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Topic: Announcing our "Money Talks" Story Competition, $250 First Prize!
Posted: 14 Jun 2015 14:55

Ooh. Just checked my email and saw the notice about this contest, and decided why the bleep not? After all, money is money, and I am more than happy to work my tail (off) for a little extra wampum. This could be just the thing to prod me into getting off my lazy butt and get back into writing after all these years. Already coming up with the base concept for the story I will be submitting. I think the biggest challenge is the 3.5K word limit. And after checking my 2 complete longer one shot stories here (Rescued? and Blue Rosette), I can see that is indeed going to be a tough hurdle, since they are 4 to 5 times that length. Now to take the first step and get something relevant at least written down...

And to quote Frito...


Topic: To Overhaul Or Not To Overhaul. That is the Question
Posted: 02 Nov 2012 19:49

To get myself motivated to get back to writing, I am going through some of what I have written previously and reading them through again. In the process, I am debating on whether or not certain pieces should be updated or otherwise overhauled before their stories continue.

However, I think I need help from any of you out there to determine what, if any needs changed. There are some that I know without a doubt will get overhauled, and those will be covered later. But right now, there are 2 stories in particular I am interested in continuing, The Paddled Princess, and its companion tale, Tiger Tiger Burning Bright.

So far, all I have reread is the first chapter of The Paddled Princess. And personally, I have only found one little minor bit that needs changed, the surname of Karma's partner. I have determined that the area of Lockke where Kata and Firefly hail from, households take on as their surname, the first name of whomever the head of that household is ( except the head him or herself of course, in which case, their original childhood surname is kept .) In that chapter, I was reminded of this in the scene where Arlin is going through the identification process with Kata, Kata Narisk, daughter of Narisk Koriev. Before that, during the scene with Karma, she was identified as associated with a Shadowglider registered to a Firefly Hollebrange. Looking that one over, I realized that just didn't feel right to me, so the one and only change slated for this chapter will be to change Hollebrange to Hollybrand, which I am now declaring as the first name of his mother, who was head of their household back in Arborvale.

So anyway, if I haven't put anyone to sleep yet with this long drawn out yaddayaddayaddablahblahblah , if anyone else would care to reread the current installments of The Paddled Princess and Tiger Tiger Burning Bright ( after the resubmission of Tiger Tiger gets approved, since it was too long previously ), I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for any changes that they may benefit from, whether continuity errors that I overlooked, or changes to improve the pacing and flow. Once those are nailed down and these chapters can be declared truly complete, I will feel more comfortable pressing onward with The Paddled Princess Chapter 4: Breakfast at Tormanin's, and Tiger Tiger Burning Bright Chapter 2: The Appetizers.

Topic: Authors, If you could recommend only one of your stories, which one would it be?
Posted: 02 Nov 2012 16:10

Man, that is torture to have to choose just one. So then, since Rescued? is going to be overhauled a bit in the near future, and The Missing Lynx and The Misbehaving Lynx are going to be rolled into a single volume production of short stories that I will be calling Tales from the Beastlands, those will not be "officially" recommended here.

That said, even though they are nowhere near finished, my recommendation is for The Paddled Princess ( a fun and naughty little teasing romp about a young princess in a high tech magical world and her two paddle girls, one of which is actually a boy, and the trouble she gets into at their willing expense. ) Alongside that is Tiger Tiger Burning Bright, which carries some of the Paddled Princess's story, but doesn't quite fit into the main story's flow, and is being done as a spinoff. Together, the two tales will feature material for a wide variety of tastes, I think. Now to go fix Tiger Tiger so it can be viewed here again. Turns out the first chapter was too long and needs split into 2 parts.

Topic: Weirdest place you've written a story or poem.
Posted: 02 Nov 2012 15:58

For me, it was back when I was an incorrigible young teen who had aspirations of being a best selling sci-fi/fantasy author. My early attempts back then weren't erotica per se, but they did of course have some blatant spanking scenes in them. Most unusual place I can recall writing this material was either in church, or in school (which was a private Xtian school in the same church.) Since I was apparently the perfect little angel whom no one would ever suspect of having even the naughtiest of thoughts, I was able to get away with a lot back then.

Of course, it also helped that most of what I wrote was penned almost entirely in the "kid code" alphabet me and my best friend concocted, and which we often still use as the alphabet for assorted fantasy realms in our uniperverse.

Anyone who saw what I was writing would have no clue what it was, and a few just thought it was some sort of hieroglyphics. It was also a blast watching my little sister and brother frequently trying and failing to crack our code.

Topic: What's The Best Comment you've received on a Story????
Posted: 20 Aug 2012 01:44

My two top favorite comments were from two of the judges in the soc.sexuality.spanking Short Story Contest: 2004. My entry that year was the newly written Missing Lynx, first story I ever posted anywhere. One of the judges was rather meh about the story (no biggie; can't please everyone). The other two judges' comments were what really inspired me to write more...

If Rudyard Kipling had ventured into writing spanking erotica he may have written something like this story. Frelic could have been the boy Mowgli, who was raised by wolves in Kipling's 'Jungle Book'. We are fascinated by the barrier between humans and non-humans, and 'The Missing Lynx' reinforces our desire that this century will see the invention of a device which will enable humans to 'talk to the animals'.

There's a great deal to enjoy here: the scene-setting is vivid; the glimpse of a much larger and more complex world is very seductive. I especially like that the story's gentle final twist is hinted at but not spelled out - much more satisfying that way. I miss a slightly more complete picture of the story-world, which is both a strength and a weakness of this piece: it means it doesn't quite stand on its own, but it also leaves me intrigued and wanting to find out more.

In fact, I am sorely tempted to email the jduge that gave that last comment and let him know that there is more in the works in that world; as I am planning on doing a compilation of short stories entitled "Tales from the Beastlands", which take place in that same immortal land, and focus on Lynx embarking on a series of awakening escapades as she learns and experiments with a wide array of naughty pleasures with the other denizens of the Beastlands.

Topic: This is funny, an actual note from an 8 year old girl to a pilot
Posted: 10 Apr 2007 01:58

Have to have some respect for such a young one who is not afraid to use the fuck word. :D

Topic: Scarletdown's Delurk
Posted: 01 Apr 2007 22:03

Hi ScarletDown - I'm currently working my way through the A Night Out, A Night In series, and I'm enjoying it enormously!

Thanks a bunch. One of these days, I need to get myself motivated to actually finish that one. As a rough estimate, I'd say there's probably around 5 or 6 chapters remaining there.

Also, I hope you read Rescued? before starting A Night Out. Rescued? takes place right before A Night Out, and the latter kinda gives away a major spoiler at the end of the former.

I did finally finish the first chapter of The Sign Maker. I've posted it a few places already, but now that I have thoroughly read the rules for what is appropriate here on this site, I'm a little reluctant to upload it here until the mods do a little more research into the appropriate laws where Lush is hosted to determine if such laws actually apply to written works.

Topic: Favourite Quotes
Posted: 24 Mar 2007 22:15

"The act of censorship is always worse than whatever is being censored."

- Chandon Seldon (whoever that is)

Topic: Post pics of the perfect ass here
Posted: 18 Mar 2007 01:30

I hope I don't regret this, but here's a couple self-portraits... Dressed like Kennewick in the second chapter of The Paddled Princess (only in red instead of green), and showing off my assets (not that I'm claiming my own behind is anywhere close to the calibre of the ladies shown off in this thread, but I'm just feeling bold enough tonight to post such embarrassing pics...)



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RedTails : A Night Out, A Night In - Chapter 7

RedTails: Awakenings A Night Out, A Night In By Scarletdown Chapter VII : Final Instructions After the Kobold lady and Skunk girl were gone and out of earshot, Hansen gave a low whistle and touched a paw to his chest, "Wow! By the Mink's bottom," he swore, "who could have thought a Kobold could be so affectionate, and so sensual?" "Ashton apparently did," Frelic replied. He adjusted...

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RedTails : A Night Out, A Night In - Chapter 6

RedTails: Awakenings A Night Out, A Night In By Scarletdown Chapter VI : Stand Off and Stand Down Frelic, with his cypress wizard's staff glowing an eerie blue-white held before him, took point. Karma, short cutlass firmly held in one paw, stood to his right, and Thissle was poised for battle at her Master's left side, her longsword pointed at the Kobold in an overhead en garde...

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RedTails : Tiger Tiger Burning Bright - Chapter 1 / Part I

RedTails: Tiger Tiger Burning Bright By Scarletdown Chapter I: The Tiger and the Hawk / Part I "Well anyway, I do have work to get back to," Regent Tormanin said, "So you go see Toraq and have fun. I'll join you if I can. Now good evening to you, Warden." "Good night, your excellency," Court Warden Arlin returned. He executed a graceful bow, then padded down a side corridor to...

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RedTails : The Paddled Princess - Chapter 2

RedTails : Reckonings The Paddled Princess By Scarletdown Chapter II: Party Crasher "Good evening to you too, Allisson," Arlin growled. His body shuddered, and his aching, still stiff maleness flexed at the Raccoon's touch. "I trust that you and Amanda are having a profitable night?" She nodded and flashed him a coy smile, "Yep-yep, our tails have been remarkably busy. And we have...

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RedTails : The Paddled Princess - Chapter 1

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RedTails : The Misbehaving Lynx

RedTails - Immortal Glows The Misbehaving Lynx by Scarletdown Standing upon a narrow ledge, Lynx nervously gazed up at the summit of Spirit Mountain, her soft feminine curves covered by nothing more than her fur. Her voice echoed to the peak above her, "Lord Eagle! I seek your guidance and wisdom!" A majestic eagle peered down from the lofty peak. Mighty wings spread wide, he soared...

Added 01 Mar 2007 | Category Spanking | Votes 2 | Avg Score 3 | Views 5,290 | 3 Comments

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