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The point of no return.

The end is nigh. The final sprint. Screaming muscles and burning lungs Raging, ragged rasps, Inflating heaving chests. Tensions grow, muscles clench. Need is given voice; Guttural. Raw. Animal. Every satisfying smack and shake, The percussive pounding pre...

She told me later, that she became addicted to me, that there was no cure for her desires. She said it was the earthquake rattling climaxes, where each scream became another landslide, when her earth moved. Her very core was buried in burning lust. Like a...

The Deviants of Dorchester - Episode 6: It's Called a Tip

After a late dinner at the rooftop restaurant, a husband makes arrangements for the staff to leave him alone with his wife.

“You’re right,” Natalie exclaimed excitedly. “Rooftop restaurant and bar, open till midnight.” “See, I know what I’m talking about,” Aiden replied. “You’ll learn to trust me, I promise.” He nestled in behind her as she sat on the bed in their room at the...

Breast Play

She grabbed his head to make sure he didn't stop

"Oh, yeah," she exclaimed as I continued kissing and nibbling her breasts then back to her neck and behind her ear. I then slid my tongue back down her silky skin to her beautiful breasts. I circled each of her fully erect nipples with my tongue. Big, ful...

Four Lips

When teenage lesbians want more--in 100 words or less.

With her left hand, Lucia caressed Bibi’s breasts. With her right hand, she stroked Bibi’s clit. Bibi arched her back and blinked. When she looked up into Lucia’s eyes, Bibi knew what her friend wanted. “I’m not going to lick your pussy,” said Bibi. “I kn...

A Watched Pot Never Boils

Suzie arrives home to find – absolutely nothing has been done around the house. What now!

The things she does, sometimes unknowingly, make me seethe with anger. My petulance gets the better of me, but her ability to work me up into a testy, touchy, and snarky bitch is beyond belief. She’s been home all day and nothing has been done. As I look...

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A Wonderful Afternoon Treat

Just the two of us in the cinema.

Seated comfortably. Lights dimmed. I feel your warm fingers upon my naked leg. I know instinctively what you’re needing. Sliding off the seat, kneeling between your knees. Your cock free, my wet tongue licks your hardness, all over from base to tip. Your...


Angela’s bus ride home is anything but normal.

Looking out of the window at the dreary scenery of houses, flats and cars, Angela can’t help but dream and wish that her daily drudgery was anything but normal. She sways to and fro from the rhythm of the bus ride home, in places, jerking her back to real...

An Ideal Spanking - Hard but Sexy: Chapter 1 - Setting the Scene

I married my 2nd wife after an erotic spanking brought her to two shuddering climaxes

An erotic spanking can be hard, but it must be sexy or where's the FUN? I'm not sure whether there's a limit on the number of words in this site's stories, but to be safe that's the reason this one is going to be broken into chapters. Also means I don't h...

Worshiping the Wand of Light

Never doubt; you deserve what I'm about to do to you...

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis and loosely translates to "wand of light."  One honors the wand of light, and those who have them, through lingam massage. There is a tremendous amount of sexual energy in a person's penis, and learning how to stimula...

Prologue: Stealthy Times at the Cafe

Daisy gets an unexpected surprise while wearing a stealth-vibe.

The vibe wasn’t uncomfortable, but Daisy couldn’t ignore its presence. Shaped roughly like a U, there were two halves molded to the contours of her body. The internal end was bulbous and about four inches deep. It was designed to stimulate her g-spot. The...