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my ideal dream

I love to fantasise when i make love ,my partner always goes on about threesomes and i was never sure if he really wanted too or if there was another reason for it , he used to be a very jealous type , did'nt like me talkin to other guys let alone shag them ,since his turnaround i had thoughts that he did'nt love me anymore ,silly things creep into my head , but i do know for certain he does love me as much now as he always has, he just says it's excitement for both of us he wants , that we are getting on a bit in life and have never experienced sex to our fullfilment,    my husband usually spends 1 hour or so with foreplay and love making , only trouble is thats when i get going , luckily for me he loves me to fantasise and use sex toys , both of us have chatted about introducing a third party , i get so wet with the thought of it , i'm really quite prudish when it comes to sex , well maybe i should say a little afraid of the outcome with my partner the next day, more about that later.  One night as we were messing around with this 8" dildo ( after love making ) my partner was saying he had arranged for a guy to come in and give me a good shagging as he watched , this really turns both of us on , i started to thrust my 8' partner deeper inside me imagining it was this guy , my husband started to lick my pussy as i was banging away , my juices were flowing like a river , i told him i wantedto fuck them at the same time , one in my pussy and the other in my ass, as we preceeded i grabbed hold of another dildo to orally fuck as they were both doing me .... i was so excited , i needed as much cock as i could get , my orgasms were flowing , harder , harder i was shouting , my husband was thrusting like mad , his cock in my pussy and 8'dildo ramming my ass , then just at that moment there was a knock at the door , my partner said ," that will be him , what do you want me to do" . I was so high i said " to shit with it , if your okay with it bring him in ", i was so horny i could'nt wait , my fanny had pulses with the thought of the real thing two men , the door got knocked again , are you sure my hubby replied , " yeah , go bring him in " , he got up , put his boxers on and left the room , my heart started racing with excitement , i never had done this before , but what the shit , i started to finger my ass and gently slide the dildo in and out with the thought two cocks soon to be fuckin me , i heard the door close , i shouted to my partner don't put the light on ,just come straight in , i was nervous , excited , but most of all very horny , the door opened and i closed my eyes expecting four hands to start roaming my body , fingering me out , lips all over my breasts and pussy , but it all went quiet , i opened my eyes  to see my husband stand there grinning , i said where is he , he replied " i was only teasing , it was only coincidence that the someone knocked the door at that certain time ", i was really disappointed that it wasn't true, my husband did say " i always asked you if you would give it a go but you never really committed yourself to it ..did you" ... i had to see the funny side of it ..we do talk a lot about it and i always say " i'd love to but you know i'm a little shy , and what would you think of me the next day "  " I'd love you all the more he replied " ... we were so both up for it i'm sorry we never carried it thru.

My  biggest fear with carrying out our fantasies is having to face each other next morning lol , but i've been told by a friend ( they do it regulary on holiday ) that they cant keep their hands of one another... Iused to think my husband was putting me to test , to see if i would let another guy fuck me ...but i know different now ...since then we had a long weekend in amsterdam, and one night in a club both of us had been drinking , "we were'nt drunk , just a little merry " my husband had started chatting to this other young guy , he was about late twenty's , we are in our late forties... he joined us for a few drinks ,after a while he went to the bar to buy us a drink and my husband said " i think he would fuck you quick," i laughed but my hubby said again , " honestly , if he could he would shag your brains out , "i replied " i'm not going there ," we started to laugh , but my husband said " listen , are you game just give him a kiss and let him touch you ", i gave  a little thought back to that evening when i thought the other guy was coming in  and said "why not , lets have a little bit of fun... but only touching " i said... my husband was going to make the excuse that he had to return to the hotel across the street for something and when he was gone i was going outside to the back of the club with this young guy for a few moments , my husband was going to hide at the back as well just to watch me for my first time kiss and get fondled by this guy ... my partner had only left and already this guy had come on to me , i said " can we go outside for a few moments i need some air , both of us got up went outside and he said , do you want to come back to my room , my husband will be back in a few minutes i told him , lets stand round hear i said .... i could see my husband slithered down behind a big bin so i felt a little better we stood against the wall he leaned over and kissed me , it did feel good i must admit , his hand went slowly on to my breast tweeking my nipple , oh shit im thinkin this is good lol,  he then put his hand under my dress , pulled my pants to one side and started to finger me , hmmm it was so horny and exciting , i was soaking wet , my pussy was like a gusher ,i noticed my husband had started to play with his cock , this had me extremely horny, the young guy tried to take my pants down but i said no , we had'nt enough time , i opened his trousre and took his cock in my hand "nice i said" it must have been 7" and firm , i was gagging for it, but i didnt want it this way, i started wanking him as he put three fingers in me ,he slowly had me at orgasm within a few mins...after he had cum i said "we better go back in.... later on that night i fucked my hubbys brains out thinkin what could have been , but at least i'm a step nearer to the real thing now......  we have arranged a threesome with another female , well you cant really call it a threesome , i'm a little curious about sex with another female and he is going to watch ... this is a big fantasy of his , he said he would rather watch and then give me a good shagging later on lol .

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