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Water Sports Stories

Also referred to as pee play or golden showers, these stories feature erotic play involving urination.

Activities might involve peeing in front of someone, or on them or even drinking a lover's piss. There’s nothing like the ache of a full bladder or the growing wet spot on tight pants to enhance your sexual desire.

A fetish in which a heady mixture of humiliation and intimacy are often woven tightly together.

Friday Night Fun

A trip to the restroom turns interesting.

Mattie and I had spent the day at her pool, swimming and laying out. It was a typical hot and humid Oklahoma summer day. I had planned on staying the weekend with her and her family until Tommy called and asked me if I wanted to stay the night at his apar...

A Warm Shower

Two lovers shower after dinner and drinks

Scott and Nadia had enjoyed a delicious dinner of sushi at a favorite local restaurant. The conversation at dinner was light and comfortable as they laughed and talked with the chef, Koji. Upon arrival back home, Nadia opened a delightful bottle of "Fukuj...

My Wife's Extreme Sexual Desire

Wife Lives Out Extreme Sexual Fetish

I came through the door from work, Joan was sitting in the kitchen, and right away, I knew something had changed. I could see the excitement and determination in my wife's face. Joan spoke with authority, "We are going out tonight. I need my body to be fu...

Pretty Pissy Panties

Teen girl finds dirty panties and discovers hidden desires

I was sixteen and in my junior year of high school - the shy, skinny, flat-chested, brace-faced redbone. Boys had liked me before, but when all the other girls started growing boobs and womanly shapes, their focus drifted from my cuteness to their curves....

Pussy Riot In The Ladies' Room

Be careful which band shirt you're wearing. It might come across as an unfulfilled wish.

I was still trying to shrug my conscience away when her surprisingly talented lips sucked my oversized pacifier. No need to lecture me on the disgusting analogy. It was how it felt. My own birth was closer to Malcolm McLaren’s promo stunt with his very mu...

Getting My Freak On

Massage with a filthy happy ending

I always had a pee fetish that I kept to myself for so long. Something about watching girls pee and being able to witness them at their most vulnerable, it's just so erotic and desirable. I had craved something real as the pee porn that had been my staple...

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New Places for Naughty Peeing

New premises equals new naughty places for the female staff to pee

Business had been blooming and the company had relocated to new premises. This might have been wonderful for the management but for many of the female staff, this meant that they had been deprived of a lot of naughty fun given that the attic archive had b...

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From C-Suite to P-Suite

A powerful CEO makes it rain

Lisa fiddled with her phone with irritation. Five texts and three exclamation point emails since she barged into the room just a half-hour ago! All of her reports knew full well not to bother her on a Friday night unless it was truly urgent. Did all these...

Spraying for Forgiveness

My girlfriend Daphne “punishes” her roommate for a bad deed, sharing our new kink in the process.

“You just made us a lot of trouble, Teresa Anne,” my girlfriend Daphne told her college roommate. “There will be consequences. For you.“ Tessa looked back at Daphne, bewildered. She clearly had no idea what she'd done wrong. Or what kind of “consequences”...


I brought out a hidden kink in my ex

It was quitting time and I was due to meet my boyfriend for “Thirsty Thursday” at our favorite bar. We tried to go every week and have a few drinks. It was always a good time at the swanky bar and never crowded on those days. I’d have my rum and coke, and...

Oh, That Kind Of Shower

My kinky, submissive lover reveals her kinks for degrading humiliation and golden showers

I hadn’t decided which I liked more, the fact that he surprised me by renting a hot tub for the weekend or the way the jets were pounding a hard, steady, massaging stream of water right onto my throbbing pussy. I was so fucking horny to begin with, that I...

Frat Party Confessions

Emma decides the best time to tell her BF about her secret kink is at a frat party, what could go wrong? or more like, what could go right?

Wally’s leg jittered a lot when he had to pee. It turned me on to no end but I had no idea how to break it to him that I got so turned on watching him pee. Or need to pee and dance around. Watersports wasn’t exactly a well-looked-upon fetish, even in kink...