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If you want to feel sexy and special and beautiful I am your guy. I like to talk and chat and get to know people.

sexy feet :) and all things sexual, not much off limits for me

(and many other things that don't pertain to this sight)


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Topic: Given a choice, would you like being licked or fucked?
Posted: 12 Feb 2011 07:09

Taste you, then fuck you, then taste us :)

Topic: a matter of taste?
Posted: 13 Jan 2011 06:51

I find it harder to find a woman who wants me too. The more adventure and experimental the better. 1 of my ex gf's was so into this it became a complete turn on for both of us. Since her, others seem to not want me to do this or turned off and it is a bit taboo to say "I want to eat my cum out of or off of you lol". It is hot even during cyber lol.

Topic: Shaving A Girl's Pussy
Posted: 13 Jan 2011 06:44

Unless she's a double amputee, she can do it herself. What else would one like while we're at it? To have their anti-ageing revitalising cell-renewal nightly skin cream applied, toe nails filed or eyebrows plucked?

mmm, how about painting my nails? <img src="/images/emoticons/drunken_smilie.gif" alt="drunken">

I would happily paint your nails - your toe nails especially

Topic: lets get dressed
Posted: 13 Jan 2011 06:40

love the dress with spaghetti or no strap, falls to mid thigh, some but not too much cleavage. NOT BLACK or gray or any other muted color (not for the first several dates - black is hot but not for first impressions). Red is always nice, varying shades of purples, blues, greens - something that will make your eyes pop as they reflect off the outfit. No matter how beautiful you are, make-up is there to make you even more beautiful so use it properly. Hair is a must - show me your best hair omg what a turn on. Ok, now for the most important part the shoes. Shoes and feet can tell you so much about a girl (Message me if you wnat to know more lol). you should wear a shoe that shows off your sexy legs and feet. A medium open toe heel or wedge is very nice. The height makes your legs look stunning and puts your toes on a pedestal to be noticed. Go get a pedicure and have the sexiest toes in the world. Almost every girl understand the dress and the make-up and the hair - the ones that really care finish the package at the bottom too. Even if the guy is not into feet like me, he will notice how sexy you are from head to toe not just head to knee.

Topic: Is being too wet bad?
Posted: 13 Jan 2011 06:08

Too wet? ALL those juices should not be waisted on lube! Pull it out and lick all that juice up :) Ok granted that may make you just as wet but several orgasms later and the wetness will be just right. I agree with whoever said it is just lack of experience - positions and performance are the key

Topic: Happy Birthday Ravyn!!!
Posted: 20 Dec 2010 21:50

Happy Birthday sexy. Now come get your present :)

Topic: Gals you would date....
Posted: 29 Oct 2010 13:51

So you want to know how to meet a great guy? Guys are so stupid. (I can say that because I am not looking anymore (married) lol) We don't talk to the beautiful girls because we might get rejected. We don't talk to the ugly or fat girls becuase what would our friends think. We only go up and talk to the ones that look like they want to get laid (and we don't want that for a wife), and that is only after we have had to much to drink to actually get a hard-on later lol. So if you are a nice girl and you want to meet a great guy, sorry but you may need to take the initiative. If you see a decent looking guy sitting around, standing there, not looking too confident - it is because he is out of his element, and does not want to make a fool of himself. HE is probly the one you could marry - not the stud with ripped abs and tattos on top of hi body peircings (the other guy is probly a better lay too because he will attend to you). The ones that don't have the great night club outfits are the ones that are more serious about life - but also thay can be really great and funny. Get a clue ladies - lol - you are in control. It doesn't matter a whole lot what you look like (you know what I mean) if you give a guy attention, that he is not used to getting, he will give you the attention you are looking for. BTW if you don't believe me how stupid guys are just watch the chat rooms lmao

Topic: Straight guys only!!!
Posted: 29 Oct 2010 13:34

Anything you want is great with me, as long as it is not another man's penis - you can do whatever you want. I think if it interests you, and I am your partner, I would rather you enjoy it with me than to wonder about it and eventually try it with someone else. There is nothing taboo about sex with your partner - some people just aren't comfortable enough with themselves to let go and enjoy.

Topic: my panties
Posted: 29 Oct 2010 10:19

What does a person from Kentucky use when tending to their sheep?

A glow in the dark condom

Topic: Forum Game: Sexual Choices
Posted: 24 Oct 2010 11:12

Cyber (until we know we are compatible)

cum on or cum in?

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I only know one way to love you

It was a brisk fall Saturday afternoon. I saw her lying on the bed in her favorite pajamas, cuddly pink fleece with big fluffy socks. She was so adorable lying on her side, holding on to her favorite teddy bear, watching the movie First Knight on TBS. Her hair was in a pony tail, she was curled in a semi-circle. She was not wearing any makeup as we had decided to just have a lazy Saturday. I...

Added 29 Oct 2010 | Category Love Stories | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 6,262 | 4 Comments

Our first Night

We meet at a nice restaurant; there would be a rose for you at the table. We order wine and talk, I am admiring you from across the table, as the candlelight danced off your eyes. As our dinner was being prepared, we talk and laugh, I reach across the table and gently place my hand on yours, I need to touch your skin and feel how soft. Our eyes meet, and the chemistry between us is exploding....

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