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Welcome To The Family

a young woman uses the power of seduction to overwhelm her uncle
Bill was taking stock of his life. He’d been divorced for a good number of years now, no kids. After twenty years of being a long-haul over the road trucker, he’d been all over the country. He had memories of plenty of women along the way – all kinds. He’d had sexual encounters with strangers, blind dates, old friends from high school, even truck stop hookers. As he rolled down the highway, he often daydreamed about new avenues of sexual adventure, new things he might want to explore…

Bondage? No, he thought, not for him. He wouldn’t want to be a submissive and he was sure he wouldn’t even know how to be a master. Group sex was out; he laughed to himself, thinking he didn’t need the added pressure of trying to please more than one woman at a time! And being in a sexual encounter along with another guy? No thanks! Not for me!
Incest, there’s an unexplored topic. Again, he laughed aloud at such a ridiculous idea, images of his various unappealing relatives going through his mind. “I really do have quite a collection of fucking relatives”, he thought to himself, “but none worth fucking!” He smiled at his own joke.

Then, Bill was conscious of a quickening of his heart rate at the thought of a recent newcomer to the family: his niece, Lisa. Eighteen year old Lisa – he felt like a fucking pervert just thinking of her like this. Immediately, his thoughts bounced back and forth between relishing his suddenly dirty thoughts, and trying to put her out of his mind completely.

On the one hand, he had to admit that she was fucking gorgeous. She had an amazing voluptuous grown-up body, despite her childish manner. On the other hand, she was his brother’s kid! “Jack would kill me if he knew I was horny for his own daughter” Bill thought to himself. Then again, she technically wasn’t really Jack’s daughter and wasn’t even a relative at all, biologically speaking.

She was only Jack’s stepdaughter; when Jack had recently married for the second time, he not only brought a new and lovely wife his own age into the family. Along with the marriage came his wife’s teen daughter from a previous marriage, frankly a bombshell of a young girl that was unlike anyone else in the family.

“Technically”, he said to himself, “it’s not really incest. She’s really not a blood relative at all.” “No”, he thought, “ I had it right the first time – Jack would fucking kill me!” Still, he had a very hard time putting Lisa out of his mind as he continued down the road. He knew nothing would ever happen; how could it?

For several weeks while driving, he enjoyed a mental exploration of the possibilities as he put in many long miles. He passed the time creating all sorts of sexual scenarios involving him and Lisa. Knowing that none of them could possibly become reality, he nevertheless enjoyed the fantasy.

During this time he was away from home almost continuously. His brother Jack put on a big party for Lisa’s eighteenth birthday, but Bill’s schedule didn’t allow him to be there. Lisa was on Bill’s mind quite a bit, though, and he had to admit that he was eager to get home for a much-needed five-day break from life on the road. He had no idea that the line between fantasy and reality was about to be crossed, in an unexpected episode that was as sudden as it was earthshaking.

It all started five days after Lisa’s eighteenth birthday. Bill was finally back from his long road trip. Right away, he paid a visit to his brother, Jack. Lisa was there, too, doing her best to make her uncle Bill’s mouth water. She was wearing a ridiculously short skirt and a very tight scoop-necked top.

Bill tried not to stare at her exposed cleavage as he chatted with Jack and Lisa, but his eyes were drawn up and down, up and down. He could see every damn inch of those long, tanned legs, and the curves of Lisa’s breasts seemed to be begging to be cupped, caressed, squeezed… “ Oh fuck, get a hold of yourself!” he thought.

Lisa demanded that she be allowed to hang out with her uncle Bill for a while, since he had missed her eighteenth birthday party. Jack excused himself, saying he and his wife had some chores to do and needed to be gone for several hours. Lisa was alone with her uncle Bill, and would have him all to herself for the whole afternoon.

“Uncle Bill, you missed my party,” Lisa reminded him. “So now you have to do me a favor. I want you to finally give me a ride in your truck. There’s somewhere out on the highway I want you to take me.” Bill asked her where she wanted to go, but she said it was a surprise. He had no idea what she had in mind, but he was enjoying the idea of being alone with Lisa.

He began to wonder whether this was such a good idea, staring at her shapely ass as he helped her climb up into the cab of his truck. He had a hard time looking her in the eye as she said thank you and smiled down at him; he had gotten a nice long look up under her skimpy skirt as she climbed onto the seat of the truck. He began to have second thoughts after he caught a glimpse of her white panties and watched her tanned athletic thighs flexing as she climbed up. She seemed firm and strong but incredibly soft and sexy at the same time.

“What have I gotten myself into?” he wondered as he climbed in. As he climbed behind the wheel, he saw Lisa admiring his hardwood-and-chromed-steel gearshift. The knob was a large egg-shaped ball of solid mahogany, polished and smooth from years of use. The shift handle was a curved and tapered chrome shaft. In the otherwise utilitarian surroundings of his truck cab, Bill had always thought of it as a work of art.

Lisa was toying with it and asked how he could even grab that enormous knob; she couldn’t quite wrap her hand around it. “Well,” said Bill, “my hand’s a lot bigger than yours, I guess.” He laid his hand on top of hers, his rough fingers easily swallowing up the shift knob and her tiny hand at the same time. Thinking he was being a little too familiar with her, he quickly pulled his hand away. Lisa smiled; she liked how it felt to have uncle Bill take her hand like that.

They took off, with Lisa giving directions but not hinting at the destination. No sooner had they started rolling than Lisa began some good-natured complaining about her mother, Jack’s new wife. It was about what you’d expect from a teenage daughter: her mom didn’t like her friends, she never let Lisa try new things, etc. etc. Lisa seemed like a typical young kid, wanting more independence from her parents.

But soon Bill asked a couple of questions about exactly what Lisa wanted that her mother wouldn’t allow; at this point the conversation took an unexpected turn. The first thing Lisa blurted out in response was that she wanted to try sex toys! Her mother wouldn’t even talk about such a perverted subject, and Bill started to really feel uncomfortable as Lisa began a much-too-detailed conversation about it.

“I don’t think it’s perverted, do you uncle Bill?” Lisa asked innocently. “I just want to have fun, and mom won’t even talk about it with me. When I started telling her what I’ve been doing up to now when I need to play with my pussy, she didn’t even want to hear it.”

Realizing what she had said, she got wide-eyed for a moment. “Oops – I’m sorry, uncle Bill! I can’t believe I even told you that I do that! Is it OK that I said the word pussy?” Bill laughed (a little too nervously, he thought) and said that Lisa should always feel free to say absolutely anything she wanted when she was with him.

He made the mistake of asking her to go ahead and tell him what she couldn’t tell her mother. Soon he noticed the perspiration on his own upper lip, as Lisa told him of how dissatisfied she was with masturbating with ordinary household objects. He had a hard time concentrating on his driving, and stared straight ahead as Lisa talked about things she had tried at home: oiled cucumbers, small bottles, hairbrush handles, even pressing her pussy up against a vibrating clothes dryer – nothing seemed good enough.

That’s when Lisa told him that she wanted him to take her down the highway to the XXX video store. She knew there would be sex toys, vibrators, etc. for sale there. “Are you kidding?” he said, flabbergasted at the suggestion. “You want me to go into one of those crummy places with my own niece?”

He turned to look at Lisa and was shocked to see that she had pulled down her panties. They were dangling loosely around one ankle. She had pulled one foot up onto the seat, forcing her legs apart. Her pussy was fully exposed and she was slowly, deliberately rubbing herself as she stared at Bill, now barely able to hold the road. He knew he should yell at her to stop – but all he did was stare.

Lisa, realizing she was in complete control of the situation, continued nonchalantly. “Yes please, uncle Bill – that’s what I want for my birthday. I want to get one of those nice, fat, soft rubber cocks that I can use any time I want, when I need to make myself cum!”

Bill stared back at the road for a few seconds, trying to control himself. He knew that he should tell her to stop what she was doing, that he would have no part of this. He knew he should tell her to cover herself up and go back into the sleeper part of the cab where he couldn’t see her. He knew he should turn the truck around right now and head back home.

He knew all those things, but his lust for this young girl was definitely in control now. Or rather, he knew that Lisa had taken control. She could do whatever she wanted and he would play along, powerless to stop her. He purposely guided the truck onto the roughest part of the roadbed and turned to watch Lisa’s beautifully rounded breasts bobbing up and down, her tits swaying to the motions of the truck.

Lisa closed her eyes and smiled silently at his lusting stare, and pushed two wet fingers in and out of her gushing pussy. She was beginning to realize that uncle Bill would do whatever she wanted. It began to dawn on her that a man’s desire for her body could give her an amazing power over him.

She wondered how far she could lead him, and decided to find out. After all, she was eighteen now; she could do whatever she wanted, right?

“Thanks for taking me there, uncle Bill,” Lisa giggled and stood up. “What now?” he thought. He kept trying to drive; Lisa crawled across the cab and stood up next to him. She put her arms around his shoulders, kissing him on the cheek. “You’re a wonderful uncle,” she said, caressing his chest. He couldn’t help turning to stare at her; those amazing taut breasts were inches from his face.

“You like them, don’t you?” Lisa said. “You like my tits and ass, don’t you uncle Bill?” He was speechless and only nodded, feeling like an idiot. Lisa reached down under the hem of her skirt with two fingers. She scooped up a generous helping of cream from her naked pussy and offered it to Bill. He licked and sucked the wonderfully sweet juices from her fingers without saying a word.

For a few minutes neither of them said anything. Their hearts were both pounding madly, each wondering how far the other would go, afraid that any words would make the other want to stop. And neither of them wanted to stop.

Bill reached up and caressed Lisa’s breasts, one then the other. She held on tight to his neck, trying to steady herself as the truck bounced down the highway. She decided to help him out and quickly reached under her top to unhook her bra, then fell back onto him. As she steadied herself, her hand slid down his chest. Bill reached up to fondle her exposed and beautifully rounded mounds and immediately felt his cock harden. Lisa saw this and smiled to herself; she knew she was in complete control now.

Briefly retreating to her own seat across the cab, Lisa spread her legs wide apart and tried to relieve some of the ache in her pussy. No matter how hard she rubbed and fingered herself, it just wasn’t enough. She tugged at her tight-fitting top, pulling it over her head. Her bra fell to the floor along with it, and she stood up to come back over to Bill in the driver’s seat. Sweat ran down Bill’s temple; his cock strained hard down the leg of his jeans.

Still, neither one of them spoke; they were acting out a scene that had already gone through both their minds many times. It was a scene of unthinkable perversions and unknown consequences. In her mind, Lisa was acting out an internet porn movie like the ones she had only recently discovered; a movie without dialogue, just a plot about satisfying a forbidden lust.

She offered her naked breasts to Bill as he tried to hold the road; he sucked for a brief moment at the tender taste of her hot nipples. He reluctantly pushed her away, unable to see. His hand roamed across her beautiful curves as her hand reached down to caress the bulge in his jeans. She got on her knees beside him and tugged at his belt, unbuttoning and unzipping. Bill lifted his ass off the seat to let her slide his pants down. Lisa smiled at the way his eagerness made him press down on the accelerator, making the engine roar as his cock sprang free.

She thought to herself, “He’s so stiff…so fucking big…he’s so goddam hard, just from looking at me!” She felt so powerful, being able to control this man with nothing but the sight of her own nakedness.

She got back to her feet, standing next to him again, her hot breasts pressed against his cheek as she reached down to grip his swollen cock. She hummed a soft approving groan as she felt the heat of his stiff rod, her fingers encircling the throbbing shaft. She began pumping it up and down, stroking slowly as Bill groaned his wordless approval.

He was barely able to see where he was going as he kissed and licked at Lisa’s beautifully soft tits, swaying next to his face. She was standing with her legs wide apart, trying to keep her balance in the bouncing truck. She was wearing nothing except her white socks and sneakers. Lisa was desperate to finger her pussy again, but she had one arm wrapped around Bill’s neck and the other hand was busy pumping Bill’s now fully engorged cock. Her pussy was aching and dripping wet.

Needing to switch gears going up a slight hill, Bill reached for the gearshift and his hand went right between Lisa’s smooth thighs. “Mmm!” she sighed approvingly as he worked the gears, his arm rubbing against her wetness. Her sweet musky aroma filled the space between them. Bill sucked hard at one of Lisa’s stiff nipples as her hand quickened its pace on his stiff shaft.

Lisa, desperate for a stronger touch against her pussy lips, rocked back and forth along his arm as Bill gripped the shift knob tightly. She loved the feel of uncle Bill’s muscular forearm, using it to masturbate her smooth pussy mound, leaving a stream of wetness along his tight muscles. They hit a bump in the road and she stumbled backward slightly. Bill instinctively let go of the gearshift knob and reached up to grab her.

“Oh!” she cried out as she fell back into the grip of his hand; his strong fingers cradled her ass cheeks as the truck roared on. They must have been going eighty miles and hour by now. Lisa froze for a moment as her ass was being cradled by Bill’s hand; the lips of her pussy were resting against the knob of the gearshift!

She could feel the vibrations of the speeding truck against the dripping wet folds of her cunt. Here was a new sensation waiting to be explored! Bill pulled his arm back and began running his hand up and down her inner thighs as she started stroking his cock again, harder and faster than before.

“Oh uncle Bill”, Lisa broke the silence at last. “That knob of yours is so fucking smooth and polished – and hard – and BIG!” At first he thought she was talking about the cock in her hand. “It’s so fucking big, I love it! And that long, hard, vibrating shaft – so smooth and strong – oh fuck, this is so incredible. I’ve got to have it – I’ve got to have it inside me! Oh shit – oh fuck, this is so good!!”

Bill suddenly realized that all this talk about knobs and shafts wasn’t about his cock at all. His roaming hand reached the uppermost part of Lisa’s inner thigh and suddenly froze. He almost ran the truck off the road as he stared in amazement at this unexpected and incredibly erotic sight.

With one hand on Bill’s shoulder, her tits bouncing in his face as she bent down to stroke madly at his cock, Lisa’s tight little ass was pressed backward, hard against the knob of the truck’s gearshift lever. Lisa’s hot and dripping pussy had completely swallowed the shift knob and she was using it to fuck herself! It was a rounded ball of hard mahogany, smoothly polished from years of use. The size of Lisa’s fist, it had completely disappeared inside her steaming wet slit, and she was shaking now as she writhed up and down in ecstasy.

Bill was close to cumming and fought to maintain control of himself and the roaring truck, now doing ninety. Lisa was fucking herself into a frenzy as Bill grabbed her ass and helped to push her up and down, impaling herself on the vibrating knob and shaft. His balls began to tighten, as Lisa’s grip on his hard meat did the same. The truck hit a slight incline and it was time to shift – but there was nothing he could do. The gear lever was solidly lost inside Lisa’s quivering hot pussy!

Needing to downshift, the truck began to protest. A low rumbling vibration mounted from deep inside the engine. Bill floored it, trying to keep the truck from stalling. He pressed hard and lifted his ass up off the seat, his cock straight up in the air. Lisa began pumping him frantically, gasping and breathless as her orgasm started to overwhelm her.

The vibrations increased and Lisa began screaming obscenities. She was getting fucked by the truck itself! The increasing vibrations mounted until they overtook her body in an avalanche of pleasure. She jerked wildly on Bill’s cock as she went over the edge.

“Oh my god, fuck yes! This is so goddam fucking good, oh fucking shit! Fuck me – FUCK ME!!” Lisa’s pussy gushed as she exploded in the most intense orgasm of her young life. The creaminess of her pussy overflowed the hot vibrating knob inside her – wetness streamed down both her thighs. Bill’s hand was on her hip, gripping the beautiful sweet flesh of her ass, pressing her down, forcing the vibrations to resound deep inside her.

Somehow Bill managed to slow the truck and pull over safely. Lisa was still impaled, the knob inside her pussy still vibrating with the deep rumble of the truck’s engine. She was in a mad frenzied passion and reached down to grip Bill’s shaft with both hands. She locked her fingers together and pumped as hard as she could at this massive fistful of hard cock.

Bill’s balls erupted with one violent spurt after another, shooting long ropes of cum straight up in the air. Lisa’s neck, hands and arms were covered in cum. She rubbed the hot gobs all over, lubing his cock shaft with it, covering her tits with it, and finally licking it eagerly from her fingers.

At last, pulling herself off of the gearshift with a final orgasmic quiver and a satisfied moan, Lisa let go of Bill’s cock and fell back onto the seat, exhausted but happy.

Bill kept thinking about how fucking dead he would be if his brother or sister-in-law found out about this. Lisa was thinking about how she could pretty much do whatever she wanted with uncle Bill from now on. She knew she had him hooked!

“Never mind going to the XXX store now, uncle Bill” she said. “There’s no way I could ever find a dildo or vibrator that would come close to this!” They both laughed; but Bill was still worried, hoping Lisa knew how to keep a secret. He put on the parking brake and reached down to grab his pants. Wanting to get dressed for the drive back home, he told Lisa to do the same.

Seeing his jizz-coated cock, still hard and bobbing up and down, Lisa said, “let’s clean up first”. She got down on her knees and eagerly started. Bill was dumbstruck at the sudden sensation of Lisa’s tongue and lips as she worked on his cock. He watched her head bobbing up and down, her tits lightly bouncing as streams of cum ran down her body. Looking down on her, he marveled at the beauty of her smooth but well-toned thighs and her perfectly shaped ass.

Where had this young girl learned to suck a cock like this? She lovingly tended to his balls, then licked the shaft up and down. She cupped his balls in her hand and sucked hard on the head of his dick. “Hmmm…” she moaned, loving the taste as she sucked the last of his cum from the still-hard shaft. Finally, she slurped and sucked him a little deeper, making wet gurgling and gagging noises just for fun, and pulled away with a string of thick saliva hanging between his swollen mushroom and her chin.

“There, uncle Bill – all clean now!” She used her panties and bra to try to wipe off some of the thick gobs of cum that covered her. Then she smiled and began to put on her top and skirt for the ride home. As the truck began to roll, Lisa laughed and threw her panties and bra out the window.

She knew that Bill would enjoy the idea of her pussy continuing to gush its wetness onto the seat as they went. She also knew that he liked the way she looked, her amazing nipples so obviously hard and naked against her tight-fitting top.

Neither one said a word as they began the half hour trip back home, but the same thoughts occupied both their minds. If they had been able to read each other’s thoughts, they would have heard the same words being repeated over and over by each of them:

That hot pussy needs something else big and hard inside it. What must it feel like to have this pussy gripping the hard shaft of a real cock? What would it be like to feel uncle Bill’s mouth going down on Lisa’s soft young pussy, to have his tongue wiggling deep inside her?

 And the one thought, overriding all others:

We’ve got the whole fucking afternoon to ourselves!

Bill was back in control of the vehicle, Lisa’s sexual distractions no longer being the direct cause of his previously erratic steering and speeding. He was concentrating now, fully controlling what his truck was doing.

He went ninety-five all the way home and did the trip in twenty minutes flat!



(to be continued…)

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