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Winter Formal: The Aftermath

Winter Formal: The Aftermath

Our relationship intensifies.

True to my word, I called Debbie the next day. She seemed genuinely glad to hear from me, so we made plans for another date.  Since the Winter Formal was the unofficial end of the first Semester, we both had free time during the day. We agreed to go skating at the local ice rink with a stop at the local malt shop afterwards. When I arrived, still driving my Dad's old '48 Dodge clunker, she informed me that we had to be home by 5, and I was not allowed into her house without her parents home.  "I guess your Mom doesn't trust you." I said.

"Oh, she trusts me just fine. It's you they don't trust. She's not so old that she doesn't remember when she was our age, you know."

"If she only knew!"

For that comment I got a playful slap on the shoulder and we headed for the rink. I considered it a successful date since I only fell on my ass twice, and kept her from falling once by grabbing her by the boobs. When the rink got too crowded, she suggested heading for  the malt shop.  We sat in the very back of the shop  where we shared a large chocolate malted. Normally we would have sat opposite each other, but after she sat down, she indicated I should sit next to her. The drink arrived and as I went to take a sip, her handslipped under the table, landing on my thigh. "So, tell me," she said, "What's it like dating the school lezzie." Between her hand and her words, I almost choked on the malted.

"I take it you're not big on subtlety."

Again she slapped my shoulder, "Asshole!"

"Well, honestly, I like it so far, but I don't for a minute believe you are one. Your performance in the back of 'the bomb' Saturday night leads me to believe that, while you may have experienced some things at Prep school, you haven't switched your allegiance."

She leaned over and licking my ear, she whispered, "Some time I'll show you what I learned there. Not all Private school girls are lesbians, so, even though we have no live cocks to play with..." At this point she squeezed my now rampant bulge in my pants. "Let's just say, necessity is the mother of invention."

After we finished our drink, I suggested we ride up to 'Old Road' before I had to take her home.

"You just want to get your hand in my pants again, you perv." she said, feigning righteous indignation. "But first, I need to stop at the A&P."

Thinking nothing of it, I agreed. She ran in and returned not three minutes later, with a bag of carrots.

"What are those for?"

Non-chalantly she replied, "Dinner."

We parked the car and both headed for the back seat, where we started kissing and groping. She had my fly unzipped and my cock out in record time. She squeezed the shaft, looked up at me, then down at the helmet."There it is!"

"There what is?"

"Proof that you are getting ready to cum. See that little drop right there?" she said pointing to my helmet. She licked it off just before swallowing my cock to the root. She pulled off, smiled and added, "I'm gonna make you cum, and your going to make me cum." She engulfed my rod again, bobbing up and down enthusiastically, her tongue swirling around just under my crown.

Remembering what she said about grabbing her head, I reached lower slipping my hand in her blouse, caressing her breasts and feeling her niples stiffen. She moaned, the vibrations making me twitch. "Ohh fuck! Don't stop, Deb. Please don't stop!" She didn't. In fact, she cupped my balls scratching just behind the sac. She hummed some more. "Gonna cum! gonna...gonna...CUMMM!" I grunted, pumping my warm seed onto her waiting tongue.

She pulled off my deflating cock, giving it one last squeeze and suck. "Want some?" she said sticking her cum coated tongue out.

I accepted her invitation, recalling how much she enjoyed sharing last Saturday. Not my favorite flavor, but palatable. And knowing how much it turned her on I went for it with considerable gusto.

"Now its your turn to get me off!" she said wiping a little spillage off her chin and licking it from the back of her hand. "That's what the carrots are for. Pick out a good size one and I'll show you a trick, the girls taught me at school."

I chose one that was fairly thick at the top and about 7 inches long. "Now, tease me with it!" she said, flipping up her skirt and exposing lace panties. Guiding my carrot filled hand, she rubbed the thick end against the gusset of her undergarment. I got the message! I started rubbing against the lace, pushing it between her pussylips. "Ohhh! Yesss!"  she throatily whispered as she laid back on the car seat. The back seat of the Dodge filled with the scent of her sex as her panties soaked up the juices emanating from within her. I pulled the garment over her hips and downpast her knees, exposing her lust engorged pussy. Flipping the carrot around I tickled her lips with the skinny tip before slipping it just inside "Oh you nasty boy!" she whispered placing her hand on the back of my head and pulling my face into the tanble of orange hairs guarding the entry to her virtue. I feathered my tongue against her emerging clit as she spread her legs, making it all the easier to maneuver the carrot. "That feels strange."

"Want me to stop?" I asked, hesitating for a moment.

"God, no!... It's strange,... but a good strange" she stammered, still holding my face to her cunt. I resarted my assault on her clit, alternating between feather touches and doggy kisses, sucking up her sweet juices as I went.

"Don't stop!...Cumming...Oh God...Yes!...Yes! YES!." Her fingers curled in my hair, her thighs clamped against my head, and her body went rigid, as her orgasm totally consumed her.

I continued to rasp against her clit until she pushed me away. "Too much!"  With my head out of the way, she curled up until the waves of orgasm receded. She took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply, savoring her flavor off my lips and tongue. Pulling the carrot from her pussy she said, "Here's your dinner!" Playing along, I sucked her juices off the carrot.

"Delicious! Can I have seconds?"

Opening her legs, she smiled and replied, "Kitchen's open!"

Diving in, using my fingers instead of the carrot, I smothered her clit with kisses, bringing her off again in record time.

"We have to stop." she panted, " I can't take anymore." Looking at her watch, she added, "Besides You need to get me home."

Reluctantly, I pulled my face from her leaking pussy, licking my lips. I handed her the carrot. "Here! You  might need this, tonight."

Handing me her damp panties, she smiled. "Here!" she said, "You might need these tonight, yourself."

I dropped her off at home, with a promise to get together tomorrow morning and telling, in detail, how our evening apart went.

I called her a little after 8 A.M. "So, how was your evening?" 

"It took forever for my Mom to go to bed." she answered, "And I guess I was a little too vocal. I must have woken her up, because she knocked on my door, asking if I was OK. Pulling the covers up to my chin and leaving the carrot lodged in my cunny, I told her I must have been having a nightmare. After she wished me goodnight again, she went back to bed and I threw the covers off and, as silently as I could, brought myself off."

"To have been a fly on the wall." I sighed.

"You mean, you would have watched me?"

"Hell, yeah!"

"You perv! And what about your night?"

"Well, I thought about using your panties and jerking off onto them, but the logistics of cleaning and drying them without getting caught made me think twice."


"And, so I siffed them and stroked myself."

"I'd have liked to see that!"

"You would?"

"Hell yeah!" she laughed. "Are you busy?" I told her that I wasn't and didn't have any specific plans. "How about I come over. You can't come here since Mom's not home, but I'd like to see you again."

"Sure. Everyone but me has gone to work, so we'll have the place to ourselves for a few hours."

Ten minutes after she hung up, the doorbell rang. I opened it up. There she was, all bundled up. She smiled, stepped inside and laid a long, passionate kiss on me. Stepping back, she shucked her coat, hat and gloves, hanging them on the hall tree. She reached into the pocket of her skirt, smiling devilishly. "I even brought this?" she said, producing the carrot. "You weren't kidding when you said you wanted to watch, were you?"

"Can I eat the carrot when you're done with it?"

She slapped me on the shoulder, "You perv!" she said, adding, "Of course you can, unless you'd rather eat me."

I stood there, hand on my chin, elbow resting on my other forearm, doing an imitation of Jack Benny, "Let's see. Eating your carrot. Eating your pussy. I'll have to think about that!"

"Asshole! Which way to your bedroom?"

"Allow me to escort you." I replied feigning formality.

We didn't even bother to close the door. We fell onto the bed, tearing each others clothes off. She sat up against the pillows, legs crossed, Indian style. "No touching!" She placed the thick end of the carrot  to her lips, kissing it just before opening her mouth and letting it slide in. I sat at the foot of the bed, my gaze glued to her pretty teen body. I looked at her face as she sucked on the carrot. I looked at her breasts with their pointy, puffy nipples, and I looked at her pussy, already moist, before she placed the carrot against it. I watched her face as she pressed it home. It took on a dreamy quality as she fucked herself with her right hand, and played with her clit with her right. She began to moan as she quickened the pace, the carrot going deep before almost coming completely out, her index finger flicking across her clit. "Like what you see?"

"Oh God, do I!" grabbing the base of my already rigid cock.

I watched as her nipples stiffened, wanting to reach out with either my hands or my mouth. I restrained myself as her breathing became more ragged. She was close to cumming! My eyes flitted back and forth from her angelic face to her ever moistening cunt. The carrot was making obscene noises as it churned her pussy into a froth. "Oh!.. Ohyeah!... Ohfuck!... Cumminnnggg!" she cried, as her body went rigid and the carrot popped out. She sank into the pillows as her body convulsed in orgasmic pleasure.

She opened her eyes, smiled, and said, "Your turn!"

I went to my dresser and pulled out her panties, returning to the bed and sitting beside her. Lifting the garment to my nose, I breathed in her scent, a combination of Shalimar and her pussy, and began to stroke myself. The panties fell off my face. Debbie held them up to my nose as I began stroking in earnest. When it became apparent that I was about to blow my load, she wrapped my helmet in the soft cotton of her panties. I continued to jerk my cock until it exploded all over the gusset of her undergarment, smearing my seed all over. She leaned down, capturing my helmet in her mouth and sucked the dregs of my masturbation from my prick, followed by a deep cummy kiss. "Do you have a condom, handy?" she asked still stroking my flaccid member. I eached down between the matress and the box spring, producing it with a flourish. "Oh, good. I am sooo horny!" she aid, taking the package from me and tearing it open. My cock recovered in record time and she rolled the Trojan onto my re-stiffening cock. "I want you to be my first." she said.

"You've had carrots but no guys?"

"Yes. Technically, I'm a virgin. occasional wine bottle... but no live, male cocks...until now!"

She slouched down the bed and I stepped between her outstretched legs, aiming my hardness at her exposed pussy.   I stared intently as I placed my sheathed helmet between her lips and slowly pushed forward until our pubic bones kissed.

"Make love to me..." she whispered as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me close. Her nipples pressed against my chest, her arms were around my head. I couldn't have escaped if I'd wanted to, which I did'nt.

I kissed her lips, her neck, her shoulders as I slid slowly in and out of her warm wet, tight pussy. "It's so much better than I'd imagined." she sighed into my ear. I pushed myself up onto my forearms as I gazed into her face. 

"Me too!" I said softly, looking deep into her eyes.

"You mean.... your a ..."

"Yup!" I whispered as I sped up my thrusts. Just as deep, but a little faster. She slid her right hand down between us, rubbing her clit with her fingertips. Both of us were hurtling towards a monumental orgasm, our bodies slapping together, noisily.

Leaning on one elbow, I caressed her breast with my other hand, feeling the hardness and heat of her nipple against my palm. "Don't stop!" she cried, "Please don't stop!" I slammed harder, feeling her cunt clasping on my cock as her orgasm began, sending waves of pleasure ot from her cunt to her extremities.

The choke-hold of her pussy on my cock brought me to edge and I grunted as the reservoir of my condom filled with my warm seed. I collapsed on top of her, my hand pressed to her breast, her heavy breathing in my ear, her calves relaxing and letting go of my legs. "Thank you! It was wonderful! Better than I imagined." she sighed.

"Incredible! I never thought it could be that intense" I answered, as my softening cock slid from her tightness. Rolling off her, I deftly removed the condom before it spilled its contents in her, on her, or on my sheets.

"Make sure you have enough of those to last through the summer." she said, "I don't think I can survive without a steady diet of this." she said giving my flaccid cock a squeeze.

Sitting up on the bed, she swung her leg over me, straddling my head, "Ready for lunch?"








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