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Vacation with Teens -5- Leah's First Time

Leah finally gets what she has been wanting for the last couple of days.
This part is meant to be readable without having read the previous chapters.

Together they entered the hotel room. He wondered how they would spend the evening, just the two them. There still were so many hours that had to be filled before they could go to sleep. Without television, the night might prove to become very dull.

“I’ll be right back Robert.” The teen informed him, as she left the room. Since their rooms were all connected, Leah had left her keycard with Emma and came in through Robert and Sarah’s room.

Robert had planned to go to town on himself once he got back to the hotel room. Maybe even sneaking into the girls’ rooms to find some more panties.
Since that time in the bathroom, he hadn’t managed to keep his mind off his daughter’s friends. The release it had given him, as he discharged into one of the girls’ underwear, had never felt better. He kept imagining it had been Leah’s, but he had a gut feeling it was probably Lily’s.

He went to sit in the bed, picking up a book of Sarah’s from her nightstand. He skimmed the pages and couldn’t help but wonder how his wife could read this crap.

“Hey.” A feint voice. Leah stood leaning in the door opening, her right footpad gently stroking above her left ankle. She had put on her nightdress. It reached just to her knees.

Robert felt his cock move as he took in her beauty. “Are you going to sleep already?” He stammered. The way she stood there had something magical.
The cute teen looked so… delicate.

“No.” She smiled. “Not yet.” She came near. As she hopped onto the bed, next to Robert, she asked: “What are you reading?”

“Nothing. Just a book of Sarah’s.” He had almost put it away before he realized his cock was fully erect. He instead shifted the book to hide the lump in his shorts.
Why can’t I control myself?” He thought. “I’ve seen her in bikini and still managed to suppress my body.”

“Oh…” She replied. The book didn’t interest her for a bit. The fact it was Sarah’s reminded her that her crush was a married man. The father of one of her best friends.
“Robert?” She asked. When she saw he was looking at her face, she continued. “Do you remember when we kissed?”

“Why is she starting about this now?”
“Yes…” He replied cautiously. He couldn’t act as if he didn’t remember, besides he had been thinking about it for almost the entire trip.
As he felt himself starting to blush, he added: “It was an accident.”

Leah let out a suppressed giggle and turned her head, to look the other way.

“Did she giggle about what I said? Or did she see me blush?” He couldn’t tell, as Leah hid her face.

“Do you think I’m a good kisser?”

“What!? How am I supposed to answer that??” He tried to think of something appropriate to say, and settled with: “You’re very beautiful Leah.” “Shit! Why did I say that. That doesn’t make any sense.” He could facepalm himself.

Leah looked back at him with a startled look on her face. “Thanks…” she uttered. Now she was the blushing.

“I just mean...” He tried to amend his blunder. “Your lips were really soft.”
“Ok that does it, my mind is seriously fucked up right now.”

Their eyes met.
Leah vaulted. In a just a split second, she had pressed her lips onto his.

“This is wrong. But it feels so good. Why isn’t she stopping? I have to stop this madness myself. I’m the adult.” He backed away much harder than he had intended, and fell off the bed.

“You ok?” Leah peeped over the edge of the bed. “Robert?” She sounded as confused as he felt.

“Leah…” He stuttered. He couldn’t think of anything more to say. Lying on the floor he looked at the face of the teen.“She wants me.” The sudden revelation took him by surprise.

Leah didn’t know what to say either.

“I’ll make us something to eat.” He stood up and went to the kitchen.

For the next twenty minutes, they didn’t say a thing. Acting as if nothing had happened Leah went back to her own room. Robert had no idea what she was doing. He tried not to think of her as he prepared the meal. But he knew the confrontation was inevitable.


“I made you some porridge.” He said to her. He was standing at the door with a bowl in his hands, not daring to enter her room. She was sitting on her bed, reading a book of her own.

She looked up. He couldn’t read anything off her face.
“Thanks.” It sounded neutral. She got up and Robert handed over the bowl. As she tried to make eye contact, Robert went back to the kitchen.

He took a bowl for himself and went to sit on his own bed. He had some serious thinking to do.
Before he had properly settled down, he heard someone call his name.

“Robert?” Leah stood in the door opening again. Holding her bowl. “You didn’t give me a spoon.”

“You can find one in the kitchen.” He answered. Everything had seemed to be back to normal. He took a mouthful of his pop.

Leah came back from the kitchen.
“Can I sit with you?” She sounded nervous as she asked it.

“Uh… sure.” Robert answered. Hoping she’d be able to continue their play as if nothing had happened.“If she tries to kiss me again, I’m going to stop her!”

Leah climbed into the bed. Together they sat there, eating, in silence. As they exchanged quick glances, Robert felt the tension rising. His cock did the same. He lowered his bowl onto his lap, to prevent Leah from noticing it. He hoped it helped.

“Robert?” She asked, when her bowl was empty. She was licking the last bits of porridge off her spoon.

He felt his cock pound as he watched her tongue. “Yes?”

“I really like you.”

He had never seen her this nervous.
He swallowed. It sounded louder than he had expected.

“You are really sweet.” She continued. She lay a hand on his knee.

As he felt her touch, his cock started to pound even harder.

Before he could think of something to say, she spoke again: “And don’t say you don’t like me. I’ve seen the way you look at me.” She was right. He wanted her.

But he couldn't. “I’m married,” His mind squeaked.

As if she had read his thoughts: “I won’t tell anyone Robert. I promise.”

“Won’t tell anyone what? What is this girl talking about?

She looked down at her feet, gently stroking his knee. “I’ve been taking the pill to ease my menstruation for some months now…”

“Leah…” Robert stammered.
“What is she trying to say?”

“I want you to be my first.” She turned to Robert again to see his reacting as she finished her sentence.

“What? Leah I can’t. I’m marri…”

“I promise I won’t tell!” She squealed. “I really won’t.”

Robert observer the teenage girl. He wanted to give in to both of their cravings as her hand started to stroke higher.“I don’t want to scar her for life, I can’t. She’s so innocent.”
But at the same time, her innocence was what had been turning him on the most.

“I really want this.” She saw Robert needed some convincing. “Please Robert?”

The most beautiful teen he had ever seen was begging him to take her virginity.
He wanted her, but fear struck him when the thought appeared that this might all be played. Maybe Emma and her friends were right outside the door, ready to catch him by surprise.

“I want you.” Leah whispered. Assuming she had broken all resistance, she went in for their third kiss.

“This isn’t played.” He realized as Leah caressed his lips with hers. This time he allowed himself to enjoy her kiss.

Her hand had partly slipped into the leg of his trousers and was fondling his inner thigh. He moved his hands to her waist as she sat next to him. He couldn’t help but make note of how petite she was as he held her. He felt as if his big hands could easily crush the little teen.

She pulled herself closer as the kiss continued. Swinging her leg over his. Robert’s legs were slightly bent and she somehow managed wrap her right leg around his left one. “God she’s flexible.” He thought.

He soon forgot about her leg. Her lips parted slightly to let her tongue out. As she licked his lips, Robert assumed it was ok to open his mouth to. Her tongue was so small, she couldn’t reach far into his mouth. Robert extended his tongue to meet hers. He couldn’t recall he had ever tasted anything sweeter. Greedily her little tongue explored his. His tongue was almost twice the size of hers. As she started to suck his tongue into her mouth, she leaned onto him even more. Her naked leg rubbing against his, her hand at his groin, and her mouth stuffed with his tongue.

She gasped as she pulled her head back, she hadn’t gotten any air since she had starting sucking on Robert’s tongue. The smile on her face was enough to rid him of his guilt. He wondered what his friends at work would think of him if they knew. He understood not many men could be so lucky, to find themselves making out with a cutie-teen the age of their daughter. Although he hadn’t done much to get her, he felt proud. If what Lily had said earlier today was true, he was now the third boy Leah had ever made out with.

“Do you like it?” She asked with a smile. She put away the bowl Robert had on his lap and replaced it with her butt. Her legs pulled up, with Robert in between.

“Yeah.” He whispered as the teen went to sit on his erection. “You’re a good kisser.”
She smiled even more.

He still had his hands around her waist. As she was now sitting on top of his lap with her legs spread, her dressed had crawled up a bit. Leah leaned forward to kiss him. He wondered if the girl realized how much pressure she was putting on his manly parts. As their lips made contact again, she started dryhumping him. Her lower body rocking back and forth onto him. He imagined that if she wouldn’t have worn panties, and he wouldn’t have worn his shorts. The girl would be busy riding her clit up the back of his cock.

Her tongue left her mouth again, hunting for his. He didn’t deny her anything. After she had sucked on it some more, she started to suck on his lips. He let her do.
He felt somewhat passive and wanted to do something to. He let go of her waist and brought his hands to Leah’s legs, to either side of him.

His hands glided over the teen, touching her legs from her knees to her hips.“She’s so soft.”

Her waist freed from Robert’s grip, she started to grind him even harder. He let out a loud moan as Leah pushed her pussy hard against his cock.

The kissing stopped. Leah quietly giggled. She brought her both hands to his face and started stroking his cheeks on either side. Robert had shaved this morning, her tiny fingers felt like a stream of warm water flowing over his smooth face. She had stopped grinding as well.

“Robert?” Leah asked in the sweetest voice. “Do you want to take off your shirt? ... for me?”
Her hands were already holding the underside of his shirt. Ready to help him out as he raised his arms. Swiftly she pulled the clothing over his head.

Leah seemed a bit hesitant to throw it away. She glanced at the shirt for a while, before laying it on the nightdrawers. Her look now went to Robert’s chest, as did her hands. Slowly but surely her palms started to massage his thorax. Robert put his hand down, back onto her legs.

They looked at each other, but didn’t speak. Both caressing with their hands, stroking, rubbing, squeezing and pleasing.

After a while Leah lay her head down on his chest.

“I like your body.” The teen whispered.

Leah was still sitting down on his cock and he felt signs of cramp coming up. Leah’s weight cut off part of the blood flow. But he didn’t say anything about it. Although it hurt, he didn’t want her to get off his cock either. “I like your legs.” He whispered back to her.

For the compliment she gave him a small kiss, after which she put her head back onto his chest. Her hands slid to his back as Leah started to wrap her arms around his naked torso.

Her cheek still on his ribs she whispered: “I can feel your heart beating.”

“That’s a good thing right?” Robert responded.

“Hmm, yes…” She laughed. “Very good.”

Leah’s hands rubbed his back, as his were still stroking her legs. When Robert reached her upper leg, at the point where he usually stroked back down again, Leah whispered: “You can keep going if you want to.”

He wasn’t sure what she meant by this. Did the girl want him to pull off her panties and start fingering her? He guessed he’d better play it safe. He put his hands on her butt and squeezed it lightly trough her underwear. With his hands partially under her dress, he tried to move her a bit.

“Am I hurting your thing?” The curious teen asked, as shoved a bit to the left.

“It’s ok.” He reassured her. Kissing her forehead.
“She smells so good.”

The scent of the girl, combined with the new circulation of blood in his cock, kindled a lust he couldn’t remember having since his own teen years. Her next question was an even bigger contribution to that feeling.

“Can I see it?” Sparkling blue eyes looked up at him.

He had gone too far to stop now. “You’re not going to tell anyone right?”

“Of course not. I promised!” Somewhat upset by his lack of confidence.

He removed his palms from her ass and set them at his trousers. As he started to slowly pull them down, Leah eagerly assisted him. Not only did she lift her butt, her hands also helped by pulling on the sides of his leggings.

“Your underpants to.” She added, encouraging Robert to act faster.

She held her breath as Robert revealed his cock.
Her stare fixed upon the beast, Robert put his hand back to her ass. “Is this what you wanted?”

Leah smiles.
“It’s so big.” She says, letting out the air she had kept within her lungs.
Without asking permission she reached out and grabbed him.

Robert put his head back and looked at the ceiling. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He had been craving for the blonde for so long and now the little vixen was playing with his cock.

Ass still lifted, she sat somewhat squatted in front of him, her pussy wasn’t hovering far from his cock. Her fingers were barely long enough to fully wrap around his swollen cock. She was using both of her hands. One at the base of his trunk, the other right above it. Even with her two fists, one above the other, the head of his cock was still uncovered. Her tiny hands simply couldn’t contain all of his meat.

Gently she started to play with him. Robert didn’t dare to look and kept his gaze on the ceiling. Softly moaning as the teen used her hands to satisfy his deepest desires.

“You like it?” She asked, hearing the moans.

He figured Leah knew he meant yes.

“It’s so hard.” She said to Robert, as if he didn’t knew. Her topmost hand moved upwards.

“Oh Leah…” He groaned as he felt her hand wrap around the delicate head of his throbbing cock.

Seeing Robert enjoy himself like this, gave Leah even more courage. With her left hand she started to slowly tug him, while her right hand massaged his helmet.

Robert felt a drop of precum coming up through his urethra.
He heard Leah chuckle as she smeared it out over the head of his cock.

The hand she had used to tug went down to his ballsack. She was now massaging both his balls and his cockhead.

“That’s not how to do it.” He thought.
It would have felt better if she had kept jerking him off and used her other hand to play with his nuts. But knowing how inexperienced she was, he just let her do. It still felt heavenly.

She played with him for some minutes. But scared of cumming, Robert stopped her. One finger under her chin was enough to tilt her head. He lowered his gaze from the ceiling onto Leah’s face. She was still smiling.

“That felt really nice.” He said, giving her a kiss.

“You want to see mine now?” By the way she said it, he could tell she was nervous.

“Not if you don’t want to.” He assured her.

“I do.”
She raised her dress above her belly button and lowered the front of her panties to reveal herself.

Robert could only drool as the young girl gave him a glimpse of her virgin pussy. The elastic slapped onto her tummy as she released it. Leah dropped down on her back next to him. She reached out for his hand and gave a tug, signaling him to come closer and spreading her legs to make room for him.

Robert felt his naked cock pulsing into overdrive as he seated himself on his knees between the legs of the teen. His hands went to her hips again. Not knowing what she would allow.
“Does she want me to take off her underwear?”

He decided to lean over for a kiss.
His cock slapped onto her dress as he lowered his body. The sleepingdress had sunk again to its original position as Leah’s had went to lay down. Nonetheless he felt the heat of her young body at the underside of his member.

As their lips brushed, Robert started to lean more on her tiny body. His balls and the bottom part of his cock pressed hard against her pussy. Only separated by the fabric of her panties. When he realized Leah had trouble breathing as they kissed, he pushed up his upper body with his arms. This gave her lungs more room to breathe, but kept his cock pointed hard into her pussy. Robert could swear he felt a humid spot on her underwear.

Suddenly he felt Leah’s hands grab his ass. She separated his cheeks a bit as she squeezed them. Her soft hands were enough to convince him he could go further. Still not breaking off the kiss, he let his hands slide to her butt, looking for the elastic of her panties.

When Leah noticed what he was doing, she lifted her bum pressing her pussy even harder into his cock.

He needed to back off to remove her underwear. Leah had to let go of his ass. As he pulled off the clothing he saw his assumptions had been correct. A wet patch was clearly visible in the center of her panties.

When he had fully removed the small piece of cloth that had been protecting Leah pussy, she spread her legs even more as a way to expose herself to Robert.

He couldn’t see much of the pink folds between her virgin pussylips. They were tightly sealed together ,even as she spread her legs.
He sat watching in excitement as the teen offered herself to him.

Since he hadn’t moved for some time, Leah raised her upper body. Put her hands above his hips and pulled him down to here again. “Come.” She whispered.

As they laid themselves down to continue their kissing, somehow his cock slipped under the dress of the teen. Her naked tummy under his hard cock felt better than anything Sarah had ever done to him. His hanging balls stroked against the lips of the girl. Leaving a trace of female juice over his sack. As his cockhead reached her belly button he couldn’t help but imagine how she would be spitroasted if he would thrust into her body. When his face reached hers. He kissed her more passionately than he had ever done this evening. Grinding his hips into hers, slamming his balls onto her pussy.

“Mmhmm, Robert…” She moaned. Her hands went back to his ass. She seemed to love playing with his butt. Although she had to really stretch her short arms to reach it.

When they had humped like this for a while, Robert wanted to go further. She had asked him to become her first and he had no intention of disappointing her.
“Are you sure you want me to go on?” He asked her.

This had been her last chance to change her mind.

Robert straightened up. His right hand placed at her hip, his left wrapped around his cock. Gently he tugged the tip of his cock against her lips and clit. Getting moist all over his cockhead as he heard Leah moan.
When he had rubbed his cock up and down her pussy a few times, he found it was slippery enough to go on.

“This might hurt a bit.” He noted, as he set his cock at her entrance.
She nodded.

Slowly he pushed his cock forward.
This isn’t working he realized. He removed his hand from her hip and used his fingers to slightly spread the teen’s lips.
Again he pushed. This time his cockhead started to slide inside of her. He could feel Leah tensing up.

“Relax.” He said, trying to reassure her.

When his cockhead had fully entered her pussy Robert took a short break. He suppressed the urge to thrust forward in one jab, imagining it would cause her incredible pain. His left hand stroke her belly a bit.

Thinking she had now become accustomed to the stuffing of her pussy, his cock continued its journey. As he raised the pressure on the walls of her vagina, he heard her moan again. He couldn’t tell if it was from pleasure or from pain.

He decided to lean over again. Her pussy now had enough grip around his cock to not slip out of her. He brought his hands underneath Leah’s shoulders and kissed her cheek. “Shhh.” He shushed.

His cock managed to push another inch until Leah let out an. “Ouch.”

Slowly he pulled back, until only the head of his cock was still inside of the teen.
After giving her pussy some time to breathe, Robert shoved up again. Feeling the wetness of her pussy , he knew this time he had reached a bit further.

Leah’s hands blocked his hips, preventing him from stabbing to deep.
He pulled out again.

Each thrust seemed to get him deeper and deeper into her tiny body. Both of them started to moan as Robert raised the tempo.

She buried her face into Robert’s neck and moved her hands behind his back. This gave Robert more freedom to move his hips. His cock couldn’t enter her for much more than half its length. But this didn’t prevent Robert from building up an orgasm, the size of which he couldn’t recall ever having. The teenage girl was just so tight around his cock.

He felt her nails pin into his back as he rocked his hips back and forth. His cock, now lubricated in the sweet teenage juices of Leah’s body, started to swell inside her pussy. As Robert felt Leah contract around his cock, every time he reached his deepest point, he realized his climax wasn’t far off.

As Leah wrapped her legs around his lower body, he had the possibility to enter her body even deeper. Feeling her warm breath in his neck, her nails in his back, her body underneath his, he started to moan loudly.

He felt his cock pulsating as his orgasm approached. One last thrust into the teen, to make sure he was as deep as he could possibly get.

The cum felt like a river rushing through his dick. Charge after charge he released his load into Leah’s body. Flooding the teen with his sticky semen. His orgasm seemed to know no boundaries.
As he kept filling her up to the edge, he even surprised himself that he had that much cum built up.

When he came to his senses he found Leah smiling at him. He gave her a kiss.

He felt his cum oozing out alongside his dick. Her tight pussy simply didn’t leave enough room for so much filling. He thought it better to pull out, only to feel even more cum flow out of her as he took his cock out.

“Fuck!” Leah uttered. Surprised by the view as she looked at the cum mixed with blood drip onto the sheets.

“It’s ok.” Robert responded. “I’ll clean it up.”
-“Guess I’ll have to wash again.”

“I’m sorry.” She stammered as she gave Robert a hug.

“Really it’s ok.” He repeated as he took the bleeding teen into his arms. “You were perfect.” He added in a whisper.

“Thanks Robert.” He could feel Leah smile as her face touched his chest. “Thanks for everything.”

Might be continued…

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