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Executive Toy

Executive Toy

A purchase from the Lush store leads to unexpected fun in the office
I sighed, hit “send” on my email, and wondered if it was time for another trip across the road to Costa. The office was supposed to be air-conditioned, but it didn’t seem to be working today, just when it was most needed. It’s not that I was complaining about the hot weather, it’s just that I’d much rather be out sun-bathing than stuck at my computer all day.

Suddenly I heard a voice behind me.

“I don’t suppose you’ve got any Ibuprofen, Annie. This heat’s given me a splitting headache, and I must have left mine at home.”

It was Caitlin, one of the managers who worked across the room from me. She wasn’t exactly my boss, but as the “new girl” in the office I often ended up helping her out with random stuff that needed doing in a hurry. She was usually good for a laugh, but at the moment she did look a bit under the weather.

“Sure, I’ve got some in my bag somewhere.”

“Thanks, you’re a star. You always seem to have everything in that posh bag of yours.”

I plumped my Mulberry handbag on the desk (a present from my dad when I got my new job) and began to rootle through it. It is a bit big, and I do tend to stuff all sorts of junk into it, which can be useful, but it’s not always easy to find things when I need them. I probably should look after it a bit better too, but what’s the point of a bag if you don’t use it?

Delving deeper, I pushed some McDonald’s tissues out of the way, and to my horror saw something unexpected looking up at me; my bright red Lelo Mona vibrator.

“Oh fuck-a-doodle-doo,” I thought. “So that’s where it was.” 

I don’t always carry a sex toy in my bag, but I’d taken it with me when I stayed over with my boyfriend a couple of nights before (he loves to watch me use it), and forgotten to put it back in my bedside drawer. Quickly, I buried it under the tissues again, but I could tell that I was blushing like a ripe tomato.

At last I found the pack of Nurofen, and handed it over to Caitlin.

“Here, you might as well keep the box, I think there’s only a couple left,” I gabbled incoherently.

“No there aren’t, it’s almost full,” she said. She was trying hard to suppress a grin, so I knew damn well that she had seen my Lelo, and was enjoying my embarrassment. She took a couple, seeming to take hours over it, and gave me back the packet with a wink.

For the next hour, I kept my head down, but I couldn’t concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing. Caitlin was a terrible gossip, and I could just see her telling someone what had happened.

“You know that new girl, Annie? The one who always looks as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth? Guess what she had in her bag – a bloody vibrator! And a posh one too! Now we know what she’s doing when she pops out to the loo all the time.”

It would be all round the office in no time, and I’d probably get sex toys from absolutely bloody everyone in the Secret Santa at the Christmas party.

Later that afternoon, I was in the tea-bay washing my mug, when suddenly there was Caitlin, getting a cup of water. I decided I couldn’t exactly ignore her, so I just asked how her head was feeling.

“Much better, thanks, your tablets were just the job,” she said. Then she lowered her voice and leant closer. “And hey, don’t worry, I won’t say anything about what I saw in your bag. I know people say I’m a gossip, but I wouldn’t embarrass you like that.”

She blushed herself, as if she wasn’t sure how I’d take it.

“It was a Lelo, wasn’t it?” she went on. “I’ve looked at them online, and I’ve always wanted one, but they just seem a bit expensive. But the reviews and everything say they’re just about the best you can get.”

I guess I was a bit embarrassed at the fact that she was talking about it so openly, but I started gabbling again.

“Oh God yes, it’s amazing, I love it, but I didn’t actually buy it myself. It was actually a prize in a competition. I’ve actually won two…”

I ground to a halt, ashamed by all the “actuallys” as much as anything else.

Caitlin raised an eyebrow.

“Wow! What sort of competitions do you enter?” she asked. “I usually just win some Revlon make-up or a Marks & Spencer’s voucher or something.”

I sighed. In for a penny…

“It’s on this website called `Lush Stories`. I write, you know, erotic stories, just for fun, and they have these competitions quite a lot. There’s a theme, and you write a story, and sometimes you win some cash or Amazon credit, but sometimes they’re sponsored by Lelo, so the prizes are their products.”

“Wow, and you won two of them?” said Caitlin, sounding quite impressed. “You must be really good.”

“Well, I only came first once,” I admitted, “but you get a prize for second and third place too, and I’ve come third a couple of times as well. Some of the other writers are really good, way better than me, but I got lucky once or twice.”

“Don’t be silly, Annie, I bet you’re really good, the stuff I see you write for work is way better than most people’s,” said Caitlin, and she sounded as if she really meant it. “I used to love writing when I was at school, but I haven’t thought about it for ages. And you say you write erotica? That’s amazing!”

“They’re just fantasies,” I said, “but I do enjoy writing them. It sort of gets it off my chest when I’m feeling, you know, a bit…”

“Horny,” giggled Caitlin, luckily getting my drift before I had to say the word. “So what did you say this website was called? Lust Stories, did you say?”

“Lush; like the smelly bath things, but not as clean.”

“So if I Google `Lush Stories` I’ll find it?” she asked. “I might have a look this evening. And hey, what do you call yourself there? I really want to read some of these stories of yours.”

For one moment, I thought about saying “Sprite” or “Abigail Thornton”, but just in time I thought better of it. It would be bad enough Caitlin getting an insight into my own dirty fantasies, without thinking I had minds like theirs, however good the writing was.

“Naughtyannie,” I admitted, “all one word.”

Caitlin smiled. “I’m defo going to have a look tonight,” she said. “See you tomorrow, Naughty Annie.”

I bit my lip once she’d gone. What would she think of me? I did have one brainwave; quickly I logged onto Lush using my phone, and changed the settings on my personal photo gallery to “Friends only.” At least then she wouldn’t see the old photos of me that my boyfriend took a few years ago. I wondered about changing my profile pic too, but at least I had my hands over my tits in that. It was a bit cheeky, I suppose, but it wasn’t as if I was showing off my tummy covered in cum, or smiling coyly with my bare boobs fully on show. That would have been a step too far.


In the end, circumstances meant that I didn’t see Caitlin again for nearly a week. Her boss suddenly went sick and she got roped in to go to a conference in Belfast for two days. Then I had a couple of days leave, and it wasn’t until the following Wednesday that we were in the office together. I had to go to a meeting that she was chairing, and all the way through she kept trying to avoid catching my eye. I was a bit worried by this; perhaps now she’s found out what a dirty girl I was, she was going to give me a good telling-off. Then at the end, she closed the meeting by asking me to stay behind and help her clear up the room. As the last person left, she shut the door, and I saw her discreetly turn the key in the lock. She turned to me, and was relieved to see that she was smiling.

“Well, you certainly are a naughty Annie,” she began, getting straight to the point.

I gave a nervous grin.

“So you had a look at my Lush stuff then? I hope you enjoyed whatever it was you read,” I said.

“You bet! And what a lot there was. I expected a couple of stories, but there must have been dozens.”

“I’m not actually sure how many exactly,” I admitted, “but it is over fifty. I’ve been writing for a few years now”

“The first time, I didn’t have time to read more than a couple. Especially since I ended up…you know, shutting the door while I was reading. But I’ve been back every evening since.”

Even she blushed when she said that. It was my turn to smile.

“Well, that’s the idea,” I said. “I like to think that people have as much fun reading them as I did writing them.”

“Which ones exactly did you look at?” I asked.

“I enjoyed your funny poem, about the pirates.”

“Oh, that was just a joke,” I said, “It didn’t take me long to write.”

“Well, I liked it,” she insisted. “Then I read `Alfresco Fucking` or whatever it was called and that was really naughty; especially with the boys fucking each other; I wasn’t expecting that, but it was hot. But the one I really loved was the `Schoolgirls Dares` one.”

“Did you like the bit with the lolly?” I asked. “That really got me turned on when I wrote it.”

“Oh God, yes, especially when she stuck it up inside herself, and all the melted juices ran out. Annie, you are so filthy.”

“I was thinking about it all the next day while I was away in Belfast,” she continued. “After dinner in the evening, I made an excuse about having a headache, and went back to my hotel room to look at Lush Stories again on my laptop. I read a couple more of your stories, then I looked at some of the other stuff. I found their store, and looked at the stuff they had, and found the Lelo vibrators. And I was so turned on, I thought sod the cost, and ordered one. And they must be really efficient, because it arrived on Monday – I couldn’t believe it!”

“Which one did you get?” I asked.

“The Gigi. Do you want to see?”

For a moment I assumed she was going to show me a picture, but she opened her bag, and pulled it out!

She handed it to me.

“Don’t worry, I’ve given it a good wipe,” she said.

“I don’t mind,” I said. I knew about the Gigi; it had a weird-looking bulging head that was specially designed to stimulate the g-spot. I pushed the “on” buttons, and it leapt to life, buzzing gently just like my Mona. I rubbed it down my arm, then felt bolder, and stroked my neck, then let it slip down the front of my blouse and touch the edge of my bra. Then I thought, let’s go for it, and slid it inside my bra cup, over the smooth bulge of my breast, until it reached my nipple. As soon as the vibrating tip touched the little bud, it sprang to life, going from a soft jelly to a hard pebble in an instant.

“Phew,” I sighed, and gave a quick little grin. “It certainly seems to work.”

“Let me try,” said Caitlin, and I handed it over, assuming she was going to give herself a little buzz as well. But instead she ran it down my arm as I’d done, and then stroked the side of my leg with it, just below the hem of my skirt, which reached to just above my knees. I gave a little shiver of pleasure.

She pulled it away, as if worried that she’d gone too far.

“Don’t stop,” I breathed. “It’s nice.”

She nodded, and tentatively edged the vibrator under the hem of my skirt and tickled further up my thigh. To help her, I gripped my skirt and pulled it up, exposing more of my bare upper thighs. Caitlin licked her lips, which seemed to have gone dry all of a sudden, and rolled the vibrator across my thigh, then up between my legs. I pulled my skirt higher, right up over my pelvis, exposing a pair of pale yellow Marks and Spencer’s knickers. A few wisps of my neatly trimmed dark bush hung over the top.

Caitlin looked at me with a look of concern.

“You can’t stop now,” I whispered, leaning back on the table. “You have to show it to me properly now.”

She touched the vibrator against my knickers, the purple shaft vivid against the pale yellow, then pressed the head against the bulge of my pudendum. My labia puffed out on either side, and when she pulled it away there was a damp spot where my juices had soaked through.

“I guess I’d better take these off,” I said, and carefully pulled them down, revealing the neat triangle of my trimmed bush pointing down to my clitoris and the wet slit below.

Caitlin was shaking slightly. I even thought I saw a tear welling up in her eye.

“Oh fuck, Annie,” she whispered. We both knew there was no going back now.

As I kicked my shoes off, letting my little knickers drop onto the carpet, I sat on the edge of the table and parted my legs. All I could hear was my own breathing and the low steady buzzing, as Caitlin held the vibrator against my bare pussy for the first time. I involuntarily sucked in my breath as it touched the folds of skin round my clitoris. She teasingly circled it round my clit for a moment, before letting the head slide down between my labia. The bulging head parted my lips just like the knob of a cock, and with one smooth movement pushing it up inside me. I was so wet that my pussy offered no resistance, and the whole purple shaft disappeared completely.

“Whoo, fuck, Annie, you’re soaking,” observed Caitlin. She couldn’t keep her eyes off it as she moved it in and out a few times, the shape of it causing it to throb naturally against my g-spot.

Watching all the time, she eased it back out, and I could see how it glistened with my sticky juices. She looked at me, then put it in her mouth and sucked my juices off. Then she put it back against my vulva, teasingly stroking my labia before sliding it back inside. Holding the handle, she began to rotate it round inside my vagina, circling it against my soft internal walls.

It felt wonderful, and I began to squirm on the table. Then Caitlin pressed one of the buttons on the handle, and the steady pulse changed to a harder, regular beating throb.

“Oh fuck,” I gasped.

Caitlin leant over and began to unbutton my blouse, revealing my little flowery bra. I reached up and pulled my blouse off my shoulders, wanting to take it off. As Caitlin pushed my bra up off my tits, I managed to unclip the strap, and between us we managed to drag both bra and blouse off, so I was topless.

I felt so naked in front of her. Was it really Caitlin from the office, looking at my bare breasts, holding a throbbing vibrator inside my vagina? Even without being touched, my nipples were rock hard. I could feel my vaginal juices bubbling up inside me and running out down my thighs.

“Oh shit, Annie, you don’t know how long I spent looking at your photo on Lush Stories, wanting to move your hands so I could see your little tits properly. And now I can see them for real. They’re fucking perfect. Can I…?”

Unable to speak, I just nodded.

Without any more hesitation, Caitlin reached out a hand and stroking my right breast, circling her finger round my pink nipple. Then she leant over and took it in her mouth and sucked on it, while her free hand cupped my other breast and kneaded it roughly. I was breathing harder now, getting more aroused.

Wanting to get her as bare as I was, I pulled her blouse out of her skirt and began to drag it up her back. Briefly leaving the Gigi still throbbing inside me, Caitlin quickly undid a couple of buttons, then pulled her blouse over her head. Her breasts were much larger than mine, and she was wearing a plain white bra that nevertheless pressed them together to create an impressive cleavage. She heaved up her skirt, revealing her own knickers, which were black with purple trim.

I put out my hand and stroked the front, feeling her pudenda underneath.

“They’re nice,” I said.

“I wore them specially,” she said, and then looked embarrassed. “I just thought…”

“I’m glad you did,” I said. I pulled down the front of them, and saw that, unlike me, her public mound was totally hairless. It looked very smooth, as if it had been newly waxed for the occasion.

“Let me get them right off,” Caitlin smiled.

There was a short pause while we both stripped off our remaining clothing. I only had my skirt to remove, so I was able to admire Caitlin’s body as she took off her bra, skirt and knickers. I slid the Gigi out of my pussy, and stood up as Caitlin pulled her knickers off. Still holding the toy, I put my arms around her and stretched my head up to kiss her; she was a good six inches taller than me, so I had to go up on tiptoe.

As our mouths met and I felt the warmth of her lips on mine, I stroked the Gigi against her neck, rubbing it around the side and onto her throat. She let out a whimper of pleasure, and pushed her tongue into my welcoming mouth.

I pulled her down onto the carpet, and for a few moments we just lay there, our naked bodies entwined, her big boobs squashed against my little ones, her legs clasping me in a strong grip so I couldn’t escape; not that I wanted to. Small as I was, I somehow ended up on top, my legs clasping one of her thighs, my wet pussy smearing her body with my sticky juices. Her large breasts were heaving as she lay there on her back, gazing up at me. With the Gigi still in my hand, I pushed her thighs apart so her smooth, bare pussy opened in front of me. Her labia were already prominent, and I could see her own lubricating liquid glistening along her slit.

“Now it’s your turn,” I said, and placed the Gigi against her slit. She opened her mouth and gasped as the pulsing head stimulated her vulva.

Rotating the head slowly, I pushed it between her lips and into her cunt. She let out a high-pitched squeal, which she cut off with a squeak when she remembered where she was; it would never do if someone walking past heard us. I angled the shaft so the head pressed against where I judged her g-spot to be.

“Up a bit, just a bit, oh fuck yes, that’s it, right there.”

I was almost worried at how aroused she was getting. I altered the setting of the Gigi to a regular pulse, and moved it around her soft, spongy interior. A little circle, followed by gentle pressure, then another push.

“Oh fuck me sweet Jesus,” she managed to gasp out. “Come here Annie, let me take it, but I want to do you too. Lie down next to me.”

She took the Gigi from me, and pressed it into her harder than I’d have dared. I lay down and raised one of my legs so she could see my labia and wet slit. Then she licked two of her fingers, and gently inserted them into my tight little vagina.

I threw my head back as her fingers curved up inside me, finding my own g-spot and stroking against it. I put my hand on my clitoris and began to rub against it, a steady rhythm. Oh fuck, I was going to come soon, I could tell. I gasped again as I felt Caitlin slide a third finger into me, pushing a little deeper. She began to finger-fuck me, and I began to purr in my throat as I felt my orgasm start to build. I could hear the schlup, schlup, schlup as her fingers pumped in and out, drowning out the soft buzz of the Gigi, almost inaudible inside her pussy.

“Oh Caitlin, I’m going to come,” I moaned, as my fingers flew across my clit. With one last frenzied rub, my orgasm flooded through me, and I shook all over as Caitlin’s fingers clenched inside me.

“Oh shi-i-i-ite,” I gasped out, as my orgasm subsided, and Caitlin withdrew her fingers. My naked body was covered in a sheen of perspiration, and I was struggling to get my breathing back under control. Meanwhile, Caitlin was still fucking herself with the Gigi, and as I watched, she sat up and concentrated all her efforts on holding it inside her, pressing at her spot.

“Oh shit, it’s coming, it’s coming,” she grunted under her breath. “It’s coming; oh cunting fuck.”

All of a sudden, she pulled out the Gigi, and I gasped as a great arc of liquid squirted out of her vagina. She seemed to have lost all control of her body; her legs kicking, her torso writhing, her tits bouncing, as another fountain of liquid shot out all over the carpet. Just in time, I put my hand out and caught some of the last squirt, as Caitlin subsided in a helpless heap on the floor. I licked the almost clear liquid; it tasted a bit like my own juices, only much thinner and slightly sweeter in taste.

She looked at me and smiled.

“Well, that’s my party trick,” she gasped. “I’d not done it with the Gigi yet, but I thought I could.”

“I had a friend at Uni who could do it,” I said, “but I only saw her do it once. She said it only happened when she was really turned on.”

“Same with me,” said Caitlin, still breathing heavily. “And today I was, really turned on. Jesus Christ, Annie.”

We both looked at the stream of liquid that was now soaking slowly into the meeting room carpet.

“I don’t think it leaves much of a stain,” mused Caitlin, “though I usually just take the sheets off and put them straight in the wash, and wipe down the wall if it goes that far.”

We both began to get dressed again, pulling up our skirts and putting our bras and blouses back on. We were only just in time as it turned out, as suddenly there was a rattle on the door, and we heard a voice outside.

“Bloody hell, I had the room booked from three. They can’t still be in there. What in God’s name are they doing?”

Quickly, Caitlin gathered up the dirty coffee cups onto a tray and opened the door. There was a small group of five or six men there, looking a bit fed up. They’d probably been hoping the door would stay locked, so they could go back to their desks and get on with some proper work.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, with her sweetest smile. “We over-ran, and then Annie here knocked over a water jug, so we were trying to clear it up. I’m afraid we hadn’t quite finished, so there’s still a bit of a damp patch on the carpet, over there behind the table. I’ll sort it out with the kitchen if you like.”

The man who seemed to be in charge smiled a not-very-amused smile, and muttered something about “bloody women”, but he let Caitlin and I squeeze past and scuttle off down the corridor with our tray of dirty cups. We dumped them in the tea-bay, and slipped into the loo to freshen up. Caitlin discreetly rinsed the Gigi under the hot tap, washing off the evidence.

“It’s waterproof too,” she observed. “I’ve tried it in the shower already.”

She looked at me.

“Damn, Annie, I’m not really a lesbian, but that was bloody good fun. That’s all your fault, you and your Lush Stories.”

I smiled.

“Well, you were the one who splashed out on the Gigi,” I said.

Caitlin giggled. “Yeah, splashed out is right.”

She leant over and kissed me on the lips. “Thanks, that was ace. You’re not the first person I’ve fucked in that room, but you were definitely the best.”

I raised an eyebrow, and she giggled.

“Yeah, I know I shouldn’t, but it’s better than working. And you need to have some fun in this place.”

She looked at me.

“I want to read some more of your stories,” she said. “I saw there were some about peeing, and I wasn’t sure that was my thing, but now I feel adventurous. I think I might give one of them a go.”

“Send me a friend request,” I said. “When you’re a friend, you can see some pictures of me; a bit more explicit.”

Her eyes lit up. “Any more than I’ve seen today?”

“Well, probably not, no, and they’re a bit old, but you might like them.”

One more thing occurred to me as we went back to the office.

“Do you think they’ll realise that there wasn’t any water in the meeting room in the first place?” I mused.

“They won’t, believe me,” said Caitlin confidently. “They were all men, didn’t you see? And men never notice things like that.”

Which was a terribly sexist thing to say; but true.

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