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Watching Her Grow Pt. 2

Watching Her Grow Pt. 2
by LordDaddyz

This is a work of complete fiction. There is little truths to this story.
If you have any comments or critiques, don't be too harsh, it's my first time posting anything I've written.

As you may have already read, things between my God-Daughter and myself have begun to change. She's a few days away from 18, and just recently, I began to see her as more then the little girl I raised, but as a wonderfully well developed woman.

Just the other day, when her siblings, Ali and Dom were to arrive home from across the country, she was out all night the night before, and missed them. So I gave her a damn good ass smacking, and she got so turned on, that without actually touching any of her erogenous zones, she climaxes all over my lap. And I mean, the girl gets WET! Which in turn makes me harder then stone.

The last words she tells me before bed lingers into my dreams.

"But, Baby, you are about to turn 18," is all I can think to say, "I don't have that option much anymore."

"Oh sure you do, Daddy! I live in your house, and as long as I do, I have to obey your rules, right? So if I break one, you punish me. I understand that now," her voice kinda getting windy.

In my dreams, she always says this while getting to her knees and pulling my throbbing cock out of my pants, and proceeds to give me the best head I've ever had. Unfortunately, right when I think I might get off, it never approaches. Then I wake. With a full fledged morning wood making a kick stand in my boxer briefs.

The next morning, as the light burns my waking eyes, I head to the bathroom to relieve myself. Not even bothering to knock, I open the door to see Ali at the sink, one leg propped up onto the sink, naked as the day she was born. Shaving her legs, it looks like. The window is steamed up, so I assume she took a shower, but why wait to shave them til after she gets out, I wonder to myself. She didn't act all crazy and surprised, she just says, "Hi, Daddy .. you sleep good?" as she pulls the razor up her lathered leg. Her lips of her pussy looked a bit swollen, but so as not to get caught staring at my biological daughter in my crazy old man perverted ways, I head to the john.

I turn my back to her, and pull out my still hard dick, and aim it at the porcelain. With a long sigh, the stream starts and hits inside. Meanwhile, behind me I hear my daughter chuckling. "What are you laughing at?" I ask her.

"I'm not really laughing, Daddy. I was giggling at the mental picture I just had of watching you pee. It was kinda funny!"

Shaking my head, then my cock when I was through to get the last couple of drops off, I flush. "You are a weird one, my dear. W-E-I-R-D!" I say as I chuckle and walk out. Not being able to help myself, I turn and give her a good look over before closing the door. Her breasts have no sag, and are larger then her half-sisters. Large dark brown areola. Pencil eraser sized nipples. Not much extra meat on her body, except in her ass department. Something both she and Eli got from their mother. Makes them so much more smackable. Wait .. what am I thinking?

Heading back to my room, I get a clean pair of underwear, and some shorts. Thinking of taking a shower when Ali is done in there. I sit on the edge of the bed, and think some things over. Like .. why am I suddenly have these thoughts about my girls? Even when Ali turned 18, I didn't have any such thoughts. So why now?

Not knowing the answer, I lay there and kinda start to wander off into a slumber. Until, that is, I feel something sliding up my inner thigh. Waking and sitting up, I smack my head against my daughters, both yelping and smacking our hands to our now sore heads.

"What the hell, Ali Cat?" I kinda shout, not meaning to, but the throbbing making everything loud, so not able to really control that.

"I am .. " she winces as she rubs at her forehead, "I'm sorry, Daddy. Was trying to tease and tickle you like we all used to when we were younger, to wake you. Didn't expect that." What she didn't say is that she was leaning over to see if she can have a better look at my now softer bulge that runs along my shorts.

"Sheesh. Trying yelling or something next time!" I smile at her as I rub my own head. "So, what is it that you had to wake me for?" I asked my towel clad daughter.

"Oh nothing, really. Just wanted to know what all happened last night after I left?" her eyes pleading like she used to do to get anything she wanted out of either me or her brother.

"Well .. I'm not sure why you would care, baby .. ?" I left it as a question, to see what she would say.

"You came to me yesterday, and I saw the struggle in your eyes, as I know you don't want to hurt anyone. So I was checking on you, to make sure all was okay. Besides, I like details. So spill it, old man!" she laughs as she tickles my ribs a little.

"Let me take a shower, and I will tell you, I suppose."

"Okay!" and with that, she runs out, exposing a lot of her flesh as she did so. Sighing, I just shook my head and gathered my things for a nice long and hot shower.

After my shower, I have a towel wrapped around my middle as I head back to my room. Forgetting the boxers and shorts in there. Along the way, I hear the girls in Ali's room talking and giggling. Wondering what that's all about, I quickly dress and head down to start breakfast.

Dom hasn't gotten back to the house, yet, so I am guessing that he had a good time, and hopefully met some girl that was love at first sight, or whatever this day and ages lingo is on the matter.

As I am scrambling the eggs, I hear the shower start up again. Must be Eli taking hers. Just then, Ali walks into the kitchen in short shorts and a tank. No bra on, as I can see her semi-erect nipples sticking through the fabric. "Hi, Daddy!" she exclaims and grabs up a plate, piling some eggs and bacon, toast and jam, and a little glass of milk and orange juice to wash it down. None in my family are much for coffee. Me personally, I don't like the taste unless you give me some sugar with a little bit of coffee in it. "Hiya, Princess," I reply as I follow her with my eyes as she saunters to the dining room table.

"So, Daddy .. you said you were going to tell me what happened last night .. ?" she says softly, almost too softly for me to hear.

"Not really sure why you want to know, baby, but I ended up busting your sisters ass." I say it with a calm expression. Inside I am a boil mass of frenzy. The thoughts of the spanking making my manhood respond with a twitch and the beginning of growth.

"Oh really!? Wow! Did you bust it good, Daddy? Did you make her whimper?" her questions coming out almost breathless.

"Ali? Why are you asking me this? Yes, I busted it real good, and yes she squirmed and whimpered, and even came to my room later to tell me she was sorry, and understands if I have to punish her. Even after she's 18." I answer .. kinda rambling, then clicking my teeth shut once realizing.

"Well .. " she starts in a small voice, "I .. I wanted to know because I think it is kinda .. cool, Daddy." she fidgets a little and looks down at her hands, "The thought of you spanking Eli get me feeling all .. fuzzy inside, if you know what I mean. And we have talked about it a few times, Eli and I, and I think she really likes to be spanked. Especially if it's by you." the last words almost completely unintelligible.

Taken completely aback, I lean back in the chair, food forgotten for the moment as I take in what I just heard. "That would explain the whole, even after she's 18 thing. But .. baby? Isn't it wrong? I know I should be the parent and have all the answers, but lately, I don't know anything at all, let alone if what I am doing and thinking is wrong!"

"Oh Daddy! You poor baby! No, I don't think any of it is wrong. For one thing, Eli will be 18 in just a couple of days, and I am able to buy beer if I wanted. So as far as that is concerned, no, it isn't wrong. What would be wrong is if you forced yourself on anyone, when they didn't want it. And believe me, Eli wants it, bad. Has for some time. I think it was when you had to bust her butt that one time for stealing the candy bar from Tom's Market. We've talked about it a lot, as she was scared she was a freak or something."

"And you don't think that I am some sick old man for the thoughts in my head?!" I had to ask her.

"I am quite curious, and more then willing to listen to these things that are in your head, Daddy, but I honestly don't think that you are anything close to a sick old man. Just a Man with needs, Daddy." she answers with a sweet smile on her face. "And if you want, Daddy, I might be able to, or am offering my services, to help give Eli a special birthday spanking from you, if you want .. ?" she leaves it unasked, but with a big question mark hanging over the conversation.

"Special birthday spanking? Like what?" I ask, being as naive as ever.

"You know. Special. With a little added then just a spanking ..?"

"OH! Would that .. that wouldn't be right! Would it?!" my mind truly not helping me in any way what so ever.

"Daddy .. believe me, it will be fine, and a lot of fun. I can have it all set up for you. You can just bust her sweet ass like you did last night, but add some feeling and rubbing, and who knows what could happen!" her spirit seems to be soaring high.

"Ali .. why would that get you going, though?" I ask her, really curious of the answer.

"Because, since Eli and I started to talk about it, it always just made me damp. Hot as hell .. and I want to see it sometime." she answers now all matter of fact like.

"But I'm just an old Man!" I try to find a way out of all of this, although my mind is bitching at me to stop and accept, because that's what I really really really really want to do.

She then slaps me across the arm, and smiles, "Daddy .. I don't know if you notice, but you are one handsome Man! You have a great body that you keep toned. We have sorta seen how big you can get .. " she pauses then shrugs, "We have sorta seen how big your cock is through your shorts when you don't think we are looking."

I think that I sort of blacked out for a moment there, because I don't remember Ali moving and stand behind me. I just sorta came back to reality and there she was, rubbing my shoulders. "Ali .. I .. I am speechless. How long has this been going on?!"

"Oh .. for me? Several years. You have always been my hero, and the one that I compare every boy I have been with. Which is why I am not with any very long, because none are your match. Why do you think that Eli barely ever has a boyfriend? With how gorgeous she is?" she tells me. Rubbing my shoulders, which I admit, was feelings very good. Her fingers are nice and strong, and hitting the right spots. The little sigh I let out, prompting her to dig in a little more.

"Why me?! Why not your brother?" I can't believe I just asked that, "I mean .. if it had to be one of us, I mean .. uhmm .. he is a handsome guy, younger, and smart as hell .. why wouldn't you feel the same way about him?" I was hoping the answer was something like, "Because, he's too young," or, "No way .. he isn't as stunning," or whatever.

Instead, she says, "Daddy. I think that Dom might be gay. He hasn't ever told either Eli or I this, but sometimes we catch him looking at our boyfriends when they are over and in the pool. But he just doesn't do it for us like you do, Daddy. You are the hero, remember?"

With that, she stopped her massage, and leaned down and kissed my forehead. "I love you, Daddy, very much. I have to go into town to pick up a few things. Should I get anything for you while I am out?"

"Where are you going?" I ask her. Still trying to process everything. Dom might be gay, which is news to me, because he is a very attractive man, and could have any woman he'd want. Ali and Eli have been talking about my manhood for years now. All this is happening so fast, and I am beginning to really start enjoying all this.

"To the Mall for some new clothes. Everything here is a little less expensive then it is in Boston. I might swing by the lingerie store too, for some new under things. Then I was going to head to the department store to pick up that new luggage I wanted. My old is getting holes in the holes." she finishes her meal, and heads to the kitchen while she talks. Her ass swaying so seductively.

"I can't think of anything that we need. How about you pick up something for dinner tonight, and we can all stay in, watch a movie or something, and spend some time together. Oh! And you can go to Mahaffie's and pick up your sisters cake. But leave it in the fridge in the pool house, so she doesn't see it before hand. She never goes in there, anyway." which makes me think of how she normally just uses the outside 'shower' I made to rinse off before and after getting in the pool. Always wearing barely there bikini's.

"Okay! And I will pick up my gift for her. You get her anything special yet?" she asks me as she finishes washing our dishes, and getting a plate together for Eli.

"Yeah. I got her something. She'll love it. It'll be here Saturday." I explain. "But I want it to be a surprise for everyone. So I'm not telling you what it is. You'll have to wait."

"Oh! I like surprises, Daddy! I like giving them, too. So do you want my help to give her her other special present?" she asks with a twinkle in her eye.

"Tell you what. Leave that as a surprise for both Eli and I, then. How's that? You set up what you two want, and I will give in." I smile to her, and purposely adjust my half hard cock in my shorts for her to see.

She licks her lips as she stares, then nods, "Okay, Daddy! This is going to be SO much fun!" and with that, she walks out and goes to her own room, just as the shower stops. In minutes, Ali comes back out, wearing a more modest outfit, if not by much, and heads out the door right after giving me a nice kiss on my lips. No tongue, but loving and passionate all the same.

Eli walks in a few moments later, in just a towel around her middle, and one on her head, capturing her wet hair within.

"Morning, Daddy! How are you today? I feel so good! Just a couple more days before I can legally watch a porno!" she laughs at my look.

"Good morning, Princess. That's true! You can, indeed. I did that as soon as I turned 18, myself, although they were VHS tapes that you had to rewind or fast forward to the good spots. Now they have the DVD's, and that makes life SO much easier when you want to get to the good stuff!" smiling to her, and winking like I have never before, I feel the pleasure building across my entire body.

"Will you take me to get me one, then? Help me pick it out?" she asks me in her little girl voice that she knows will get me to let her have what she wants. I was a strict, but fair and honest disciplinarian, but a lot of the times, they got away with things when they could muster the right look of puppy dog eyes, and the voice of angels.

"What kind do you want, Baby? There is a few Adult stores in town, that I know of. But each has more of a certain selection then the others." I tell her, growing more fond of the idea, and anxious to here the answer.

"Oh, I like older men and younger women. Uhmmm. Spanking and stuff is nice, too. What do you like, Daddy?" she asks while not really looking at my eyes, but trying to see into my lap. So, without being too obvious, I adjust in my recliner to give her a little better view of the bulge beginning in my shorts. Her towel has been slipping loose and showing more of her skin, so we were both getting a little show.

"Me? Hmm. I have a few different kinds. I mostly really like watching two girls doing each other. I have one of some light bondage. But, as a man, mostly anything will work to get me going." I chuckle with her on that one. I do notice, however, that the color in her chest is rising a bit, and her breath is a bit more rapid.

"Oh! Well .. " she stammers a little .. "I want those kinds too, I think. I didn't even know you had any. Can we watch one now?" she asks with a little tremor in her voice.

"You want to watch one with this old geezer?" I play it off a little, "Besides, we don't know when Dom will be home."

"I forgot to tell you, huh? He called last night. He said he wasn't going to be home til either later tonight, or tomorrow morning. I think he met someone. And Ali shouldn't be back for hours. And Daddy, you are not an old geezer. You are the most handsome man I know." she smiles at me, seriously, then adjust her towel a little. Giving me a good glimpse inside and seeing the swell of her firm breasts and nipples. They are nice and hard little nubs.

"Well .. in that case .. I suppose we could. Just don't tell anyone. They'll think I am some weirdo old man." I chuckle to her.

"Yay! I'll go get my brush and be right back, Daddy. You go and get it and set it up?"

"Sure. But you need to eat breakfast before we start it." I tell her, which reminds her that I am still Dad.

"Okay!" and with that, she darts off to her room, and seconds later is back without the head towel, and carrying her big brush. She slides into her seat just as I turn the corner and go into my room. Not believing that I am about to watch a porno with my God-Daughter. I bring out the three that I have, and let her choose. One is called "Lesbian's Paradise" another is called "Making Her Behave" and the last one is called, "Three's the Way".

She really looks them over, checking out the pictures on the back. Still eating on her eggs, and drinking her milk and juice, she finally says .. "Can we watch some of each of them, Daddy?" which kind of shocked me, because I didn't think she would want to watch the lesbian one. "Sure, baby. The next couple of days, are your days. You only turn an adult once in your life, so I want you to enjoy it."

She really looks excited as she finishes her breakfast, and I pop in the first one. The three way one.

I sit in my recliner, which I turned a little towards the couch when she went to grab her brush, and she sat down on the couch, already brushing her hair. Which I love to watch. Forgetting the movie, and just watching her, she turns, sees me watching, and says, "Daddy, are you going to watch the movie, or me?" she smiles. "Oh, sorry." I wink at her, then press play on the remote.

I get it playing, then hit the fast forward til it gets to the first scene. There is two guys and one girl. She is a blond big titted bimbo type, and the guys were well hung studs. She gets it in every hole, and loves it. I am watching Eli more then I am the movie, and the way she keeps squirming and moving around on the couch makes me even more excited. The towel parting a bit, and provides me with a good view of her toned belly and chest. Her legs are crossed in front of her, and her hair is kind of covering her breasts as she brushes it, but it is such an erotic sight, that it takes no time for me to get a full hard-on. Which I adjust.

I look at the t.v., and watch the girl take a cock in her ass, and the other she is sucking his cock like it was a Popsicle and she was dying of thirst. Each time I adjusted my hard cock, or just stroke it a little at the hot scene and the sight of her, I watch out of the corner of my eye, her watching me. She licks her lips as she stares at my cock. I turn to watch her eyes and lips, and when she sees that I am watching, quickly turns back to the movie.

After the scene, she asks if we can watch another one. I said sure, and get up to switch it out. After I stand, I purposely reach towards the ceiling in a stretch, giving her a decent view of my cock through my shorts. Just a couple feet from where she is.

I get the lesbian movie, and put it in. After hitting play, it immediately goes to a scene with a little bit older girl. She is a brunette with large breasts, and a body to cream over. After a few minutes of cheesy acting on the phone, another girl walks in. This one a red head with a smaller frame and tits. The older one, maybe in her later 20's, seduces the younger, and they begin to have a nice and wet sex fest.

This time, Eli's eyes were glued to the screen, and her hands were nonchalantly stroking her nipples on one of her breasts. Her breathing becoming quite uneven. Biting her lower lip in such a way that made me wanna cum in my shorts.

After that scene, I stop it and ask, "Ready for the other one, or have you had enough?"

"Please do play more! I am loving this!" she answers with a lustful gleam to her eye.

I put in the bondage movie. I purposefully waited to play this one last, because of the whole spanking thing. I cued it up as I sat back down, not even attempting to hide my erection.

The scene came on, and it has this girl tied to a bed. Spread out and tied to the four posts at each corner of the big bed. The girl is probably only 18 or 19. She is completely shaved. Her breasts are about as large as Eli's. The man comes into frame, and begins to tease the girl with his kisses all over her body.

I watch Eli, and she is starting to really squirm now. After the scene, in which the man finally fucks her bound body, I ask if she wants to watch some more. She immediately says yes. So I hit it to the next scene, knowing exactly what was coming. This girl with long wavy auburn hair is sitting in front of a desk. Behind the desk is an older man, about Dom's age. The plot is that she is a school girl, and was sent to the 'principal' for being bad in class.

The girls tells the man that she will do anything to be able to stay in school, and not have her parents called. The man tells her that maybe after a good spanking, they will see if she has learned anything.

I watched Eli the whole time as the man on the screen pulls the girl over his lap, pulls her school skirt up and over her hips, and pulls her panties down out of the way. Before the spanking was done, Eli asked me something that I thought I would never hear in all my life. "Daddy? Do you mind if I play with myself while watching this? It has me so turned on right now!"

"Sure, baby. I'll go into my room, and give you some privacy," I tell her, which in my head, I knew was a lie, because I would do everything I could to watch her, even if she didn't know it.

"That's okay! I don't mind if you are here, if you don't." she says with a little flush to her features, but a look in her eyes that is more of a plead then anything.

"I don't mind at all, Princess. I am glad you are enjoying this." expecting her to keep herself hidden under the towel, I get surprised when she stands and pulls it completely off, and lays it across the couch before sitting back onto it.

She spreads her legs and starts to slide her fingers over her gorgeous and wet slit. Her eyes watching the man spank the girl til her ass is red as scarlet. The moans coming from her makes my cock leak precum in my shorts, and lurch each time she slides her fingers in and out of her pussy.

When that part of the scene is over, the girl gets down on her knees in front of the man, and pulls his cock out of his pants, and begins to give him a great looking blow job. I stroke my cock a few times through my shorts as I go from watching the screen and watching my teenage God-Daughter. Whenever she would catch me watching her, she would just smile a moment before halfway closing her eyes in bliss. The first time she orgasms is when the girl on the screen gets a load of cum all over her face and lips.

The next scene I let just go, as I am more into watching Eli play with her perfect pussy and pinching her own hard nipples.

The next scene has two girls and a guy. One of the girls is pulled around by the other with a leash. She pulls the girl around a nice looking home for a few minutes before pulling the girl to her, and pushing her head into her exposed cunt. The girl in the leash lashes her tongue out and happily and greedily licks the others sex from her asshole to her clit. The man comes over, and gets behind the girl, smacking her ass as he shoves his cock into her. First into her tight looking pussy, then after licking and spitting into her ass, forces his big dick into her sphincter. All the while, pushing her head into the cunt of the other.

By now, Eli is going good, already reaching a second, longer and louder, orgasm. Which has me about to the point of coating the inside of my shorts.

Almost like reading my mind, Eli says, "I don't mind if you want to jack off, Daddy. I would like to watch you do that while watching these incredible things on the t.v.!"

Without even hesitating, I pull my cock out of it's confines, and begin to stroke it, watching Eli, and not really paying any attention to the movie. Which, I realized, Eli was doing the same. She watched me the whole time as I stroke my so very hard cock. The precum coating my fingers as I match her tempo. Her fingers going in and out of her juicy heat. As she would push in, I would push down on my cock, and lift when she would pull them out. Within just a few moments, I announced that I will be cumming soon. She stares at my cock, and begins an orgasm of her own just as the jets of white milky cum shoots from my cock. Coating my stomach and hands in the goo. She keeps quivering and cumming and squirming the whole time.

I finally relax back into the chair, and let out a long breath. The smell of her sex is driving me wild, as my cock stays inflated. "Wow, Daddy. That was amazing. SO HOT!" she says as she stands and walks over to me. Not knowing what to expect, but in the mind set to let her do anything she wants. She dips a finger into my seed along my belly, collecting some of it on her finger, and lifts it to her lush lips. After moaning around her finger, and cleaning it off, she smiles down to me. "You taste perfect, Daddy."

"You look perfect to me, Baby. So we're even." I get out. After that, I get up and go to the bathroom to wash off. I come back into the living room and see the movies put back in their cases, and set aside so I can put them back. The towel was still on the couch and as I picked it up, I realized it is soaked. I smell it, and damn near cum again as I smell her pussy juices all over it. I take it into my room like I am going to put it in the hamper, but really I put it under my bed so I can smell it when I jack off later.

Eli had gone to her room, and came back out a little later with her normal goth look, but now, to me, she looks even more hot then I thought before. I never liked how she dressed and everything, but now, it just has a hotness to it.

She comes over to me, and leans on to her tip toes and gives me a sweet kiss just like her sister did a little while ago. No tongue, but lovely and passionate. "Thanks, Daddy! That was amazing. I hope we can do it again, sometime!"

I hold her in my arms for a little while, feeling her chest pressing against mine. "You are welcome, Baby. Sure, anytime," I reply.

Being really happy about that, she tells me she will be back a little later, and heads out the door. I yell to her to be back in time for dinner, and she hollers back that she will.

I go back to my room, and fish out the towel to inhale and enjoy while I think about what all happened, and what happen in the future ..

To be continued ..
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