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Sharon the Slut-Wife - part 1

Adventures in my mid-twenties after meeting Sharon, a gorgeous married older woman.

In my mid-twenties, I was a single guy. I had a few previous girlfriends and a few more one-night stands. Those girls had been of around the same age as me or younger. I had never been with anyone older than myself.



One summer I went to a barbeque some of my older cousins were having at my uncle’s house. It was a sunny warm day, everyone out in the garden enjoying themselves drinking etc. There were a lot of people there I didn’t know, friends and work colleagues of my cousins.


I noticed one attractive lady. She was blonde, forty-ish I supposed. She was quite pretty, slim but not skinny, and a nice bust line. Just what I like.


She wore a floral pattern summer dress which really suited her, with high heels. The dress was knee length, but loose, and sometimes blew up a little in the breeze to show off her nice legs. The top of her dress showed off just a hint of cleavage.


She was with a guy, who I assumed was her husband. He looked a bit older than her, maybe mid-fifties, he was shorter than me, a bit of a beer belly on him, and a beard. They were chatting and laughing with some other people I didn’t know.


I went to get another drink from the table on the patio. I reached for one bottle, just as another hand reached for it too. It was the attractive blonde. I apologised and asked if I could pour for her. She thanked me and gave me two glasses, for her and her husband.


We chatted for a while, weather and such, so British! She told me her husband had done some building work for one of my older cousins, and they’d been invited to the barbeque. I introduced myself, as did she. Her name was Sharon.


She said it had been nice chatting, but she had better get this drink to her husband, and she went back to their group. I watched her for a while, she was quite lovely actually, sweet natured I thought.


Later my aunt brought out some more food into the garden and I made my way over to the table she had laid out when I saw Sharon head there too. Perhaps I could try to engage her in conversation again. She stood there with her husband trying to choose what to eat. “Sharon, my aunt makes very good mini-pizzas, you should try one,” I said.


“Oh ok, thank you I will,” she replied smiling and came closer to chat. She introduced me to her husband, his name was Chris. We chatted about the work he had done at my cousins’ house. He seemed like a fairly friendly sort of chap.


I feigned interest in his chat about the building trade, as we all sat down together to eat. To be honest I didn’t understand much of what he was talking about, but nodded my head, and he kept talking. Eventually Sharon said, “Oh Chris, you're boring the poor lad, I’m sure he’s much more interested in girls and football”.


“Oh no, it’s fine,” I replied.


“Do you have a girlfriend, Jon?” she asked.


I told her I didn’t at the moment; she smiled, as did her husband. Chris then excused himself, saying he needed the bathroom as he had drunk too much wine. That left me with Sharon all to myself. She asked if I had had girlfriends before.


“Yes a few,” I replied, “I’m not gay if that’s what you were wondering, far from it”


She laughed, putting her hand on my arm. “I’m sorry; I’m so nosey aren’t I?


“Oh, no problem. I’m more than happy to be quizzed by a beautiful woman,” I said with a twinkle in my eye.


She laughed again, squeezing my thigh this time. “Flattery will get you everywhere,” she said smiling.


“There’s an offer I can’t refuse.”


“Bad boy!” she giggled, patting my thigh again.


Damn, she was flirting with me, with her own husband upstairs in the bathroom. She was certainly enjoying all the attention I was giving her, and I felt privileged she was enjoying my company.


Her husband came back out into the garden from the bathroom. He smiled and asked what we had been chatting about.


“Jon was just telling me about his job,” she lied, smiling.


I stepped in to cover, telling him what I did for a living. We spent a few more minutes chatting. Then one of my cousins started an impromptu game of cricket on the lawn. It was getting a bit dark to be honest, but they seemed to be enjoying it.


Chris then decided he was going to go over and join in, leaving me alone with Sharon again. She said he liked cricket, but it bored her senseless, as it did me. She complained it was getting a bit cold, and asked me to go inside with her.


We sat in the large living room, chatting some more. She told me about her job. Then she went on to more personal stuff like that she didn’t have any children, and she and Chris had been married for 15 years.


One of my cousins had put some music on, and a few of them were dancing. Sharon smiled at them and then asked me to dance. We stood dancing on our side of the room, my cousin and her friends on the other side.


I’m not much of a dancer I suppose, but Sharon appreciated the effort. After a couple of songs, the music switched to a slower song. My cousin and her friends disappeared back out into the garden. Sharon smirked, moving closer to me for a slow dance.


I held her hand, my other hand around her back, slowly rocking back and forth. I finally had her in my arms, thank god for slow music. She smelled wonderful, intoxicating, and I told her so.


“Thank you Jon, you’re a lovely guy,” she said, and gave me a peck on the cheek. Then she realised she’d left lipstick on my face.


“Better not let your husband see that!” I joked, as she wiped it off, giggling.


She rested her head on my shoulder. Well, she’d given me a kiss, flirted with me, and was in my arms dancing now. So I thought I have to give it a try and see how far I could push this situation. I let go of her hand and put my other arm around her.


She placed her other arm around me, her hands around the back of my neck, holding on tight. Damn, this woman was sexy. I could feel her boobs pressed against my chest, and I could feel my cock starting to stir in my boxer shorts.


“Sharon, you’re absolutely gorgeous,” I whispered in her ear.


She looked me in the eye, and made a sound I can only describe as a purr.


“Your husband is very lucky. I’d do anything to have a woman like you,” I whispered again in her ear. I figured I might as well lay my cards on the table.


“Really?” she whispered back, “Anything?” she giggled.


We carried on slow dancing. I moved my hands down to her lower back, then lower on to her upper ass. I didn’t get any resistance, so went for broke and lowered my hands and got a two handed grope of her lovely full ass.


“Jon, you are a bad boy,” she whispered again, not moving her head from my shoulder.


I continued to grope her ass; it was great, not skinny, not fat, just lovely. My cock was now rock hard, pressing up against Sharon.


“What’s that I can feel, Jon? Have I got you all excited?” she said looking me in the eye.


“I can’t help it, your ass is amazing.”


“Can I tell you a secret Jon?” she whispered.


“Of course.”


“I’ve got great tits too!” she grinned, pushing her boobs together with her upper arms. I stared down at her cleavage. She giggled.


“Oh Jon, I think I drank too much!” she said giggling, and finally breaking our embrace and sitting down.


I sat with her, sad our dance was over, chatting a while longer. Then her husband returned from the garden.


“Shall we go love?” Chris said to Sharon.


“Ok honey,” she replied, “let me just use the bathroom first.”


“I’ll just pop out and say our goodbyes. Nice to meet you Jon,” Chris said and headed back out into the garden.


Sharon disappeared upstairs to the bathroom. I could see Chris outside in the garden thanking my cousin for inviting him over.


Damn, Sharon was going to leave soon; I would probably never see her again. I knew women like persistence, so I thought, let’s try one more throw of the dice.


I went upstairs, making sure Chris didn’t see me through the patio doors. I got to the bathroom door, and hearing the toilet flush, knocked on the door.


“Just a minute,” Sharon said.


“It’s me, Jon,” I replied.


A moment later the door opened, with Sharon looking me in the eye, perhaps expectantly. I moved into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. Sharon placed her hands on my chest.


“Now what on earth do you think you’re doing Mr?” she said, smiling. I put my arms around her, she resisted, but only for a moment, before putting her hands around the back of my neck again. My hands were back groping her ass again.


“You’re a bad, bad boy Jon,” she said, giggling again. I kissed her neck, damn she smelled so good.


“I can’t let you leave like this. I have to see you again,” I whispered.


“You want to see me again?” she whispered.


“More than anything.” 


Sharon could feel my now rock hard cock pressing up against her, as her hand moved down to feel it, giving it a squeeze.


“Mmmmm. I don’t think you want to see me, I think you want to fuck me, don’t you Jon?” she purred. I nodded.


“I’m a married lady, my husband is downstairs, and you come in here with your big hard cock trying to fuck me,” she said, trying to be outraged. She might have had me convinced she was upset, if it wasn’t for the fact her hand was still groping my dick through my jeans.


Suddenly there was a shout from downstairs from Chris, “Sharon, are you ready?”


“Two minutes honey,” she called out, smiling to me, her hand still massaging my cock through my jeans.


I started to unbuckle my belt, but she stopped me. “No honey, no,” she said simply. Damn, I wanted her so much.


“So, what about it? Can I see you again Sharon?” I said, almost begging.


“Why don’t you give me your number?” she said, taking her hand off my cock, pulling her phone out of her handbag and handing it to me. I saved my number on her phone.


“You gonna call me then?” I said. I really wanted her number, I started to think she was just being a tease, and I wasn’t going to see her again. But then I thought that with her being married I guessed she thought that it wasn’t a good idea to give me her number


“I’m sure we can work something out, darling. I wouldn’t let a lovely young man like you slip through my fingers,” she whispered in my ear. She put her hands on my face and pulled me in for a kiss. Lovely, gorgeous lips. I tried to pull her in for another kiss, but she resisted me.


“I got to go Johnny boy, you stay in here until we’ve gone,” she said, giving my cock one last squeeze, “then you can go home and have a nice wank thinking about what you’re gonna do to me next time.”


Then she gave me a peck on the cheek, unlocked the door, and disappeared downstairs.


“You ok, honey?” I heard Chris say, “Where’s that young man you were talking to?”


“Oh, he left already,” Sharon said, lying through her teeth.


I did as I was told and stayed in the bathroom until they were gone. Sharon had given me blue balls, getting me so worked up. I went and said goodbye to my cousins, and drove home as quickly as possible. As soon as I got home I wanked myself off furiously thinking of Sharon.


The next few days I was constantly checking my phone for texts or missed calls, seemingly every few minutes, but nothing. I longed for Sharon to contact me; I certainly had no way to contact her. As days turned into a week, I even thought about contacting my cousin as she was the one who had invited Sharon’s husband Chris to the party.


But even if she did get me the number, how would I get to talk to Sharon? My cousin would presumably have Chris’s number, how did that help me? I tried to think of scenarios where I could talk to Chris without letting him know I wanted his wife. Perhaps my cousin knew where they lived, and I could show up with some pretence?


But anything I thought of I knew wouldn’t work. Damn, I should have insisted she gave me her number, I didn’t even ask her for it. So stupid. I was pissed with myself for letting such a great opportunity slip away.


What about Sharon though? I guessed she had just been teasing me all along, and wasn’t really about to mess around behind her husband’s back. I resigned myself to the fact I wasn’t going to see her anymore. Damn.


Then almost two weeks after I met Sharon, I got a text from an unknown number. It read:


“Hi Jon. Sharon here, hope you still remember me? Sorry I took so long to text you, been busy. Do you want to meet for a drink tonight? Call me later, but between 5.30 and 6.00pm ONLY, ok? Take care honey. Shaz”


Thank god! I was jumping for joy when I read it. I assumed she wanted me to call at that time, as any earlier she would be at work, and any later she would be at home and her husband would hear.


I finished work early to get home and get ready. At 5.30pm I called her. She was happy to hear from me, I tried to be cool, but inside was so happy to talk to her again.


I suggested we meet for a drink at a local bar/restaurant which was pretty nice. She agreed and she said she would be there around 8pm.


“But it’s just a drink Jon, ok? Nothing more,” she said. Well, we’ll see about that I thought. Maybe she was being coy, or she was just going to be a tease again. I wasn’t too worried, just happy I could see her again.


I got there a few minutes early, and waited for her. I’d worn my best shirt, made the best of myself. I hoped she would be impressed.


She arrived just after eight o’clock. She looked amazing, wearing a nice little black dress which was short, but not too short, and showing a bit more cleavage than when I saw her last.


She embraced me with a big smile, and gave me a light kiss on the lips. We sat and ordered drinks.


“Sharon, you look incredible, so gorgeous,” I said.


“Oh thank you Jon, you’re so sweet. I wanted to look nice for you, you look great too,” she said.


We chatted for ages about various things. She laughed at all my jokes, and kept putting her hand on mine, or on my arm. Always a good sign.


We ordered some food. I kept topping up Sharon’s drink all evening, hoping to get her a bit tipsy like at the barbeque. I asked her where she had told her husband she was going when she left home.


She blushed, “I told him I was going for drinks with my girlfriend.” 


I smiled, and she giggled her lovely sexy giggle. We chatted some more, until Sharon said she had better go home. I said she had better not drive home as she had drank a fair bit, hoping it was a chance to give her a lift. She said she had come on the train, as she knew she would be drinking, but I could give her a ride home if I wanted.


“I’d love to,” I said. I paid the bill, Sharon wanted to pay half, but I said don’t worry about it. We left and got into my car.


Whilst driving along we chatted some more, Sharon reached out and held my hand. Then Sharon said I should take a left off the dual carriage way into a small country lane. That was not the way to her hometown, but it was ok with me.


We drove along in silence down the dark narrow country lane, until Sharon told me to pull over whenever I saw a safe spot to park. I saw a small space where people pull into to let other cars pass, and stopped there.


I turned off the engine, and turned to Sharon. She smiled and leant over to kiss me. I kissed her back, she was a wonderful kisser, just great, not too much tongue, which I found younger girls use too much. But not Sharon, just perfect. I was getting a big erection again, as I ran my hands over her breasts, hips and ass.


“You wanna get in the back seat with me?” I asked. She nodded, and got into the back. I pushed the front seats forward to give us some room, and got back in there with her.


We kissed again, as I held her in my arms. She massaged my cock again through my trousers.


“Jon, I want to see your cock, honey,” she purred. I unbuckled my belt and pulled down my trousers. She yanked down my boxers to reveal my hard cock. She smiled and grabbed it, wanking me. She kissed me and looked into my eyes.


“What do you want honey? Tell me, I like being told what to do,” she whispered.


“Oh Sharon, suck me,” I gasped. I took her head in my hands and gently pushed it down into my lap. She kissed the head of my cock, and ran her tongue down my shaft to my balls. Up and down my shaft she went, licking and flicking her tongue.


Then down to my balls, kissing and sucking them, as she wanked my cock with her dainty little hand.


“Sharon, I want to see your tits,” I said. She came back up for air and let me unzip her dress. She then reached around to unclasp her bra, and very slowly, teasingly removed it, revealing her amazing tits. They were full, and still nice and firm for a woman of her age, perfect nipples.


I greedily grabbed them, groped them, sucked on them, over and over.


“I told you I had great tits!” she giggled.


“Your husband’s a very lucky man,” I said in between mouthfuls of tit.


“Well not tonight, tonight they’re all yours darling,” she said, “and that your cock is all mine.”


She pushed me back into the seat, and went back down to sucking me. Now her mouth finally enveloped my cock, sucking me, her tongue flicking the head of my dick over and over.


I leant forward and held her tits, massaging, groping, tweaking her nipples. I love getting sucked off by a woman with great tits, groping them as she sucks me.


I started to feel my spunk rising. Damn, I really wanted to fuck Sharon, but I didn’t think I was going to last that long.


“Sharon, I wanna fuck you,” I gasped.


But she shook her head. “Don’t worry, honey,” she said in between mouthfuls of cock, “just relax and let me suck you.”


She carried on sucking away, such lovely slurping noises she made. I started to tense up, and she could feel it.


“Just relax, let it happen baby,” she slurped.


“You’re so good at that Sharon,” I gasped. This was a great blowjob, I was loving it. Now I knew she wanted me to come, I relaxed and enjoyed it all the more.


“Thank you, honey, I love sucking a nice big cock like yours,” she slurped again, a dirty grin on her face. She took the base of my cock and beat my engorged head all over her lips and face. Damn, she was a dirty little cock-sucker.


She licked my shaft, and then went back to sucking me, building up a rhythm, getting more urgent. I wasn’t going to last much longer now. I thought I’d better be a gentleman and warn her.


“Oh Sharon, I’m gonna come soon.”


“Ok baby, just let it happen,” she whispered, “You can come wherever you want, Jon. In my mouth or on my face honey, I’ll let you decide.”


Faster now, her rhythm speeding up. This was it, seconds to go. Finally I erupted in her mouth, groaning as I did so, spurting my hot spunk again and again down her throat. She continued sucking me, getting every last drop and swallowing the lot.


She came back up smiling, and I held her, my face in her tits.


“Mmmmm, good boy. You’ve got a lovely cock, Jon,” she said.


My hands fell to her ass, and I started to pull at her panties, but she resisted.


“No Jon. Not tonight honey,” she whispered, pulling her panties back up.


“I want to make you happy, Sharon,” I replied.


“You made me very happy Jon, I loved sucking my gorgeous big cock young stud.” She whispered in my ear, “Making you happy makes me happy darling.”


“You don’t want to fuck?” I said.


“No honey, just enjoy this for what it is, don’t be too eager, and we’ll see each other again, don’t worry, ok?”


“Ok,” I said, slightly disappointed, but at least she had agreed to see me again.


We kissed for a while, and I played with her tits again.


“Did you wank over these when I left you last time?” she asked, grinning.


“Furiously,” I replied and she laughed.


We slowly got dressed, got back in the front seat, had another snog, and then I drove her home. On the way she held my hand. She told me I must not call her, and only text during office hours. I of course agreed.


We got to her street, she told me to stop at the end, and she would walk back to her house, as if she was coming from the train station, so as not to arouse suspicion from her husband. I did so. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek.


“See you again soon, big boy,” she said, and with that she was gone. I waited for her to go into her house before I drove off.


Damn, she was one sexy woman. I couldn’t wait to see her again.


But Sharon had a secret from me which I would find out next time I saw her. 





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