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Welcome Home, Chapter 1

Welcome Home, Chapter 1

Her man comes home from deployment... and she welcomes him properly!

It was early November when she got the phone she had waited so long for.

"Hi, honey! It's Tommy! Can you hear me?" he said.

"Hi, Tommy! Oh, I am so glad you called! I miss you honey!" she said, surprised to hear from him. "I thought you weren't going to call until this weekend!"

"Yeah, well I got some good news for you. Are you sitting down?"

"Yes. What is it?"

"Our unit just got the word, we are coming home. We'll be leaving in a couple weeks. I'll be home for Thanksgiving with you sweetheart!"

"Oh my God, Tommy! Really? Oh, are you sure? You aren't joking with me are you?"

"No baby, I'm coming home for the holidays," he said.

"Oh Tommy..." she said, trying to hold herself together long enough to get off the phone with him. "That is the best news I've ever had. Oh, I can't wait, I have to call everyone!"

"Well, I figured you could spread the news. I only got to make this one call, but I figured you could tell everyone from here," he said.

"Of course. I will let everyone know. Oh, honey, this is wonderful!" she said, unable to sit still.

"Well, I need to get off this so the rest of the guys can call too. I love you, baby," he said.

"I love you too, Tommy. Stay safe and come home soon," she said.

After she hung up the phone she sat down in the chair and sobbed uncontrollably for several minutes.

Tommy and Becky had been childhood sweethearts for as long as both could remember. Growing up across the street from each other, everyone knew they would eventually get married and be together, they had been inseparable ever since Becky's family moved into the neighborhood. They went to school together, went to the prom as a couple, and graduated together.

On September 11, 2001, they both were in school when the school address system announced the attack on the World Trade Center. Together in the same classroom that day, Tommy and Becky watched together as the events of that fateful day unfolded on the TV. That same day, Tommy decided that as soon as he graduated high school, he would sign up for military service.

Graduation Day was bittersweet for the young couple. While they were happy they had graduated, Becky knew that Tommy would be leaving soon for military service. He left a month after graduation. And after boot camp and his training, he was sent to Iraq on his first tour of duty overseas.

While overseas, Tommy called Becky as often as he could, but he never told her about what was happening over there. She heard things on the news and would often ask him about it, but he always told her that was not going on where he was at. He didn't want her worrying herself sick over him.

Tommy did two tours over in the war-torn Iraq. It was after his second tour that he had called Becky telling her he was coming home. And because he had fulfilled his "hitch" in the service, he would be coming home to stay this time.

Becky was at the base when Tommy's military plane came in. She waited there with her family and Tommy's as the C-17 cargo plane pulled up. After waiting an agonizingly long time, the rear loading ramp began to come down.

Waiting behind the chain link fence surrounding the flight line, Becky strained to see her Tommy get off the plane. But they were too far away yet to make out anyone in particular. The travel-weary troops walk the final few yards towards the waiting crowd. Slowly individual soldiers could be made out. The guards holding the crowd back eventually opened the gate and let soldiers and families come together.

Becky searched faces as they got closer. She was getting worried, then frantic as her man was not among them. Finally, she spotted him.

Tommy was twenty-three-years-old years old, tall, with dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and a mischievous smile. He was well-built and muscular, and if you were to ask Becky, heart-stoppingly handsome! His Becky was a very pretty girl, twenty-three as well but shorter than him at only five-foot-three-inches tall, with long brown hair, and hazel eyes.

"TOMMY!" she screamed and bolted forward. At a dead run she crashed into him, he swooped her up in his arms spinning her around to reduce the impact. Becky wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as she buried her face in his shoulder.

"Oh, you're home! You're home!" she cried into his shoulder. He held her tightly as he reveled in the warmth of his girl's embrace.

"Yes, Becky, I'm home. I promised you I would come back to you and I am here sweetheart," Tommy said.

As Becky clung tightly to her beau, Tommy and Becky's families came up to greet him as well.

"Welcome home, son," Tommy's father said to him, shaking his hand. Becky climbed off her man as Tommy's mother came up to him, kissing and hugging her only boy. Becky's parents came up to welcome Tommy home as well. Becky's parents were like his second family, the two families had gotten that close over the years.

After all the hugs, handshakes and kisses had been exchanged, Tommy picked up his daypack and with Becky on his arm, proceeded into the hanger. There he separated from his family temporarily and stood in formation waiting to be formally dismissed. The two families took their seats in the temporary bleachers set up inside the hangar.

The Company Commander made a short speech about how proud he was with the job his troops had done and how pleased he was that they all had come back home. He thanked the families that had shown up for their support for the troops, saying that it had kept his boys going through all the difficult times. He said a few short words about those soldiers who didn't make it home and the cost of the war. Finally, he barked the final command.

"Bravo Company - Dismissed."

"Bravo Company - Hoo RAH," the soldiers replied, the sound of their shout echoing off the hangar walls. And with that, they turned an "about face" and went to their families.

As Tommy walked out of the hanger with his gear on his back and his girl on his arm, he couldn't believe how good it felt to be home. Becky too was happier than she had ever been to have Tommy home. As they got to the parking lot, Becky's father turned to Tommy.

"Son, I am sure you and Becky want to have a little time alone. Here are the keys to my car. In the glove compartment, you will find a set of hotel keys. Go enjoy each other," he said, shaking Tommy's hand once more.

Becky looked at her father with eyes filled with tears. "Thank you, Daddy," she whispered to him as she kissed his cheek. Then the couple got in the car and left with a wave to everyone.

Becky looked in the glove compartment after they started away and found the hotel key with a note, "Be careful. Love, Daddy," tied to it. Becky smiled. The key was to a very nice hotel in the area. They drove to the hotel and parked the car. Tommy gave her another kiss before they got out of the car and went into the hotel.

The pair went to the front desk to check in and then went to the elevator to go to their room. As they got into the elevator, an older couple also got in with them. As they rode up to their floor the older man spoke.

"Just getting back?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," Tommy replied.

"Well, I'm glad you made it home. I'm a Vietnam vet myself - I'm glad you boys are getting a better reception than we had," he said.

"Thank you, sir," Tommy said. As the door opened on their floor, Tommy and Becky started to get off the elevator. The old man stuck his hand out.

"Thank you for your service son," he said.

Tommy, rather than shaking the man's hand, snapped-to in a proud and honorable salute. The man smiled and returned the salute. Then Tommy and Becky went off to their room.

Tommy found their room and swiped the keycard to unlock the door. He swung the door open and held it for Becky. As they went inside, Tommy locked the door behind them then pulled Becky into his arms again, for a longer kiss and tighter embrace.

"We're finally alone, baby," he said with a devilish smile. She knew what he meant and returned a shy smile of her own.

His hands slid up and down her back and over her ass, pulling her as close to him as possible. Becky could already feel his hard cock against her belly and hugged him tighter. Her heart was pounding in anticipation and excitement, and most of all, happiness at seeing her lover again.

When they finally broke the kiss to breathe, she said, "Oh Tommy, I have missed you so much! I've needed you so many times since you've been away and you weren't here for me to call." Becky had a sad look on her face as she spoke.

He hugged her again and said, "Baby, I'm sorry. I've been deployed and stationed out where I couldn't call or be called sometimes. I know I should have told you, but it happened too fast and I didn't have time. Can you forgive me?" He wiped away a lone tear that slipped from her eye with his thumb and kissed her tenderly.

She smiled and said, "Of course I forgive you, dear. But I do wish you could have called or emailed more often. I really needed to hear your voice and know you were okay. I worried about you terribly, you bad boy!" and she playfully slapped his butt. He laughed and hugged her tight again and kissed her deeply, showing her that he really missed her as well.

As Tommy kissed her, his hands slid down under the waistband of her skirt, pushing the skirt down her long, nylon-clad legs to the floor. She was wearing a pair of white lace panties and a matching lace garter belt. He smiled as his hand slid between her legs and felt the dampness that was already forming on the front of her panties. He felt the warmth of her sex and began to rub her pussy through the silky fabric.

"Oh god Tommy..." Becky moaned softly as he touched her.

He slipped her panties off her and led her to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed looking up at him lovingly. He knelt down and kissed her again before pushing her gently back on the bed. He parted her legs and slid his hands up her thighs, brushing his fingertips between her wet folds to find her clit and caress it tenderly. She opened her legs farther, letting him know that she was offering herself to him. His face quickly moved in and his tongue swept over her glistening pussy, savoring her sweet flavor and musky scent. God, he had dreamed of this so many times! He felt the blood rush to his cock as it hardened in his pants.

He started to adjust himself but Becky said, "Just take them off, baby."

Tommy quickly stood and undressed, as Becky removed her blouse and white lace bra, tossing them on the floor with her skirt and panties. He stood there a moment admiring the view of her lush, exposed body. "You've lost some weight, haven't you baby? You sure look great!"

Becky nodded and said, "Thank you. I have lost about twenty pounds. I've been dieting since I heard you were coming home so I would look good for you."

"Baby, you didn't have to do that. You already looked good to me before, but now... damn, now you're smoking hot!" he replied with a big smile.

She sat up straight and took his hand, pulling him closer to her. She took his hard cock in her right hand and began stroking it while her left hand slid under him to cradle his heavy balls. She knew Tommy loved when she massaged his balls, and she was going to please him in every way she could. She leaned down and kissed the head of his shaft, feeling him jerk in her palm.

She flicked it with her tongue and poked her tongue at the tiny pee hole, tasting the precum that had seeped out. Tommy growled as she tongued his aching cock. When she opened her mouth and took him in, he almost lost control. She stroked and sucked him tenderly, knowing just how he liked it done. She smiled as he groaned and began panting while he fought to keep control and not explode too soon.

She kept her eyes locked on his face while she sucked his cock. Tommy closed his eyes in pleasure as he enjoyed her work. When he could take it no longer, he pulled his throbbing shaft from her mouth and pushed her back on the bed. He pushed her legs wide apart and buried his face in her wet pussy again. He slipped his fingers into her wet tunnel as his tongue flicked and rubbed over her clit repeatedly. Becky clutched the bed covers tightly in her fists, tossing her long, dark hair back and forth as her lust became a wildfire, consuming her. Becky's legs began trembling as Tommy sucked and bit gently on her clit.

"Oh, God... TOMMY! Becky cried as his tongue and fingers brought her to a huge orgasm right then. Her juices oozed out over his hands and tongue, which he eagerly licked up. Becky bucked and twisted as Tommy continued to chew on her pulsing clit and shove his fingers in and out of her clenching pussy.

"Stop! Tommy, please stop! Oh fuck!" she whimpered trying to push him away, but he kept up the pressure until she was completely exhausted.

She laid on the bed panting and moaning loudly, drenched in sweat and continuing to spasm as the last waves of her orgasm washed over her.

Tommy looked up at her with a big smile, his face shining with her love juice. "Mmmmm baby, you taste so sweet," he said.

She blushed and said with a giggle, "Well you tasted pretty good yourself."

He smiled then slid up on the bed to kiss her deeply, passionately. She tasted herself on his tongue, as their tongues danced together in their mouths. Becky felt the head of his cock probing around her pussy and wiggled her hips until it was properly positioned right at the entrance of her long neglected pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist and with a soft smile, let him know she was ready. She wrapped her arms around his neck

"Tommy I have waited for this for so long..." she whispered.

"Me too, baby."

Then Tommy pressed forward sliding easily into her hot, wet channel. Both moaned as her flesh engulfed him fully. With her arms wrapped tight around him, he lowered his face to hers, kissing her again as he began moving within her with long slow strokes. She raised her hips up, to give him deeper access to her center.

Tommy knew what Becky liked, and where all of her special pleasure spots were. He began kissing and licking her neck and nibbling at her earlobe. It caused pleasurable shivers to course through her body and added to the pleasure between her legs, before moving on down her soft body.

As Tommy moved down her, kissing his way towards her succulent breasts she moaned, "Oh Tommy! Mark me, baby, make me yours." She didn't have to tell him twice. He opened his mouth, fastening it just above her left breast and began sucking and biting her breast, just above the areola. After a minute or so, he released her breast to see his handiwork. There was a large bright purple hickey right there.

"Now you are mine, babe," Tommy said softly, smiling as he continued moving within her hot sheath. She felt his lips and tongue on her own as they kissed once again.

Becky smiled and said, "Now all I need is a tattoo on my pussy that says 'Tommy's Property' to truly make me yours, my love."

He chuckled and said, "Let's do it, baby. I want to make you mine completely. I love you." That surprised her and she hugged him tightly.

"I love you too, Tommy," Becky said, a tear starting to form in the corner of her eye.

He began moving faster within her, using long deep strokes, his arms tight around her and his lips kissing her all over her neck and face. After a few minutes, they changed positions, with Becky on her hands and knees and him behind her, slipping into her wetness with one thrust. He spat on her ass and spread the saliva around with his thumb before pressing it into her anus as he continued fucking her hard and fast. She pressed herself back on him for deeper penetration of his cock and thumb. Her breathing was getting faster and more ragged and she was moaning loudly. Her legs and arms were trembling as her orgasm approached.

A few moments later, Tommy felt her muscles tighten around him and she let out a loud moan, like a tigress purring. He saw her toes curl and fluids rushed out of her sopping pussy to drip off his balls onto the bed. Just then his own release hit, and his cock started pumping his cum deep into her. Becky moaned louder as she felt him pumping her full of cum, his cock pulsing and throbbing with his release. Her arms gave out and she collapsed, her upper body falling onto the bed as she tried to catch her breath.

While still buried deep in her pussy, Tommy helped her lay on her side, and he laid behind her without withdrawing from her body. He wrapped his arms tight around her, and she laid her head on his shoulder. She was trembling and covered with a thin sheen of perspiration. Tommy pulled a blanket over them and held her close.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear, "I love you, baby." Over and over again, kissing her between each declaration of love. At this point, her heart was overflowing with love for this man. There were not words enough to express her love for him. He was still buried deep in her wet pussy and kept moving in and out slowly and steadily.

"I love you too, Tommy. More than you even know. I missed you so much when you were gone. I thought about you all the time when I was awake and I dreamt about you every night. I don't know what I would have done if I had lost you. I am so glad you came back to me. You're my soul mate," she said, her voice cracking slightly with emotions.

He felt a tiny drop of wetness on his arm and turned her to face him. She had tears coming from her eyes, but her love was shining brightly for him to see. He gently wiped away her tears and held her tightly.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and events in it are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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