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Sharon The Slut-Wife - part 3

Sharon The Slut-Wife - part 3

Adventures in my mid-twenties after meeting Sharon, a gorgeous married older woman.
Previously, I had met Sharon, a gorgeous sexy blonde older married woman during my mid-twenties at a barbeque. We had chatted, flirted, and danced together.

I had given her my number, and two weeks later we went for a drink. Afterwards, I had given her a lift home. She had told me to pull over before getting her back to her husband, to give me an amazing blowjob in the back seat.

A week later we met again, and again got a blowjob in the back seat of my car.

Over a week after that I finally got her into bed by taking her back to my place. She was a great fuck, and we both had enjoyed ourselves.

However she had told me that even though she had seen me in secret, she surprised me by saying her husband Chris knew she messed around from time to time. She liked younger guys; she was in her early forties. Her husband, who was in his mid-fifties, wanted her to be happy, and indulged her.

She said she would tell her husband when she got home about me, and that she would want to see me again. Sharon also said her husband enjoyed putting her over his knee and lightly spanking her when she had been with another guy, ‘punishing’ her whilst she told him all the dirty things she had done. Then she would usually give him a blowjob, as they didn’t have sex very often.

Needless to say I was desperate to see Sharon again, and she had yet another surprise in store…

A couple of weeks had passed since I had taken Sharon home with me. We continued to send each other flirty texts. I had also sent her an email (this was in a time before smart phones) with a photo of my hard cock, telling her I had been thinking about her. She had sent me one back of her topless, sitting on her bed with her fingers down her panties, fiddling with herself.

She wrote that she had made her husband take the photo, telling him she needed to send a sexy photo to her young lover.

She seemed to take some pleasure in teasing and taunting her husband, although she said it was a game between them that they both enjoyed. I couldn’t be sure of that, I had only met him briefly at the barbeque when I first met Sharon.

Certainly I felt I wouldn’t want to be treated like that by my girlfriend or wife if I had one, but I guess everyone is different. We all have things we like to do, that others would not.

Finally I got a text from Sharon saying she wanted to see me again, and could we meet for a drink tomorrow evening. Any plans I had made immediately got dumped.

So the next evening we meet again at ‘our place’. She arrived wearing a nice short skirt, showing off her great legs, and a top with a plunging neckline to show off her great cleavage. She looked amazing.

So amazing in fact, I noticed she had gotten a few very approving looks from other guys in the bar. So whilst we were standing waiting to be served at the bar, I placed my hand on her ass and fondled it, so everyone knew Sharon was all mine.

She turned and kissed me, she knew what I was doing I guess.

“You look amazing,” I said, staring down at her cleavage.

“Thank you, honey, I tried to dress a bit slutty for you tonight,” she replied, pushing her boobs together with her upper arms, “Did it work?”

“Oh god yeah. You look like a right little slut,” I said, pulling her closer and groping her ass some more.

She kissed me again, whispering, “I’m your little slut, Jon.”

We sat and had a few drinks, but it was obvious we both wanted to be together in private. So after half an hour we left. The barman gave Sharon an approving look as we left. I guess he must have been thinking there goes a lucky guy, getting to take to bed a slutty gorgeous MILF.

I was looking forward to doing just that, and we pulled out of the bar car park, and I headed for my place. But Sharon placed her hand on my arm.

“No, honey, not your place,” she said.

“Come on, Sharon, I don’t want a blowjob in the back seat again, I want to fuck you in my bed,” I replied.

She giggled. “I want to fuck you too, but in my bed this time,” she grinned.

“You mean at your house?” I asked.

Sharon leaned in and kissed me, sticking her tongue in my ear. “It’s okay darling. It’s all arranged,” she whispered, grinning from ear to ear, “Come on, honey, I want you to take me home and fuck me in my marital bed.”

She reached down and massaged the obvious bulge in my jeans, kissing me again, her tongue in my mouth, caressing my tongue. She sucked on my lower lip, she was so hot.

I turned the car around and headed toward Sharon’s house, she settled back in the passenger seat.

I started to think about all the things I was going to do to her when we got back to her house. I guessed when she said it was all arranged, that she had told her husband Chris to make himself scarce for the evening, and that he would be told later what I had done to her in their bed. She was one naughty lady.

We got to her street, and I parked up a couple of doors down from her house. I tried to hold her hand as we walked to her front door, but she resisted.

“The neighbours,” she stated simply, glancing around. She liked fucking younger men, but it seemed the neighbours were not to know about it.

She unlocked the front door and invited me in, quickly shutting the door behind us. We stood in a small entrance hall, where we hung our jackets up and removed our shoes.

I then put my arms around her, pulling her close and kissing her. She put hands around the back of my neck and kissed me back, long soft wet kisses. My hands slipped down her back to her ass. I pulled up her skirt to feel her ass cheeks through her panties.

She began pawing at my growing cock through my jeans.

“Mmm, my lovely big boy,” she whispered, “You ready, honey?”

“Always,” I replied.

She giggled again, as she opened the door from the entrance hall to the main hallway.

“Come on in, honey,” she purred.

She then led me by the hand down the hallway, and into the living room, where I got the shock of my life. Sitting on the sofa, watching the football on the TV was Chris, Sharon’s husband!

“Hi honey, I’m back,” she said to Chris, “You remember Jon from the barbeque right?”

Chris got up from the sofa and extended his hand to shake mine.

“Hello again son, how are ya?” he said.

I guess I was still in shock, as all I could manage was, “Errr…”

Sharon looked at me; Chris looked from me to his wife.

“You did tell him I was going to be here didn’t ya?” Chris asked.

I looked at Sharon, this was getting weird.

“I’m sorry Jon, did you think Chris was going to be out?” she asked.

“Well…” was again all I could stutter.

“I’m so sorry Jon. It’s my fault, I never told him, Chris. I guess I just assumed. I’m sorry Jon, I arranged this with Chris you see,” she said, holding my hand, caressing it.

“Yeah, it’s just er… I’m not really, you know… like into that kind of thing really,” was again all I could manage. I felt very awkward. I really wasn’t going to be up for shagging Sharon along with Chris, or with Chris watching us, or whatever it was they had planned between themselves.

“Oh no, no, honey, it’s fine. It’s just going to be me and you, okay?” Sharon said, trying to sooth my worries, “I told Chris all about me and you after the last time you dropped me home. He knows everything, Jon. Don’t worry, okay? I told you Chris and I have an agreement, right?

“Er, yeah, you said,” I mumbled.

“Yeah, it’s no problem Jon, don’t be nervous,” Chris said, “Sorry, I thought Sharon had told you I would be here.”

Chris took my hand and shook it, slapped me on the back and laughed, trying to reduce my anxiety. He sat back on the sofa, as Sharon came closer and gave me a big kiss on the lips.

“I’m so sorry, Jon, I should have explained before we came here. I didn’t mean to freak you out,” she said, kissing me again, “It’s okay honey. We’ll go upstairs and have fun soon. Chris will stay down here, don’t worry, okay?”

“Okay,” I said, smiling again.

Chris asked if I wanted a drink and went off to the kitchen to fetch one.

“I’m going to go upstairs and get ready for you honey, ok? You can stay here and have a drink with Chris,” Sharon said, kissing me again.

“Really?” I said.

“It’s fine, honey, he’s completely fine with it. Just give me ten minutes darling,” she whispered in my ear as she pawed at my cock again, “I come back down and get you, and you can take me upstairs and fuck me.”

She kissed me again as Chris came back in from the kitchen with my drink.

“Get that down ya son,” he said, sitting back on the sofa.

Sharon kissed me again. “Okay, I’ll see you boys in a minute,” she said and disappeared upstairs.

Chris motioned for me to sit on the sofa with him. I nodded sheepishly, and grinned, sitting on the sofa. We watched the football for a while in silence.

“You like Sharon, do ya Jon?” Chris asked.

“Er, yeah sure,” I replied.

“She’s gorgeous isn’t she?”

“Yes sir,” I nodded.

“Ha ha, good lad,” he laughed, slapping me on the thigh, “Well I guess we both just want her to be happy, right?”

I smiled, nodding again. I guess I was okay in Chris’ mind now, even though I was about to fuck his wife in his own bed. We carried on chatting for a while, watching the football, until I heard Sharon’s heels coming down the stairs. My cock began to stir just at that sound.

Sharon appeared in the lounge, wearing just her underwear and a big smile.

“Hi honey,” she giggled. I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or Chris.

She looked amazing. She wore high heels, black stockings with a suspender belt, tiny little black panties, and a matching bra, showing off loads of cleavage. I had a grin from ear to ear, she giggled.

“Wow, you look great, honey,” Chris remarked.

Sharon opened her arms for an embrace from me, so I stood and hugged her.

“Lucky boy,” Chris said, smiling.

I turned Sharon slightly as I held her, so my back was to him. I lowered my hands to her ass, groping her. Sharon turned us again as we held each other, so I moved my hands up to her lower back. Now Sharon’s back was facing Chris.

Sharon took my hands and moved them back to her ass. “It’s okay, honey,” she purred, “That ass is all yours now.”

Chris smiled as he watched me grope his wife’s ass. “Sharon’s got a lovely ass, hasn’t she Jon?” he said.

“Yes sir. Yes, she does,” I replied, “Amazing ass, amazing everything.” I had lost my nervousness in front of Chris now.

“Oh thank you, honey,” Sharon said. I slipped my hands inside her panties, caressing her sexy ass cheeks.

“What do you like about her body, Jon?” Chris asked, staring at my hands on his wife’s ass, as she wiggled it in his direction.

“Well, your wife is very beautiful. She’s got an amazing ass, lovely legs, and fucking great tits,” I said, smiling at him.

“What else, honey?” Sharon asked.

“You’ve got a lovely tight pussy, Sharon. Lovely luscious lips,” I replied.

Sharon giggled, turning behind her to Chris and pouting. “Yes, to suck your big cock with, Jon,” she said, gripping the bulge in my jeans. She turned back to me, pouting with those big luscious lips, and kissing me.

“You like her tits do ya, Jon?” Chris asked.

“Okay, enough with your interrogation of Jon about my body,” said Sharon, even though she was clearly loving it, “I’m taking Jon upstairs now.”

She turned toward Chris, one arm around me, the other still massaging my growing cock through my jeans. My hand was still firmly stuck to her ass.

“I’m taking my big cock young stud upstairs so he can fuck me, Chris. I’m going to take my time, and let him do whatever he wants,” she said, turning to me, “Okay Jon? You can have whatever you want darling.”

I smiled as she kissed me full on the lips.

“Okay honey, you have fun,” Chris said, as Sharon led me out of the lounge still holding my cock.

“Oh, with a huge cock like Jon’s, I certainly will,” Sharon replied as she led me down the hall.

I smiled, and kissed her again, at the bottom of the stairs. I wondered why Sharon kept telling Chris what a big cock I had. I was pretty average size I thought. Other girls I had been with hadn’t mentioned I was very big, just a good normal size, or possibly slightly more than normal, but certainly not huge.

I guessed Chris had a rather small cock, and so in comparison I was big for Sharon. Either that or it was just part of the game between them, her trying to humiliate Chris slightly by thinking she was getting screwed by a much bigger man.

Either way, it certainly made me feel good about myself. I followed Sharon’s amazing ass up the staircase. Damn, that was a fine, fine ass, I thought.

I was definitely going to insist I got to fuck her doggystyle, as I hadn’t got to do that last time. That ass slapping up against me as I fucked her would be quite a sight.

We reached the landing, and Sharon led me into her bedroom. I closed the bedroom door and put my arms around her, kissing her again, kissing her neck. She smelled wonderful.

“I’m sorry about before, Jon. You looked nervous so I had to take the lead, you understand?” she said, “But up here you’re the boss, Jon. You know I like being told what to do, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I know you do. Don’t worry, I’m in charge now,” I replied.

“Last time I promised you whatever you want when me met again, didn’t I?” she said, grinning.

“That you did.”

“And I meant it, you can do whatever you want to me,” she purred, “I just need you to agree to one thing, darling.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Can we leave the bedroom door open, honey?” she asked, “Chris likes to listen from downstairs. It’s part of our agreement you see? Don’t worry, he won’t come upstairs and watch us. I don’t want that either.”

“Okay…” I said.

“If he needs the bathroom, there’s one downstairs. Don’t worry, he just likes to listen to me being happy,” she said, grinning again.

“Sure then, I don’t mind.”

“Thank you lover,” she said, opening the bedroom door wide, “Now, I’m all yours.”

I grabbed her again, kissing her, groping that lovely ass.

“Now then, you keep on those stockings and high heels, okay?” I said, “I like fucking a woman in high heels and stockings.”

“Okay, honey, whatever you say,” she murmured.

“Now undress me,” I said.

Sharon unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. Then she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off. She took off my socks.

Then she slowly pulled down my boxers, my hard cock springing out and hitting her in the face. She giggled.

“Now suck my cock, Sharon, you naughty slut,” I ordered.

Sharon smiled, taking my cock in her hand, and kissing the head. She swirled her tongue around it, then ran her tongue down my shaft to my balls.

She took my balls in her mouth, one at a time, sucking them, looking up at me with a dirty grin on her face.

Then she licked my shaft again, running her lips up and down my shaft, over and over. I groaned in delight and she giggled.

I took her head in my hands and pushed my cock into her mouth. She enveloped the head, and slid those lips slowly toward the base of my dick. Then back to the head, and slid back down again. Over and over, her tongue licking the underneath of my cock.

Eventually she deep throated me, my whole cock disappearing inside her mouth. Then I felt the tip of her tongue licking my balls. She started to gag, but continued to flick her tongue on my balls.

Again and again she gagged on my cock, making lots of slurping and gagging noises. I wondered if her husband could hear her downstairs.

Eventually she came up for air, smiling, and wiping the saliva from the chin.

“Oh Jon, you’ve got a lovely big cock. I love sucking and gagging on it,” she said, kissing my shaft. I noticed she didn’t whisper, but spoke just a little louder than normal. I guessed this was to make sure Chris could hear her.

I pulled her up to her feet, removed her bra, and began sucking on her gorgeous big tits. I loved these babies. I licked her nipples, faster and faster, she liked that.

Then I got down on my knees, slowly pulled her panties down, kissing her pussy mound for a few moments. I slipped a finger inside her; she was nice and moist already. I hooked her panties around my cock.

I sat down of the side of the bed, and signalled for her to kneel in front of me. She did so, and got back to work sucking me straight away. I reached down feeling her wonderful boobs.

Her panties were looped around my cock, and Sharon flicked the elastic onto my balls, laughing. I grinned, and directed her mouth back to my cock.

I let her pleasure me for a nice long time. She sucked my balls, licked the shaft, and sucked me, gagging once again. On and on she went for ten minutes of more. If she got too fast, I instructed her to slow down, which she did.

But after a while I wanted to fuck her. I rolled onto the bed, pulling her with me. I laid her down on her back, and she spread her legs.

I climbed on top of her, but she put her hands to my chest, halting my progress.

“No, honey, you need a condom first,” she said, smiling.

“No, I’m in charge, remember, I can have whatever I want,” I replied, kissing her.

“Oh, that’s what you want?” she asked.

“That’s right. I want to feel your wet pussy on my cock,” I said.

“Oh okay, honey, but it’ll have to be our secret,” she whispered.

With that I thrust my bare cock into her, she gasped, then smiled, kissing me. She felt so good, nice and tight.

“Just don’t come inside me, honey,” she whispered again.

“I’m gonna fuck your pussy and then pump you full of my spunk, and you’re gonna take it,” I said as I thrust in and out of her. She just nodded, a big grin on her face. She loved being told what to do.

I gripped her hips as I banged away at her pussy. She felt so good. She was panting and whimpering with my thrusts.

“Oh Jon, yes honey, give me that big cock,” she cried out. Her husband must have heard that one. Let’s make him hear a real show I thought.

I pulled out of Sharon. “I’m gonna fuck you doggystyle now,” I told her.

“Yes darling,” she said, getting on all fours for me, her head facing the headboard.

“No, honey,” I said, indicating I wanted her diagonally across the bed, her head facing the open bedroom door. She gave me a dirty grin, and got into the position. She knew exactly why I wanted her there, so her voice would carry downstairs to her husband.

“Bad boy,” she grinned at me, wiggling her lovely ass.

I got in position behind her, slipping my cock into her wet willing pussy. She moaned in pleasure as I started to thrust deeper inside her.

“Oh yes, Jon, fuck me,” she cried out, “Fuck me harder, harder, oh fuck.”

Her ass looked incredible, slapping up against me with every thrust of my cock. She was pushing back against me too. I leant forward and groped her swinging tits.

I fucked her nice and hard now, and she panted and moaned more and more loudly with each thrust. Her stockings and high heels were really doing it for me. I slapped her ass a few times.

“Oh, Jon, yes, yes. Fuck me, fuck me. Oh deeper, Jon, deeper, harder. Oh right there, Jon, yes. Oh yes, I love it,” she gasped. If her husband liked a show, then he’d married the right woman. She was vocal, and very loud.

I banged away as hard as I could into her pussy. She moaned and cried out even louder.

“Oh, Jon, don’t stop. Fuck…” she cried at the top of her voice. Then she went very quiet, and I knew from the last time I fucked her she was about to come.

She stayed quiet as I thrust into her over and over, and finally she came. “Oh, Jon, yesss,” she cried, collapsing on the bed.

I gripped her hips harder, and banged away at her for all I was worth. A few moments later, and I erupted inside her, shooting my spunk into her pussy. I could feel stream after stream spurting out of my cock.

Damn that felt good.

I pulled out of her, and lay down on the bed. Sharon came and lay next to me, kissing me. I was panting, trying to catch my breath.

Sharon giggled. “My big stud,” she said, “You filled your slut with your come, you naughty boy.”

I smiled, getting my breath now.

“Bad boy, that has to be our little secret, okay?” she whispered.

“Okay, sure, no problem,” I said, kissing her.

We lay there for a while, fondling and kissing each other. We chatted a bit too. I wondered what Sharon’s husband had thought of it all.

After twenty minutes or so, Sharon kissed my chest, and made her way down to my cock. She began slowly sucking me back to hardness. It wasn’t long before I was nice and big and ready to go again.

She continued to suck me as I lay on the bed; she was on all fours, her ass up in the air. I sat up, she came up for air briefly, but I directed her back to the task at hand.

I rubbed my hand all over her ass, then spanked her as she sucked me. I spanked her again, and again, making sure it was nice and loud so Chris could hear what I was doing to his slutty wife.

“Is Chris going to spank you like this when I’ve left?” I asked her.

“Mmm, yes he will,” she said, in between mouthfuls of cock, “Make some nice red marks on my ass darling, so he can see you were there first.”

I slapped her ass harder as she sucked me. Harder and louder I spanked her.

“Oh yes Jon, spank me hard, darling,” she cried out.

She gave me a big dirty grin. I pulled her mouth off my cock and told her to ride me. She clambered on top of me and lowered her pussy onto my now rock hard dick.

She bounced up and down on my cock, slowly at first, but picking up speed. I let her take control, watching her big natural full tits bounce up and down, over and over again.

Sharon was lovely and wet, I rubbed at her clit. She put her hands on my chest and her nails dug into my skin.

Then she bit her lip as she went quiet again, coming a few moments later, collapsing on top of me. I rolled her over onto her back and began thrusting into her sopping wet pussy.

She looked so sexy, and felt so good, and I told her so. She smiled and kissed me.

“I love you fucking me, darling,” she said, “You make me so horny and wet. I love that big cock, Jon.”

That tipped me over the edge, and I emptied my balls inside her. I pulled out and the last few spurts shot over her clit.

She kissed me, and held me close. “You’re a great fuck, Jon,” she whispered.

“You too honey,” I replied.

We lay there for ten minutes more I suppose, before Sharon suggested we got up and took a shower together.

She lathered me all up in the shower, washing me all over, kissing me cock one more time. I dried myself off whilst she cleaned herself, getting rid of the evidence of my spunk inside her.

I dressed in the bedroom, and kissed her again. She put on a dressing gown, and we went back downstairs.

“Chris, our guest is leaving,” Sharon called out.

Chris appeared from the living room.

“Alright son, thanks for coming round,” Chris said, shaking my hand. My other hand was still on his wife’s ass. The ass that he was going to see later I had made red marks all over.

“My pleasure,” I said.

“Nice to see you again. I know you make Sharon happy, so I’m happy for her to see you anytime she wants,” he said, “If you want to meet at your place it’s okay, but I prefer if you come here.”

“Yes, then it’s special for both of us,” Sharon said.

“Okay, no problem,” I replied. Sharon gave me a nice long lingering kiss, and then I opened the door and waved goodbye.

Damn that was one amazing, crazy evening, I thought.

But Sharon still had more up her sleeve for me…

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