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Where's the Remote?

A surprise package in the mail certainly spices up the evening.
If I hurried, I had time to drive home, take a quick shower, get dressed and still not be late for my dinner date with Jason. He was working late, so he would be meeting me at the restaurant. Since I knew he wouldn’t be stopping home first, it gave me time to get my naughty surprise ready for him.

Hopping out of the shower, I quickly dried off, rubbed on some lotion and made sure I was smooth all over. I put on a lace black bra and garter, slid on some black thigh highs and attached them to the clips on the garter. I nervously opened the package for Jason’s surprise and fumbled some, trying to get it in place. I then pulled on some sheer black panties. Since it was chilly out, I planned to wear a long gray skirt and high, black leather boots. I wanted to tease Jason with just a bit of skin, so I put on a top that had a cut-out over my cleavage, which would give glimpses of my breasts when I moved. I quickly applied my makeup, fluffed my curls and I headed for the door.

I arrived at our favorite local restaurant just a few minutes late and Jason was already in the lobby waiting. His blue eyes crinkled up into a smile when he saw me. Just the sight of him still made my heart skip a beat.

“Hey, Handsome,” I said and leaned up to gave him a quick kiss.

“You look beautiful,” he said looking me in the eye, before sneaking a peek at my cleavage and giving my ass a tight squeeze.

At our request, we were seated at one of the small banquet tables, which allowed us to sit next to each other because of the curved seat. The waiter arrived to take our drink order and we both ordered a glass of Tempranillo. After the waiter left, I leaned over to give Jason a deep “I’ve missed you” kiss. I slid my hand across his broad chest and dropped something into his shirt pocket. Reluctantly breaking the kiss, he pulled back to see what I had placed in his pocket. He pulled the item out and when he saw the LELO name on the round black and metal object, his eyes widened in surprise.

“It came? Why didn’t you tell me it came?” He said, a bit nonplussed.

“I wanted to surprise you, Love,“ I said, a bit shyly.

Jason and I originally met on Lush and still actively participated in the community. We enjoyed playing on the forums under our CurlyGirly and Wolverine15 personas along with the other friends we met there. OK, maybe I enjoyed playing on the forums and Jason just liked to scare people off. As we teased, we both had gotten quite a “sexucation” since joining the site. By reading the great stories and forum posts, we continued to find items to add to our sexual bucket list. One of the things that excited us the most was the idea of me wearing a vibe in public, with Jason in charge of the remote control. We finally decided to go with the top of the line and had ordered the LELO remote vibe the week before. When it had arrived in the mail, I knew I wanted to surprise Jason with it and had planned this dinner for us. We had both been working a lot recently, so we hadn’t had much time to experiment. Tonight was just the bit of teasing fun we needed.

“Surprise me? What do you mean… surprise me?” The he gaped, as it finally began to dawn on him. “Are you wearing it? Now? It’s in?”

“Oh, it’s in. It is definitely in,” I said with a sly smile.

Interrupting our conversation, the waiter dropped off our wine and asked if we were ready to order. We said that we still needed a few minutes to look over the menu and he said that he would be back to take our orders. Sipping the wine, we briefly looked over the menus. I felt a flush and bit of heat on my cheeks, but I wasn’t sure if it was from the wine or knowing that the vibe was in me. The waiter returned ready to take our orders and looked at me.

“I’ll have the…” and that’s when I felt the vibration deep in my center. Now!?! He was doing this now, in front of the waiter? This was certainly not how I planned the evening to go, but it was hard to think about that when I had this wonderful electric sensation coursing through my body. Oh the feeling… the fucking amazing feeling of having that vibe buried deep in my pussy. I knew it would feel good, but not this good and a shudder went up my body. An involuntary “Ohhhhh,” escaped my lips. Quickly looking at Jason, I could see he had the biggest grin on his face.

“Is everything OK? Can I get you anything?” The waiter asked when I still hadn’t ordered.

“Umm… can I just have a glass of water… just water… they forgot to fill our water glasses,” I stammered.

As the waiter turned away, Jason quickly switched off the vibe. I didn’t realize that I had been clenching the table for the few moments while the vibe was going and my knuckles had turned white.

“How was that, Baby?” Jason asked smugly.

“Oh God, so good. It felt so fucking good. I’m getting wet already,” I murmured as I gave him a kiss, my tongue sliding into his mouth.

“Wet already, huh?” He questioned, breaking the kiss.

“Yes, wanna feel?” I asked, placing his hand in my lap.

The waiter returned then to fill our water glasses and attempt to take our orders again.

“What can I get for you?” He asked, looking directly at me.

“Hmmm, I think I’ll go with the…” As if on cue, once again, the core-shattering vibration traveled between my legs, causing me to quiver. I tried to squeeze my legs together, to contain the wonderful feeling in my pussy, but Jason took this opportunity to push my knees apart and snake his hand between my thighs. Taking a deep breath and trying to control myself, despite the pussy-tingling sensation, I managed to sputter, “I’ll have the grilled steak and blue cheese salad.”

“Great choice, and for you, Sir?” He asked, turning to Jason. With the waiter turned away from me, Jason deftly increased the intensity on the vibrator while his fingers reached my very wet panties.

I involuntarily moaned a low “Ahhhhhhhhh” and the waiter turned to look again at me. “Whew, is it warm in here or is it just me?” I managed to spit out, as I felt Jason’s fingers stroke my slit through my soaked panties.

Jason said, “I think I’ll go with the filet.”

“How would you like that prepared?” The waiter inquired.

“I like it rare. For some reason, I’ve always enjoyed it really pink but with a hot center and very, very juicy. Almost raw.” He explained in great detail to the waiter.

I couldn’t help but shake my head and giggle a bit as I listened to his description while he continued to stroke my pussy lips. I heard all this through a bit of a fog as I felt the relentless vibrations bringing me close to orgasm. “And I’ll have a baked potato,” he added nonchalantly as he slipped his finger inside my panties, right into my sopping pussy.

“Great, I’ll get your order placed. It shouldn’t be too long,” said the waiter. My nipples felt amazingly tight and hard as my orgasm neared. Between the combination of Jason’s probing fingers and the ceaseless vibration, I honestly wasn’t sure how much more I could take before I would explode. However, as the waiter walked away, Jason switched off the vibrator once again.

“NO!” I cried softly.

“Not yet, Baby, not yet,” he tsk-tsk’d at me. “You’re always so impatient to cum, aren’t you?” He scolded. “You surprised me by having the vibe in you tonight, but I’m going to surprise you with when you get to cum,” he said giving a wicked laugh. As he leaned over to give me another kiss, I let my hand graze over his pants. It seemed that Jason was enjoying the vibe as much as I was, because there was a growing bulge in his pants.

I gave his cock a quick squeeze and said, “I’m going to run to the restroom while we’re waiting on dinner.” He reluctantly removed his fingers from my pussy and pulled his hand from between my legs. He held his hand in front of my face and I gave his wet finger a quick lick, hoping no one was looking. He swirled the finger in his wine glass and then sucked it clean. I stood up and smoothed my skirt. As I walked to the restroom, I had another devious idea forming in my head. With this in mind, I returned to the table a few minutes later with my soaking wet panties clutched in my hand.

Jason was smiling as I sat down and asked, “Is everything OK?”

I looked up at him and innocently said, “Much, much better.”

The waiter approached our table with our meals and, like clockwork, Jason switched the vibe on. Even though I was expecting it, I jumped in my seat a bit and almost knocked over my wine glass. Despite the wonderful pulsing in my pussy, I dropped my hand in Jason’s lap, gave his stiff cock a firm squeeze, and started to pull down his zipper. Suddenly, I wasn’t the only one at the table who appeared a bit flustered.

“Wait! What? Don’t!” He blurted as the waiter gave him a puzzled look.

“Everything OK, Love?” I asked in a concerned voice.

“Is everything OK with your order, Sir?” The waiter asked, obviously thinking he somehow got the order mixed up.

“No, everything is fine,” Jason explained, saying he had been thinking out loud. He said there was just something he had forgotten to do before he left the office. During this exchange, I managed to free his cock from his boxers and was attempting to pull it out through his zipper. Jason tried to push my hand away and when that didn’t work, he turned the vibe up higher.

“Oh my!” I yelped loudly, as the vibe turned me into a trembling mess. The waiter looked questioningly at me again.

“This is really delicious,"I said without thinking.

“But, you haven’t tried your food yet,” responded the waiter, puzzled.

“Oh, I meant that it really, really looks delicious,” as the vibe continued to hum in my pussy, causing the familiar warmth to spread and my nipples to tighten, which meant I was close to cumming.

“Well, I know something certainly smells delicious,” Jason said winking at me and looking down at my lap.

“I’ll be back to check on you in a few moments,” The waiter said as he shook his head a bit and walked away.

As soon as the waiter’s back was turned, Jason switched off the vibe. “Grrrrrr!” I exclaimed, frustrated. “Please?” I begged. I wasn’t above begging at this point, I just needed to cum so badly.

“Nope,” was Jason’s succinct reply.

Jason might have been taking a break from his fun with the vibe, but I wasn’t taking a break from him. Still fumbling a bit, I finally managed to pull his cock out. Jason tried pushing my hand away again, but saw that it was no use. I was on a mission to have some fun with him. Once it was freed, I could feel the engorged veins along his shaft. I rubbed my hand lightly over the head and felt the wetness of his precum. Jason took a quick gulp of his wine, as I fondled his stiff cock and said, “This wasn’t the plan for tonight.”

“Who said it wasn’t?” I asked. “Look, we’ve both discussed fantasies about sex acts in public, with no one else knowing what we’re up to. Why can’t we both have a bit of fun tonight?” I asked as I squeezed the head of his cock. He sighed a bit reluctantly and looked down, as he felt something wet rub against his cock.

“You didn’t!” His mouth dropped open as he saw me wrap my wet panties around his cock and rub them over the head.

“Well, I thought you might need a bit of lube if I’m going to get you off and my panties are certainly more than wet enough.”

“So, you haven’t been wearing any panties since you came back from the bathroom?” He asked in surprise.

“No, it’s just my smooth, wet pussy under my skirt,” I said, as my cheeks reddened a bit in embarrassment. I realized at that moment how far I had willingly pushed my boundaries for him. “See?” I said as I squirmed a bit in my seat and hiked my skirt up my thighs, so that Jason could get a glimpse of my glistening mound. “You should eat your food before it gets cold,” I admonished as I continued to stroke his cock under the table with my drenched panties while he tried not to stare at my exposed pussy. Jason attempted to eat a few bites of his steak as I continued the long strokes up his shaft and over the head of his cock with my panties. I managed a few sips of wine as I lovingly and firmly jerked him off.

“Is everything OK with your salad? It doesn’t seem like you’ve eaten anything,” inquired the waiter.

“Sorry, I was just enjoying the moment. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a chance to go out and have fun,” I managed to say before the all too familiar tingling started in my pussy again. I took a quick forkful of food, trying to chew and swallow without choking, as the vibrator seemed to increase in intensity. I was so focused on the throbbing in my pussy, that I forgot to stroke Jason for a minute or so, just clutching his cock in my hand while the vibrator worked its magic on me.

The waiter asked if we would like another glass of wine and we both just nodded in agreement, unable to speak. As he left the table, Jason switched off the vibe once more.

“Not yet?” I whimpered.

“Not yet, My Impatient Little Slut,” Jason replied.

With the vibe off, I turned my full attention back to Jason’s stiff cock. I could see the precum flowing freely, as I squeezed up and down the length of his throbbing cock. I sped up a bit as Jason tried to go through the motions of eating.

“Here you go,” the waiter said, as he poured more wine into our glasses. As soon as the wine bottle touched my glass, I felt the familiar throbbing between my legs, which caused me to gasp. I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could handle as the vibrations continued to pulse through me. I loved it when he “edged” me to orgasm like this but this was almost too much, even for me. My pussy lips were swollen and dripping wet and I needed to cum. As soon as the waiter topped off Jason’s glass, he turned away once again and the incredible vibration stopped.

“Please let me cum?” I groveled a bit.

“Soon, My Love, soon. Anticipation has its own reward,” was Jason’s frustrating response.

Strengthening my resolve, I focused again on the task at hand; Jason’s beautiful, thick cock. I squeezed tighter and pulled the panties up the length of his shaft and over the tip of his engorged head. I noticed that he put his fork down and his breathing was shallow and quick. His eyes closed briefly as I continued to stroke the length of his shaft. I brought my lips to his ear and whispered, “Cum for me, Baby. Cum!” as I quickened my pace.

“Fuuuccckkk,” he moaned quietly as I brought the panties up over the head of his cock. He gripped my thigh with his claw-like hand as I rubbed the panties faster over his angry red tip. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” He muttered and sat up straighter as I felt warmth filling the panties in my hand and leaking on to my fingers. I kissed his neck as he came, while he continued to grip my thigh.

As he finished cumming and his breathing returned to normal, I held up my cum-filled panties for only him to see and asked, “Should I go in the bathroom and put these back on?”

He just laughed and shook his head and said, “No, I want access to your pussy,” as he watched me nonchalantly bring my hand to my mouth and lick off the cum which had dripped on to my fingers. Casually, I dropped the drenched panties into my bag and said archly, “I guess I’ll save those for later.”

“Well, I certainly can’t be the only one having fun tonight, can I?“ Jason asked as he put his cock back in his pants and zipped up.

“What do you mean…” I managed to spit out before I felt the tingling once again in my pussy. The vibration felt even stronger than before. How was that even possible? How many speeds did this thing have? I just knew it was worth every penny we had paid. I felt the pleasure flooding me again and I grabbed Jason’s hand, as I noticed the waiter approaching us. With a small laugh to himself, Jason turned up the vibe as high as it could go just as the waiter reached our table.

“Would you care for dessert?” He queried, as my back arched from the overwhelming pleasure in my pussy. It was so intense that I couldn’t control my orgasm and my hips started to buck uncontrollably. I fumbled with the menu, pretending to look at the desserts. I couldn’t stop it! The sensation was too intense! My cheeks were burning as I gripped Jason’s hand harder. My body was betraying me and I was going to cum with the waiter standing less than five feet from me! I couldn’t stop it. Fuck, to be honest, I didn’t want to stop it.

With the waiter staring intently at me, I released my death grip on Jason’s hand and just let the orgasm wash over me. I could feel the juices flooding from me, as the muscles of my pussy started to contract, as if searching for a cock to milk. Another involuntary shudder traveled up my spine, as I stammered, “Oh… ummm… hmmmm… good… good… mmmmm… looks good.” I could feel the beads of sweat on the back of my neck as I finished one of the most intense orgasms of my life, which I just had in front of an unwitting stranger.

“No, I think we’re going to save our dessert for when we get home. If you can please wrap this up. I guess we weren’t very hungry. We’ll just take the check. Thank you,” Jason said to the waiter, who continued to watch me.

“Sounds good, I mean really good,” the waiter replied, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he backed away.

“Feel better, Baby?” Jason asked as always, pulling me in for a kiss after the waiter left.

“Oh. My. God! That was absolutely amazing. Do you think the waiter knew?” I asked, a little bit embarrassed.

“Ha! I think he might have had an idea what was going on,” Jason laughed.

After we paid the bill, with a generous tip, and left the restaurant, Jason asked, “What do you think? Should we finish up with some dessert at home?”

“Hmmm, I’m not really sure. My poor pussy is so sensitive and swollen right now, so I might need a warm tongue compress on my clit for a bit to soothe it. Do you think you might help a girl out with that?” I teased.

“Baby, you read my mind. I was thinking sweet pussy for dessert too,” Jason replied with a huge grin, as he helped me into the car.

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