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Cougar Clickbait

Cougar Clickbait

A college student finds his stepmother’s online profile and takes advantage

For the umpteenth time, Jessica Flynn wished for a time machine, to go back and undo that initial mistake, born of boredom and too much chardonnay. She would still be bored, but free, not dancing to her stepson Craigin’s tune. That more innocent and lonely time seemed like heaven now.

Now she was in too deep. She looked back at the car where he was waiting. So like his father’s, Craigin’s handsome face mocked her as he waved, gesturing at her to go on. She sighed and pushed the open the door to the liquor store. Her reluctance to enter had nothing to do with buying alcohol for her twenty-year-old tormentor; she was long over that. Her face burned with embarrassment, even as she realized her pussy was throbbing with the excitement of the transgression. Her heart pounded with the same intensity that either fear or arousal can provoke.


“Craigin, please, the clerk knows me, knows us,” she’d begged, not liking the querulous tone in her voice.

“That’s the whole point... Jessica.” Earlier on, he had mocked her with “mom,” but there at least she had put her foot down. Something about the way he paused minutely before saying her name was worse, a reminder of the word he was really thinking.

“Please, Craigin? I’ll do what you want, but can we go to a different store?”

“What would be the fun in that?” he smiled, his blue eyes twinkling just like her husband Mac’s did when he proposed an adventure to Morocco or New Zealand.

Craigin made her blow him in the car in the store’s parking lot, rather than five minutes away at home. Something about how the cum would turn clear if it wasn’t fresh.

To her shame, but hardly to her surprise, when he pushed her panties aside, he found her sopping wet. She leaned across the gear shift, bobbing her head in his lap, doing her best to make him come quickly and lessen the chance of being caught. His cock felt familiar in her mouth, a younger, more erect version of his father’s.


The fluorescent lights of the store hurt her eyes after the darkness of the parking lot. Jessica blinked, adjusting, and was relieved to see no other customers. The only other person there was Stuart at the register. “Hi, Mrs. Flynn!” he called out, too far to see the shame on her face.

“Hi,” she responded, so quietly she wasn’t sure he’d heard her. Quickly, she gathered up the items on Craigin’s shopping list and started toward the counter. Tequila, bourbon, rum, mixers, and red solo cups. The final item would be the hardest.

“All set, Mrs. Flynn?”

“Almost, Stuart. I just need to order a keg for tomorrow night,” she answered, heaving the clinking shopping basket onto the counter. As she did, she heard his intake of breath. She tried to raise her eyes to meet his but found he couldn’t. The silence drew out. By now, he had seen the cum and figured out what it was.

Finally, he spoke, “Uh, Ms. Flynn, you need to fill out the slip and sign the deposit for the keg and the tap.” He pushed the paper and pen across the counter, into her field of vision. Quickly, she signed and pushed the paper back. In his early thirties, Stuart was not much younger than she was. He had always been friendly, even flirtatious, with her, but today he didn’t know what to say.

She longed to wipe the globs of cum off her face, but Craigin’s instructions had been firm. Don’t touch your face. I’ll be watching. A drop beaded at her chin and dripped onto her cleavage. Stuart could not have failed to see it.

“Do you want me to deliver it tomorrow?”

“No...” --Craigin’s orders here had been clear as well. Make sure he comes out to the car.-- “...if you can just wheel it out to the lot, Craigin can take care of it.”

A minute later, Craigin helped Stuart wrestle the keg into the back of her Range Rover. Craigin acted as if there were nothing unusual about the situation; Stuart was awkward, not knowing what to say. But now there was no doubt whose semen marked her face.

As they drove off, Jessica finally wiped off her stepson’s cum from her face, saying only, “You motherfucker.” As soon as the words left her mouth she regretted them. Having lost his mother at twelve, Craigin had a tendency to take any reference to her, even theoretical ones, all too seriously.

His only fight in high school, Mac had once told her, unable to keep the pride from his voice, had come when another student had called him a son of a bitch. Craigin had come home with bruised knuckles and a suspension. The other boy had gained the nickname “Raccoon” for his matched set of black eyes.

In fact, it had taken a quiet donation from Mac to the school to keep him from being expelled. So, Jessica was relieved that after a brief tightening of his expression, Craigin only smiled. “Tell me… Jessica,” --again that awful, mocking pause before her name-- “When my cum hit your face while I was rubbing your clit, what happened?”

Jessica said nothing. Her face flamed red.

“What happened?” he insisted.

“I came,” Jessica whispered.

“What was that?” he mocked. “I can’t hear you.”

“I came!” she shouted, hating herself for the truth he was making her admit.

“What about now? Are you still wet?”

To her shame, Jessica spread her legs without complaint when his right hand left the wheel and nudged her thighs apart, his fingers probing for her pussy under her sodden panties. His touch was light and expert. On the drive home, his laughter and her moans filled the car.


Had it been only one week? One week since the morning when, with Mac away on a long Asian business trip, Craigin had greeted her in the kitchen, a smirk on his handsome face.

“Wh- what did you say?” she stammered, feeling as if the floor were collapsing underneath her.

“I said, ‘Good morning, CougarClickbait.’ Sleep well?”

“I don’t... How did you...” She sank into a wooden kitchen chair, her legs too unsteady to hold her. Her mind was still quick enough to realize that if he knew her secret username, there was no denying it.

Craigin looked proud of himself. Like a Bond villain, he wanted to brag. He sat across from her and started talking. “You were careful, I’ll give you that. You hid your location, never sent a picture of your face, and were always vague enough that nothing you said could trace back to you.”

Nothing I said? she wondered, still unable to speak; she hadn’t chatted with many men. She had set up the account for a “cyber-only” relationship, never intending to meet anyone in person. Her infidelities had been verbal, replacing physical desire with emotional attention.

“But you couldn’t resist sending that bikini shot. Sure, you cut it off at the neck, but the fence, the tile, hell, even the glass of iced tea on the table were dead giveaways.” He smiled at her. “Still, a lot of it was just bad luck, or good luck, depending on your point of view.”

Finally, she regained shaky command of her voice. Already knowing the answer, she asked anyway. “Then you’re...” She had only sent the bikini picture to one chat buddy, the one she had clicked with the best. He could only be...

“CollegeCougarHunter.” He grinned as he confirmed what she already knew. This was worse than she could have imagined. She had told him everything. Hidden fantasies. Dark, outlandish desires that he had teased out of her. And even worse, he had made her admit that she secretly lusted after…

She closed her eyes. “Are you going to tell your father?”

“What would be the fun in that?”


The rest of the week had been a blur. Little by little, her sense of normal got stripped away. The first morning, he’d insisted they lie out by the pool together. He watched her from his chair, his partial erection visible through his swim trunks. His blatant attention somehow made it permissible to look at him directly, instead of her customary and guilty habit of sneaking only brief glances before looking away. His body was lean and tightly muscled, from years of high-level soccer. Warmth suffused her body, not just from the summer sun. Still, anxiety knotted her stomach. What would be next?

Her answer came when she turned onto her stomach to tan her back. She sensed his presence behind her, then felt him untie the string of her bikini. She tensed but soon relaxed as his strong hands massaged suntan lotion into her shoulders. His palms worked the sunscreen into her skin, making their way down to the sensitive small of her back. An involuntary moan of pleasure escaped from her lips.

From there he skipped to her calves, kneading his way up the lithe muscles of her long legs. She resisted for a moment as he pushed her thighs apart but let him spread them to work more lotion into her skin. His fingers worked steadily and inexorably up her legs; she wondered in panic if he would be bold enough to touch her pussy, which she was mortified to realize was responding to his touch.

Instead, his hands went to her buttocks, partially exposed by her “cheeky coverage” bikini bottoms. He kneaded the pert flesh of her ass as if it belonged to him, working his fingers under the fabric and rubbing lotion over her entire ass. When he was done, he trailed one finger directly between her legs but thankfully over the bikini material, lightly stroking her pussy from clit to perineum.

“Craigin!” Even as his touch sent flashes of guilty sensation through her body, she whirled around and sat up, facing him. He smiled at the sight of her bare breasts, the nipples hard and erect from her excitement.

He smiled, and when she brought her forearms to her chest to cover herself, he caught her wrists and pulled her arms away. His eyes were blue and warm, belying the nature of his actions. Jessica felt her face burn in embarrassment, both at her exposure and at her obvious excitement.

He pushed her back down. Releasing her wrists, he squirted more lotion onto his hands. Without breaking eye contact, he massaged her front, caressing her breasts. Soon, he was pinching and tugging her nipples, making no pretense of applying lotion. When she closed her eyes in shameful pleasure, he pinched one sharply. “Look at me,” he commanded.

When she opened her eyes, Craigin lowered his lips to her nipple and sucked gently, sending warm pleasure lancing through her body. He repeated the process with the other breast. “Feel good?” he asked.

Receiving no answer, he bit down, making her gasp. “Feel good?”

“Yes,” she replied, hating herself for the truth. Truth which he already knew from their chats. In her mind these had been anonymous, as if she had been confessing to the ether and not a real person.

He smiled, went back to his chair, and didn’t touch her again that day, leaving her in a riot of uncertainty and anxiety. She masturbated furiously that night, trying to conjure up pictures and memories of Mac instead of Craigin’s. Try as she might, her husband’s image invariably transformed into his son’s more youthful visage and body. “Feel good?” he taunted her. “Feel good?”


The next day he had made her masturbate for him, outside by the pool. Once more, he removed her bikini top and applied lotion to every inch of her body. This time, his fingers slid under the front of her bikini bottom and caressed the slick bare lips of her sex but to her relief --and frustration-- went no further.

He sat back in the chair opposite hers, his erection clearly tenting his trunks. “Pull your bottoms off and show me your cunt.”

His blunt language felt like a slap in the face, but she did what he said. Her face felt hot as she made herself look at him. His blue eyes twinkled as he inspected her. “Spread yourself.”

She did, knowing he could see her wetness. He was drawing from an online chat confession, that she had never masturbated for a lover, but found the idea extraordinarily arousing.

“Slide a finger in.”

Doing what he said as he watched --and outdoors-- was both mortifying and liberating. She could feel the breeze on her warm skin, and she became aware of the sounds of birds chirping and cars going by just beyond their privacy fence. Her pussy was slick and needy; Jessica could feel how swollen and puffy her bare outer lips were.

“Make yourself come,” he instructed. With that, he pulled his shorts down and extracted his erection. It hypnotized her, like a snake with a bird. He was larger than his father, and more urgently erect than Mac could get even with Pfizer’s best enhancements. His hand stroked his cock lazily, working slowly, making it slick with the leftover lotion from his hands.

Permission granted, she worked herself furiously, watching her stepson masturbate. She plunged fingers into her hungry cunt and used her other hand to rub her clit. Sooner than she would have thought possible, her orgasm washed over her, making her entire body shudder. “Oh God!” she cried out, as the last spasms quivered through her. It’s strange, she thought, being “forced” to do it somehow makes it easier. And hotter.

Craigin was still masturbating slowly, with no apparent urgency. Jessica wondered, with a mix of alarm and desire, if he would want to fuck her, or make her suck his cock. She was realizing that she had very little ability to say no. “Suck your pussy juice off your fingers,” he told her, grinning.

This time, she did close her eyes but was still aware of his eyes on her as she brought her slick fingers to her mouth. Unbidden, she imagined she was licking her juices from Craigin’s cock. With careful thoroughness, she licked herself clean, enjoying the sharp, musky tang of her pussy.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Craigin jerking himself off much faster, with far more urgency. His hand was a blur on his engorged member. With every stroke she could see the angry, purple head of his cock. “Come here,” he grunted.

The moment of truth, she thought. What would he make her do? To her surprise, he made her kneel down next to him and watch his own performance. She had expected that he would push her face onto his erection, forcing her to suck him. But the truth was that she longed to take her stepson’s cock in her mouth. They both knew it, for she had admitted it numerous times online.

From inches away, she watched the pearly semen erupt from the slit of his cock and coat his muscled torso, almost reaching his face. He almost gave himself a facial! she almost giggled. She had never seen a man masturbate, and the sight was entrancing as he pumped the last jets of hot cum out of his cock. Without meaning to, she licked her lips, prompting a chuckle from him.

Abruptly, he rubbed his hand on his body and smeared it on her face, leaving globs of his hot semen on her skin. “You look good with my cum on your face,” he commented in a tone that sounded far too normal, as if he were saying, That color looks good on you. “I’ll make you wear it out sometime soon. Now lick up the rest.”

Jessica’s stomach contracted at the thought. Another secret, almost whispered, confession to her anonymous internet confidant. She hesitated only a little before touching her tongue to his taut skin. He tasted salty, his cum thick and delicious. She licked it from every ridge of his washboard abs and chiseled chest. Finally, he told her, “You’re not done yet,” and shoved her mouth down to his cock’s dripping head.

Taking even just the head of his cock into her mouth almost made her swoon. It was so wrong, so forbidden. Even after his orgasm, it filled her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head and pressed against the slit, trying to tease out the last drops, as he’d commanded. Holding her head steady, he grasped his cock hard at the base and milked his hand up the shaft, rewarding her with a final dribble of his salty, clean-tasting cum.

With his cum still coating her face, he got up suddenly and entered the house, leaving her kneeling on the pool deck. She didn’t see him again that day. That night, feeling as if she could still taste his cum and feel his cock invading her mouth, she brought herself to orgasm after empty orgasm. She plunged first her fingers, then a large dildo, in and out of her sopping cunt.


The next morning felt almost normal. They both swam, both appropriately clothed. They did not speak of anything that had happened. He played video games while she worked out. Still, Jessica felt she was walking on eggshells. Not for the first time she wished she had put her foot down earlier, even if it had meant Mac finding out.

Mac. Part of her felt guilty. Part of her didn’t. And then she felt guilty about not feeling guilty. She had known, or at least suspected, that some of her friends were right, that Mac was too absent, too old, possibly even too rich.

“Get dressed,” Craigin told her, tapping at his phone screen. “We’re going shopping.”

A few minutes later, when she opened the passenger door of the car, he looked her up and down and frowned. “No, a sundress. Spaghetti straps, no bra. Go change.”

She hesitated but turned to go back. Little shit! Still, the only resistance she offered was a sarcastic, “Any panty preferences... sir?”

Either not noticing or ignoring her snark, he simply said, “Doesn’t really matter to me. A thong would be good, I guess. Or no panties at all. Either way.”

Jessica dressed quickly. She slipped on a bright red thong that she knew framed her pert ass perfectly. She had a hard time admitting it to herself, but being told what to do had an appeal she’d never truly understood before. As had been the case for the last three days, she was nervous about his intentions, but also excited. What does he have in mind? Changing room sex? The idea made her heart pound.

She tried on, then discarded, a floral print dress. It was cute, but not sexy enough, and the straps were perhaps a bit too wide to count as “spaghetti.” She found a white frock that fit the bill, with tiny straps and a white eyelet pattern. Too late, she realized that her panties were dark enough to possibly show through the light fabric. If it comes to that, I’ll take them off. The thought made her tingle.

The look of approval on his face when she got back in the car sent warmth down into her stomach. “Where are we going?”

“Mall.” He said no more.

At the mall, he led her by the hand through a variety of stores. He seemed to be looking for something or someone. Finally, in a bookstore, he smiled after looking down an aisle. “Showtime. You have your phone?”

Confused, she nodded. He handed her a pair of white earbuds. “Here, these have a microphone. Put them on. I’ll call you, and you’ll hear me through the earbuds.”

Still unsure, she did what he said and accepted his call. His low voice came through the headphones as he walked away. “Go down the aisle with the comics. There’s a kid looking at manga. See him?”

“Yes,” she whispered, at a loss.

“Walk up to him and smile when he sees you. He’ll probably stare at your tits. I mean, he would anyway, but it is nice and air-conditioned in here.”

Jessica didn’t need reminding that her nipples were so hard that they almost hurt, that every man who had seen her from the time she walked into the mall had stared at her chest, prompting several elbows to the ribs from their girlfriends. She saw the boy Craigin described. Clean-cut and nerdy, somewhere in his mid teens.

Craigin continued. “When you’ve got his attention, pull the top of your dress down and show him your tits.”

“What? I can’t do that! I don’t even know how old he is!” she whispered fiercely into the mic.

“Relax. He’s sixteen. He’s my buddy’s brother. And do we really need to go through who’s in charge again?”

By now she was close enough that the boy had seen her. As predicted, his eyes flashed down to her chest, lingered on her nipples, then darted away guiltily.

“Hey,” she whispered. She steeled herself for what was next. Her heart pounded in anticipation. When the boy looked up, she met his shy brown eyes and slid her right strap down her shoulder, then the left. She pulled the front of her dress just below her pert breasts. The boy’s eyes widened at the unexpected and extraordinary sight before him; he licked his lips and stared.

A few seconds later, she started to pull her dress back up, but Craigin’s whispered voice came through the earphones. “Not yet. Give him a show. Pull on them and do a sexy little moan.” Where is he that he can see me?

Her face burning, she did as she was told. She took each nipple between thumb and forefinger and tugged gently, enough to lift her breasts slightly. Her low moan would have come even without instruction. In front of her, the boy’s face was a picture of slack-jawed, wide-eyed surprise. Her eyes went down to the front of his pants, where an obvious erection was tenting his khaki shorts.

In her ear: “Okay. You can put your dress back up.” Her relief was shattered by Craigin’s next instruction. “Now take his hand and bring him to the end of the aisle. The hallway with the bathrooms is right there. The family bathroom is unoccupied. Take him in and suck him off.”

“I can’t!” she whispered, mortified, realizing Craigin was serious.

“Don’t test me… Jessica.” Again, the infuriating pause.

She sighed. Her heart was pounding harder than ever. The boy was looking at her with an expression of wonder, even awe. She took his hand; it was warm and sweaty. “Come with me?” she offered, her heart in her throat, pussy throbbing. There was only a moment’s hesitation from the boy before he followed.

They slipped into the bathroom together and Jessica locked the door. The boy looked somewhere between excited and terrified. “What’s your name?” she asked.

“K-Kevin, ma’am.”

She winced at the ma’am. He was well under half her age. “Sit up on that countertop, Kevin,” she whispered, even though she felt like a pervert. She couldn’t deny her arousal; she had admitted her attraction to teenage boys to “CollegeCougarHunter” weeks before.

Doing what she could to empty her mind, she stepped between his legs and undid his shorts, releasing his cock from his boxers. It was much smaller than Craigin’s, nested in a tuft of soft, auburn pubic hair. And rock hard.

It didn’t take long. He smelled clean, of soap and suntan lotion. Perhaps thirty seconds after she lowered her mouth onto his cock, he cried out and filled her mouth with cum. She swallowed all he had to give, making sure that she got every drop. She didn’t want him to have an embarrassing stain on his clothes after.

As she tucked the stunned teenager back into his clothes, she heard Craigin’s voice in her ears. “Nicely done, Jessica.” She had forgotten that the phone call was still active.

She gave Kevin a smile as awkward as his and turned to go. Probably there was something she should say, but she didn’t know what it was.

“Ma’am?” Kevin’s voice was shaking. “Could I kiss you before you go?”

She didn’t answer, but she turned and kissed him. It occurred to her that it might be his first. His tongue was nervous but slid between her lips and found hers. Most likely he could taste his cum in her mouth, but he didn’t seem to care. A moment later he broke the kiss first and said simply, “Thank you.”

Jessica winced again, internally. He’d thanked her for the kiss, not the blowjob. Again, she felt like a predator. But when she looked again at Kevin’s eyes, she saw only happy gratitude. Impulsively, she slid her panties down her legs and handed them to him, giving him a brief flash of her bare pussy before the dress fell back into place. They were wet and fragrant. He brought them to his face and inhaled before stuffing them into his pocket. “To remember me by,” she whispered.

“D-did you lose a bet or something?” Kevin asked, still hesitant.

“Something like that,” she answered, seeing his face fall a little at her answer. When she said, “But I’m glad I did,” his face lit up again. This time, when she turned and left, he didn’t stop her.

That night, Craigin punished her for not following his directions. “Did I tell you to give him your panties?” he asked, a hard edge to his voice.

She felt his erection hard against her stomach as she lay across his lap and he spanked her viciously. Heat radiated through her body with every slap against the supple flesh of her buttocks. When she couldn’t take any more, he inserted a metal plug into her ass and continued the spanking.

One hand smacked her painfully while the other held a vibrator to her clit. The orgasm was monstrous, leaving her completely spent.

He rose to his feet, dumping her roughly to the floor, and went upstairs. This time, when she went to bed, she was so drained and exhausted that she fell asleep instantly, with no fantasies or even other thoughts distracting her from almost immediate and dreamless sleep.


The next day was confoundingly normal. Until evening, when he made her buy the booze with his cum decorating her face. Even later that night, when his fingers teased a second orgasm out of her on the ride home, he did no more with her.

Is he ever going to fuck me? she wondered. By now, she was starting to wonder, and even worry. But she couldn’t ask, as much as she needed to know. Despite the frequent orgasms, she lived in an agony of frustration, produced as much by uncertainty as actual denial of sexual pleasure.

Things changed the following day.

“A couple of friends from school are coming over for dinner. They’re a couple, but they have an open thing. We’ll do a cookout by the pool,” he announced.

Marcus turned out to be uncommonly handsome, and strikingly large. Tall and muscular, he was a cornerback on the FPU football team. He wore his hair short, and his black skin was luminous; if he hadn’t been a college student, he might have been a model, with his perfect cheekbones and large, expressive eyes.

Violet, on the other hand, was tiny - barely five feet tall. She looked part Asian, with elegant bone structure and long, lustrous black hair. “A pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Flynn,” she said with perfect manners, even though something about the way she looked at Jessica made her wonder how much she already knew about what was going on.

Jessica flushed and thanked the younger woman for coming.

Dinner was surprisingly convivial. All three college students were intelligent and good at conversation. In addition to playing football, Marcus was double majoring in physics and comparative literature, the latter of which had been Jessica’s major in college. Violet was an electrical engineer. They both teased Craigin for majoring in the “leisure arts.” For a time, Jessica forgot that her life had gone topsy-turvy.

It was four tequila shots later that she remembered. Marcus and Violet progressed to body shots, with the large athlete doing his fourth shot from Violet’s nipple. Craigin followed suit from Jessica’s breast, pulling her bra down and aside roughly. “They know,” he growled as he licked her nipple and sprinkled salt on it, before licking it off, shooting the tequila, and taking the lime wedge from her lips. When their lips made contact it was the first time they ever had come close to kissing, and Jessica felt a sort of shock at the touch, even as she saw the two guests watch them with a mixture of curiosity and arousal.

Violet took her next shot directly from Marcus’s cock. It was large, in proportion with his thickly muscled body, the head the same size and color as a plum. Amazingly, the petite engineer was able to take him in her mouth easily, even if only briefly. Jessica watched, rapt, not realizing her hand had gone under her skirt and into her panties. She was very drunk, unused to having more than two glasses of wine.

“Your turn,” Craigin whispered into her ear. Obligingly, she got on her knees and tugged at his pants, all modesty forgotten.

“Not me. Him,” he said, gesturing at Marcus, who stepped next to Craigin. His huge black cock bobbed almost menacingly inches from Jessica’s face. As she knew that Craigin knew, she had fantasized about being with a black man. Opportunity had never presented itself.

When she licked tentatively at Marcus’s head, he groaned. Violet looked friendly, but she abruptly shoved Jessica’s head down onto her boyfriend’s cock. Jessica gagged, struggling to adjust to the largest cock she had ever seen, let alone sucked. Violet was merciless, shoving Jessica farther and farther down Marcus’s mammoth erection. Tears formed in her eyes as his cock invaded her throat, cutting off her air.

Violet established a relentless rhythm, fucking her man’s cock into Jessica’s mouth for short, quick, rough strokes, making the older woman make “gack gack gack” sounds as she struggled to accommodate Marcus’s huge erection. Then she would allow Jessica to come up for air, drooling copiously, a line of saliva connecting her lips to the ebony shaft that filled her consciousness.

Behind her, Jessica felt Craigin pull her hips up and flip her skirt over her back. Per his instructions, she was not wearing underwear. The gentle summer breeze felt strange as it caressed her exposed pussy and asshole. A moment later, she finally felt his cock at her pussy, nudging her lips apart and impaling her in one swift stroke. She cried out, but her scream was muffled on the cock in her mouth.

For a while the two men spit roasted her, but just as they were getting a good rhythm, Violet pulled Marcus away. “I need some cock too, you selfish bitch.” Her tone, however, was not harsh.

A moment later Violet was on her hands and knees on a chair directly in front of Jessica. She pulled her buttocks apart, and Jessica was stunned to see Marcus press his saliva-slick cock directly into the tiny woman’s asshole. Her anus stretched impossibly wide, accommodating his monstrous girth. Clearly this was a favorite and frequent practice.

By now, Craigin was fucking her hard, slamming into her. His hips slapped against her thighs and ass, making good counterpoint with the rhythmic moans ripped from Violet every time Marcus plunged into his petite lover’s bowels.

Jessica lost touch with reality. All there was was the fire in her cunt from her stepson’s cock fucking her hard and deep. She became only dimly aware of the other couple in front of her. There was only her need, her aching cunt, and Craigin’s pistoning cock.

A small orgasm washed over her, and Craigin fucked her through it, gripping her ass tightly, spreading her buttocks apart. A stream of grunts and profanities issued from her as she took her Craigin’s cock deep into her again and again, needing more and more. “Ungh! Fuck! Shit. Holy Jesus motherfucker!”

Soon, the Violet and Marcus were done, and lay back on the chair panting as they watched. Violet’s legs were spread; she was playing idly with her clit, not trying to orgasm, but just maintain her arousal. Marcus’s cock had shrunk considerably but was larger soft than most men’s erect.

Little by little, Craigin’s thrusting drove her forward. Only when her face was inches from Violet’s pussy did she realize what he was doing. Damn him! she thought, he knows everything.

She had never seen another woman’s pussy so close. Violet was pink and delicate, with coral-hued lips in the shape of a small upside-down Y. She smelled both familiar and alien, enough like Jessica herself for her to feel that she knew the scent, but different enough to drive home the surrealness of her position. Just below Violet’s cunt, a glob of cum glistened where it had leaked from her well used asshole.

Evidently Jessica took too long, for she heard Craigin urge in a strained voice, “Eat her!” He punctuated his demand with a particularly savage thrust that all but shoved her face against Violet’s cunt.

Waves of pleasure were building up in her; she could feel another orgasm building. Feeling as if she were outside her body, even as her stepson’s cock plunged into her with staccato fury, she lowered her head and licked the college girl’s pussy. Violet brought her hands to Jessica’s brown hair and pressed the older woman’s face to her cunt. The petite Asian moaned as Jessica explored her pussy increasingly eagerly, stabbing into her before flicking up to her engorged clit.

“My ass, please lick my ass, Mrs. Flynn,” Violet murmured, her manners sounding incongruous given the nature of her request (and the violence of the face-fucking she had engineered minutes before). Jessica, in a daze, licked downward, pressing her tongue against the college girl’s rosebud. As she licked, a flood of Marcus’s cum escaped from Violet’s asshole into her mouth, musky and hot from her body.

Jessica’s orgasm finally broke, almost breaking her into pieces from the contractions that ripped through her entire body, causing taut muscles to quiver as they almost cramped. She screamed. It was a scream that was torn from deep within. After a few seconds, Marcus leaned forward and clapped his large hand over her mouth. “Someone’s going to call the cops otherwise.”

Jessica screamed as the orgasm crashed against her like waves propelled by a violent storm. She screamed into Marcus’s hand as her stepson’s cock pulsed inside of her cunt, filling her with cum. She screamed as Craigin yanked her hair back as his orgasm turned him inside out.

Finally, more spent than she had ever been, she collapsed, driven forward by Craigin’s final thrusts. Somehow, she found herself between Violet and Marcus, with Craigin lying on her back, panting, having lost control for the first time. She could taste Violet’s pussy on her lips and Marcus’s cum on her tongue. Craigin’s cum oozed out of her when his shrinking cock slipped from her cunt.

An unknowable time later, Marcus said, “Damn, Jessica, that was some of the hottest shit I’ve ever seen.” His cock was swelling, starting to recover. “You ready for round two, girl?”

Violet got to her feet and stretched, walking behind Jessica, who looked up at Marcus and grasped his cock. Her hand couldn’t go all the way around. She nodded and took him into her mouth. Behind her, Violet’s tongue flicked against her anus.

Good God, what have I become?




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