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Candice Down Under

Candice Down Under

A man on a quest to discover himself has a one night stand with a married woman
I didn't realize how much my life was changing until it was almost too late. The transition was slow as I moved from the life of a carefree twenty-something to being a more responsible, middle aged husband and father.

As the years crept by, the youthful exuberance my wife and I once shared slowly gave way to the repetitive boredom of everyday life. Maybe that’s what they call getting old. Then again, maybe it’s just the ongoing process of growing up.

The thing was, I wasn’t enjoying getting older. I was in my forties by then, and much like a badly tailored suit, somehow my age didn’t seem to fit me anymore. It wasn't the getting older part that bothered me. I didn’t fear growing old. Being old is, after all, infinitely better than the alternative.

No, the truth is, I hated the unrelenting responsibility of having to be so stoic and guarded about everything I did. I was so concerned with protecting the life I'd built for my family, that somewhere along the line I forgot how to live within it. The pressure of those last years sickened me like a slow poison.

Thus, during a time that should have been the most rewarding of my life, I began instead to feel increasingly cold and distant. My work was taking up more and more of my time and as it did, Joanne and I slowly drifted apart.

Oh, we tried to talk about it now and again, but neither of us really understood what was happening. I will always believe the long hours I worked played a part, but somehow I felt she simply grew weary of our life together. I can say with certainty that the loss of the passion we once shared caused me to shut down emotionally. Our marriage grew cold after that and once our youngest daughter went off to college, we both knew our time together was over.

I left Joanne the house, and although our kids were old enough for me to avoid child support, I made sure their mother was secure. She was successful in her own right anyway, so money wasn't an issue. This allowed our divorce to be amicable.

I spent the next couple of years living in an apartment, completely immersed in my work and growing ever more despondent by the day. The loss of my family saddened me terribly, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that my life was passing me by. It was a thought that haunted me terribly. I was fifty before my epiphany came.

Moments of clarity can be spawned by many things, and as silly as it sounds, that moment came for me while I was watching the movie 'Men in Black'. In it, Tommy Lee Jones was phenomenal, but more importantly, he was, for lack of a better word, so very alive. This was a man, I thought, who hadn't reached his peak until he was fifty. I mean, who the hell remembers Tommy Lee Jones when he was forty-eight? He was just some guy from Lonesome Dove. It was then I knew that, even at fifty, I could again find the man I used to be. I just had to go out there and actually do it.

The problem was, even though I knew I had to do something, I wasn't at all sure what that something should be. I did know that whatever it was though, it would have to be something I’d never done before.

It occurred to me then that I hadn't traveled much in my life. Oh sure, I'd taken a few cross-country drives in the car with my family, but that hardly counted. I decided then that I should take a trip, a real trip to some far away and exotic land. Well, what the hell, I thought, it doesn't get any farther away than Australia. It sounded crazy to take a trip like that alone, and I didn't really know what I expected to find there. I only knew that if I were to start living again, it wouldn't happen while I sat on the couch in my own living room.

Of course, a trip from California to Australia took a bit of planning, but as it turned out, there were a number of good vacation packages available. The irony was that after all of that, I found myself in a land that felt very much like the place I’d just left. A place blessed with mild weather and laid back people who were unwilling to let the pressures of life overcome the joys of living it. Sydney is a big city, sprawling out in all directions, much like Los Angeles. Sydney though, feels a bit more modern than LA. It's like Irvine blown up to a massive scale.

I enjoyed my stay quite a bit actually. The beaches were beautiful and the women were simply gorgeous. Still, much like home, I constantly found myself thinking, if only I were a younger man...

It isn't that I was interested in chasing younger women, but I can tell you that at my age, there really is no such thing as an unattractive twenty-year old. While they were undeniably beautiful though, younger women didn’t truly interest me. All I really wanted was to become comfortable enough with myself so that I might attract someone closer to my own age. That was, after all, the entire purpose of this trip.

I was in no hurry to meet such a woman right away though. I was in another country after all, so the thought of finding that long-term relationship barely entered my mind. Nevertheless, those days in Sydney recharged me just as I'd hoped they would. The cycle of working and sleeping that had dominated my life was finally broken.

So it was that when I entered the Cafe Sopra on Walsh Bay, I wasn't actively trying to meet anyone. Life is funny about such things though, and I'd barely walked through the door when an attractive brunet caught my eye.

She was sitting alone, checking her phone while she waited for her table. Her baby-blue top and matching skirt looked great on her trim body, but she clearly wasn’t going out of her way to look sexy. Still, there was something undeniably magnetic about her. I guessed she was in her early forties and for the life of me; I just couldn't take my eyes off of her.

Oh, sure, she was attractive. Just the sight of her firm breasts and amazing legs caused my mouth to go dry, but her looks really weren't what was keeping me there. No, as pretty as she was, what kept me riveted to the floor was that unexplainable spark of attraction that just pulls a man toward a woman.

I must have been staring, or maybe she felt my interest with that sixth sense women so often display. Hell, maybe it was just dumb luck, but whatever the cause, her gaze rose from her phone, and with a slight turn of her head, she made that unmistakable eye contact with me that made any retreat impossible. I must have been blushing terribly, but she smiled in that unspoken way women have of saying 'caught ya' when men are less than discreet.

Realizing I had nothing left to lose, I decided I might as well go over to her and make the best of it. "Excuse me, Miss..." I began.

"Bentley, and its Mrs., actually. But you can call me Candice."

"Ah, Candice is it? That’s a beautiful name... And it’s very nice to meet you. I'm Jon, Jon Ramsey."

Offering her hand, she said "It's nice to meet you, Jon."

Taking it in mine, I shook it gently, thoroughly enjoying the supple warmth of her touch.

"So, now that we have that out of the way, what can I do for you?" A smile flashed across her face and she laughed softly as if she already knew what I was thinking.

The mirth in her eyes caught me off guard, and I drew a complete blank as I struggled to think of something clever to say. As the silence grew, I actually chuckled as it dawned on me how very much I felt like the young and insecure man I was trying so hard to rediscover.

It was an awkward and uncomfortable feeling that I'd completely forgotten about, but standing there and becoming lost in her green eyes made all of that youthful angst come rushing back. I can only imagine how foolish I must have seemed.

Finally, I just shrugged and relaxed. "Well, Candice, I was going to ask you the time, but to tell you the truth, it's a bit more complicated than that."

"Oh? And what's so complicated about the time?"

'Shit!' I thought. 'She's already three steps ahead of me'.

It was terribly embarrassing, but she was so cute about the whole thing that I didn't mind. She had a disarming breeziness about her that really drew me in, and as quickly as it came, my hesitance to speak faded away. "Ah... nothing, really." I finally admitted with a nod. "It's just that I already know what time it is. I simply couldn't think of any other reason to come over here and talk to you."

Candice smiled again as she held my gaze. “I see. You are an American, right?"

"Guilty as charged, I'm afraid. I hope we can still be friends."

The giggle that followed caused her eyes to sparkle. "I think I can forgive you,” she finally replied.

The more we spoke, the the stronger I felt that odd attraction. It was as if the spark I'd felt earlier was growing even warmer. I could feel the unmistakable tingle on the back of my neck as I sensed her interest spark as well.

"Well, that's a relief." I said happily. "To be honest, Candice, the reason I came over is that I noticed you were here by yourself, and since I am as well, I was hoping you would let me join you for lunch. This is my last night in Sydney and I really don't feel like eating alone. I promise not to be boring, and you’ll get a free meal. What do you say?"

Candice bit her lip for a moment, a gesture women make that never fails to turn me on by the way, but then she shook her head. "Jon, I'm flattered, really. It's a wonderfully sweet offer, but you did catch the part about me being married, didn't you?"

I still felt that spark though, and undaunted, I pressed forward as brightly as I could. "Of course I did, but your husband doesn't seem to be here right now, and besides, we're only talking about lunch, right?"

"Right..." she replied, drawing out the word. “Tell me, Jon. Are you always this forward?"

"It's that noticeable, is it?"

Candice let out a little laugh. “I’m afraid so."

All I could do was smile lamely, but all the while, I was struck by how cute she was. Every nuance of her body language just made me melt, and her directness completely disarmed me. The way she saw right through me was uncanny, yet I didn't at all feel as though she was keeping me at arm’s length. I did know that I really liked her.

"No. No, I'm not." I conceded honestly. "I'm usually quite the gentleman. I just knew that if I didn’t at least try, I'd never forgive myself. So, what do you say?"

To my delight, Candice agreed to my offer. As it turned out, she was rather amused by my somewhat clumsy effort to hit on her. We sat at our table, sharing our meal and having a wonderful time getting to know one another.

Over the course of our lunch, I told her of my divorce and why I took this trip. Candice was as good a listener and in turn, she told me about her life as well. Her husband was a truck driver and while they were happy together, she often missed him when he was away. She was honest and completely open about herself and I loved listening to her. I have to admit, I found her Aussie accent to be utterly enchanting.

Things were going really well, and to my pleasant surprise, she was in no hurry to leave when we finished eating. I ordered a bottle of Shiraz and we sat for an hour more, sharing memories as we slowly finished it. By the time I poured the last glass, we were laughing and having a wonderful time. It really was the most fun I'd had in years.

As we left the restaurant, my mind raced with possibilities as I tried to summon any excuse I could to extend my evening with her. I thought hard, trying to think of any interesting place we could go, or anything I could do to keep her with me. In LA, I might have come up with an idea or two, but I was in a city I didn’t know at all, and the only things I could think of were far too ‘touristy’ to keep a local from easily laughing off.

As we reached her car, I must have briefly lost my mind, because the only thing I could think of spilled out my mouth before I could even consider how impossible it might actually be. “Candice, I really don’t want to spend my last night here alone," I said. "So I was wondering if you would you care to go to the Opera House with me?”

Candice froze for a long moment, and her eyes grew soft as she smiled warmly at me. “Oh, that’s a lovely offer, Jon. I’d truly love to, but I couldn't possibly wear this,” she replied, indicating the baby blue top and skirt that I had already decided she looked beautiful in. “And it’s too late to buy something appropriate. That is such a sweet offer, though.”

“Ah, well, that’s okay.” I said with a bemused laugh. “The truth is I don’t even have tickets. In fact, I don't even know what’s playing.”

Candice leaned her back onto the car and gave me that same look I was becoming all too familiar with. “I see.” she finally replied. “So, why even ask?”

I could feel my face warm with blush, but by this point I'd already pretty much made as big a fool of myself as I could, so I just shrugged in defeat. “I suppose it was because you were about to leave, and it was the only thing I could think of to get you to stay. What I would really like to do is invite you back to my hotel for a drink.”

This time it was her turn to blush, and she couldn’t quite repress the playful look that flashed brightly across her face. “Ah, a drink in your room. Why don’t I believe that’s all you have in mind?” She was obviously skeptical but there was a touch humor in her voice as well. Then she held up her left hand. “I am a married woman, remember?”

“Yeah, I remember,” I conceded with a pained laugh, trying all the while not to fidget like a schoolboy.

“Believe me, Candice, a couple of years ago I never would have asked you something like that. I'd have considered it far too ungentlemanly to even consider it, but right now... I just want to live in the moment. And in this moment, Candice, I really don't want you to go."

“So, you were a gentleman in those days then?" she said playfully. “That is a rare thing for a man to be these days. So tell me, Jon. What made you change?”

“I got divorced.” I was afraid she would be upset, but thankfully, Candice just looked at me for a long moment and then smiled back.

“Well, I suppose that's flattering anyway. I mean, it’s not every day a complete stranger buys me lunch and then tries to seduce me.”

"I wouldn't say I was trying to seduce you, not exactly anyway."

Candice smiled with that 'raised eyebrow' look again, and her bright green eyes just pierced into mine until I wilted under her gaze. "Well, maybe I was a little,” I finally admitted. “Can you really blame me though? I'm going to be gone in the morning, and I'll never see you again, so I figured this was my only chance."

I really didn't know what to expect at that point. She might well have taken my advance as an offense, and for a single heartbeat, I expected her to tell me off, but instead she just bit her lip and then she leaned into me as she pretended to straighten my tie.

"I bet that was hard for you to say, Jon. At least you're being honest about your intentions. Like I said before, I'm really very flattered, and maybe even tempted, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline."

'Well, at least she didn't yell,' I thought ruefully.

"I understand," I said with a laugh. "Hey, at least I can be happy knowing I tried." Feeling that the night was over before it began, I opened her car door for her.

Candice hesitated for a breathless moment and then drew me close and kissed me. It wasn't much more than a peck on my lips, at first, but soon that simple, friendly kiss quickly became wetter and more urgent. A moment later, I was holding her in my arms and savoring the exquisite softness of her lips. By the time we pulled apart, our tongues were flicking and sliding together in one of the most passionate kisses I'd had in years.

Candice's eyes opened as she pulled away and she licked her lips slightly as if savoring the taste. "Mmm, you’re a really good kisser, Jon." Her eyes sparkled as she spoke, piercing me to the bone. "Thank you for a wonderful evening. I really should be off now."

"You're welcome, Candice. It was great getting a chance to meet you."

I watched quietly as she slipped behind the wheel of her car and then closed the door behind her. I was sure I heard a wavering in her voice and I certain that if I could keep her there even a little longer, I could get her to stay. I think she knew it too though, and seconds later, I was standing alone in the lot, watching with disappointment as her car pulled away. As she disappeared from view, I said the only words that would come to mind.

"Well, shit."

A short time later, I was sitting in my room, trying to read when my suite phone rang.

"Hello," I answered, fully expecting it to be the front desk. When Candice's beautifully accented voice came through, I was as delighted as I was surprised.

"Hi, Jon," she said tentatively. "I'm down in the lobby. I've... reconsidered your offer, and if that drink is still available, I'd be glad to come up and share it with you."

"It most certainly is, Candice. I'm in room 1677. I've got a fully loaded mini-bar, so I'm sure I can find something you'll like."

"Great, Jon. I'll have a vodka-tonic, and please, make it strong. I think I could use the liquid courage right about now. I'll be right up."

Right about then, some liquid courage sounded like a damn fine idea. I was overjoyed that she'd changed her mind, but it happened so suddenly that my nerves were jumping like rabbits as they tried to catch up.

Dusk was falling by the time Candice made it up to my door. After inviting her in, I handed her a drink and she thanked me quietly as she surveyed the room. It was one of those typical hotel rooms that offered little in the way of casual seating and I winced inwardly as her gaze moved from the intimacy of the bed to the more distant and impersonal nature of the wooden desk chair. It was one of those silly moments people share in times like this and I think we both knew there would be an obvious message in whichever she chose. In the end, Candice moved to the window, choosing neither.

I put on some music and watched as Candice sipped her drink. She seemed lost in thought as she gazed out at the city lights below. "You know, Jon," she said without turning. "I don't make a habit of meeting men in their hotels. I've never cheated on my husband before. I'm not even sure what I'm doing here."

It was wistful statement and I could see she was still having doubts. I understood why she would though. Even as nervous as I was, I realized she had far more reason to be reluctant than I, and I almost regretted having made the offer at all. I couldn't deny the desire I felt for her, but the last thing I wanted to do was to pressure her in any way. I wanted her badly, but only if she wanted me as well.

Candice was lost in thought at that point and didn't seem to hear me as I came up behind her. "Right now, you're just having a drink," I said quietly. "There doesn't have to be anything else if you aren't comfortable. I'm just glad to have you here with me."

Candice turned to me and smiled warmly. "That's sweet of you to say, Jon, but we're both adults here. I think we both know I didn't come up here for the drink." She wrapped her arms around herself as she spoke, and I could swear I saw a shiver pass over her body.

"You know, I've been hit on before, by men who were younger or better looking than you. Not that you aren't attractive in your own way, but this is the first time I've really considered doing this."

"So, why did you change your mind?"

"Because you are a gentleman, I suppose." she replied. "I could see how hard it was for you to ask. You were cute and funny, but without any cockiness. I could see this really meant something to you, and that, Jon, means something to me."

"But now you're having doubts?" Candice didn't pull away from me, but she did turn back toward the window, once again gazing out upon the city. "I don't know... Maybe."

"Max is a good man, Jon. He doesn't deserve this, but he's gone on the road forty weeks a year. I'm lonely, just like you." Candice drained her glass before speaking again. "The fact that you're leaving tomorrow helps. Soon, you'll be on the other side of the world, and I won't have the temptation of seeing you again. I hope you understand what that means..."

"Yeah, I do." I replied. "Tonight would be just for us, one chance for us to feel alive again."

I was so close to her by then that I could see the slight rise in her shoulders as she breathed. It was then that I caught the subtle scent she was wearing, and it hit me like a drug. It was an intoxicating aroma, and it made me want to bury my face in her neck. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I slowly reached around her shoulder to take her now empty glass.

'Would you like another?" I asked, but she just set the glass on the sill.

"No, Jon, thank you," she answered, barely turning her head.

"It's a lovely view from here, don't you think?" she whispered as if she were speaking only to herself.

We were so close, yet we hesitated as if we were daring each other to make the first move. I longed to slip my arm around her waist, but that kind of intimate contact carried an unspoken finality, and I had to be sure that whatever happened would be because it was what she wanted. In the end, Candice made the decision.

Wordlessly, her hand found mine and she guided it around her slim waist. The movement brought her body against my chest and as I held her, she snuggled up into my embrace. That small gesture on her part changed the mood completely. With her implied consent, I gave in to my urge and gently began kissing her neck.

My touch on her body made her tremble for a moment, but soon Candice sighed and relaxed into me as her head tipped away, granting me access to her supple skin. I caressed her soft flesh, sucking lightly as we began to sway in time with the melodic chords of the music. Soon, Candice was grinding her bottom into me as we danced erotically in front of the window.

I just held her there, at first. Our passion was a slow burn and I savored it patiently, careful to show no urgency. We had all night and I was determined to make it as pleasant for her as I knew it would be for me. Eventually, Candice turned to face me and slid her arms around my neck.

We danced slowly together, kissing and just becoming familiar with each other's movements. When my hands dropped to cup her bottom, she accepted my touch without complaint. By then, I could feel my cock growing hard in response to her presence.

Our amorous dance continued as we slowly undressed each other. One at a time, we each removed a piece of the others clothing. I felt my blood rushing in my veins as her beautiful body was slowly revealed to me. Her skin was pale and flawless and her figure was slim enough to be sexy, but round enough to feel like a woman should.

Candice's hands flowed over my chest as she slid my shirt off and then down my thighs as my slacks fell away. Soon, we were down to just our undergarments and I could see a bit of embarrassment in her green eyes.

"You're blushing," I said as I held her body against mine. "You shouldn't be embarrassed, you have a beautiful body."

"Oh, it's not that, Jon. It's just that I'd rather be wearing something less practical. There's nothing sexy about these," she replied, indicating the matching baby-blue bra and panties she wore.

"Nonsense, you look wonderful."

"Aw, thank you. Would you care to unhook me?" Candice turned her back to me as she spoke, and my heart skipped a beat as I quickly unclasped her bra.

The elastic bands pulled away and I reached around her to cup her bare breasts in my hands. They were pleasantly large and satisfyingly firm to my touch. Candice sighed softly as I kneaded her soft mounds in my hands until her nipples were poking into my palms. Then she reached back and slipped her hand through the fly in my boxers.

We continued our erotic dance for several more moments as we fondled each other. Her hand felt warm on my shaft as she stroked me and I became fully erect in her grip. Then, she turned and kissing me deeply, led me to the bed.

The room was getting darker as night fell, but the lights of the city below flooded in through the open window, creating a mood that perfectly suited the moment. Candice urged me onto my back and then, with a playful smile said, "Let's get these off of you," as she began tugging my boxers down, over my hips.

She was nude except for her panties, and I was aroused by her beauty as she kneeled over me. My whole body trembled in excitement as she took my cock in her hand again and stroked me hard for a few, wonderfully long moments. Watching her breasts gently bounce as her arm flexed over me gave a surreal feeling to the wonderful sensations I felt. I was already in heaven and my breath caught in my throat when, with her eyes blazing into mine, she slid her succulent mouth down over my already throbbing cock.

I could feel my back arch and my hips thrust upward as she took me deeply into her mouth. Slowly at first, and then with greater speed, Candice lathered my cock with her tongue. I could feel her caressing my shaft as she drew her lips back and then she swirled it around the turgid and throbbing crown.

Drawing off for a moment, Candice stroked me and rubbed my cock wetly against her lips. “When you saw me in the Café’, did you imagine me sucking your cock, Jon? Or did you just think about fucking me straight away?”

“What? No, Candice,” I protested. “I just wanted to meet you.”

Once again, Candice gave me that same, skeptical smile. “Liar, I know how guys think.” Then she gave my cock a single, deep suck. “Would it surprise you to know that I wanted you as well, that’s why I kissed you in the car park,” she added and kissed my cock head to make the point. “A man who can’t kiss well can’t fuck well either, but kissing you made me so fucking wet that I just had to come back.”

‘I’ll be damned,’ I thought as she went back to the wonderful blowjob she was giving me. While I’d been attracted to her from the beginning, I’d no idea she could be so sexually open. I laid back as the soothing sensations of her lips and tongue sliding over my tumescent shaft filled my mind.

She was sucking me with a relaxed enthusiasm that my ex-wife never managed to show. Her moist lips traveled the entire length of my cock, effortlessly allowing me to slide down her throat, only to rise again and gloss the crown with her saliva. I was literally shocked at how much she truly enjoyed the act of fellatio.

Candice must have sensed my surprise, because she smiled playfully around my cock and then held my gaze in her own as she made a show of caressing my shaft with her lips. Her mouth felt like liquid silk as it pulled insistently on my taunt and throbbing cock. She sucked me hard, but just quickly enough to drive me crazy without sending me over the edge.

The sight of her so easily sucking me deep, and the wet sounds saliva being swirled around my cock, filled my senses. Her lips and tongue caressed my shaft until I felt the first stirrings of orgasm begin to build. ‘Oh god, no! Not yet!’ I thought, dreading that my impending orgasm might bring the evening to a sharpe and abrupt end. Just before I could push her off though, Candice pulled up and gazed up at me with a smoldering arousal in her eyes.

“Look at me when you come, Jon,” she said with that same smoke in her voice. “I want to see your face when you come. I want to hear you moan as you fill my mouth.”

“You don’t mind if I do?” I managed to respond.

“I want you to. If I’m going to cheat with you tonight, then I want it all. I want you to fuck me every way you can, but first I want to taste your cum.”

My heart just about jumped out of my chest when I heard her say those words and when she took me back into her mouth, nothing could have kept me from losing my control. Gritting my teeth, I reached for her head and took her hair in my hands. The urge to thrust into her throat became overwhelming and she succumbed to my grip as I began to force my cock deeper into her face. Seconds later, my balls drew up and I groaned loudly as my hot cum just exploded into her mouth.

Candice held my gaze as she sucked me, capturing my load as it filled her mouth. She sealed her lips tightly around my shaft and swallowed hard until there was simply nothing left. Then, with a delighted flourish, she licked me clean until only the shiny brightness of her saliva remained on my tingling skin.

“Sorry,” I said as she moved up to lay beside me. “I guess I lost control there.”

“Don’t be. I like it rough.”

“I have to admit, that’s a relief to know. I don’t want to do anything that might upset you. I’m just glad to have you here with me.”

Candice smiled as she rolled over and kissed me on the cheek. “That’s very sweet, Jon, but don’t worry about upsetting me. We’re learning about each other as we go and we don’t have time to worry about pushing each other’s boundaries. You can do whatever you want to do to me, okay? This isn’t a night for either of us to hold back. Besides, you might be surprised at just how much I can handle.” Candice’s eyes sparkled as she spoke and she may have blushed just a bit, but underneath that blush was an expectant desire I hadn’t seen in years.

I’d spent the better part of the last thirty years with Joanne. During that time, our lovemaking became a gentle dance of affection that did little more than satisfy our needs. It became so routine over the years that I’d almost forgotten what real, hot-blooded arousal even felt like. It was then I realized that up to that moment, those same habits were still controlling me.

Now though, the words Candice spoke broke through those habits and brought back the lustful recklessness I’d possessed as a younger man. She was right in that we had only this night together, but in my heart, I knew that her words also held true for the rest of my life. There simply wasn’t time to waste and if I were to start living again, then it would begin right there, in the arms of the woman who’d shown me the way.

Candice was happily keeping herself busy by kissing my chest and fluttering her lips over my nipples while I pieced this together in my head. I’m sure she was just letting me catch my breath after my orgasm, but now a new surge of hot arousal coursed through my veins. I brought my hand to her face and guided her toward my own, kissing her hard.

Rolling her onto her back, I laid next to her as we shared a breathless, open-mouthed kiss. For a long moment, our tongues flitted between us, sliding together in a passionate dance of desire. When my hand found her breast, Candice laid back and draped her arms on the pillow over her head, granting my full access to her supine body.

I’d almost forgotten how erotic intimately touching a woman’s body felt and my blood rushed in my ears as I let my hand wander over her belly. Using just my fingertips, I traced invisible lines from the delicate hem of her panties all the way up to her breasts. When my palms rubbed over her distended nipples, Candice sighed deeply.

“Your hands feel so warm on me, Jon,” she cooed as I cupped her beast. “I love a man’s touch on my body. You’re making me tingle all over.”

“I don’t think I could control myself if you hadn’t made me come already. By now I’d be dying to fuck you.”

“I know. Its better this way, don’t you think? There’s no reason for us to rush.”

“No, there isn’t,” I replied and kissed her more gently than before. It may have been gentler, but it was just as wet and hot as before and as my tongue glossed over her lip, my hand flowed down her body until I was rubbing her heated sex through her panties.

We laid there, slowly kissing while I rubbed the quickly dampening material deeper into her pussy. Candice drew her knees up and let them fall away, opening herself fully to touch. Soon, my hand crept over to her inner thigh and I slipped my fingers under the hem. Candice looked intently into my eyes as my fingers brushed through the matted wetness of her bush. For a tantalizing moment, I grazed my fingers through her pubes without actually touching her skin, teasing her until her hips begin to sway.

Just as her eyes began to close, I slipped my finger deeply into her and then dragged it over her clit. Candice whispered, “Fuck’ under her breath as this happened and her head lolled to the side as I began fingering her in earnest.

By then, we both knew her panties had to go and together we hurriedly shimmied them down, off her hips and with a flick of her foot, they flew away from the bed. That was the first time I saw her completely nude.

Entranced by her beauty, I spent a precious moment just taking in her nudity. Candice blushed a deep crimson as my eyes roamed over her but I’m sure she could sense my desire as I studied every curve of her body. Her thick but well-trimmed pubes framed her sex and covered it like a luxurious carpet. This is something I always loved because just pulling on or otherwise teasing those hairs could often drive a woman to distraction.

With one last kiss to her lips, I began my slow descent toward her steaming sex. By the time I settled between her thighs, Candice was fondling her breasts and staring intently at me, as if every movement I made were of earth shaking importance. When my tongue flicked out and slid in between her lips, she held my head and arched back, pulling my mouth right onto her cunt.

I dipped my tongue into her channel, swirling it around and around, and sucking her juices into my mouth. My lips caressed and pulled at her labia until her hips rolled upward as she fought to bring her clit into their wet embrace. She was writhing under me by then, and when I finally locked my lips over her clit, she gasped, “Fuck yeah, Jon! Suck me, lick me right there and make me come.”

Hearing her beg for it like that made something snap inside me and I roughly grabbed her thighs and pushed her legs back up against her breasts. With her pussy so exposed, I pressed my tongue over her clit and licked her quickly until her whole body began to tremble. Candice wrapped her arms behind her knees, holding herself open for me as I licked her. Moments later, her breath caught in her throat and then she almost screamed out loud, as her body convulsed in orgasm.

It was incredible to see her cum like that and her pussy just oozed it thick juices into my mouth. My tongue kept circling around her clit until she finally wriggled out of my grasp.

“Oh, bloody hell, Jon. Where did you learn to eat pussy? That was fucking incredible! Good god, I’m soaked,” she said breathlessly. Then she looked down at me with a playful grin. “You’ve got me all over your face.”

“Yeah, well, it was worth it. I gotta tell you, Candice, you taste terrific.”

“I’m glad you think so,” she said as she guided me up next to her. “Here, let me clean you up a bit.” Candice wiped my face with the sheet until most of her moisture was gone and then she kissed me again. “There, that’s better." Candice smiled and a naughty glint flashed in her eye. “I don’t mind tasting myself on a man, but you were positively soaked.”

I loved the playful way she spoke about sex. She was so very open about her desires that any feeling I had of holding back dissipated from my mind. “I’ll let you taste yourself on my cock when I’m done fucking that wet hole of yours." We had fallen into a delightful banter by then and it seemed everything we said was becoming a sexual challenge, as if we were daring the other to blink.

“Oh, you will, will you?” she replied. Then she took my still flaccid cock in her hand and shook her head in doubt. “Not if you can’t get this hard again, you won’t. Let’s see what I can do about that.”

Candice scooted me to the side of the bed and dropped to her knees at my feet. Then she licked her lips seductively and her eyes burned into mine as she took my entire cock into her mouth.

The warm sensation of her tongue coursing over me sent bolts of pleasure shooting through my body and I hissed inwardly as she sucked me hard. “Damn woman, you must really like sucking cock,” I gasped as she slurped loudly on me. Almost instantly I felt that telltale twinge of growth as my cock began to respond.

“Mmm,” she gurgled around the head as she worked her jaw around my cock.

Soon, I could feel my shaft begin to lengthen and I gritted my teeth as she took me down her throat. Even after I was fully erect, Candice continued sucking me and when I took a hand full of her dark hair in my fist, she relaxed into my grip and allowed me to take control of her movements.

“Holy fuck!” I growled and started thrusting my cock deep into her. Candice sat back on her haunches as I fucked her throat until her face reddened brightly. Spittle filled her mouth and started running down over her chin until it was dripping onto her breasts.

Even as water filled her eyes, she made no effort to resist my assault on her throat and her willingness to be used set my blood on fire. With her hair wrapped in my fingers, she could only move with me as I stood up in front of her. Then her hands slid up my thighs and she squeezed my ass as I brutally thrust my cock down into.

Finally, Candice managed to pull away and her glassy eyes bored into me as she stroked me in her hand. “I want you to fuck me, Jon,” she said. “Fuck me hard. I want you to pound my pussy until I scream.”

I was consumed with lust and I dragged her by her hair onto the bed. Candice squealed excitedly as she landed face down in the sheets and she quickly rose to her knees in front of me.

“Is this how you want me?” she asked as wiggled her ass at me. “Come on then, I’m in heat for you, baby. Come here and fuck me like the bitch I am!”

I ran my hand over her beautiful ass. “You like it rough, eh? I'll let you in on a secret; I like it rough, too.” Then the sound of a loud ‘crack’ filled the room as I slapped her ass hard.

“Ah, shit, yes!” she exclaimed as the sting burned into her skin. “You want to spank my ass? Do you get off on hurting me, you fuck? Then go ahead, slap my ass again. Do it! Make my ass burn.”

She was making me crazy and I slapped her pale skin again and again until her ass was glowing hot. Candice dropped her head to the sheets as she accepted my blows and her fists turned white as she gripped the sheets.

My cock was throbbing by then, and grabbing her by the hips, I pulled her body toward me until her feet dropped to the floor. When she started to rise up, I pushed her head back into the soft embrace of the sheets and pushed her legs apart with my feet. “Stay down, you slut,” I commanded as I stood tall behind her. “Don’t fucking move. I’m going to fuck you right here.” My words came out in a feral growl and I held her head down as I slid my cock through her wet mat of pubic hair. Once my hot and turgid head slipped into her dripping hole, I flexed my hips hard and plunged my entire length into her.

“Oh, fuck!” Candice gasped as my cock sliced deeply into her. My thrust was powerful and savage, and her body jerked hard under me as my balls slapped against her clit. I grabbed a thick handful of her hair and then started stabbing my cock into her with everything I had.

Standing behind her gave me leverage over her body and with her bent over the bed like that; there was no way for her to slip away. This position let me drive my cock into her hard and fast, and each time I withdrew, the mattress pushed her receptive body back toward me.

My hips slapped into her ass each time I plunged into her and her whole body shook with the force of my thrusts. I was lost in my desire as I fucked her and my only thought was on how good it felt to bury my cock into her wet and grasping cunt.

Candice was moaning in time with my movements, grunting loudly each time I filled her channel. Soon, her moans became words and she urged me on, begging me not to stop.

Her pussy felt tight and wet and the sight of her straining body quivering under me burned into my memory. All the while, Candice murmured, “Oh fuck, fuck me like that. I love it hard, baby. Fuck me just like that, just like that!”

As much as I wanted to though, I knew I would blow my load in seconds unless I changed it up, so I pulled out and slapped her ass again.

“Ungh! Candice screamed as my hand fell on her ass and her legs jerked and flexed as if she were trying to crawl away. Her beautiful ass was glowing a bright red and felt hot to the touch as I rubbed the sting away. Then, on an impulse, I dipped my finger into her soaking wet pussy and drew it upward until I was fingering her asshole.

Candice glared at me, hungrily daring me to continue. “Do it,” she hissed between clenched teeth. “Finger my asshole, Jon. Make me fucking squirm on your finger.”

Just hearing her say that made my whole body flush with excitement. I snarled with lust and plunged my wet finger into her asshole. Her body hardened and her mouth made a pained ‘O’ as her eyes rolled back in her head. I could feel her muscles clamp tightly onto my finger but as I pumped her slowly, she soon relaxed around the invading digit. Moments later, I was moving it easily within her.

“Oh, damn, that feels good,” she groaned as I fingered her. “I didn’t think you were an ass man. Would you want to fuck it, Jon? Do you want to fuck my tight little asshole?”

“Yeah, I do,” I said as I pushed my finger into her. “I’d love to fuck your sweet ass.”

“Oh god, I’d hoped you would. My purse. Open it. There’s a bottle in there, on the top.”

Candice crawled fully onto to the bed and curled up as I opened her purse. Right on top was a brand new bottle of lube. With a wry smile, I pulled it out and showed it to her. “I see you came prepared.”

“A girl has to be ready for anything, Jon,” she replied with a grin. “Honestly, I was really hoping you’d want to do this to me. It’s been too long since a man properly fucked my ass.”

It was an astonishing thing to hear and all I could do was laugh as I handed her the bottle. I watched in hot anticipation as Candice rubbed a generous amount of lube into her tight hole. “Come here, Jon,” she said when she was done. "Let me get your cock nice and slick.”

The lube felt cool as she dribbled it along the length of my shaft, but it warmed quickly as she worked it into my sensitive skin. By the time she was satisfied, my cock was glistening wet and throbbing with a need to be buried in her incredible body.

“Spoon behind me,” she said when she was ready. “I want to rub my clitoris while you fuck me.”

“Damn girl, where have you been all my life?” I added as I moved behind her.

Candice was almost breathless with anticipation. “I’m not usually like this... ohh fuck, that’s nice,” she started to say until my cock slipped into her pussy. “Mmm, fuck, your cock feels good. Right, where was I?”

“Oh yeah, the lube. I just decided that if I was going to come up here and let you fuck me, I wanted to do as much as we could. That’s why I bought the lube. Now, take that out of my pussy before you come. I’m dying to feel you stretch my ass.”

Damn, what guy wouldn’t love to hear a beautiful woman say those words to him? We kissed hotly while we adjusted and moments later, my cock was pressing into her rear. Candice winced slightly as I pushed, but once her muscles relaxed, she took me deeply with little more than a heavy sigh.

“Oh damn, you’re so tight,” I hissed in her ear as I felt her ring contract over me. Candice though seemed to be lost in a world of her own and her eyes glazed over as my cock hit bottom in her ass. Soon, I felt her relax as she adjusted to my size and her whole body became buttery soft in my arms.

Her upper leg bent at the knee and rose high, allowing her room to slip her hand down to her clit, Then she began to rub herself in time with my thrusts. “Go slow, baby. Fuck me nice and slow. Give me time to come on my fingers while you fuck me.”

Candice sounded like she was in a dreamy haze as she masturbated and I could only imagine how it must have felt with my dick buried so deeply into her. I held her tightly against me and did my best to keep my strokes long and even, but the tightness of her rectal ring milked me each time I pushed into her bowels and the soft, enveloping warmth of her body tempted my control.

I could feel the tight, pulsing constrictions of her ass gripping my shaft and my belly roiled with the desire to let loose and pummel her with the full, unhindered force of my lust. My fingers dug into her flesh and my arms became as hard as steel as I lost my battle to remain calm.

My mind screamed its need for me to thrust harder and faster and as I did, the hard circles her fingers drew around her clit increased as well. I sensed our rhythm building and watched as her breasts began bouncing on her chest. Candice was moaning by then and I could smell the sweet aroma of her sex as she frantically rubbed her clit.

By then, all I could think of was the slick tightness of her asshole and I gave in to the primal urge that demanded me to take her hard. “Ahh, shit Candice,” I gasped. “I can’t hold back much longer. I need to come so bad. I’m gonna come deep in your ass!”

“Yes… come with me, oh fuck, I’m going to come too. Ohh my god…!"

Then I felt her body tense and she jerked hard in my arms. Her anus tightened around me and then a deep groan issued from deep within her. Feeling her come so hard in my arms was more than I could take, and I felt the heat in my balls erupt as my load pumped up the length of my cock. The sudden, hot wetness of my cum creamed her bowels and lubricated my shaft, allowing me to easily slam into her as my orgasm tore through me.

For a long moment, we lay like that with my cock pressed deeply into her while we surrendered to the afterglow of our pleasure. Afterward, we kissed and cuddled for a time and gave each other the assurance of how good it felt to share ourselves with each other. It was a magical moment and even as she finally dressed to go home, I felt happy and at peace in a way I hadn’t for years. It may have been a one-night stand, but in that night, Candice gave me everything I’d been searching for since my divorce. I could only hope that in some way, she left feeling as fulfilled as she left me.

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