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Truth Or Dare

While he is on honeymoon, my brother's stepdaughter visits me.

My brother, David, is not like me. He was faithfully married for many years and deeply in love with his wife, looking after her during her long illness until finally she lost her battle with cancer. David took her death very hard and remained single while...

The Halloween Mom, The Morning After

We didn't have the all-nighter that Caroline had promised, but the morning after was wildly fun.

John She was asleep in minutes, so I pulled over just long enough to grab a blanket from the back seat to cover her up. The rest of the drive was uneventful, as all I could think about was watching the video that I'd taken of Janice fucking her with that...

Neighbourly Interaction

Spicy chat while neighbours play.

“My wife, Sarah, loves watching me fuck her older sister,” said recumbent Dylan to his neighbour, Denise. Buxom Denise replied “Oh, you filthy couple,” as she gyrated cowgirl style on Dylan’s giant erection, tits jiggling provocatively. “However, Sarah do...

Unwanted Memories - Pt. 2

Adjusting to our new normal

Beth and I were distant for the next few weeks. Not in a cool, uncaring way, but still giving each other more space than we had before. That was difficult at times; she couldn’t drive, and it was possible she’d never be cleared for it again. I wasn’t supp...

The Party Begins

This was just the beginning of what was surely going to leave me a sore and exhausted mess.

The next couple of days were a blur of sex with my loves, Dominic, Andre, and James. Oh, and of course, Bruno, who made me airtight. But, the slut in me was mostly thinking about Saturday and meeting Andre's family as my body was used by my lovers. Andre...

My Hubby’s New Boss

My husband takes a new job, and the wife gets to know his boss in more ways than one.

My husband accepted a position in a new firm. We bought a house and moved to a much larger city than usual. I was very excited since my husband's job came with a hefty salary increase, which allowed us to get a bigger house than we expected, and I was abl...

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Litte Bo Peep - The Seventh Outing

Jan and Tiger get passionate after a meal Tiger gets his dessert.

From Osaka, we made our way to Kyoto and from there continued our way south towards Hiroshima over the next few days. Along the way, we did much of the same as we had done in every other place so far- sightsee, eat, drink, and have Jan tease or fuck me wi...


"A gobby and wristy doesn't sound too bad, mate," I replied with a grin.

Independence Day? Ah, yes, Christmas in July. Treason is the reason for this beautiful ass season, where we promiscuous gun-toting, bacon-eating, war-winning, beer-drinking, bar-fighting degenerates celebrate our Brexit. For some, it's the last day of hav...

Young Mum Pushing A Buggy

Grandpa meets young mother, and somehow it works

Johnny was sitting in the phone shop, getting his account sorted out because the app wasn't working, and the assistant had gone out the back to check something. A girl walked in pushing a baby buggy. She looked about twenty. Medium height, quite slim, lon...

The First Date

Chelsea's double date with her brother doesn't end as she expected

The only good thing about the dinner so far, Chelsea thought, was the food. Her date was boring. Her brother’s girlfriend was rude. And while she had gotten plenty of compliments about her little black dress, it was starting to feel constraining and uncom...

One Night In Paris

After her dalliance with Isobela, Marga goes back to her old ways

Marga looked out of the bus at the loveliest sunrise she could remember seeing. The star was rising, a deep, bloody red and around it the sky was every shade of orange, blue and white. ‘Like a burst hymen,’ she thought to herself, then thought, ‘Eewww! Gr...

Innocent Part V

Nessie's three little words change so much.

Nessie nibbled her bottom lip. She looked at me and then back at Kay. “He’s not blood,” she stated. The room was deadly silent. Each of us held our drinks in our hands and looked from one to the other and back again. I had a random thought of the final gu...