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The Surprise Gift

The Surprise Gift

My boyfriend brings home a surprise
My name is Heather and I love sex. I have an insatiable appetite for it. I love to give my boyfriend, Brian blow jobs. He absolutely loves them. He’s average size, which is about six and half inches long. He’s very long and thick. In the mornings, right before we both need to get up and get ready for work, I love to give him oral pleasure.

Brian will lay back on his pillow and I’ll sit up and play with his cock. I’ll stroke him from his base to his head. I like to rub and massage his smooth, shaved, balls. I work my hands gently up and down his shaft making him nice and hard. After a bit, I’ll swirl my tongue around his pee hole, while I stroke his shaft up and down.

I like to kiss and lick his cock starting at his base. I lick and adore his cock going up the left side of his dick. I work my mouth around his throbbing head and suck him ever so softly. He tastes very good. Then lots of licks and kisses going down the right portion of his cock.

By this time, he’s always is begging me to suck his cock. I of course aim to please and I slowly bring him into my throat. I suck, slurp, and gag on his long cock. I rub his balls, while I suck up and down his long shaft. I make all those wet, popping, sucking noises, as I take him deeper and deeper into my mouth.

Usually by this point, he wants to eat my pussy. I’ll then lay across him with my ass and pussy in his face. I’ll continue to adore and worship his cock. He’s now licking and loving my bald pussy. His tongue is licking and loving my sweet, bald, cunt. His tongue brushes in circles all around my clitoris. I moan and groan and suck and slurp, while he’s licking my wet, and slick cunt.

His tongue is licking and sucking on my pussy lips. He lightly chews them and then presses his tongue deep into my cunt. His tongue goes deeper and deeper into my pussy. I usually back up into his tongue, when he fucks my pussy with his long tongue. I work my hot, warm, mouth up and down his thick prick.

At this point, we are both dying to fuck. He loves for me to ride him reverse cow girl. Brian will sit on the edge of the bed and I will guide his cock into my pussy. I’ll rock and move over his hard cock. Brian will wrap his arms around me and play with my tits. I have large tits and he loves to play with them. He loves for me to be his dirty girl. Brian squeezes my tits together, while I’m slapping my cunt up and down over his hard cock. It feels so good and I often will moan and groan. I’ll always come for him first.

Brian then would tell me to get into doggie position and he would grab my hips and ram his cock deep into my pussy. He would thrust about ten times and would scream and shoot his hot, creamy, come up my wet cunt. Brian would tell me to lie down and he would eat our come cocktail out of my pussy. He would lick our cream pie out of my cunt.

Then we would kiss and both take a shower together. This is basically what we do every morning before we go to work.

This is the story when my boyfriend gave me a surprise gift and my reaction to when he brought it home. I’ll go over all the details.

My boyfriend Brian and I live together. We’re engaged and will hopefully get married next year. We’re still in the process of planning our wedding. But, we do know we’ll be having a pretty large wedding. Hopefully inviting about two hundred people. We’re still shopping for the catering hall, but are now in the narrowing down stages.

Brian said he had ordered me a very special surprise. He told me he would be bringing it home tonight. He explained that he stopped off at the sex shop and picked up a few items for us to experiment with. I was very excited. I absolutely love sex and had no idea what he was bringing home.

About a half an hour later, Brian came home. He had a very large box and a bag. I was so excited.

“Brian, what did you get? What’s in that big box?"

"It’s a surprise. Go on and open it.”

I was so excited and went to open it. I could not believe my eyes. Brian bought me a Sybian riding machine.

“Holy fuck, you bought me a Sybian! I can’t believe it. Can I ride it right now?”

“Of course you can. I’ll bring it into our bedroom and we can play with it in there.”

Brian carried the machine into the room and put it onto the floor. He was going to work the controls. I took off all my clothes and put a little lube onto my pussy and sat on the machine. The penis like attachment slid right into my cunt.

Brian put it on slow and I started to ride the machine. It felt so fucking good. I worked my body up and down over the attachment. I will say it was very loud and very powerful.

“Oh fuck, it feels so good. Put it higher Brian.”

Brian then moved the remote to the next position. It was a bit stronger and felt so good. I moved my body along the attachment. I was in good rhythm with the machine. I could feel the intense pressure of the attachment on my pussy. I’d never felt such an intense pulsing in my pussy before. It was just an incredible experience.

“Oh God, put it a little higher. I really love this.”

He moved it into the next position. I was moving up and down riding this machine. It felt so fucking strong on my pussy. The vibrations felt tingly and it was really hard to keep from not having a million orgasms. I just loved how it felt in my pussy.

“Oh God, I’m going to come Brian. I can’t fucking take it. It feels so fucking good. I love it so much. Oh God. Here I come.”

My pussy was starting to cream and I just didn’t want to get off this wonderful machine. Brian was playing with the controls. First, he put it really low and then really fast. Then back low and then back fast. He did this for a long while. He was basically teasing me. I was just dying, it was the best fucking experience I’d ever had.

“Okay baby, I have more treats for you. We’ll play with that later. Get off the machine honey.”

I could barely walk. My pussy was still shaking and vibrating from the most intense orgasm I’d ever felt. I’d heard stories about the machine, but it was much better than I ever dreamed. I was thrilled my boyfriend bought it for me. I would say this was the best surprise he’d ever came home with. It was definitely the most expensive sex toy he’d ever gotten us. At that particular moment, I really loved my boyfriend.

I helped Brian undress and we kissed deep and passionately. Our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths. He then put a blindfold over my eyes and brought me to our bed.

“Lisa I’m bringing you to the bed. I want you to lie down. I’m going to restrain you and have my way with you. Are you ready doll?”

“Yes, I’m so excited.”

Brian put me onto the bed and put my head on the pillow. I could hear him rummaging with the bag.

“Lay still! I’m going to tie your hands to the iron head board.”

He then restrained each leg and tied them to the bed post. Now I was laying spread eagle on our bed. I was blindfolded and could not see. Brian then went into the bag and I heard him opening something.

“I have another toy I want to try on you. I’m plugging it in now Lisa.”

I was excited and couldn’t see. He then turned on this very loud toy. Brian said he bought the Hitachi Magic Wand. The girl at the store said it was second in strength to the Sybian. Brian put the toy on my clitoris and rubbed it all around. It was very strong and the vibrations felt tingly on my pussy.

“I’m going to slide a curved attachment on baby.”

Brian then put the attachment into my pussy and started to fuck me fast with the toy. It felt so good. He worked the cock in and out of my wet pussy. My pussy was already a hot mess from the Sybian.

“Brian, it feels so good. Oh fuck. I love it. Put it up higher.”

Brian turned the vibrator on higher and fucked me hard and fast with it.

“Your cunt is so fucking juicy. Baby are you going to come?”

“Oh God! Oh fuck! I’m coming. My cunt is coming.”

Brian pulled the vibrator out of my pussy and licked all my juices out.

“Tonight is your night baby. You’re always giving me incredible blow jobs. Tonight it's all about Lisa. I’m going to make you have orgasm after orgasm with all these fun toys. I love you baby.”

Brian then turned off that toy and went into his bag again.

“I bought you a bullet. I’m going to rub it all over your clit and then slide it into your pussy baby.”

Brian rubbed the bullet all over my clitoris. It felt so good. Then he put the egg shaped vibrator deep into my wet pussy. He was pulling it out and then putting it back into my wet, cunt. It felt so good. It was so exciting. Then he left the egg in my cunt and turned the magic wand back on and put it on my clitoris, while the vibrating egg was in my pussy. It felt so good.

I couldn’t move I was spread eagle on the bed and blindfolded. Lucky for me, he was telling me exactly what he was doing. My pussy was on fire and I had lots of strong orgasms.

“I’m going to come again. Oh God! Oh fuck! I’m coming again!”

Brian then unrestrained me and took off the blindfold.

“I hope you had a good time baby. You’re always giving me head, whenever I want it. I just wanted to give you a little surprise. I know we’ve talked about buying the Sybian. I hope you love it baby. I sure loved watching you ride it. You looked fucking hot.”

“I fucking adore it and I love the magic wand too. Thanks so much Brian. I love you so much.”

“I love you baby.”

We fell asleep in each other's arms. I absolutely loved my surprise gift. I can only imagine once we're married all the hot, sexy and exciting times we'll have as husband and wife.

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