began to speak.

“Hey care to spice it up?”

Taking out a plastic bag with a pill in it, Nika could only guess it was illegal and that she didn’t do that stuff, nor did she want his hand where it was. Instead of reacting in disgust and surprise, Nika took the bag and smiled, as she walked away. She popped it in her pocket and out of sight. Ashley spotted Nika and while talking to her showed her to more guys that swallowed their saliva in gulps at how sexy she was. Nika didn’t want to be a spoil sport, but when it got to 10pm she said her goodbyes giving the reason that she had something to finish off at home.

“Well I can see you’ve found some new memories.” Said Nika, followed by a giggle.

“O yeah, they are hot and all mine! Too bad you have to go, I would have shared.”Replied Ashley as she watched Nika get into her car and waved her off.

Nika drove alone while the stars started to appear, it was a good night she thought; not only had she finished her work, but she went to a party and had an alright time. She did feel the slight tingle in her pussy, boy was she feeling horny she thought. Nika tried to be a good girl, but her body wouldn’t let her, the urge to have a man touch and mount her in many different ways was all she thought about. Was her innocence gone, the girl that she was a few years ago, was she still there, surely the day she spent at Ashley’s said no. As she was about to reach her newly rented flat, she notice she was speeding and that the cop car parked on the side of the road had caught sight.

The lights went flashing red and blue, she wanted to yell fuck you for screwing her day, but it wasn’t her to do such thing as she parked on the curb side. The cop came over and asked her for her license, he just had to wreck her day didn’t he. Just as she was about to hand over her License, she noticed it was Ashley’s Dad, while he was taken away by her beauty, he also realised it was Nika.

“O hi Nika; what a surprise to catch you speeding young lady, what should I do hah.”

“Ah yeah sorry Mike, I was at a party with Ashley and I was just in too much of a rush to get home. I swear I’ll never do it again.”

“A party you say, well special protocol requires me to do a body search, nothing serious, just orders hope you understand.”

He motioned for her to get out and face her car. Nika was very happy to co-operate since she knew Mike to be a lovely person and soon he’d be on his way. She felt his hand slowly feel from down at the feet and up. Feeling those sexy thighs, his hand motioned high, up those silky smooth legs, she was about to protest, but she trusted him to be professional about it, as he got to her pockets he felt something and put his hand inside. Nika remembered, o god she thought, how you could forget.

 “What’s this?"he said, pulling out the pill.

“O Mike I had no intention of taking it, someone at that party gave it to me and I didn’t want it at all “said Nika, appealing to the Mike she knew.

“So you tell me Ashley was at that party?”

“Um yes sir”

Nika saw the surprised look on his face of what his little girl might be up to.

“Mike, Ashley’s really not doing anything bad, it’s just a get together and there just happen to be this weird guy who gave me this.” Said Nika trying to cover for Ashley, knowing the things she was probably up to right now.

“Well let me see if you have any more pills”, as he changed the subject.

He began to put his hand, not into her pocket, but up into her skirt and around her panties, slightly lifting her dress and feeling her skin-tight panties against her soft caress-able ass. It started to make her feel hot and horny. It was so wrong she thought, he was her friends dad, what was he doing? She was standing with her legs spread out; his hands find their way to her moist clit, trying not to moan as she began to gently rub, as her body started to get excited. She wanted to say stop, but it felt really good, though a little uncomfortable with him fingering her, but she was the one in trouble and probably helping Ashley too.

“Do you like that?” Said Mike has he pressed up against her and told her how much he’d wanted to do that ever since Ashley started bring her home.

“Mike, this isn’t right”

“And you think what you and Ashley do is right? Letting all those horny young boys take advantage of you all the time, don’t think I don’t know.”

“Then why don’t you take advantage of me now, I know you want to.”

“O so you’re bribing me now”, he began to rub harder; it was immense and she felt so naughty. She was so horny now; she let out a whisper of a moan.

”I’m not trying to bribe you, but I just prefer to be punished in a different way” she said in her cute innocent voice, only just realising where it will all lead to.

“Ashley’s out, the boys and the Mrs is out, I’m sure we can sort something out.”

He took her to his house, boy did she remember it. Once the door opened he began putting his hand down her panties while the other hand sliding up her top as he started rubbing her boobs, she was enjoying it. Him kissing her round the neck, his soft cold lips on her warm, delicate body. Ashley’s dad was going crazy all over her, she felt turned on, she’d never done it with her friend’s dad, let alone Ashley’s. The feeling of doing it with a friend’s dad, these were more stories she’d heard, but herself doing it felt very naughty.

When the door closed her dress and his pants dropped. She got on her knees and began sucking his warm, hard cock. Feeling it torpedoing in and out of her mouth, she could feel it getting deeper and deeper down into her throat. He watched as those soft kissable enveloped around his erected lust, with Mikes back pressed against the door. Her saliva started covering his cock, the one he’d slip into Ashley’s mum every night; he couldn’t believe it, this hot, sexy young girl sucking his cock. He watched as his daughter’s friends polished each inch with those amazing red lips.

“That’s it, that’s what you get for being such a bad little girl Nika”, spanking her ass, it only made her hornier.

She deserved it, that naughty, naughty girl. Nika kept sucking and sucking, taking mouthful by mouthful of warm hard cock as he moaned at how good she was blowing him.

“O you’re a natural, aren’t you? I wonder how many boys’ you’ve sucked with those lips, those sexy lips of yours my sweet Nika.”

Mike then lifted her and started to walk up the stairs to Ashley’s room.

“I don’t think there’s a better place than here”

He lay Nika on her back on Ashley’s pink bed sheets and began to lick her pink slit in a 69 position, his warm tongue slobbering all over her tight, wet pussy. She wanted to moan, but all she could focus on was sucking his cock, her saliva thickening with his pre-cum. Meanwhile he continued to lick and suck the rims of her oyster, searching deeper with his tongue, trying to find her pearl, while making a meal of her sweet juices. It was just heaven, the soft comforting flesh of her pussy; it was so good he didn’t want to stop. Next he started French kissing her, the thought of where their mouths had been made it even hotter, followed up with Nika’s peachy nipples to finish the lavishing foreplay.

Ready to move to the main course, he spread her legs and started to wriggle his cock slowly inside her tight little pussy, watching those tight lips stretch apart as each orgasmic inch of his cock filled her lovely hole. Nika watched as she lay on her back and moaned.

“Awwwwww Mike; is this what you’ve always wanted to do to me? To taste and fuck me.” Nika moaned as she felt her tight wet pussy being penetrated and stretched by his big hard cock.

“Ahhhhh, that’s good, just how I imagined it.” As Mike thrust every inch he had.

It didn’t feel right that she was letting an Ashley’s Dad have his way with her, her legs spread wide while she just lay there watching and feeling him enter her innocence. The man she only briefly saw when she visited Ashley’s place, the small talk, the smiles and now this. Her lust for it was just so overpowering. She could see the look and emotion on his face when he entered her, the pleasure he was getting from this work out. The feeling of Nika, the girl he’d had dreamt of in his fantasy all his now, his daughter’s young hot friend.

All he wanted to do is go faster and faster until he felt her cum all over his cock. She was so hot, this little angel, the feeling of her body was amazing and her moans a joy to hear.

Like the man in charge he soon had her on all four limbs, slapping her bubble butt and administrating his authority. Slapping her with his balls each time he would thrust, he couldn’t help but notice her delicious breast jiggle from side to side. It made him feel young again, the thought of ever doing it was a girl half his age was immense, he’d forgotten how silky smooth and soft their bodies were, the tightness of their pussy.

“Do you like this? This is how I punish bad little girls like you. I want to hear how sorry you are and that you deserve this and call me Daddy would you Nika, I’ve known you so long I’ve felt you were practically my daughter.”

“O yes Daddy, fuck me with you big hard cock, give me what I deserve, show me what a bad little girl I have been” she moaned as he fucked her, his saggy balls slapping against her rosy red cheeks.

He started going quicker; pumping it harder and all the way, his hands clutched her hips as he rocked her like a seesaw. Even though he was causing her unbearable pain, Nika felt like she was in heaven, it was her release from all her work, that missing part of the puzzle from that party, she wanted that big hard cock, no she needed it. All that tension releasing in her screams, that erotic fantasy she’d sometimes have with doing it with someone she wasn’t meant to.

“Ahhhhh, fuck me harder Daddy”, he kept ramming it in and out, clutching her waist as he continued to enjoy her from behind.

The pain and pleasure she endured with each second that passed, she didn’t want it to stop.

“Keep going, harder, harder!”

It was so good, her mouth couldn’t stay shut, she was moaning and moaning, then she felt it, his creamy warm filling entering her cupcake. She screamed; it was so good that time froze and that she wanted that split second to stay forever as she climaxed for the very last time tonight. Mike kept going, causing cum to start to spilling out on to Ashley’s bed sheet, Nika watched helplessly, still tired and on four limbs, thinking how she'd promise not to sleep with Ashley's brothers.

Ashley's father continue to enjoy his precious holes for the next five minutes, then he pulled out leaving her slim sexy body lying there all exhausted from her punishment, but behind that pain it was all really just pleasure. She sucked him clean before falling flat down, watching the ceiling as everything left her mind, all she could think of was to breath and breath some more, lying on his daughter’s bed with her legs spread and her naughty cream pie.

She lay there as Mike rested for a few minutes and suited back up.

“God I wish I had done that a few years earlier.”

 “So you’re not going to tell Ashley off that I said she was at that party are you?”

“I've got a bring your daughter to work day next week, it'd be lovely if you could come. Ashley's never interested in these things, so it'd be nice to have company.”

"Um sure."

"Well I better be heading off now", as he left taking one last look at Nika’s sexy young body before going off to continue his work.
 As he left Nika received a text from Ashley "what did you have to do that you had to leave so early?"

"Just some family business", replied Nika

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