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Cheating Stories


Carl And His Stepsister Maria's Affair With Their Uncle - Part 5

Continuation of an earlier series of ecstasy and taboo lifestyle.

It has been over six years since my last journal entries. So much has taken place during the years and then COVID hit - putting a damper on most things. I stopped writing about my taboo relationship with Maria and Carl, but it's truly worth revisiting aga...

Negotiating The Rent, Sophie And Geoffrey Fuck On The Morning After, Sophie Meets Mrs Wilson

Part Seven, Geoffrey and Sophie fuck the morning after, and Sophie meets Brian's wife, this is a shorter chapter

Mike’s morning alarm woke them both with a start. “Sorry, I have to get going for work, are you coming down for breakfast with me?” “Five minutes,” Sophie mumbled. Mike got up washed and dressed for work. He noticed that the teddy was staring at the bed f...

Alice In Blunderland - Part 5

"Last night wasn't a dream, was it?

Chapter 16 - Group sex "My oh my Tony, will you look at that?" exclaimed Stacy. I looked to see them watching us from the doorway. Adam and I giggled, and he replied, "Well, don't just stand there. Come join us." Stacy lay beside Adam. "You got anything l...

Robbie's Story - Part 1: The Long Dark Tunnel

Robbie was a sporty kid, but had never had much luck with girls. And then his luck changed.

"You coming on this camping trip at the weekend, Robbie?" Steve asked while they were catching their breath between sets of freestyle. "Yeah," Robbie replied. "Any excuse to get out of the house!" "Yeah," agreed Steve. "And there are girls coming!" Steve...

Summer 1986

I never knew what my girlfriend was capable of...

Summer 1986 Lenora and I had been dating for over two years. It was a long-distance relationship, but it worked for both of us because of our careers. We were young; I was 27, and she was 24. Lenora was a nurse, and I worked on Wall Street. At the time, s...

Seduction At The DMV - Ann Robinson

Ann Robinson seduces Josh at the DMV, leading to his first experience cheating

It had gone beyond a joke for Ann Robinson. Never one for patience, she found the line and wait at the Department of Motor Vehicles ridiculous. The aftermath of COVID had impacted the workforce and the line was interminable. Fortunately, they had chairs t...


A night in Vegas they want to remember (but can't) !

Loch Ness is generally a quiet place during the early hours but tonight Hamish is going to wake the neighbours and make it count. The only monster out tonight will be the one unleashed from his trousers. Hamish has reluctantly agreed that tonight would be...

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New Neighbours Part 8 - The End

Mikey Decides it's Time to get his Life in Order

As he left the bathroom, Mikey took one more look at Serena, his cum dripping down her chin onto her large breasts. He grabbed a bathrobe as he closed the bathroom door behind him and headed for the bed. He crossed the bedroom and caught his reflection in...

Lucky Lori

One wife's desire to become pregnant creates desire for another man

Couple’s Night – The Wingtip Bar As it occurs once in a blue moon, the two couples get together for a night of pretending they aren’t adults. No one is allowed to talk about work or bills, struggles with family, or what the future may bring. The only thin...

Misty, The Drive Of Desire

This Lush member asked me if I could make a story about her sexual escapades. I hope I do her justice.

As I mentioned before, Misty has an insatiable sex drive. Her high libido was inhibited by her husband Rick’s submissive nature in bed and his lack of sexual adventure. His idea of having fun in bed was having Misty lay on her side while he lay on his and...

Girls Night Out

Jane invictus get friend to the thrills of ladies' night out

The place was more crowded than you could ever remember, especially around the bar. You were there with a girlfriend, Jane, and it was your turn to get the next round of drinks. You pushed your way through the crowd to get close to the bar and waited for...