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I Really Like Your Father

John Discovers How His Daughter's Friend Regan Has Wanted Him For So Long
"I really like your father, Alice," my daughter's best friend Regan Reese said bluntly as they both sat in bedroom they shared together.

Regan was really a punk rocker chick, as my daughter Alice was a cute little pixie girl who dressed in normal girly clothing while Regan was the one to dress in chains, dark and bright colours, chokes, black studded wrist brands and even skull clothing.

Regan was a very sexual woman, Alice told me, and was known for flirting with men but always pulled herself away. Here I was now as I overheard my daughter and Regan speaking. I was hidden behind the room doorframe out of sight.

"Regan, that is so wrong! He's my dad!" my daughter screeched.

Regan giggled, her dark black raven hair in her face. Dressed in her punk manner; thigh high black and white skull socks, sneakers, a short denim skirt and an out of place white vest that showed off her massive breasts for her age. Regan, with her drunk mother, was also brought up streetwise, and had many tattoos on her body even at her young age. Blue sparrows on both her hips, a woman vampire with blood dripping out of her mouth on her left arm and flowers entwined with octopus tentacles on her right arm. She was very different and exciting.

"I'm sorry, Alice, but he is such a hottie, I mean I've had naughty dreams about him. Your mom was a lucky woman, I cannot believe she would cheat on him."

Alice made a mock face of shock.

"Regan, he's my father, I cannot see him in that way and neither can you. He's been like a father to you, remember."

It was true, her mother was such a drunk I had taken her in almost like an adoptive daughter and almost like her father, who had run out on her and her mom. I even got bunk beds for her and Alice at first, so she always had a place to turn to and eventually I just bought two single beds for each side of the room. They shared a room almost like my daughters. We lived together.

"Alice, I cannot keep going on like a lie any longer, I love him like a father but I have wanted him in much more ways for too long," Regan sighed.

Alice, with black raven hair, smiled gently. "Really, why?"

Regan grinned, sipping her Cola. "You see him just as your father, which is right, but I see him in so many more ways. Alice, he was the first man I dreamed about sexually, the first man I had a crush on all of it. I have wanted him for so long."

"Well he's still my father, he's seen too much and been through too much. My mother and the divorce, the army and what he saw over there. All of it. You can't just want him to fuck," my daughter proclaimed.

Regan sighed hard. "I don't want just that Alice! I want to be his, his lover, his future wife if possible... I want to have his kids."

Alice smiled and laughed. "Oh god that is crazy, you are only 19 years old and he's 40. HE'S ALSO MY FATHER TO ADD TO THE POT!"

Regan smiled. "Age does not mean anything to me, I've wanted him for from the moment I could have these kind of feelings for a fella."

Alice laughed out so hard. "Oh god please stop!"

I laughed gently as I hid, my cock hardening in my pants as I listened to the thoughts and dreams my daughter's best friend had for me.

Regan grinned and leant forward to Alice. "I've dreamed about his fat thick big cock all..."

"OK STOP IT!" Alice shouted being serious.

Regan smiled. "I will not break his heart or treat him like crap like your mom did, I love him."

Alice sighed sitting down. "Fine, just remember he is my father, and how much he has done for us both."

Regan gently rubbed my daughter's hand. "I do understand it, it's the reason I have wanted him for so long. I've dreamt about us for too long to leave it as a dream." Regan stood straight, and I saw Alice grin devilishly. She stood up too and came up behind Regan.

"How badly have you wanted him?"

"Don't tease me Alice." Regan moaned.

"His hairy muscular chest above you as he rides you, makes you his woman."

"... stop it Alice." Regan was flushed as she shook.

"You've seen him work out, those strong arms pinning you down as he takes you. You wouldn't be able to stop him if you had second thoughts. Hes really strong."

Regan clenched her eyes shut tight. "Stop it... I wouldn't want him to stop!"

Alice grinned, leaning close in to Regan. "As he takes you making you his woman, giving you a whole litter of kids!"

"OH FUCK!" Regan shook hard and orgasmed right there in my front room.

Alice smiled and patted Regan's arm.

"Good, you got it out of your system."

Regan opened her eyes. "Damn it, Alice, I'm soaked all over now."

"Go change then." Alice giggled as she threw herself on the sofa.

I decided to have some of my own fun and walked into the front room acting like I knew nothing.

"Hey girls what's up?" I asked. I was wearing jeans and a simple blue t-shirt. Alice was surprised, but not more than Regan who looked like she was caught in the headlights of a car like a deer would. I stood at the door, my big bulge sticking out of my pants.

"Emmm, hey Mr Anderson," Regan said.

I grinned. "Hey remember, you can call me John, you live with us so you can call me normal."

Regan shook her head nervously. I noticed wetness between her legs as it dripped down and was soaking the tops of her thigh high socks.

"Hey, why are you so wet, Regan honey, what happened?" I asked like a concerned parent.

Regan knew she couldn't say she orgasmed and was dripping so she looked down at Alice who was unsure of what to do, and turned to me.

"I, emmm, had an accident, John."

I smiled softly.

"Oh sweetie it's ok, it happens. Come on, I'll take you up to the bathroom so you can change," I said, taking her hand and leading her out of the room. Alice was gleaming.

I came up behind Regan and wrapped my arm around her like protective parent would of a child. "It's ok, it's nothing to be ashamed of, honey." I grinded my hard-on against her ass through her skirt, and she moaned hard.

"Yeah I'm fine John," she said quickly.

I took her upstairs to the bathroom, and closed the door behind us.

"OK hun, take them off and we'll see the problem."

Regan turned to me in shock and fear. "What?"

I smiled. "Take off your underwear so we can clean it up," I said.

Even though this was what Regan had dreamt about she was taken too far in surprise to quickly react. I stepped behind her.

"Let me, hun," I said. Without any flinching or shaking, I hiked up her skirt in silence, in a straight to the point way.

In came into view, black frilly panties that held in her buttocks and showed off her ass brilliantly.

"Hmmm, very nice, Regan."

Regan reacted quickly in defence.

"What's nice John?"

I grinned and traced my finger along the waistband of her panties.

"Your choice of lingerie, Regan." I felt more as she moaned. "Where did you get them from?"

She moaned harder. "Well, emm, they were on sale at Agent Provocateur."

"Really..." I smiled to myself as I rubbed her right buttock through the frilly material.

In a cute schoolgirl way she answered, "Yes sir."

I grinned wanting to play this out for as long as I could. "Right well let's get these wet panties off of you," I said, pulling down then rolling them down her thighs into a bunch.

"Mr Anderson you can see my..." Regan began before I interrupted.

"Your vagina, honey."

Regan grinned. "I was going to call it something else really."

I grinned, wanting to hear her say it in my presence. "What?"

She leaned over to me. "My, emmm, slit and behind."

"Oh no, I think you have another name for those two places on your body." I laughed gently.

She bit her lip playfully.

"My pussy and ass."

Fuck, it was so sexy to hear her say that to me, rather than around me or to Alice. I smiled and pulled her underwear down her legs and off, putting them in the hamper, leaving her naked below the waist to me.

"You've grown into a beautiful woman, Regan," I said, taking a warm cloth from the sink as I washed between her legs gently.

"Thank you John, I may say the same. You are a handsome man, I mean to say, very."

I grinned as I washed her. "Oh now you are just trying to make an old man feel better."

Regan smiled.

"An old man? You are not old, John. You work out, you keep your body in good shape and you look like you are more than adequate in the other area too."

I grinned hearing her say that. I moved the wet cloth up further between her thighs touching her mound, she moaned hard like she was touched by ice or a hot saucer.

"I'm sorry, Regan," I said rubbing softer.

She moaned. "It's ok, John, you are just trying to help me." She quivered.

I rubbed her mound more, pretending to clean her. "My, you have grown into a woman," I said, noticing a healthy bush around her mound, obviously a sign she was coming into her own.

"You mean my bush, sir."

I grinned and rubbed her mound, parting her slit a bit.

"Yes, it's a very good sign of good health for you down here. A good healthy bush means you have a good sex drive."

"Oh that is a guarantee already." She giggled.

Fuck, she was a hottie.

"Well, emmm, there are other ways to see that I am healthy down there." She looked down at me into my eyes as I was kneeled down.

"Hmmm, I am intrigued, what other ways do you mean?"

Regan grinned. "Well, emmm, I read that a woman who has a healthy scent down there, or indeed a healthy... orgasm are good signs too."

I washed more, touching her wisps of hair.

"Huh, that is true too." I smiled and finished cleaning her, I stood up and put the cloth in the sink as I grabbed a pair of clean pink flowery briefs from the towel rack, which I knew were Regan's, that I had just washed recently for her.

"Thank you, John." She smiled as I pulled the panties up her legs and tight around her mound and butt, which was quite bootylicious, as it had a ghetto look to it.

I leaned in and kissed her cheek.

"No problem angel, you know where I am if you ever need me," I said as I left the bathroom.

Behind me I heard her say, "I do need you..." but I pretended to not hear her.

A Week Later

A week had passed since the bathroom incident, and since then Regan would smile at me as we passed each other around the house. I knew Alice knew I wanted Regan but she didn't say anything to either of us. It was crazy for us both, as every so often Regan would tease me as she would lick her lips at dinner or bend over in her short skirts and let me see her underwear. One night after dinner we all fell asleep on the couch, Alice was dressed in her normal pink baggy PJ bottoms and shirt but it was Regan's choice of pyjamas that caught my attention.

She opted for a small pair of tight black shorts and vest with black and white striped thigh high socks, which she said she wears for 'warmth' but I knew it was to entice me. She also was the one laid on my lap, her head between my legs with her own pulled up to her chest on the sofa. Alice had her head laid on my shoulder, as she was falling asleep. Alice managed to tell me was tired and was going to bed, as I asked her if she could wake up Regan she told me she wanted to stay up with me until I went to bed. She winked at me.

Finally out of sight, Alice was upstairs and I was now alone with a sleeping Regan.

"Regan, angel, the movie is over," I whispered.

Regan gently moved around before her mouth opened over my bulge and she was laid out cold again, only this time her mouth was opened over my bulge and as I tried to move her mouth fell more and more around it, as I was wearing baggy pants.

"Honey, you are in an awkward position..." I said as I tried to move again but this time her mouth dropped all the way over my hard-on and down to the end of my shaft. My cock, other than the baggy pants, was now in her throat.

I felt her mouth become moist around my shaft and my baggy pants became wet. She said nothing as she began to move her mouth up and down my clothed hard-on.

She was sucking off my cock through my pants. She was moaning as she sucked my hard-on in her sleep. I began to moan also as she took my hand unconsciously and pushed it down her shorts as I was now treated to the lightly bushed pussy.

"Ohhh Regan," I moaned as I rubbed my finger along her slit.

It was too much for any man so I took her long auburn hair into my hand and started to pull her up and down my hard-on. My pants around my rod were now drenched.

"Yes, oh yes, suck daddy's cock," I moaned as she moaned too in unison, as I felt her hand rub my ball sack through my pants.

"Hmmm, oh John your cock is so good," she moaned around my cock. I couldn't believe this.

If she was still asleep then this was amazing, but if she was awake and pretending to sleep it was still very good.

I pulled out my big hard cock from my pants, as I did not wear underwear. It stuck out in bare flesh as I felt her mouth back on my rod.

"Your big cock is so yummy, I want your cum," she moaned as she plopped my cock in her mouth for effect.

She then took my ball sack in her mouth and sucked. As she spat them back out with a plop she sucked again as I decided to slide my finger inside her slit. She moaned as I did with my penetration. I began to moan as she pumped my entire length in and out of her throat. I moaned harder as I pressed against her clitoris.

"Ahhhh fuck! Yes, John, fuck my pussy!" She moaned harder in ecstasy with my cock in her throat.

"Ohhh fuck!" I moaned hard, cumming in her throat, as I felt her orgasm with her moaning I pumped my cum into her throat.

She gurgled and gagged but that was soon replaced with gulping noises as she swallowed my load.

My hand was soaking wet and her shorts were moist too. I slid it out of her hand and I saw she had fallen back asleep with my cock in her hand. I slowly pushed it back in my pants and pulled her shorts back up her. I slowly waited a few minutes before I wiped her lips clean with the edge of my t-shirt and gently rocked her to wake her.

"Regan, honey, the movie is over."

She moaned gently and woke up in my lap, she licked her lips, I think unconsciously, not knowing what had just happened between us.

"Oh, OK John." She gently sat up and noticed the wet patch on her shorts as I hid my own with the cushion. "Oh god I didn't do it again did I?" she asked ashamed of herself.

"No no, you spilled your cola on yourself as you slept. It's ok, you can go and change then to bed." She nodded and smiled faintly as she kissed me on the cheek.

"Goodnight, Mr Anderson." She left me and I heard the bathroom door close behind her.

I looked down at my wet patch, a mix of my cum and her spittle. I moaned hard, I hadn't had a woman since a woman almost my age called Mary and I dated, but that was a year ago and nothing had happened between us.

I sat happy but wanting more, but I needed to wait. I had to plan this out. If she was in a daze, and sucked me off because she was dreaming I couldn't be sure she would want me in reality as much even with what I had heard ealier that week.

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