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Naughty Sunday

I was so bad today... I woke up horny and late for church
As I got dressed I slipped my ben-wa balls into my wet pussy. I could feel every move as I put my skirt on. I slipped on a set of heels just for the extra wiggle factor, and left my husband sleeping in bed. He was totally unaware of what he was missing by skipping church. As I drove, I could feel every bump in the road vibrating directly to my pussy, and one particularly bad spot almost had me coming right then. As I stood in the lobby to greet people, I got several compliments on what an amazing smile I have. If only they knew.

By the time the service started, I was so slick that my panties were soaked and my thighs were wet. I spent the whole service fantasizing about sneaking to a dark corner of the building and fingering myself until I screamed. I was shifting around so much in my chair that I was getting strange looks from the man next to me so I slipped out as though I were headed to the bathroom. I had to get laid NOW.

I went home and told my husband to meet me for lunch. While I waited I got into my box of toys. I pulled out my favorite vibrator and got a little head start. I like to rub it hard against my clit until the vibration is almost painful, and then fuck myself fast and hard. He had no idea what I would be serving up today and came in just as I was coming, but he was up for the task of pleasing me all over again. He just grinned and asked what I had been up to. Without waiting for an answer he pulled me to him and began licking and nibbling my neck. I am super sensitive there and every bite felt like it went directly to my nipples and clit all at once. He kissed his way down to my right nipple and began kissing it alternating with little nips and blowing. His hand had been playing with my other nipple and he gave it a quick flick before switching sides. I was on a roller coaster of sensation but I wanted him inside me now! He laughed and thrust into me in to the hilt. God it was good! But then he began stroking so slowly that I wanted to cry. I moved my hips determined to pull him deeper, but he pulled back.

"Say please."

Oh god! Evil bastard!

"Please, please please,” I whimpered.

"Please what?"

"Fuck me harder!" I gasped

He grinned again, "I have an idea." He pulled out my slimmest vibrator and slipped it into my ass stroking harder and harder in unison with it.

Oh god! It felt so good! I came so hard it felt like the only thing anchoring me was his cock thrusting into me and the vibrator in my ass.

He groaned. "God this feels amazing, I don't know if I can last much longer."

I had an idea of my own. I pulled out a bullet vibrator and put it on my clit. Now his cock was surrounded by vibrators and every time he thrust into me the bullet ground against my unbearably sensitive clit. He had his teeth clenched with the strain of holding on but within a few minutes I was coming again, riding a wave of orgasm as the vibrators ground against my pleasure centers again and again. He was coming too and we came down the crest together panting.

We lay there for a few moments with our foreheads pressed together panting. I had had at least 3 orgasms and all the lead up from the morning as well but as the vibrators were still going I whimpered as I began to crest again. He lifted his head and laughed.

“Damn woman you are insatiable."

He slipped out of me. Just as I was thinking we were done, I felt another vibrator nudging at my entrance. I gasped, half laughing.

“We are supposed to look at houses this afternoon. The realtor will be waiting for us."

"Then we will have to finish this later," he answered. He kept going with the vibrator anyway until I came again.

"Get dressed fast, we are running late.”

I must have lost a moment because he was looking down on me, fully dressed and totally non rumpled. Less than 5 minutes left, I had no time for a shower. Feeling slutty I slipped my sundress back on and brushed my hair. He came up behind me and reached under my dress, pulling off my panties.


I moaned as he fingered my clit.

"Leave these off today," he murmured, "we have unfinished business"

He slipped the ben-wah balls back into my cum-slick, super sensitive cleft. I clenched my muscles reflexively and the lovely little beauties rewarded me with a little thrum of vibration.

"I'm already getting hard again thinking of you walking around like that all day."

"That’s nothing compared to what I'm going to be feeling all day."

"Keep them in, I want you to spend the afternoon thinking about tonight."

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