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A New Use For An Old Toy

A New Use For An Old Toy

A slip of my fingers creates an amazing new sexual sensation
I enjoy sex. There, I said it, I enjoy sex. It’s what I told my doctor was the reason I wanted birth control. To say he was taken back was an understatement. Yet that didn’t stop him from fucking me silly on the exam table, but that’s a story for another time.

I’ve been a single gal for many years. I mean, I’ve had boyfriends and even a girlfriend or two, but I’ve yet to meet the right person to share my life with, and I’m okay with that. My mother, not so much; but it’s not her life, it’s mine. I’m happy having fuck buddies and FWBs (friends with benefits), so it’s all good. When these folks aren’t available or I don’t have any luck picking up a man at a local bar or the gym, I have and use sex toys.

Some of my favorites are: My First Jack Rabbit rabbit vibrator, my Silver Bullet clit stimulator, and my Jelly Gems 4 vibrator. I rotate between these three often and are ones I can use with a partner if I so choose, especially when I’m tied to the bed and blindfolded. Mostly they use the bullet and/or the vibrator, avoiding the rabbit because those are easier for them to control. Hey, to each their own.

When I’m alone to masturbate, I queue up some porn on my laptop, lay in my bed naked, and play. It was a night like this that forever changed the way I played with my rabbit. I was watching a really hot bisexual gang-bang and working my rabbit, but not getting anywhere. I was horny as all fuck, but I couldn’t seem to achieve my much needed orgasm. I knew I could use my fingers, but I never achieve the level of satisfaction that I wanted or needed.

I thought about my toys and decided to only use my rabbit’s cock part and break out my old reliable bullet. I spun the rabbit around and placed the bullet on my clit. I knew this was the ticket to get me to cum. My rabbit has a button to change the direction of the beads within it. By this I mean the rotation. I can get them to go left or right, clockwise or counterclockwise. I was pushing the button for this feature when by my best guess, my hand had slipped and instead of changing the direction of my beads, I pushed the button that turned on the rabbit portion.

Now, so you understand, the rabbit portion has the little ears that move and vibrate to stimulate the clitoris. Only now, I’ve got it stimulating my anus. The reason this was so significant is I’m an anal virgin. Yeah, I’m a sex fiend and an anal virgin. Go figure. I know, you’re thinking to yourself, how can a girl like me, who gets fucked by the same doctor who prescribed her birth control, be a full anal virgin? The only answer I have is no man has ever asked. Now, I have had the rectal exam that we women get once a year, but that’s as far as it has ever gone. Even Dr. Fuck-Me Hard (no, that’s not really his name, but for his protection, I will call him that) didn’t try to fuck my ass.

So, now I’m getting a stimulation that is making me hornier and building my orgasm to a fever pitch. I turn the speed on my bullet to high, change the rotation of my beads, and listened the video, though I’m not watching it like I had before. I heard the woman moaning in that classic porn style that gives the illusion she’s really into the fucking she’s getting, and the men with their grunts and dirty talk about how much she likes their cocks. It’s also tied with other sounds that I won’t get into because they all blurred in my mind.

I tried to increase the speed of my rabbit, but it didn’t feel as good as the lower speed so I cut it back. My orgasm was so fucking close, but being ornery and not coming to the surface. I started watching the video as the woman sucked one man’s cock and is fucked by another. Now her sounds are muffled by the man’s cock and I hear the men talk about how good her mouth or pussy feels. The beads touched my inner pussy walls, creating a unique sensation that added to my arousal, but it still wasn’t enough. Where was Dr. Fuck-Me Hard when I needed him?

In my mind, I pictured myself in the woman’s position and moved my bullet and rabbit to achieve maximum stimulation. I pretended Dr. Fuck-Me Hard as one of the men fucking me with his huge cock like he did that day in his exam room. That was the ticket. The cork flew off my orgasm, flying across my room and my body shook. I felt my pussy clamp down on the rabbit’s cock, feeling the beads against my inner walls, as they moved clockwise and counterclockwise. The rabbit stimulated my anus in a way I had never experienced before, but wanted again, and my clit loved my bullet. The sensation was so incredible that I didn’t stop until a second orgasm hit.

My body was covered in sweat, and I could smell the sweet aroma of my pussy’s juices in the air. I set my toys on my bed, dipped my fingers in my pussy, and took a taste. The sweet nectar coated my tongue as I licked and sucked my fingers clean and dry. I drifted off to sleep a few moments later and slept for several hours.

When I woke up, I cleaned my toys and put them away. Then I took a warm bath and cleaned my body and pussy. It was early so I fixed myself a pot of coffee and checked my cell phone. There was one missed call and a voice mail message. I checked it to see who it was.

“Hi Sophia, it’s Dr. Fuck-Me Hard. I was going over some of your tests and I noticed we need to discuss some of your results. I’d like you do come in Monday at 6:30 pm for a full examination. Text me if this will work for you.”

I had to fight the urge to laugh. That was his cryptic way of saying, “I wanted to fuck you hard over my exam table again, but I don’t want my wife to find out.” Hence the late appointment, and why I gave him my cell number in the first place. I sent a quick text confirming our appointment. I thought about what I should wear, then remembered it won’t matter. He’ll just have me wear the paper gown he’ll tear off me just before he fucks me hard and makes me scream.

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