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Sweet Revenge Part II

Her husband's brother is going to get everything he desires...and guess who'll watch
They arrived just a few minutes after 8 pm. As Logan introduced Cara he watched the reactions of his brother and sister-in-law. He had imagined they would be disconcerted by the youth and beauty of Cara and was not disappointed. They were clearly shocked.

“Game on, “Logan thought.

Marcie gave them both a hug, the smell of her perfume a sensual reminder of last week. Then she suggested the guys get the pool table set up while she gave Cara the grand tour. Logan agreed reluctantly, not wanting to let Marci and Cara get into a sisterhood mode. However all went well and the ladies arrived downstairs a short time later, just in time to accept a drink from Chad.

Marcie and Chad won the first game easily, as Cara was not as good at pool as they were. Logan was unconcerned. Throughout the game Cara leaned into shots, her skirt lifting enticingly each time. Logan was secretly pleased to see Chad begin to position himself where he could have a peek. Marcie appeared not to notice at first, but that didn’t last long.

Chad suggested that they switch partners for the second game. He said he could give Cara some pointers that way. Since he was the best pool shot among them, it seemed logical. Logan agreed readily enough, but Marcie seemed to consider a moment before agreeing. The game got under way with Chad showing Cara how to break properly. He put his arms around her and positioned her properly for the shot. Neither Marcie nor Logan missed the way his hand brushed her breasts whenever he moved. Cara smiled and cooed, thanking him for the help. Marcie looked disgusted. Logan got hard.

They had been drinking quite heavily, and the evening took a disappointing turn when Cara rushed to the bathroom. Not bothering to close the door, she knelt before the toilet, and heaved the liquor from her stomach. She was very sick and they decided she would have to lie down for a while. Marcie rushed upstairs to prepare the guest room for her instructing the two men to bring her up as soon as she was cleaned up.

They got her up and helped her wash her mouth out before taking her arms and walking up stairs with Cara between them. They reached the guest room and deposited her on the bed. Cara groaned about having her purse so Marcie volunteered to retrieve it from the basement. Logan also excused himself to use the bathroom. He knew once he left, Chad would be tempted to let his hands roam and decided to give him the chance. He waited inside the bathroom peeking out until he heard Marcie move past. She was quiet as she moved and he began to have hopes that the evening might yet be saved.

As he slipped back into the hall he heard Marcie exclaim,

“You bastard!”

Logan moved up behind her and looked into the room. Cara’s blouse was wide open, her tits in plain view. From the twinkling of moisture on her left nipple, it appeared that Chad had been sucking on one.

Marcie turned and stormed past Logan. She walked down the hall to their bedroom and slammed the door behind her.

Chad ignored Logan and went after her. Logan went to the sleeping beauty and buttoned her blouse, while listening to the storm raging down the hall.

Chad had opened the door.

“Marcie he said, “My God, Marcie, wait, let’s talk about this.”

“You double dealing son of a bitch,” she raged. “I can’t touch Logan, but you can fondle his drunken girlfriend?”

Chad must have shut the door then, because their voices suddenly became muffled.

Logan stroked Cara’s hair back. He would wait until she wakened and then leave with her. Nothing had turned out as he had hoped. He sighed.

It was more than twenty minutes later when Marcie tapped on the door, rousing Logan from his thoughts. He’d been dreaming of having her, the vision so real and powerful that he had immersed himself in it. He ached for her and had wholly thought to have her tonite.

“Logan, Marcie said softly, “come with me please.”

Logan was a trained officer and while not yet a detective, he noticed details. As he followed his sister-in-law to her bedroom he reflected that she had not seemed angry. He’d even detected a gleam in her eyes.

He soon found out why. Entering the room, he burst out laughing at the sight in front of him. A chair had been pulled from Marcie’s make up table. In it sat his brother, naked. Both ankles were tied and one of his hands was handcuffed to the back of the chair. He looked crestfallen at being seen in such a demeaning position.

Logan looked to the bed and saw an open suitcase, Marcie’s clothes tossed carelessly into it. He knew in an instant the battle that must have raged in here tonite.

Marcie spoke to Logan in a commanding voice.

“I am leaving Chad, “she announced, “Unless you agree to help me punish him. He has already agreed to take any punishment I see fit to hand out. I just need you to agree to it.”

Logan looked at his brother, waiting for him to intervene and tell him what was going on.

“Please, Chad said, “Just do as she asks. I can’t lose her.”

“Are you sure?” Logan knew where this could lead.


“Okay then.”

Marcie slid up next to him then and put her hands onto his cheeks. Turning him toward her she said, “Ignore him.”

Then she leaned forward and kissed Logan. It was a languishing, passionate kiss every bit as sensual as Logan had dreamed. He put his arms around her and kissed back. They ignored Chad and began exploring each others mouths, their tongues crossing, their lips quivering with sexual tension.

He was still nervous about his brother tied up right there and decided to let her lead. She took her time, concentrating on drawing his passion through his mouth. He closed his eyes as she became a lover, nipping here, and there, tasting his ready flesh. Whenever her lips came near enough he captured them embracing the moment and the woman.

He was bursting through his pants and could resist her charms no longer. He brought his hand up to her breast and softly squeezed. He could feel her nipples through the thin blouse and bra. She gasped, her emotions clearly displayed for her husband. Chad watched entranced as his brother massaged her through her clothes. She became agitated, and moved against him her crotch grinding into his pants where the outline of his hard cock was clearly visible. Chad realized that watching her with him was turning him on,. His own cock became hard, and was pulsing. He absently began fondling himself as they kissed. It was not lost on him that he may be in fact, be a cuckold.

Marcie reached down then and ran her index finger lightly over the bulge in Logan’s pants. His cock lurched at her touch and he felt the pre-cum begin to ooze. Stepping back she reached down and pulled her t-shirt over her head. She let him have the shirt, shaking her hair back into place as he tossed it onto the bed. She wore a lacy bra that covered her, yet offered a promise of what lay beneath. Despite the fact that he had seen her naked before, his mouth watered at seeing the sensual woman in front of him.

She glanced at Chad then smiled at Logan and began removing her bra.

When it was unclasped, she held it in place a moment. She looked at her husband, letting the rage reappear on her face a moment.

“I am going to cuckold you, my dear. I’m taking your brother, here and now, in front of you, unless you object. In that case, I will finish packing and leave. Which do you prefer?”

But it was clear from Chad’s hard cock that he was going to take being cuckolded by his brother.

“I don’t want you to leave, he rasped, “Please don’t.”

“I’m going to fuck him, then”

He stared at her, torn between raging hormones and a disquieting notion that he was about to be punished in the worst way imaginable.

Still looking at her husband, she removed her bra, letting her breasts pop free.

When he said nothing, she turned to Logan. She kissed him, then removed his shirt. He took her breasts into his hands, massaging the exquisite flesh. She moaned as he thumbed her nipples, and began unbuttoning his shorts. In moments she had his cock out and in her hands, her thin fingers gliding softly and sensually over the rigid flesh.

She knelt in front of her husband and examined his brother’s gland. It was longer than Chad’s by almost an inch. It was thicker as well. She was feeling mean and said, “Logan, I do believe you will be the biggest I’ve ever had.” With that she took him into her mouth. Chad stroked himself, helpless to stop this and amazed at his reaction to it.

Logan reveled in the feel of her lips as they slowly traveled the length of his penis. She tongued the tip until he was too far into her mouth then gently sucked as she took the rest of him. Once at the bottom she reversed direction, again taking her time, enjoying the feel of him inside her. She continued to massage him with her lips until she felt the telltale swell that meant he was getting close. Then removing her mouth she lightly kissed the purplish head and stood up.

Her husband was forgotten now as she undid her shorts and slid them along with her panties to the floor. Stepping out of them she stood a moment, letting Logan gaze hat her shaven mound, the glistening lips drawing his attention and desire. This time he knelt. He had dreamt of this day for so long that he shook from the intensity of his emotions. He wanted her, and only a tight rein on his emotions allowed him to go slowly. Knowing he was paying his brother back helped.

She spread her legs and allowed him access. He reached around grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her to him, his fingers noting the fine hairs at the top of her thighs. His tongue forked upward and into her wet chasm. He slurped at her sweet juices, time and all else forgotten while his senses took in this incredibly sensual creature. Every feeling was intensified by the knowledge that Chad was watching and it didn’t take long therefore for her to orgasm, her body grinding against Logan’s as she released herself.

Logan stood up when she was done, and with the purpose of a raging bull, turned her around and bent her at the waist. They were still standing in front of Chad and she smiled at him as she bent toward him. She rested her hands on his knees.

She kept her hands there then as Logan mounted her. His long member slid in immediately, filling the aching void. Chad watched as his brother fucked her, his long strokes making her moan with passion. “He’s the most incredible fuck I’ve ever had.” She chided him. “I’m going to need to have him from time to time. I guess you’ll just have to deal with it. “

Suddenly Chad realized what had been so disconcerting. It wasn’t that he wanted to be cuckolded. He didn’t. What he wanted, he realized was to share his wife with Logan. He wanted a threesome.

“Oh Marcie,” I want you so bad,” Please, please forgive me. “

She looked up at him. Slowly she smiled. You mean you want to clean up the mess your brother leaves, my cuckold?”

“No,” he said vehemently. “I want to share you with him. “

Logan was pounding her from behind by now and her face swayed as the forces drove through her.

The smile vanished and she gazed at him a moment.

“It’s about time,” she whispered.

Then leaning in, she took him into her mouth.

Epilogue: Cara awoke to an eerily empty house. Once she remembered where she was she decided to get up and look for Logan. It didn’t take long to find the open door to the master suite. She gazed in confusion at the scene. Marcie was on her back on the huge bed, her legs spread wide, her fingers resting gently on her vagina. The brothers lay on either side of her each with an arm flung on top. Logan’s was grasping a breast while Chad’s lay across her stomach. She smiled. Now that she had completed her deal with Logan she was free to leave. But she wouldn’t just yet. His brother had the nicest looking ass after all.


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