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Clean Up - Aisle Eight

You never know what happens once the grocery store closes
Sandra groaned as she hung up the phone. Naturally, Rob would call in on the night that she had to close the store. Now she was stuck with only a couple of bag boys and cashiers, and all of the night-stocking to take care of.

A quick peek out the window of the office took away her frown, however. She knew that Daniel would stay over without much complaint, if she asked him. He’d always been a little sweet on her, ever since she’d been his babysitter years ago. He needed the extra money to pay for his car, too.

“Daniel, pick up on the red line. Daniel, pick up on the red line,” she paged, and saw him walking toward one of the intercom phones.

“Yeah?” Dan answered.

“Could you do me a really big favor? Rob just called in, and I need someone to stay over to fill the sugar, and all the other fast-movers.”

“Sure, Sandra. No problem.”

“Thanks, Sweetie,” Sandra said, and then hung up the intercom. With that taken care of, she returned to counting down the drawers, and the minutes until she could lock the doors.

An hour later, she locked up the store. For once, the doors were closed at ten, instead of a half an hour later because someone had wandered in at the last minute. The other three employees were out the door within a minute or so. Sandra took off her smock with a sigh of relief, and returned to the office. She could hear the sound of Daniel pulling a cart from the back room as she closed the door.

Thankfully, all of the drawers came out right. Sandra leaned back and put her hands behind her head, relieved that she only had to print out a few things, check the coolers, and the back doors before she could leave.

The door swung open, and Daniel leaned in. Sandra saw his eyes widen, and immediately sat up. Sitting with her hands behind her head had thrust out her full breasts into a display that had drawn Daniel’s eyes like a magnet.

“Uhm... Do you want me to check the milk?” He asked with just a hint of nervousness in his voice.

“Yes, please,” Sandra answered, her cheeks growing a little warm. His gaze had embarrassed her a little, but she also couldn’t help but feel a touch flattered that a guy ten years younger than her would look at her that way. She was pushing thirty and single, so she was willing to accept the ego boost.

Daniel nodded, his eyes darting back to her breasts for just a fraction of a second, and then he stepped back out of the doorway.

Sandra covered her mouth with her hand and let out a silent chuckle. After a shake of her head, she started working on the print-outs. As soon as they completed, she stood up, stretched, and left the office to make the rounds of the coolers, checking the temperature gauges.

All of the coolers were running fine, and she saw that the milk was full when she reached that cooler. She’d heard the baler running at about the time she started her rounds, so she assumed that Daniel was finishing up. She didn’t see him when she walked into the back room, and wondered if she’d just missed him going out the opposite set of doors.

All of the back doors were locked up tight, but Sandra ran into a surprise when she grabbed the knob of the door at the back of the bakery department. “Oh,” she groaned, and turned her palm to see the frosting on her hand.

With an explosive sigh of frustration, she walked to the backroom bathroom to wash it off. As soon as she reached the door to the women’s restroom, she groaned. The out-of-order sign meant that the sink had probably sprung a leak again before she’d arrived for the day.

Sandra shook her head in frustration and walked to the men’s restroom instead. She pushed open the door, and froze with a wide-eyed stare.

Daniel ceased the rapid pumping of his hand over his cock, to try to cover himself, and hide a picture of her at the same time.

Sandra couldn’t take her eyes off of him. It had been weeks since she’d had sex, and Daniel had the most gorgeous cock she’d ever laid eyes on. He wasn’t huge, but he certainly wasn’t small, either. He was undoubtedly bigger than the last two men she’d been with. She’d always thought of him as the little boy that she’d babysat, but he was anything but a little boy in her eyes now.

Sandra’s feet were moving before she even realized what she was doing, but she didn’t fight it. Daniel managed to pull up his underwear, but he was still struggling to pull his jeans over his erection and zip them when she let the door swing closed behind her.

Arousal surged like a bonfire through Sandra. “Do you need a hand?”

“Wha...” Daniel responded, his face beet red and his voice full of shame as he froze with the fly of his jeans still open.

Sandra’s voice dropped into a sensual whisper as she reached out to squeeze his cock. “Do you need a hand?” She didn’t wait for an answer, but tugged down on his jeans and underwear instead.

Daniel made a few inarticulate sounds as she pulled his briefs completely away from his cock. She licked her lips as she saw it up close, and wrapped her hand around it to feel it throb at the same time. Daniel gasped, his eyes widening.

Sandra looked back up into his eyes and asked, “What were you thinking about?”

His eyes flickered down to her breasts, silently answering the question, even if his lips couldn’t.

“Would you like to see them?”

The embarrassment drained out of Daniel’s face when he responded, “Yeah.”

Sandra released him just long enough to pull her blouse over her head, and remove her bra. “Do you like them?”

“Fuckin’ awesome,” Daniel answered as he reached out to squeeze one.

“Mmm – I like your cock too,” Sandra said as she wrapped her hand around it once more.

Daniel groaned as Sandra rasped her hand up and down his shaft. What little bit of steel had left him returned quickly, leaving him once more rock hard in her grip. She thought about getting down on her knees to suck him, but decided against it when she thought about kneeling on the men’s room floor. A little kink that she’d never tried was calling out to her, anyway.

“Oh fuck, Sandra,” Daniel breathed as she stroked him fast in her hand. He kept squeezing and stroking her breasts, fascinated by the large, firm globes.

Sandra had never actually seen a man come. She’d always taken guys in her mouth, or her pussy. The thought of watching him shoot turned her on, and she was determined to make it happen.

She didn’t have to wait long. Daniel was already on the edge when she’d walked in on him. In only a few seconds, he was breathing heavily, growling, and groaning from her fast stroking hand.

Sandra had never really paid close attention to a man’s cock while giving him a handjob, because it usually didn’t last long. The feeling of his skin sliding over the hard core was fascinatingly unique. The tip swelled, turning purple and oozing a clear drop of pre-cum. She could feel him throbbing in her hand, and the contractions of his muscles trying to pull the hard organ away from his body. She could hear the moist sound of the slit in the tip opening and closing with every stroke of her hand.

Long before she was ready for it to end, his growls tightened, as did his muscles, and he came with an explosive cry.

Sandra moaned as his cream spurted up, to drip down her hand and his cock. Three hard squirts arched into the air as he trembled and jerked.

“Oh, that’s a lot of cum,” Sandra said as she stopped stroking to squeeze him, milking out a final ooze of cream over his tip.

“Holy – fuck,” Daniel breathed between gasps for breath.

Sandra moaned again, and brought her cum-covered hand to her lips. She licked it clean while Daniel leaned against the wall, his twitching cock still dribbling onto the floor and his jeans. She couldn’t resist the sight.

“F-fuck,” Daniel exclaimed as she bent over, placing her hands on the wall on either side of him, and licked him clean with several fast strokes of her tongue. She ended with a little suck on the tip as he tried to push her away, and then stood back up.

Since it was all he could do to remain standing, even propped up against the wall, Sandra unrolled some of the bathroom tissue onto her hand. She daubed the drops of cum from his pants first, and then squatted down to wipe up what had made it to the floor. Another pull from the roll wiped off the worst of the frosting, which she’d completely forgotten about. By this time, Daniel had caught his breath.

“Do you do that a lot – think about me and stroke your cock?”

“All the time.”

“Mmm – I think I’m probably going to finger myself a lot thinking about you, from now on.” Sandra pressed her fingers tight into the crotch of her jeans and shivered.

Now that the heat of catching him masturbating and helping him finish had worn off, Sandra couldn’t stop thinking about where she was, and it wasn’t exactly turning her on. She picked up her blouse and bra from the sink, and crooked her finger to Daniel before opening the bathroom door.

Sandra strutted, letting her denim-clad ass sway for his eyes. He followed, as if in a trance, holding up his jeans as he walked. Sandra knew exactly where she was going, and a crooked grin spread across her face as she walked through the back room to the produce area.

The produce manager constantly hit on her, and had obviously slept through the sexual harassment video. She just ignored him, but now she had the perfect plan for revenge. Once she reached his desk, she tossed her bra and blouse on one corner, and turned around. She cupped one of her breasts, and twitched her eyebrows upward.

Daniel caught the hint, and leaned in to suck on her right nipple.

Sandra caressed the back of his head, her passion surging. “Mmm, Dan. That feels good. Don’t make the other one jealous.”

He let her nipple go with a wet pop, and engulfed the other in his lips. Though she normally preferred something more gentle, his aggressive, hungry sucking was making her incredibly hot. She reached down to unbutton her jeans, and slipped a hand into her panties.

“That’s so good, Dan. You’re making me so wet,” she told him as she rubbed her pussy. The denim was making it too difficult, so she pulled away from him to push her jeans down. His eyes dropped to her panties as she stripped off her shoes and jeans as quickly as possible.

Once she deposited her jeans atop her other clothing, Sandra tugged on the tail of Daniel’s t-shirt. He pulled it over his head, revealing his defined, if not overly muscular chest and abs. She offered a moan of approval, and hooked her thumbs beneath her panties.

“Ah man,” Dan muttered as Sandra let her panties drop to her ankles, revealing her pussy, trimmed in dark curls.

Sandra pinched the cotton between her toes and lifted her panties so that she could place them atop the pile of clothing. Dan reached between her legs, and she moaned from the touch as she stepped back. A quick kick sent the office chair rolling out of the way, and Sandra hopped up onto the desk. She scooted back, spreading her legs wide at the same time.

Dan wore a wide, still slightly surprised smile as he watched her rub her pussy. Sandra asked, “Do you like watching me play with it?”

“It’s hot.”

Sandra let out a chuckling little moan and brought her fingers to her lips to suck them clean. She then raised a finger to indicate that he should wait, and slid off of the desk again. His eyes followed her as she walked naked to the cooler door.

The rush of chilly air from the cooler stiffened her nipples even more, causing Sandra to shiver. She located what she was looking for, and pulled the lid off of a box of cucumbers. The kinkiness of what she was doing with Dan already made her want to push the boundaries even more. She selected one about the same thickness as Daniel’s cock, and brought it back out of the cooler.

Dan’s eyes widened when he saw the vegetable in her hand. She wiggled it with a little smile, and then took it to the sink to wash it, stroking it much as she had his cock only a few minutes earlier.

Sandra turned off the water and returned to the desk, sliding atop it with her legs spread once more. She brought the cucumber to her pussy lips, which caused her to yelp and twitch. “Ooo, that’s cold,” she said, and then giggled before pressing the vegetable between her legs again.

A long groan escaped Sandra as she pushed the cucumber into her pussy. She pumped it in and out, looking up into Daniel’s eyes, though his gaze was on the pussy-slick vegetable. When he reached between his legs to adjust his cock, Sandra gasped and added two fingers circling her clit.

Sandra moaned and gasped as she fucked her pussy for him. She knew that her juices were dripping out onto the desk, which was her little revenge on the crass produce manager.

“Are you going to come?”

“Oh, I’m getting close,” Sandra responded. “Do you want to see me come?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Mmm hmm,” Sandra moaned as she pumped the cucumber faster. Her sounds of pleasure grew louder as she felt the itch of an orgasm building inside her. The vegetable made squishing sounds as she rammed it into her soaked pussy. She was positive that she’d never been this wet in all her life.

“Oh god, so close,” Sandra panted as she neared her peak. Daniel was now squeezing his cock as he watched, and she could tell that he was growing hard again.

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Gonna...” She never finished, because she exploded into orgasm at that moment. Sandra rammed the cucumber deep inside her, holding it with both hands as the waves of ecstasy flowed through her.

Sandra trembled and twitched, her walls clamping down tight on the vegetable inside her. Her breathing was little more than sharp gasps, followed by squeals and whimpers.

“Oh – fucking wow,” Daniel muttered as she came, his eyes drinking in her quivering body.

Finally, the initial shock passed, and Sandra pulled the cucumber free of her clinging sheath. That set off another quake within her, but she took control of her body this time. Her hand was still trembling when she brought the cucumber to her mouth to suck it clean, though.

“I wanna eat your pussy,” Dan blurted out.

Sandra sucked in a sharp gasp, and then let out an excited moan as she crooked her fingers to him. Dan smiled, and grabbed the chair to pull it back in front of the desk.

It took Sandra a few seconds to wriggle into position with her hands behind her for support, but as soon as she did, Daniel dived into her pussy with the same eager energy that he’d shown when sucking her nipples.

“Oh – god yes. Don’t stop,” Sandra breathed as his tongue danced over her, pressing hard into her folds. She hadn’t completely settled from her first orgasm yet, and the almost painful shocks of ecstasy only made her all the hotter.

Daniel moaned into her pussy as he licked her, showing that he was no stranger to the task by the way his tongue roamed all over her. Sandra stroked the back of his head and shoulders with one hand, using the other to keep herself upright. Her hips undulated up toward him as she emitted small sounds of pleasure. Every so often, he would look up into her eyes, and he seemed all the more enthusiastic when he returned his attention to her pussy.

Sandra squealed when Dan pushed his tongue beneath her hood, tantalizing her swollen clit. “Oh! Right there. So good.” Her grip on the back of his head tightened when an especially strong surge of delight spread from her tingling pussy, up through her body. “Make me come, Danny. Oh, make me come.”

Two of Daniel’s fingers penetrated deep, with almost no warning. Sandra sucked in a great gasp as the digits curled to stroke her g-spot. Her next several breaths were rapid pants as the bubble of orgasmic energy inside her swelled from the touch, to quiver on the edge of bursting.

Daniel never left her clit from that point forward. His lips and tongue ran the gambit – licking, sucking, flicking, and rolling her clit. Teetering on the brink of release, Sandra’s hips began to lurch and twitch. Daniel quickly snapped and arm through the V of her bent right leg, his fingers digging into her thigh as he held her in place.

Sandra’s scream of ecstasy echoed throughout the backroom as she came hard on his tongue. A hot, intense itch tingled between her legs, while she broke out into goose bumps from the jolts of chilly energy arcing through her body. Her womb contracted and fluttered, even as her walls clenched tight around his fingers. She gasped and whimpered, held tight in the grip of her orgasm – Daniel held tight in the grip of her clenched thighs and her fingers fisted in his hair.

Sandra couldn’t even hazard a guess about how long she remained in the thrall of blissful release. Her arms and legs went completely limp when her orgasm finally let her go. The arm behind her barely kept her upright, and only just long enough for her to collapse onto the desk without banging her head on the wall.

Daniel sat in the chair, watching her come with a look that combined arousal, fascination, and satisfaction. His face glistened with her juices, and a drop even dangled precariously from his chin. Sandra could feel a trickle of her juices meandering down her ass cheek, and then the tickle as it fell free to spatter on the papers below.

“Oh – w...” Sandra began, but a scream burst from her lips, heralding another wave of orgasm crashing down on her.

“Man, that was fuckin’ awesome,” Daniel said, his eyes still roving from her quivering pussy to her flushed face, drinking in the sight of her coming, and knowing that he’d given her that orgasm.

“Uh – huh,” Sandra agreed, between pants for breath. She swallowed, and then quivered from another jolt of pleasure before begging, “H-help... H-h-help me – up.”

Daniel stood, giving her a fine view of his rock hard cock pressing against his briefs, pushing the waistband away from his body. He took her hands and pulled, enabling Sandra to sit up, and then scoot back on the desk, scrunching papers between her butt and the wall. She grinned when she could see the wet spots on the calendar and the desk.

After a few moments to catch her breath, Sandra twitched her eyebrows and reached out one foot to pull on his jeans. “Mmm – you’re hard again. Take them off.”

Dan dropped his jeans, and then struggled out of his shoes to remove them. Sandra only had eyes for his cock – rock hard and twitching in anticipation.

Sandra licked her lips and asked, “Do you want to fuck me?”

“Hell yeah.”

Sandra moaned and scooted until her legs dangled over the edge of the desk again. She stood, and pulled Daniel into a hungry kiss while she squeezed his cock. As soon as she pulled away from the kiss, she darted around him and said, “C’mon.”

“What?” He then realized that she was heading for the double doors leading out to the store floor. “Are you crazy?”

“I’m hot and bothered,” Sandra said without looking back. She pushed the doors open and stood in them. “Do you want me, or not?” With that, she stepped through and let the doors swing closed.

Naturally, Daniel was right behind her. He looked incredibly nervous, and kept his hands in front of his cock as he hurried to catch up with her. Sandra felt delightfully naughty, walking through the brilliantly lit back aisle. There was a slight chance that someone outside might see her in the second that she crossed each of the aisles, but it was unlikely at this time of night. The danger from the huge windows on the other side of the building, no matter how unlikely, turned her on even more.

The aisle she turned into was chosen for much the same reason. There was a window directly across from it, but soda machines blocked most of it. Someone looking between the machines might be able to see, but not a person just driving through the parking lot.

“Sandra, you can’t be serious,” Dan said with nervous laughter in his voice as he followed her.

Sandra turned to face him and responded, “I’m dead serious. I want you – right here, right now. Fuck me, Danny.”

He stepped closer, and she pushed his hands away so she could wrap her hand around his cock again. Using that convenient handle, she pulled him close and kissed him hard.

“God, I want you,” Sandra said in a husky whisper when she pulled away from the kiss. With those words, she spun around and pushed back the product on the shelf, giving her a place to rest her hands.

Sandra bent down, presenting her heart-shaped ass to him, and then reached between her legs to part her nether lips. She looked back over her shoulder to see Daniel moving in behind her, his inhibitions obviously evaporating from the sight of her giving her body to him in the bright store lights.

Daniel squeezed her ass, and let out a groan.

Sandra thrust her bottom back at him, and demanded, “Don’t make me wait.”

His left hand slid upward to her hip, and Sandra moaned as she saw him take his big cock in hand. She flexed her buttocks and licked her lips, further encouraging him with the sexy display. She sucked in a great gasp of air as the purple helmet of his cock pressed against her folds.

“Fuck,” Daniel groaned as he slipped into her pussy.

“Yes – please,” Sandra responded as he filled her full, pushing through the resistance of her tightness to settle in her depths. “Hard and fast,” she added.

Daniel left his cock buried, and moved his hands from her hips to her breasts. He squeezed them, feeling the weight of them, and then tweaked her stiff nipples.

Sandra growled, and then exclaimed, “Oh yeah,” as he pulled back, his hands sliding to her hips once more.

Daniel’s hips slammed forward, driving his big cock deep inside her. Sandra yelped from the surprising power, and grabbed the shelf rail tighter with her left hand. As he withdrew and thrust again, her right hand found her throbbing clit. She slapped her fingers over her hood a pair of times, in sync with his thrusts, and then pressed hard to rub it in a fast circle.

“Fuck – you’re wet,” Daniel spat out as he pounded his cock home.

“Make me wetter. Make me come. Fuck me hard, Danny.”

“Oh yeah,” he growled, and gave her more of his muscle.

“Oh, that’s it. Right there,” Sandra cried out, his fast-pumping cock igniting a bonfire of tightly coiled energy behind her mound.

Sandra’s breasts swung hard and erratically from the power of his thrusts, her knuckles turning white on the shelf rail from the effort of holding on to it. Bottles of dishwashing detergent tumbled to the floor as the shelves rattled. Dan’s thighs collided with loud smacks against her ass, echoing through the empty store.

A steady stream of loud, barely articulate cries tumbled from Sandra’s lips as Daniel pounded her. “Oh! Oh! Yeah! Ah! Oh! Fuck!”

Daniel grunted with effort, giving her every ounce of speed and strength he could muster. More bottles and rolls of paper towels dropped to the floor by the second, littering the aisle with bouncing, rolling product.

The itch of Sandra’s approaching orgasm glowed white-hot under Daniel’s assault, and her fast-moving fingers. Her screams grew even louder, her body afire from the feeling of him taking her with his big cock, stretching her with its girth and nearly knocking at the entrance of her womb.

“Gonna come,” Daniel growled, his voice tight with the effort of holding back an explosion.

“Don’t stop. Come inside me. Come in my pussy,” Sandra cried out, her voice warbling as she teetered on the brink of orgasm.

“Yeah!” The word blasted from Daniel’s lips, and somehow he summoned up even more strength, his cock driving into her with jackhammer force. He let out a loud, angry-sounding grunt with every thrust.

Sandra’s eyes and mouth both popped wide open when her orgasm claimed her. It hit her without mercy, her pussy alive with crackling jolts of ecstasy that shot up her spine to spread to every inch of her body. She screamed, the sound high and loud – almost ear-splitting – though it sounded as if echoing inside a drum to her, over the thundering of her rapid heartbeat in her ears.

Sandra’s head bumped off of the shelf in front of her when Daniel let out a blast of air and buried his cock in her depths. She trembled and twitched from the waves of nearly painful orgasm shooting through her, but she could still feel his cock pulsing in her tightly clenched pussy as Daniel filled it full of cum.

“Fuck. Fuck!” Daniel cried out as his hips twitched involuntarily. “Still coming!”

“Give it to me!” Sandra squealed, still deep in the throes of her own orgasm.

Daniel panted as his climax slowly played out. Sandra could barely manage to draw air into her lungs. Her throat would close every time she tried to gasp, and she had to swallow before she could manage to exhale. Between her incredible orgasm and the lack of air, she started to feel lightheaded.

“S-shit!” Daniel exclaimed when he couldn’t take the rhythmic squeeze of her pussy on his over-sensitive cock any longer. He jerked free of her with a growl, and stumbled backwards to lean against the opposite shelf, causing more product to drop to the floor.

Sandra at last was able to suck in a long, noisy breath when the swirl of cool air touched her hot, quivering folds. Daniel’s cum dribbled from her gaped pussy, running down her thighs and dripping to the floor to form a puddle between her legs. She could still barely stand, the arm she’d used to frig her clit now resting on the shelf to help support her – and she was still coming.

Even though she was untouched, Sandra’s orgasm held her for several more torturous seconds, and then finally released her. Only her arms resting on the shelf, her head leaning against another, and her knees coming to rest on yet another kept her from collapsing when her legs gave way. It wasn’t enough, and she had to let her knees sink to the floor. Once she knelt on the tile, she laid her face on the shelf, the cold metal feeling good against her hot, flushed skin.

After a couple of false starts, and a minute or two to catch her breath, Sandra managed to sit down, the chill tile a shock on her bare ass. She looked across the aisle to see Daniel sitting back against the shelf, his pussy-slick, softening cock lying across his thigh. He was staring at the ceiling through closed eyelids, the back of his head resting against the shelf as his pants for breath slowed.

Sandra twitched when she slipped two fingers between her legs to gather up his cream, which was still oozing from her. She sucked her fingers clean, and then went back for more. She noticed Daniel watching her, and said, “We taste good together. My, you came a lot – again.”

“Fuck, I don’t know where it came from,” Daniel responded, his voice weak and lethargic.

“I know where it all went,” Sandra said with a chuckle. She then dipped her fingers into the bittersweet treat once more. “And I know where it’s going, too.”

“You are... Fuck...” Daniel shook his head and smiled. “Just too sexy.”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Sandra said, and then stretched out a foot to tickle his toes with hers. A devilish grin spread across her face, and she said, “I close tomorrow. Do you think you might be able to stay late again?”

“Oh, fuck yeah,” he answered, and then laughed.

Sandra already had a vision in her head of him standing in the front of the store, right in front of the window, with her on her knees below the panes, sucking him dry.

Daniel looked up and down the aisle at the product lying everywhere. “Damn, what a mess.”

“And we’re the only ones here,” Sandra said, punctuating it with a sigh.

“I can’t get up,” Daniel groaned in protest.

Sandra turned around and gave her ass a smack. “Not even if I hinted that I might let you fuck my ass over a break room table tomorrow night?”


Sandra let out a growling moan. “God, I’m going to wake up in a puddle of pussy juice dreaming about it tonight.” She gave him a little kick and said, “Come on – you stud, you. Clean up on aisle eight.”

With a smile of anticipation, Daniel grabbed the shelf and stood. “Yes, boss.”

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