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BARBIE: Life in the Dreamhouse

BARBIE: Life in the Dreamhouse

Can Barbie finally give up her toys?
The first Barbie doll was sold on 9 March 1959. The rest is history as they say. The mythology surrounding the doll has become a Jungian archetype for American women. For these women Barbie is far more than a “toy”: she is a metaphor for their unconscious desires and dreams. To “be” Barbie is a collectively inherited concept for millions of young women.

The wise ancient Greeks understood that humans are tiny pawns being buffeted by much greater forces. Their worldview was comprised of powerful Gods who played with humans like helpless toys.

In ancient Greece a bride would sacrifice her childhood toys to Artemis, the virgin goddess, on the day before her wedding. This would signify her transition into becoming a woman and not a child any further.

Debra Martin had grown up surrounded by the toys and the trappings of wealth. She was raised believing the fantasy land of Beverly Hills was “real”. But now Debra needs to become a woman. Can she sacrifice her toys?
__________________________ ____________ 

Are all nights so dark? Are all summers so warm? Are other women as lost? Debra Martin looked out into the obsidian blackness of the cavernous canyon that meandered off into the distance. Her fingers gripped tightly to the cool aluminium balcony rail maintaining her flimsy grasp on her self. Otherwise like a wisp of mist she feared she might just float off into the darkness.

To the south LA was spread out across the horizon, twinkling brightly in all its feigned importance. The lights were a riot of fake gold glimmers blinking incessantly in a meaningless chatter of yellows and whites. The night’s oppressive silence was punctuated occasionally by the sound of a car horn in the distance rising from the canyon bottom. The humming of cicadas and the occasional yowl of a coyote were the familiar night sounds of the steep-sided serpentine canyons.

It was a black and moonless night void even of stars. Debra’s soul felt completely solitary. Peering into the canyon’s blackness she felt on the precipice of self-destruction. Debra’s quiver was empty and the young woman had no defence against the private darkness stalking her. She desperately needed a vaccine against whatever was hollowing out her insides.

The faint medicinal aroma from a nearby grove of Blue Gum Eucalyptus trees tinged the summer breeze with a melancholy, almost morbid sickly-sweet scent. It was as if you were visiting an ancient wrinkled aunt on her deathbed sucking in her room’s vaporized air rich with Mentholatum. “Don’t worry auntie” you ache to whisper. “The darkness will take away your pain soon.”

Debra had grown up in these canyons. Yet the vista spread before her made her wince. She no longer felt at home even when she was home. Being an “adult” Debra now realized was not so easy. She felt like a fallen bird pushed from the nest before her wings could cope with flight. “Growing up” was a cruel jest it seemed. In the depth of her despair the pain was now almost physical.

Debra’s finger rubbed across her soft cheek. Her skin was dry. Not even tears would come? Her lachrymose heart still thumped, but she could summon little emotion. Was she such an empty shell her body could not even squeeze out a few salty tears?

Feeling more and more hemmed in the confused young woman turned away from the canyon blackness. It was a void that offered no answers. Was there any special place for her amongst the tumult of this fractured and unhappy planet? Was there someone, somewhere?

It wasn’t like before. It wasn’t like when she was a little girl playing with her toys. Life had not turned out as Debra had imagined as a child. Back then young Debra had been able to shuffle her Barbie and Ken dolls into each other’s arms: a perfect romantic embrace of plastic arms ensued. The plastic kisses that young girl had made her toys share were blissful kisses, perfect kisses. It had all seemed so simple then.

A feeling of listless ennui descended on Debra making her shoulders slump in resignation. Her nerves were fraying. She was hanging by a thread. A coyote howled mournfully somewhere far below. Was the sad sonorous howling a harbinger of worse to come? Debra felt like giving up. Giving up would be easier. In real life it seemed those blissful kisses Barbie and Ken shared were hard to find.

Los Angeles has a mean streak. It has the ability to kick you in the gut. It’s a riff-raff filled city prone to hangdog moods. The deceptive part is that the riff-raff is very well dressed. Their elegant attire is paired with a feigned sophistication. The City of Angels is a big-city with an extra-helping of big-city pretentions. That’s part of its electro-plated glitter and charm. This thin golden layer is further bolstered by flowery protestations of self-importance squawked noisily at every opportunity to brainless paparazzi thirsting for the next inane image or stupidity to emblazon across the Internet.

LA is home to a scant number of angels if any. It isn’t the saccharine sweet place people imagined before boarding the Greyhound in Paris, Idaho. A playground for the ultra-rich, the famous, the infamous and the just plain weird and twisted, LA is a city with very few soft edges. It is easy to become a self-parody here. That can be humorous if it is someone else you were laughing at. When it was your self that became the parody then the psychological undertow could threaten your very survival.

The rehab clinics and plastic surgeons congregated in LA for a reason. The rich, arrogant, pretentious, and self-loathing crowd that swam in these arduous waters were their fuel. Many became rich here on the neurosis of failure. Even more became rich on the neurosis of success. LA is indifferent and barely casts a scathing glance when dreamers like Debra stumbled. In this city gorgeous women were nothing more than accessories, a decorative bauble. They were expected to suffer behind their chosen mask and let their pain and misery calcify until they became brittle bitches.

Debra Martin was a real life “BH” princess. She was a 90210 girl from day one. She had grown up in Beverly Hills with a seemingly charmed future ahead of her. Debra’s life had been full of toys from the day she was born. To say her father was incredibly wealthy was almost an under-statement. As a child she’d been lavished with every toy imaginable. Debra’s favourite was always Barbie and Ken. With her toys Debra had always been able to retreat into a fantasy world of perfection and happiness.

Seeing their daughter’s love for Barbie her parents had built young Debra a giant dollhouse in the acreage behind their massive stone mansion. She had spent hours playing in that dollhouse imagining her perfect life. Just like in the Barbie marketing campaign Debra called her dollhouse her “dreamhouse”. It was a special sanctuary where she could dream her life’s dreams.

Debra’s best friend Colleen would come over after school. They would change from their private school uniforms to play with their toys. The two young girls would cast aside their tartan pleated mini skirts and white blouses to just have fun. The expectations and judgements of the world no longer existed. The two best friends would play with Ken and Barbie for hours and hours.

In Debra’s fantasy dollhouse world she was always the perfect “Barbie”. Her body was perfect, her glittering white smile was perfect and her life was perfect. In her dreamhouse fantasies the man she was with was always the perfect “Ken”. Her friend Colleen was always Midge, Barbie’s equally perfect best friend.

Young Debra had so many toys she was completely spoiled. She had expensive giant stuffed animals from Germany. She had a hand painted Finnish rocking horse hand crafted with real gold leaf details. At a Christie’s auction in London Debra’s father bought an antique hand painted tin Flying Carousel that had once been owned by the Hapsburg royal family. From Harrods her mother brought her back a nineteenth century Russian Matryoshka doll.

As she got older Debra’s toys just got more and more extravagant. At sixteen her first car was a cherry red Ferrari California convertible. The licence plate read “My Toy”. For a pet dog she had a Toy Poodle that she naturally named “Tutti” just like Barbie. Debra had every gadget and luxury a teenage girl could dream of.

All the toys were not enough to make Debra happy. She needed to be “perfect” just like Barbie. Debra took ballet and gymnastics and always dieted to keep her body perfect. She had to be the best dancer and the smartest girl in class. Young Debra had to be the best at everything, just like her idol Barbie. In high school Debra became the captain of the cheerleading squad. As the most beautiful girl at school she was also voted Homecoming Queen. At commencement Debra walked on stage as the class valedictorian.

Yet as Debra got older none of the men she dated could satisfy her. Quite simply they didn’t measure up to her fantasy. Her infrequent orgasms were weak and feeble when they came at all. Sex with these men was a pale imitation of what she had dreamed of years before. Debra knew instinctively that Barbie would never have pathetic sex like she did. Debra was confused and conflicted.

Debra read racy romance novels to feed her young sex starved brain. She read stories with leading ladies who were swept off their feet, their bodies ravished and satisfied by confident men who knew how to make “the dream” come true. The more she read and fantasised the more her needs and desired diverged from the men she met in the real world.

As time went on Debra felt more and more anger and frustration at her deeply unsatisfying sex life. Why? What was wrong with her? Wasn’t she “perfect”? Debra polished her anger, her regrets and her frustrations until they shone as brightly as her faux costume jewellery. She started to envy her much less “perfect” friends and their much less “perfect” lives. They seemed “happy” and yet she was miserable. Why?

In short Debra Martin was now a depressed young woman. Real life had deeply disappointed her. The most important part of true happiness had evaded her. Why couldn’t she have a profound and deep sexual connection with a man? Why didn’t her body tingle and explode like her girlfriends? What about the razzle-dazzle tingly fun part of sex? Where oh where was her prince charming to make “it” happen? Where was her “Ken”?

Debra’s parents were at their wits end. Like any parents in this situation Debra’s parents were so confused and worried. They had given their daughter “everything” hadn’t they? They had spoiled her and provided Debra every advantage. And yet it seemed something deep and dangerous had gone wrong with their beautiful young daughter. Any time they heard of a suicide by someone young their nerves got more and more on edge.

Like most extremely wealthy parents Debra’s were oblivious to their own daughter’s deepest needs and desires. They were also completely oblivious to the expectations and judgments they had heaped on their young innocent daughter. While they had bought Debra all the material things a young girl could desire they had not provided the most important thing in life: unconditional love.

Instead Debra’s parents had loaded-up their young daughter with heavy baggage-- the baggage of parental expectations. LA added its own flotsam of female expectations to the parental pile: bigger breasts, thinner waist, etc. etc. Young Debra felt a desperate need to live up to her parent’s expectations and those of the glittering faux gold society she lived in. And yet no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t.

Debra’s confused parents wondered how their daughter could be so depressed when she was only twenty-three. She was healthy, beautiful and had her whole life ahead of her. Why she was so unhappy seemed a quandary they had no skills to solve. Both Debra and her parents were equally confused and unable to articulate a way forward to a new beginning.

At their breaking point Debra’s parents needed to do something. They decided to put their daughter in therapy with the famous Beverly Hills psychologist Dr Suzie Feldstein. The therapy went on for over two years without a positive result. Debra seemed to be getting more and more distant and detached.

When all her therapy techniques had failed Dr Feldstein decided more drastic action was required. Shock therapy so to speak. She recommended that Debra spend time in a clinic. Dr Feldstein recommended the Dreamhouse Clinic run by world famous sex psychologist and researcher Jean Waters PhD. Dr Waters’ work with young depressed women was renown worldwide.

Dr Waters flipped through her pages of notes. She was a tall angular woman with an austere visage. Her mere presence made an impression of complete confidence and control.

“Clinical depression, inability to orgasm, no serious relationship for three years, brief flirtations with women, no employment, still live at home, no serious hobbies, continues to attend the gym and dance class….”

The doctor looked up at Debra with a critical physician’s gaze. From outer appearance Debra didn’t seem to be a young woman who needed medical treatment at all. A five-foot seven blue-eyed blond with an athletic body, beautiful firm prominent 34B breasts and a trim waist leading to curved wider hips: you would not be amiss to think Debra had been the original model for the Barbie doll. Her body and face were just that perfect. Dr Waters was unimpressed by Debra’s outer beauty and continued with her clinical assessment.

“Twenty five years of age, no physical health concerns, best friend is named Colleen, owns a small dog, drive your own car, and continues to socialize somewhat….”

The physician glanced up again.

“Well Dr Feldstein has been very helpful in providing her clinical therapy notes. I assume she has explained how the Dreamhouse Clinic works?”

Debra nodded nervously.

“You make my dreams come true. You help me deal with my disappointments and regrets so I can get on with my life.”

Debra’s new doctor mimicked a tight smile.

“Exactly. Perfect. Couldn’t have put it better myself. Do not feel alone Debra. There are so many young women just like your self. Living dissatisfied lives.”

She looked straight into Debra’s eyes.

“In fact many young women out there are exactly like you. They seem to have normal perfect lives. They carry on without letting on to the outside world their deep inner unhappiness. They seem to all outer appearances to be what most people call ‘normal’.”

Dr Waters scanned her notes with serious concern.

“Most physicians don’t have a clue about the root source of this condition so they drug these poor women. Xanax is prescribed in the millions. So sad.”

The middle-aged doctor smiled a tight perfunctory smile towards her fidgeting patient.

“The difference is that you now have the courage to face your darkness and to cure yourself. You can move forward to have a full life as a woman with amazing sex and a satisfying love life.”

Dr Waters spoke with authority on her subject. Debra gained confidence.

“Are you ready to take the next step into treatment?”

Debra nodded her consent.

“Good. Here look through the catalogue. This is our selection of Ken Carson toys. We refer to all the male therapists here at the Dreamhouse Clinic as ‘Ken’. The female therapists are all referred to as either ‘Barbie’ or ‘Midge’.”

The doctor smiled a more approachable smile. Clearly she had her own special affinity for Barbie. Perhaps as a child she had played “doctor” and fixed her very own Barbie doll with imaginary potions.

“Barbie. As in Barbara Millicent Roberts of course.”

The physician smiled a tense smile as she checked her writing pad. She looked up and continued.

“Midge. As in Midge Hadley.”

The stern physician’s face revealed no apparent emotion as she spoke to her patient. She was a professional and this was her job. The Dreamhouse Clinic resolved unresolved dreams for an exclusive young female clientele. Hot young starlets, even hotter trophy wives, children of the rich and famous, they all somehow found their way to the clinic.

Dr Waters and her team of therapists took the damaged and torn lives of overly pampered modern young women and stitched them back together. The Tinder app was no help to deeply damaged girls like Debra. Women like Debra needed much more than random proximity dating. She needed the Dreamhouse Clinic.

“You can choose to be Barbie or Midge. The choice is yours.”

Debra looked a bit lost and confused.

“What do most women like me chose?”

Debra’s physician appeared somewhat irritated by her question.

“I don’t think it’s helpful for your treatment to follow other people’s choices. However since you asked most young ladies your age want to be Barbie.”

Debra nodded in thought.

“Debra when you were young and you played with toys were you Barbie or Midge?”

Debra looked up.

“Oh. I was always Barbie of course.”

Debra’s doctor smiled a knowing smile.

“Exactly! If you choose to be Barbie I believe it would suit your clinical diagnosis more closely. If you would like a woman involved in your treatment program you could then choose a Midge to be your best friend.”

Dr Waters prepared a forced smile. She found that patients were more comfortable if she pretended to have some level of genuine empathy.

“If you would like a Midge to be included in the treatment package there is a discount of course for a second toy. It depends entirely on your fantasy and what your clinical needs are.”

The doctor again smiled her antiseptic smile, her eyes almost completely cold and dispassionate. She handed Debra a thick catalogue as if she were about to select a sofa or a chair.

“As you understand from the clinic’s contract real names are not permitted inside the Dreamhouse. This is pure fantasy and everything that takes place is part of your clinical program. Whatever happens here is solely for your pleasure and your medical recovery. It is….”

She paused to consider her impersonal medical terminology.

“Part of your medical treatment shall we say. Nothing more.”

Dr Waters looked to see if Debra understood what she was saying. Often lay patients misunderstood the Dreamhouse Clinic program and method of treatment. Some women left the program crying and screaming. They had become deluded into thinking the “Ken” they had met at the clinic really loved them. These patients thought that they had a real future with the therapists they met at the clinic. These were the unfortunate patients who had failed their treatment program notwithstanding the most professional level of care.

“What we hope at the end of your treatment is that you will be able to find satisfying real world relationships. Put your toys aside and move on…..”

The doctor paused thoughtfully.

“Think of our clinic as a kind of Dreamhouse cyber world. It is as if you could walk into the Internet and live the life you imagined and dreamed about.”

Dr Waters scanned Debra’s face.

“You will leave our therapist Ken behind at the end of your treatment. You will say goodbye to Midge. You will disconnect from our clinical dream world. Hopefully your dreams will have been resolved sufficiently to show you a way forward. You will then need to find your own real world Ken. A man who fulfils you in real life.”

The physician’s face remained impassive.

“Do you understand?”

Debra nodded. She didn’t want “real” romance right now. She wanted something better. Debra wanted her toy world fantasy. Life, or what people called “real life” had done nothing but disappoint her. Her mind drifted with rambling jumbled thoughts of her many disappointments, her deep sadness and her own mediocrity. Dr Water’s clear clinical voice penetrated her daze and brought her back to the present.

“So have you made your choice? Will you be referred to as Barbie?”

Dr Waters waited patiently. She looked at her writing pad and wrote some further notes.

“Yes…uh……..yes. Barbie I think.”

“Excellent choice. It is consistent with our diagnosis. Now I do believe it would be helpful for you to have a best friend. A confident shall we say. Will you be selecting a Midge?”

Debra looked around the blank white walls of the clinic’s interview room. The austere walls gave away nothing just like Dr Waters’ face: no colour, no emotion and no paintings, just nothing.

“Yes. I think I will add Midge to the package. It’s not much more and….well…..I’ve always been curious. My dad can afford it.”

Debra’s cheeks went hot and turned pink.

“Midge Hadley. Yes we will add a Midge to the package. Look at the back of our catalogue and you will see our Midge therapists.”

Debra nodded a partial nod.

“Your own name will never be used inside the Dreamhouse. It’s not permitted. Do you understand Barbie? All our therapists are under strict confidentiality agreements completely legally binding.”

Dr Waters looked down intently at her notes. The room was dead silent. You could hear a pin drop. Debra could hear her own heart pounding in her ears.

“Do you agree Barbie?”

Debra, or should we say “Barbie”, nodded in consent.

“So my assistant asked you to do some homework before coming to sign in for treatment. Did you complete your assignment?”

Debra fidgeted nervously and turned the diamond ring on her right hand nervously. Being called “Barbie” meant the treatment was starting soon and she had been accepted into the program. Her heart was racing.

“Um yes I did read several stories on the web site you asked me to look at. Quite a few actually.”

Debra blushed again and giggled nervously. Dr Waters remained calm and clinical taking no note of the pink cheeks blooming on her new patient. She was used to this nervousness at the start of treatment. Every patient was different, but they all started out nervous. Blushing was common.

“And do you have any suggestions for our therapists from the stories you read on Lush?”

Debra giggled softly and twisted strands of her long blond hair around her finger nervously.

“Well……….I’ve never like read porn before. Well not much anyways.”

The doctor waited patiently having been through this process many times before.

“Erotica Barbie. Clinically we refer to it as erotica. ‘Porn’ has such a negative stigma attached to it by society don’t you agree. Unwarranted but still a stigma nonetheless.”

Barbie couldn’t help giggling a third time. She tried to put her hand to her mouth to stop her silly nervous giggles.

“I was hoping maybe…..”

Barbie paused nervously knowing exactly what Debra wanted to say but afraid to voice it out loud.

“Yes Barbie? Please do not be shy. I’m a physician after all. This is all completely confidential. We are very used to these matters here at the Dreamhouse Clinic. We specialise in realizing dreams. Erasing regret is our highest goal. Nothing can shock me I assure you.”

Barbie was mortified as she giggled a soft nervous giggle once again. She was embarrassed but needed to continue.

“Well I was hoping for maybe a new ‘First Time’ and…..”

She twisted her hair even more tightly around her finger. Barbie’s eyes darted nervously from one corner of the room to the other trying to avoid the physician’s careful scrutiny.

“Yes Barbie. Please continue. That’s good. We are making good progress now. This is encouraging. A good start indeed.”

Debra forced Barbie’s eyes to go back to meet Dr Waters’ gaze.

“Well older.” She paused nervously. “I’ve always fantasized about older. Not too old, but you know….”

Barbie’s voice trailed off nervously and she blushed again. Dr Waters finally smiled and averted her eyes letting Barbie relax.

“Is it someone in particular Barbie? This is very interesting. This could be important for your treatment.”

Debra blushed a furious deep red. She stammered at first, but forced the words out eventually.

“Ah…..ah…..well……he’s a friend of my father’s.”

Dr Waters smiled.

“Does this fantasy from your imagination have a name?”

Debra rubbed her hands nervously and twisted her ring.

“Um…well……J…..John actually. John Langham.”

The physician wrote something on her pad.

“Excellent! I’m pleased Barbie. Very pleased.”

Dr Waters scanned her pad.

“Don’t worry about your choices. They are perfectly normal from a clinical perspective. You will choose your therapist toy from our catalogue. Older is a common fantasy. A common deep desire shall I say. No need to blush. As a physician I feel a man about forty-five would be perfect.”

The doctor looked up at Barbie.

“Is that about right? I’m guessing of course, a clinical conjecture, but is this John Langham about forty-five?”

Barbie blushed and tittered nervously and Debra’s brain was shocked. How did Dr Waters know?

“I thought so.”

The tall professional physician looked more content with her patient now. She kept scanning her note pad.

“Excellent. I see from your medical record that your choices match perfectly with our clinical diagnosis. Your loss of virginity was a total disaster. This sexual event has impeded your development as a woman who accepts her own sexuality and the validity of her body. Your sense of self-worth so to speak.”

Dr Waters flipped pages on her notebook.

“I also note that you have ‘daddy issues’. A highly successful father I see. I was hoping you would choose older as a theme. This will help you deal with this suppressed neurosis. EXCELLENT!!”

Dr Waters tapped her pen emphatically on the pad seemingly coming to some medical conclusion. Her face finally formed something approaching a genuine smile. She handed the patient she now called Barbie an iPad and stood up from the white plastic-board table.

“Here take a look at our accessories. Please choose a few items that you feel might help our therapists with your treatment. Items that might…..”

She paused for thought.

“How shall I put this? Add some colour to your treatment. Every woman wants to be thrilled. Sex is supposed to be fun. This is one lesson we hope you take away. Keep the fun in sex.”

Dr Waters wrote something on her writing pad. Debra thought her physician didn’t seem like a woman who had “fun” in sex or was often “thrilled”.

“Also go carefully through the Ken therapists and the Midge best friends and pick the ones you would like for your treatment. Make smart choices when you choose your toys. It’s important for your treatment young lady.”

Debra looked at the square boxes on the screen. Different categories of sex toys from the Lush sex shop. Her cheeks blushed even more brightly than before.

“I’ll leave you for a half-hour to make your choices. After this you will complete your sign-in. Then in two days you will begin your treatment at the Dreamhouse Clinic. Our therapists need some time to prepare their treatment program under my guidance.”

The physician smiled a blank smile.

“Don’t worry Barbie. You’ll love it here. Our facility is better than any five-star resort you’ve ever been to. We feature the finest cuisine, lavish grounds with inter-connected swimming pools, hot tubs, massage rooms, a wonderful beach, a private nightclub, a salon, shops to buy clothes and sexy accessories. And everything is totally private and exclusive.”

Barbie looked up from the table and nodded. Her doctor still looked concerned.

“You do understand don’t you Barbie? This is not like your old Barbie Dreamhouse when you were a little girl. Our toys are real. Here in the Dreamhouse Clinic you will get to play with a real toy. Ken will be just as perfect as you imagined as a little girl, but now you will be a full grown woman and he will be a real man.”

Barbie looked up confused trying to comprehend everything Dr Waters was saying.

“Well I don’t want to be blunt, but patients need to hear the truth about the treatment. I can’t mince words about your treatment. The toy we are providing for your therapy has a real cock. He will ravish you and fulfil you, as you’ve always desired. Your dreams will come true here at Dreamhouse Clinic. We guarantee it.”

Dr Waters examined Barbie’s face looking for cognition.

“However at the end you need to go home. You will need to return to the real world. Hopefully you will be cured.”

With that the doctor left young Barbie in the cold clinical white room. Barbie became Debra again as she nervously flipped through the confusing web site choices. Her finger punched and selected a few items from the Lush web site. An Intima purple silk blindfold was her first choice. Then she blushed with hot cheeks as she pushed the button selecting the Sinful Bed Restraints in pink. She had secretly always fantasized about being tied up. Lastly Debra added some expensive lingerie and then a Lelo Ina 2 vibrator.

Having made her choices from the Lush sex shop, Debra turned to the catalogue profiles of the Dreamhouse Clinic therapists. The cover page had the title “Choose Your Toy”. Debra smiled at the word “toy” being used to describe an actual person. She nervously flipped through the pages and pages of “Kens”. The first pages were young supper fit men in their twenties. Bodybuilders, aspiring actors, or perhaps students in need of money she wondered? Too young she quickly decided. Hot abs, but simply too young; Debra’s dream man was older.

Debra looked further on in the catalogue. Here she found men that interested her. These men were in their mid-forties, incredibly fit and well groomed, handsome and confident looking. Debra gazed at the pictures and read the descriptions. It was quite overwhelming since each man looked so desirable.

“This Ken has a PhD in French history of the romantic period and has published three books. He has numerous hobbies…..”

Debra smiled. This was fun. This was like ordering from McDonalds, but instead of a meal she was ordering a man! She giggled and looked over onto the next page.

“This Ken speaks Spanish, German and Russian and has travelled the world widely.”

Debra was getting more interested with each profile she read. Finally her finger paused as her eyes lingered on one particular picture. This toy looked almost exactly like one of her father’s best friends: John Langham. John was the man Debra had secretly had a crush on since she was sixteen. Debra had fantasized about John and even masturbated while thinking about him at night.

As a budding teenage girl of seventeen and eighteen Debra had always been too afraid to do anything about her intense desires. She had always felt too young and too awkward to let John know her secret feelings and desires. It seemed too taboo to be seduced by your father’s friend. Her parents would be shocked. Plus John was so handsome and perfect. Why would he ever be attracted to her? She had so many flaws and imperfections?

“This Ken is a lawyer who graduated from one of the top law schools. He has travelled the world and truly knows how to make a woman feel like a Princess .”

Debra wrote down the number “128”. She didn’t need to look at any more Kens. This was the perfect “toy” therapist for her fantasy. Her heart raced and her palms got sweaty just looking at his picture. This Ken was so handsome and well groomed. He looked so confident. His rich dark hazel eyes were alluring.

Debra let Barbie gaze at the photo. She wanted those hazel eyes to plumb her depths, to understand her as a woman. Ken’s full lips drew her eyes. Debra wanted them on her body, on her nipples, between her legs. She felt her heart racing and she smiled. She felt herself filling with the flickering flame of a new desire.

Lastly Debra turned to look at the Midge toys. Debra decided that for her “best friend” she wanted a woman her own age say mid-twenties? Since she was a blond Debra decided on perhaps selecting a brunette? Her real best friend Colleen was blond. But then in looking through the catalogue Debra got side-tracked. Her eyes were drawn to a section titled “Asian Midge Toys”. Nervously she flipped to the page. Scanning a few pages her eyes stopped on a face.

“This is your perfect best friend. This Midge is playful, fun, and loves to giggle and share secrets. This toy is Asian, athletic and has a wonderful sense of fashion. She loves to cuddle and have pillow fights. You won’t be disappointed if you choose this Midge.”

Debra was suddenly fixated on this striking young Asian woman with long straight jet-black hair and dark eyes the colour of coal. She noted the personal data. Midge was short and petite with small “B” breasts. Something stirred inside Debra, a strange long-denied desire. She wrote down the number 239.

When Debra’s treatment began it was all a blur. She was “Barbie” now. Barbie fell into the fantasy of the Dreamhouse Clinic much more easily than she could have ever imagined. Relationships here didn’t seem to have all the obstacles of the real world. Somehow everything just seemed to “click” here.

Barbie was at the gym working out when she met Midge for the first time. Midge had strikingly long straight Asian black hair down to her bum. She was dressed in skin-tight black yoga pants, bright blue neon runners and a neon blue sports bra top. The two girls hit it off right away. It was as if they had known each other for years.

Soon enough Midge had spotted Ken doing bench presses in the corner of the gym. She motioned silently to Barbie in the special language only understood by girlfriends. Both women noted Ken’s toned mature muscular body. They both eyed him up and down like a piece of candy. The two women immediately headed to the changing room to gossip.

“Oh my god. Did you see that guy?”

Barbie giggled and nodded.

“Do you like him?”

Barbie didn’t know how far to go. After all Midge was a new friend.

“Yeah. I mean yeah I guess so.”

Midge grabbed Barbie’s hand while bouncing up and down on her heels enthusiastically.

“I think you should go for him.”

Barbie was shocked it was all happening so fast.

“But….I mean…..well….”

Barbie’s stammering was cute and Midge giggled. Midge looked at her new friend, her face beaming with that unique eagerness and fervour of young horny women hunting a man.

“What’s wrong Barbie? You don’t like him?”

Barbie shook her head.

“No it’s just.” She paused. “Don’t you think he’s too old for me?”

Midge tittered and shook her head.

“Barbie he’s perfect! C’mon I’m going to set you up.”

And just like that it happened. Midge took the machine next to Ken and was soon chatting him up. In minutes she had sauntered over towards Barbie with handsome Ken in tow. The two were introduced as if in a dream. Ken’s dark hazel eyes looked into Barbie’s duck-egg light blue peepers and she was overwhelmed with a queasy weak-kneed feeling. He was devastatingly handsome, totally charming and she couldn’t help squirming nervously as they talked.

Without any of the difficulties of “real life” a date was magically agreed. The arrangement was made and before she knew it Barbie was on a date with Ken. Just as in real life her best friend Midge played an important role. Men have a “wingman” and Barbie had Midge as her “winggirl”.

Barbie’s first date with Ken turned out perfectly. The date was beyond perfect actually. Barbie was giddy feeling a new happiness rise inside her and suffuse through her body. The second date went even better. The kiss at the end of the evening had seared her lips. Barbie found herself closing the door of her room with a pussy throbbing and wet. Barbie had never felt such a visceral desire for a man to take her before. What was happening to her?

The next date was tomorrow and it scared Barbie. What would happen? She knew they both wanted “it” to happen. The attraction between them was electric. Like two magnets they had a need to join together. Barbie realized she could not wait any longer. She called Midge to come over. She needed her best friend to help her get ready. Barbie frantically looked through her closet. She needed the right “look”, but she had no idea what that “look” should be.

Midge arrived and rummaged through Barbie’s entire closet. Dresses and shoes were dismissed with alacrity. Clothes were scattered on the bed and floor. Nothing seemed to be quite “right” for the two excited girls.

“We need to go shopping. Tomorrow night needs to be perfect.”

Midge looked at Barbie with playful mischievous eyes.

“I mean you’re really going to do it tomorrow aren’t you.”

Barbie flushed and giggled. She nodded.

“I think so. I mean we both want it.”

Midge’s face lit up.

“Oh my god this is so exciting. Let’s get you the perfect outfit.”

At the shop Midge grabbed the sales lady.

“My best friend needs a perfect outfit for a lucky guy. Can you help us?”

Several club dresses, bandage dresses, skater skirts and different options were tried and discarded. Midge pondered and discussed alternatives with the sales lady. Then she grabbed Barbie’s hand and pulled her to a new rack of mini skirts.

“Look I think you need to look young. Virginal. Sweet but sexy if you catch my meaning; the girl next door who is going to lose her virginity.”

Barbie blushed. Midge pulled out a chiffon pleated ballerina style black mini skirt. Short and sexy but not slutty; she paired it with a white front-tie crop top that tied in a knot under Barbie’s firm young breasts. The top looked like something a teenager would wear to a summer beach party. Midge surveyed her work. Barbie’s best friend turned to the sales lady and asked for some heels.

Having chosen the right matching heels the girls were on their way. Both were beyond excited as they contemplated the coming evening. Midge told Barbie she had set up an appointment to have her hair and nails done at the salon before the date.

“I want you to get a blunt cut with bangs.”

Barbie looked unconvinced.

“Are you sure?”

“Trust me. I’m your best friend. Plus I know guys. Older guys have a total fantasy about young seventeen year old girls with bangs and a blunt cut.”

They both giggled and Midge squeezed Barbie’s hand for encouragement. That night Barbie was so nervous she could barely sleep. She honestly felt like it was her “first time” again. The next day the salon session relaxed Barbie. Midge was with her every minute. Barbie surveyed the salon’s work in the mirror. She was so happy with her hair and nails. Looking at her reflected image in the mirror she really felt like a perfect Barbie doll for once in her life. She was ready for the date.

Later telling everything to her best friend it did seem the date was perfect. The two amorous wooers had behaved like the perfect Ken and Barbie, if not exactly Romeo and Juliet. No one wanted to kill them selves after all. Dancing and casual drinks had followed an elegant dinner. Then in a completely natural way, a fantasy almost, Barbie had found herself in Ken’s arms. It was as if she was drunk on a love potion that had really worked.

They were in his expansive suite. The kisses had led to touches, which had led to more kisses and more intimate touches. It was all a blur, but the young patient had found her self in Ken’s huge sumptuous room wanting his body. She was aroused, highly aroused. Her body was tingling and she wanted him to take her. The room lights were dimmed and soft music played in the background. Ken’s cologne filled her nostrils and her brain was dazed by all the swirling sensations.

Ken had lifted his sexy teenage-looking Barbie in his strong arms and carried her to the king size bed. His arms were so strong she shivered with desire. Her heart was pounding a billion times a second as if it were her first time. Her admirer’s large hands had removed her skirt with confidence and unknotted her top with ease. His lips had begun burning their way across her body with teasing light kisses and tender nibbles and licks.

“Oh my god Barbie! Tell me everything. Don’t stop. This is so exciting. What happened next?”

Midge was urging her on to tell her everything. Barbie blushed beet red. She looked at Midge sitting cross-legged on her bed. This was serious “girl talk”; sex-stuff was the best girl talk there could be. The nervous young blond could tell Midge was tremendously excited by her tale of seduction. She was excited too. Retelling the tale was making her wet again.

Barbie devotedly described in detail how Ken had pried her legs apart. How his moist warm lips had teased her inner thighs. How his hot flicking tongue had found her pussy, already wet and throbbing, waiting for his kiss. She giggled describing how her older lover had lashed her clitoris with incredible flicks of his tongue making her whimper and groan. With a hot blush she confirmed crying out when Ken finally made her scream in ecstasy.

Barbie described in intimate step-by-step detail how Ken’s freely roaming fingers had rolled her aching nipples. How her nipples had hardened into rubbery nubs of pleasure. She described how her nipples sizzled sexually under his talented touch.

Midge wanted even more details and would often stop Barbie and make her go back to elaborate on some particular part of the seduction. The intimate chat between girlfriends was equal parts push and pull. Barbie wanted and needed tell her new best friend everything. Midge was also an expert in teasing and provoking and pulling out more and more intimate details.

When it came to chronicling the final penetration Midge made her friend describe it inch by inch, second by second, thrust by thrust. Ken’s cock had been hard and perfect she said. Barbie described the three orgasms her handsome lover had administered with his tongue and fingers before he even tried to enter her waiting wet pussy.

As Barbie recounted the night’s events the tension in the room was palpable. The giddy girl flicked strands of her long blond hair away from her face as she described to Midge the storm of desire and the squall of needs that had built to such intensity inside her. She described how her mouth had been too parched to swallow when he finally took her.

No sexual experience had ever been anything like this for Barbie. She was getting breathless just recounting the excitement of the date. She closed her eyes as she tried to recall the moment Ken’s cock had finally driven in to the maximum? How had it felt? Midge squeezed her friend’s hand tightly. Both girls were on edge. This was the “first time” Barbie had always wanted and dreamed of.

Barbie giggled with nerves. She continued. He was so big, so thick, so hard? Was it her body that had made him like that? What exactly had it been like? How could she convey it to Midge? She opened her eyes and looked directly at her friend. In that moment she knew that when best friends really loved each other you could reveal anything about yourself.


“It’s okay Barbie. You can tell me. I’m your best friend.”

Barbie relaxed. She knew it was true. She could tell her now. She continued to explain to Midge how fulfilled she had felt at that moment. How she had finally felt “beautiful” the way Barbie must feel when Ken is inside her. How she felt like a woman making a man happy. How her body had connected with Ken’s in an intense sexual union. Midge grabbed her friend’s hand and gave it a squeeze for reassurance. Midge smiled a huge smile.

“I’m so happy for you Barbie. What happened next?”

Barbie went on to describe how Ken had slowly made love to her. How he had thrust with a perfect cadence. How he had used his thick hard cock to tease and build her up with feelings never before felt. How they had kissed deeply and let their hands roam each other’s firm taut bodies with unbridled desire. How he had known just where to touch her to take her higher and when to slow down to keep her on the precipice of an orgasm.

This kind of trust and sharing between girl friends made everything even more perfect. Telling Midge about her lovemaking somehow completed the circle of the intense experience. Finally she described how Ken had rolled on his back and let her straddle him. Barbie had been in complete control when the massive orgasm finally came.

“I mean my nails just dug into his chest. I couldn’t help it Midge. The explosion was so strong. It was like my body was being ripped apart and my brain had lost control.”

She blushed looking to see if her friend would believe her.

“I was so embarrassed. My nails made him bleed.”

Midge giggled and hugged Barbie in excitement.

“I know. Isn’t it great? I love it when I guy can do that.”

Barbie looked at Midge incredulous.

“You mean you’ve felt it too?”

Midge giggled.

“Of course Barbie. That’s what sex is supposed to be like. Didn’t you know?”

Barbie smiled. The clinic’s therapy was working. She did feel freer already. A sexually and emotionally satisfied woman Barbie sighed a contented sigh. She hugged her friend. Barbie slept like a baby that night. Midge was too tired to go back to her room and fell asleep next to her best friend in the big bed. Barbie was so happy. It was like a slumber party from years ago before all these worries and disappointments had clouded her life.

It was a new Barbie who went on the next date and the date after that. This was a Barbie who was newly carefree and confident. This new young woman was always on the brink of giggles, of mischievous laughter and flirtatious banter, a girl wanting a man to provide thrills and near-dangerous fun. Ken did not disappoint and Barbie played her part.

With Midge’s help Barbie purchased increasingly sexy lingerie and daringly sexy outfits for her dates with Ken. She became more confident as a woman and expressed her needs and desires more openly. In a breakthrough she began to tell Ken what she wanted in bed and how to touch her. Her orgasms became bigger and bigger and her confidence as a woman grew along with her sexual satisfaction.

The increasingly intense trysts were leading to something special. Barbie could sense it. One evening Ken prepared his room with candles, exotic scents and scattered some pink and red Rose petals about the floor and bed. Yet there was an undercurrent of something darker, secretly private and very potent. Barbie noticed a copy of “Justine” on the mantel. Her heart skipped a beat.

The seduction Ken administered that night was slow and flawless. When the moment was right Ken took his willing partner and blacked out her eggshell blue eyes using the Intima purple silk blindfold. This had been Barbie’s first choice and was part of her fantasy. The darkness disoriented her and yet thrilled the young patient at the same time. This is what she wanted, what she needed.

Next Ken pulled Barbie’s arms wide using his much greater male strength to dominate her. What happened after that alarmed and electrified young Barbie. Her seductive partner expertly tied cords around her wrists using the pink ropes of the Sinful bed restraints. Pulling her arms wide the cords were affixed tightly to the bed frame rendering Barbie helpless. Her breasts had never felt so naked; her body had never been so vulnerable.

Slowly and with almost professional precision Ken began to play with Barbie’s lithe young dancer’s body. She was spread eagle on the bed, helpless against his every whim. His mouth, his tongue, his fingers, his voice and his huge hard cock: there was nothing to restrain him.

Ken toyed with Barbie’s young body like a virtuoso violinist toys with a Stradivarius. His expert manipulations were extracting the perfect note at the perfect moment. Barbie’s wrists pulled and strained at the tight pink cords as lust contorted her. Barbie’s athletic body writhed and twisted under the expert ministrations of Ken’s tongue, fingers and his teasing whispers.

Ken’s talented tongue and fingers led Barbie from one orgasm to the next and then the next. The intoxicating delight of being restrained and helpless only heightened every sensation to a new and higher peak of intensity. Barbie whimpered, cried, moaned, groaned and finally screamed as her body was wracked by wave after wave of inspired ecstasy.

This level of sexual sharing, of complete abandon to a lover, of revealing yourself completely, was new to her. Barbie’s inflamed body felt like it belonged to some other woman, a woman she was only now meeting for the first time. She was scared, exhilarated and yet something inside galvanized into a new braver partner, more willing to share of her self. Her heart quickened and something Barbie could only describe as “joy” began to fill her emptiness.

As Barbie floated down on a soft pillow of orgasmic after-glow her orgasm-dazed brain detected a soft hum. Ken applied the Lelo Ina 2 vibrator to her breasts first. He let the vibrations tease her nipple. If she’d had enough energy left Barbie would have blushed, but she was sated and exhausted by so many orgasms she had lost count.

Ken slowly teased Barbie with the Lelo vibrator. He let her regain her breath. He went around the edges of each erogenous zone, but never even tried to touch the centre. He was waiting for the perfect moment to ignite the spark. Ken toyed with his lover’s body with an ease that no man had ever shared with her. Barbie found herself gulping and gasping for more oxygen. She found her fingers tensed into a tightly knotted fist of frustration as Ken took her back up the peak for one final climb.

“Oh my God Ken! It’s so big….please….”

Barbie’s voice was nothing more than a pale weak whimper as it trailed off into a half-moan half-groan of incoherent female desire. Ken chortled a confident male chuckle. He knew precisely what he was doing. Ken moved the vibrator closer to Barbie’s throbbing aching pussy. Her body tightened expecting him to go further, but he retreated. Barbie groaned another weak disappointed groan.

“Patience baby patience. I’m just whetting your appetite for the main course.”

Ken’s voice was a husky sultry whisper of male cockiness that tickled her ear with its moist warmth. Barbie nervously made a sound that was a cross between a giggle and a titter. Ken had her tightly tied to the bed and whatever she wanted or wished for was irrelevant; he would do as he pleased.

Barbie’s heart pounded nervously. She had craved for this and now it was happening. Barbie’s body was pliable as putty at this point, her joints so weak from multiple sexual releases she felt as supple as the cords wrapped tightly about her wrists. Yet she still craved that final peak.

After a seeming eternity of teasing and build-up Barbie was yearning for her release. The blindfold did not prevent video-like visions from playing in her brain. Ken’s chest appeared, his strong biceps, and then in a shock it was her father’s friend John. John’s smiling face. Barbie’s sexual arousal heightened another level. John’s magnetic smile danced in her brain toying with her emotions. Barbie wanted to come at that very moment yet release eluded her. Ken was toying with her. Inexplicably it was Midge and her long black hair that appeared next. Her innocent dark coal eyes, her trim narrow waist and her tiny perfectly pert Asian breasts were an unexpected fantasy.

Where were all these bizarre visions coming from? Barbie’s brain was a potpourri of strange images and desires mixing in an exotic cocktail blend of fantasy and reality. The vibrator was now in her pussy performing its own sexual black magic. Barbie was caught by surprise.

When had that happened? Barbie had been disoriented by the blackness of the blindfold, by Ken’s husky mesmerizing whispers, by his unpredictable touches and bites. The waves of incandescent sensations were building ever higher and Barbie’s nubile young body was on fire with desire. The vibrator was now driving her pussy crazy.

If this whole “therapy” thing was a game then Barbie was now becoming an adept player. She may have started as an innocent victim of depression and unarticulated needs and wants incapable of inciting herself to happiness, but now Barbie felt herself moving closer to becoming a woman. Ken was not the only one exploring her taut young body. She was on a journey of self-discovery visiting pristine shores and finding new comfort as a woman.

Ken’s fingers conjured up a sexual blizzard. They seemed to be everywhere and yet nowhere. Here and yet in the next moment there. Barbie’s bewildered body and brain were bewitched by sensations new and yet seemingly tailor-made. A touch to this spot, a twisted nipple next, then a throaty whisper, followed by a delicate tease, then a harder bite, next a delicate lick: Barbie was going insane with desire. Her firm young body was about to explode. Yet Ken made certain the sexy young blond was unable to cross the final threshold into bliss. Ken held her back each time, as if he had an imaginary collar on her clit. She whimpered in frustration.

Ken was slowly sliding the vibrator back and forth inside her making her pussy contract in increasingly wild spasms. The pink cords were tight as her arms strained. He slid it in and out with gentle motions taking her to the edge, but never over. A soft hum and a delicate sensation suffused through her body. Barbie’s slick viscous juices let the exciting new toy move in and out easily.

Suddenly Ken prised Barbie’s legs wide and his mouth latched onto her soaking pulsing pussy. Blood charged between her thighs to rush to this new centre of her being. Her core was now between her thighs. A tiny triangle of flesh had become everything. Tingles and wild new sensations crashed over her in larger and larger waves building towards a Tsunami. A throaty incoherent groan escaped her trembling lips.

“Please Ken…..”

Barbie whimpered and asked an imaginary god for repentance for her former ingratitude. Did she want mercy, or did she want more? Whatever this feeling was right at this moment, it was glorious. With her arms spread wide by tight pink cords Barbie was like a tanned Greek sculpture of the perfect woman. A classic marble body tied to the bed. She was all flawless curves and sweetly swelling female mounds. Barbie’s defenceless female softness was awaiting Ken’s male will to be imposed, his hardness to fill her void, two separate beings to become one.

With precise practiced movements Ken manipulated the vibrator and applied a cacophony of discordant tongue strokes and finger touches to set his young sex partner off balance. Nothing was predictable with this man. He never delivered the “expected”. Ken always seemed to offer his young lover a flavour just a tiny bit better than the one she had anticipated.

Just when Barbie was about to cry out in exasperation Ken shifted all to a cadence of harmony and perfection. Thrust, thrust again, tongue stroke, thrust, nipple twist, gentle bite on the inner thigh, thrust, repeat twice, increase the level of vibrations; the symphony of perfect sexual arousal began to be played. Barbie cried out hoping this would be her release.

Ken’s tongue was making circles when he finally let Barbie explode into a new improved version of bliss. Colours burst and her body was buffeted by gusts of orgasmic ecstasy as a gale of rapture took hold. Pussy juices were running down the crack of Barbie’s ass like a tiny waterfall.

Just as her body detonated Barbie felt Ken’s slick finger thrust into her tight brown sphincter and penetrate her tight virgin ass. Shocked by this sudden new sensation her body arched off the bed in a rigid arc of phosphorous sexual burning. Her mouth gaped open and a high-pitched sexual scream filled the room. The sound seemed to originate from the ceiling and not her throat?

Barbie was disassociated from her own body. The release was so fierce she floated as if on a carpet of joy. Bliss? Ecstasy? None of these words seemed in any way sufficient for this new sexual experience. The young blond felt like she was floating in some other place looking down on her earthly body and watching her self in a scream. She almost wanted to giggle her scream seemed so cute.

Midge sat cross-legged on the bed in her pink pyjamas imprinted with tiny grey Koala bears. Barbie was also cross-legged in salmon colour boy-shorts and a white tank top. Recounting everything about her last date with Ken had almost drained her. It was all so intimate and so fresh and raw? To be tied to the bed and ravished? Her cheeks flushed pink. Sharing completely like this was new for her.

Barbie looked at her best friend Midge in a new light. She now realized that being “best friends” meant so much more than she had ever imagined. Barbie wanted to share everything with Midge now. Midge was not Colleen, but Barbie now realized how close she could be to Colleen. She had bottled so much up inside. For Barbie it was time to let everything out.

“Oh god! Barbie let’s invite Ken over to play with both of us.”

Midge’s face looked so excited at the prospect. Barbie looked back uncertainly, but Midge’s enthusiasm was more than infectious enough for both of them.

“C’mon I’m your best friend. Don’t you share your toys? It will be fun. Ken is so hot. We can play Twister. Watch a movie and have some wine.”

Barbie still looked unconvinced.

“C’mon let’s be daring. Let’s have a slumber party and invite Ken. You up for a pillow fight?”

They both tittered and giggled the way girls do when they contemplate hot naughty sex.

“Hey what kind of slumber party would it be if we don’t do something naughty? C’mon let’s be naughty.”

Barbie couldn’t resist her new best friend. Her brain was swimming with scenarios of how this might play out. She did want to be naughty. She really did. With a smidgen more cajoling Barbie phoned Ken and asked him to come over to spend the evening with her. Barbie looked at her new best friend curiously.


Midge giggled wildly. She was short, petite and feisty. A package of fun Barbie didn’t quite know how to handle.

“I mean you really are pretty kinky aren’t you?”

Midge grinned a wide grin and flipped her long black hair over her shoulder. She giggled again and reached out to take Barbie’s hand to give it a squeeze.

“You nervous?”

Barbie looked uncertain and fidgeted with her fingers.

“Well it’s just I thought the whole ‘Asian girls are kinky in bed’ thing was just some racial stereotype. Isn’t it?”

The two girls giggled wildly.

“I guess you’ll find out when Ken gets here.”

The two sexy young women, one blond, one black haired, raced to the closet to pick their outfits. Later that evening when Ken arrived holding a bottle of wine with a pink bow he didn’t seem surprised to find Midge at home with Barbie. Everything seemed natural and yet somehow surreal? Barbie was still nervous and uncertain, but Midge held her hand.

Barbie was wearing a fashionable yellow summer skater skirt and a crop top that offered teasing glimpses of her firm young braless breasts. She had piled her lush blond hair up in a tight bun and Midge had helped her do her make-up. Midge was dressed in a black leather mini skirt and tight black top with flirty see-thru lace panels.

Wine flowed, conversation flowed and both women giggled and laughed at Ken’s easy jokes and sexual banter. The jokes and conversation had a flirtatious sexual edge that filled the room. They were all teasing each other. Barbie was being drawn-in, but where was this all leading?

Later when they were each half-drunk from the wine Ken put on some slow ballads. Without asking he reached down to Barbie sitting next to Midge on the sofa. Ken took Barbie’s hand and eased her up off the seat. They were dancing in the centre of the room, moving slowly, turning and spinning. Ken’s broad chest was so strong and reassuring. His muscular arms were wrapped about her slender feminine frame making her feel confidant and at ease.

Without warning Ken’s lips were on hers. Barbie closed her eyes as she drifted. The kiss was passionate and intense. He wanted her. His hardness pressed into her. Barbie’s mind was spinning. The music, his cologne, his warmth, his arms, and then another scent, a sweeter scent-- Barbie was confused. She felt another pair of hands. Slender feminine hands stroked her waist. And then she realized it was Midge’s perfume.

Ken’s lips detached from her reluctant lips leaving them still burning. Her eyes were tightly closed. She was terrified of what was next? New lips replaced Ken’s. Softer lips. Sweeter lips. A tiny delicate tongue traced her mouth probing for an entrance. Trembling Barbie opened her lips slightly letting Midge slide her delicate pink tongue into her mouth. She was kissing a girl. Her body shivered. Her heart pounded. Her pussy got wet.

Barbie could not recall the sequence of events. At some point they were all on the king size bed. The light was dim. They were laughing having a pillow fight. It was playful and fun with limbs and breasts and ass all over. Clothes were being removed item by item. Midge and Ken held her down while she couldn’t stop laughing. Her body was now naked. Her blond hair was unpinned and had tumbled down.

Barbie stopped giggling and the pillow fight turned into a threesome. Four eyes were admiring her curves and swells instead of only two. Four hands were teasing her skin, playing with her aroused erect nipples, grabbing at her ass, pulling her long blond hair. She was afraid. She was afraid to stop. She had secretly wanted this for so long.

Ken was licking Barbie’s pussy with crazed enthusiasm. Midge was sucking her nipple with soft teasing circles. Ken’s tongue flicked so fast Barbie gasped in wonder. His tongue teased her clitoris like a hummingbird wing fluttering over the super-sensitive tip of her love button. The flicks made her cry out with feline-like squeals of ecstasy. Without warning Barbie’s body jolted and exploded in an orgasmic torrent of sensations.

The wild threesome was too much for Barbie’s overwhelmed senses. She kept her eggshell blue eyes tightly closed. She was afraid to open them. She was afraid admit her own needs, her own desires: to admit she was sharing a bed with both a man and a woman at the same time.

At some point Ken’s big thick cock was in her mouth and Midge’s hands and kisses were everywhere on her body. Ken’s deep guttural groans filled the room as his cock filled her pink cavity. Midge’s breathing was heavy. Barbie exploded again as Midge stroked her.

Later Barbie found herself prone on the bed, her legs spread wide. Ken’s cock was driving and thrusting inside her. Midge swung her slender Asian leg over Barbie’s head. Impaled on Ken’s cock she tried to squirm back a few inches on the bed to get a pillow under her neck. Midge grabbed a feather pillow and jammed it under Barbie’s neck for support.

When Barbie finally found the courage to open her eyes things moved as if in slow motion. She watched in wonder as Midge lowered her sweet young Asian pussy onto her waiting mouth. A delicate yet rich peachy aroma filed her nostrils making them flare with desire.

The sweet tangy pussy juices, the delicate puffy lips; the first lick on Midge’s pussy made Barbie feel a frazzled chaotic mess of fears. But the dripping juices that trickled into her mouth had the taste of triumph. Barbie was overcoming her fears. She was becoming a woman. She was learning to open herself up without the panic and trepidation she had always known. Barbie gave her first orgasm to a girl. She felt so proud.

Then roles reversed and the orgasm Barbie got from Midge’s tongue was amazing. It was new. It was revealing. Barbie knew now that she could open her self completely to another woman. She couldn’t wait to see Colleen again. She had hidden so many feelings and needs. The second orgasm from Midge was even better, softer and more intimate.

Later Barbie watched as Ken mounted tiny Midge from behind doggy style. His cock looked huge next to her petite Asian frame. Her ass was almost boyish it was so small and firm. Barbie was too sated to participate. She just lay on the bed exhausted watching the two gorgeous bodies fucking next to her. She felt no jealousy. Midge was her best friend. It seemed only natural that she would want her to be happy. Sharing Ken seemed perfect at that moment.

How many orgasms did she have? How long did it last? When did she fall asleep? It was all a blur. Barbie awoke feeling refreshed and new. She was literally a new person. Ken and Midge were gone. The bed sheets were rumpled and stained. Empty wine glasses littered the room. A CD box was open. The phone rang in her room.

It was an automated message.

“Your therapy session terminates today at twelve-noon. Please meet with Dr Waters in the main clinic building.”

Dr Waters looked carefully at her patient.

“So Debra how are you feeling? Are you ready to…..”

Debra looked up. It was strange hearing her real name again. She didn’t giggle or even smile this time. She felt a new confidence with Dr Waters.

“Yes doctor. I think I’m ready.”

Debra smiled. She didn’t fidget with her hands anymore. She was calm.

“I feel so much better. Thank you so much.”

Dr Waters nodded. The doctor smiled a half-smile indicating her satisfaction.

“Excellent. Transport has been arranged. Should you feel the need don’t hesitate to contact us.”

Debra nodded. She stood and straightened her skirt and adjusted her white blouse.

“Thank you. I don’t think I’ll need to. But thank you.”

As Debra boarded the plane to go home she felt happy. She felt happier than she had felt in ages: years actually. She’d been down for so long she couldn’t even remember “happy”. Debra pulled out her phone. She searched her contacts. She called her father. Debra knew she needed to have this conversation immediately.

“No dad. I’m moving out of the house.”

She listened to her father respond.

“I don’t care about that or your money. I’m moving out and I’m getting a job.”

Her father went on and on. Finally she cut him off.

“I don’t care dad. I’ve always wanted to be a photographer. So you need to listen to me now.”

The timbre of her voice conveyed a new confidence that finally made her father pause. At some point the conversation with her father ended. With each minute it seemed Debra’s confidence as a woman was building. She sent a text message to her best friend Colleen.

“I’ll be back tonight. You need to come over. We have so much to catch up on. I have so much to apologize for. I love you.”

Debra ended her message with “Your best friend FOREVER!”

The next text was to her father’s friend John Langham. Her fingers were nervous as she typed out her message. Was she too late? Would he even be interested? She was so much younger than him? A million questions swirled and clouded her brain, but still she knew she needed to send her message.

John looked up as Debra Martin entered the restaurant. It was one of the most expensive establishments in Beverly Hills and he feared his friend’s daughter might feel out of place. Yet the tall beautiful woman who entered bore no resemblance to the teenage girl he remembered. Debra had selected Barbie’s signature classic black and white zebra print dress and elegant heels. She looked older and more refined than her twenty-five years.

The classic print and tight body cut of the dress accentuated Debra’s dancer’s body. The short hem accentuated her long toned legs. Debra had done her hair in the classic Barbie style topknot ponytail. This poised young blond carried herself with a new graceful elegance and confidence.

John was immediately curious. This wasn’t “Debbie” the gangly young blond colt who had looked so awkward only a few years before. John thought guiltily of how he had secretly lusted for his friend’s nubile seventeen-year-old daughter. He rose to pull out Debra’s chair and leaned forward to place a kiss on her cheek. Debra smiled and her eyes connected with John’s.

There was a connection in their eyes and John was filled with a new kind of desire. This wasn’t lust for a seventeen-year-old girl; this was desire for a polished young woman. Later as John lay on his bed with Debra straddling him, his hard cock inside her, filling her, completing her, he gazed up in wonder. Why had they waited so long? They seemed like lock and key the way everything together seemed to just fit together perfectly.

After a long session of lovemaking the lovers lay cuddling on the bed. John smelled Debra’s hair. He kissed her nose and pressed his warmth into hers.

“Are you going home to sleep at your parents?”

John’s question provoked an ache inside. He wanted her to stay. No he needed her to stay. Debra brushed his cheek and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“No I’m right where I belong. I don’t care what daddy thinks.”

John smiled and hugged her more tightly into his body.

“I hope you can keep up with me John. We have a lot of time to catch up on.”

Debra grinned a mischievous grin.

“And I want you to meet my best friend Colleen.”

John looked into his lover’s eyes. The blue twinkled with an enigmatic flirtatious teasing glint.

“Colleen and I share everything John.”

Debra’s wild giggles filled the room. John’s face pulled into a wide grin.

The End

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