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One of my favorite things to do on sites like this is to browse the profiles of others and learn what turns them on. Somehow, knowing that it gets them off makes it all the hotter for me. I try to communicate fantasies and ideas that not only arouse others but say a little bit about what turns me on, hopefully bringing things full-circle for everybody.

Growing up, I lived in the city and more urban environments but since going out on my own I've gravitated towards the country. The people and landscapes seem to be more to my tastes and it makes visiting bigger places seem all the more inspiring due to the lack of desensitization. I like people who can hold their liquor, a conversation, and my attention at the same time but I definitely give more points for the latter two.

Sometimes I come on here for a minute or two, other times I am online for several hours, chatting and reading stories. Sometimes I'll log in multiple times a day, other times I won't be online for weeks. Regardless of the situation, I do my best to respond to any messages but there are times when they come in rather belated.

Kik: MrE2theB (although if you come off as a scam-bot I'll probably block you immediately)

Reading, Thrift/Antique Shopping, Skiing, Cooking, Woodworking, Fishing, Playing Guitar, Playing Videogames, Travel
Favorite Books:
The Running Man, The Long Walk, Ender's Game, The Joy Luck Club, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Ready Player One, The Disaster Artist, Dad is Fat, Harry Potter, 11.22.63
Favorite Authors:
Stephen King (as Richard Bachman), Stephen King (as Himself), Jim Gaffigan, Ernest Cline, August Wilson, David Lindsay-Abaire
Favorite Movies:
Primer, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Cashback, Brick, Star Wars, The Amazing Spiderman, The Avengers (and most MCU), Beerfest, It Happened One Night, The Graduate, Fargo, Secretary, Swingers, Scrooged, Kiki's Delivery Service, Moonrise Kingdom, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Best in Show
Favourite TV Shows:
The Twilight Zone, Gravity Falls, Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Community, South Park, Agent Carter, The League, Modern Marvels, American Horror Story, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, Strong Girl Bong-Soon, Daredevil
Favorite Music:
Daft Punk, Atmosphere, Nirvana, Ed Sheeran, The Offspring, Skrillex, Andrew WK, Madeon, Ellie Goulding, Death Cab for Cutie, Garth Brooks, Iris Dement, Johnny Cash, Jack White, Led Zepplin, Brother Ali, Foo Fighters, Gorillaz, Tatiana DeMaria, The Interrupters, Story Untold

This list is hardly all-encompassing so if you want me to never shut up, talk to me about music.


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Topic: Thick, thin, chubby, fat?
Posted: 23 Apr 2019 17:09

Honestly, if the question were “what’s most attractive” then the answer would be confidence. Skinny/fit gals that fit that ‘socially-accepted definition’ of attractive do tend to have more confidence, likely because they fit that look and know it, but not fitting ‘the look’ is not even close to being a deal breaker. I’ve been attracted to many big girls because of their personalities while I’ve been completely turned off from some thinner ladies due to their negative behavior. Besides, that ‘socially-accepted definition’ of beauty shouldn’t be given too much stock. Every woman will have a different shape and for every shape there will be plenty of dudes who are attracted to it.

Topic: Recommend a dog and alcohol pairing
Posted: 22 Apr 2019 20:36

Pinot Noir and a French Bulldog, since Paul Giamatti kinda looks like one (a reference to Sideways)

Topic: What sports do you watch? What teams do you root for?
Posted: 22 Apr 2019 18:47

I watch professional football every chance that I get, no matter the team. Same goes for baseball. Soccer as well but only somewhat. And of course the Olympics (go USA) when they are on every other year.
I’ve slowly been getting into golf, rodeo, and MMA but those are more because of the people I hang out with. Really though, I probably can get into absolutely anything if I’m watching it with people who are enthusiastic fans. Basketball is a sport that I’ve really been trying to get into but it’s been a struggle since I’m constantly doing statistics in my head, causing me to lose focus on the actual game.

I follow any Seattle team (Seahawks, Mariners, Sounders, Mist, Storm, Sonics - RIP) because that’s where I’m from and a childhood of rooting for everything in the 206 has forever tied me to those teams. I’ll also root for the Rainiers but for the Apple Cup I either don’t root or root for WSU because most of my family went there for undergrad (funny story: my little brother just graduated from UW Medicine and wore cougar gear every single day - some days including a custom stethoscope I had made for him). My college of choice for sports is Montana State (alma mater) but they don’t take the national stage all too often except for in rodeo and occasionally FCS (aka D1 with a real playoff bracket) football.

I may start cheering for the Minnesota Wild as I don’t have a favorite NHL team and they are the closest but Seattle is getting one so I should probably hold off. The Timberwolves might gain my allegiance though, considering. Them or Denver at least.

Topic: Justifiable ways to burn money
Posted: 22 Apr 2019 18:26

I’ve been spending quite a bit of money on experiences lately (concerts, theme parks, museums, etc) and although my savings account rings hollow some days, I take solace knowing that I’ll look back and be grateful that I took the opportunity to do things when I did. Additionally, donations to charities, churches, and children’s fund raisers never leave me with the slightest sense of remorse or regret.

Topic: Do you have tan lines?
Posted: 22 Apr 2019 18:18

Yes. I have a farmer’s tan. I hate it and try to soften the lines by mowing the lawn in a tank top or performing yard work (planting, pulling weeds, etc) shirtless but I still stay rather pale in the middle compared to my darkened arms. I suppose that I could just deliberately tan in the back yard but who has time for that.

However I do love the tan line that forms from the strap of a watch or a pair of sandals.

Topic: Announcing our "Notorious" Story Competition
Posted: 14 Apr 2019 16:46

This was the first time that I've attempted to write in the 'Flash' category and was surprised at how difficult it was to stay under 1,000 words. I had to ditch quite a bit of exposition although that's likely for the better. My admiration for the authors that excel at this category has grown immensely.

Topic: Do readers who actually vote, mind being asked to leave a comment?
Posted: 14 Apr 2019 14:43

Honestly, I don't feel that I vote or comment all that often unless I have something worthwhile to say or really want to give something that I feel deserves a great score, a great score. By having them linked, it makes it more difficult since I need to want to do both things before I can do either. However, I totally understand why people set things that way. It's nice to have specific feedback instead of just an arbitrary number (which are mostly fives anyway).

Topic: Having feelings for your exes?
Posted: 14 Apr 2019 14:25

Years ago, my relationship ended with this particular girl. I was devastated and it took me months to recover but in the end, we really just weren't right for each other. In the aftermath of the breakup, I'll admit that I retained feelings for my ex, feelings strong enough to fuel fantasies during those lonely hours of the night. Even now, after so much time has passed and with the knowledge that I have moved on, there still exist small traces of those feelings. It's extremely rare that those lingering scraps collect enough to warrant another fantasy on a lonely night, but I'll admit that it does happen, albeit very infrequently. After all, not all of those memories are bad. Some of them are quite good. Damn good, really.

Topic: What should I choose?
Posted: 05 Apr 2019 07:58

If you’re not much of a drinker and/or can’t stand the taste of alcohol, white wine.
If you’re new to the “wine scene” but eager to be involved, try a rosé.
Once you’ve settled down and can let your tastebuds really appreciate the flavors in a good bottle, then it’s time to uncork some reds.

Topic: What's the difference between a preference and a fetish?
Posted: 05 Apr 2019 07:49

A fetish could possibly be called a preference that isn’t held by the majority. The majority of men (straight men, at least) like tits. The majority of men aren’t that interested in feet, although plenty are.

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Kat on Top [of the Hour]

Avi turned off the water and dried himself. In the next room, Kat was watching cable news. With a towel wrapped around his waist, he glanced at himself in the mirror but didn’t let his gaze linger. She, in her cotton robe, was laying back against the hotel bed’s headrest and scrolling through her phone. As the talking heads discussed topical events, her brow furled in frustration. “Rough day?”...

Added 14 Apr 2019 | Category Flash Erotica

Recommended Read Becoming A Bad Girlfriend

As the sun set, small lanterns and scattered tiki torches softly bloomed across the party. A stereo speaker blasted music but she hardly felt like dancing or singing along. Rather than joining the people laughing and smiling around the bonfire, she chose to stand just out of view, alone with her thoughts. Friday night gatherings should be fun and exciting but this one left her...

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Flush with Energetic Love

The night is flush with energetic love; a hurried car begins to disembark, illuminated by the moon above. The dim o-th dash (no more than just a spark) assists the driver's eyes to see the way afar, behind the vast horizon's dark. How burdensome the trek, be as it may, for it unfolds beyond the interstate and keeps this lustful mania away. Anticipating that which lies in wait, these...

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Sleight of Hand

Jenna arrived to the studio about five minutes early, or as she liked to put it, on time. The door slammed behind her from the wind and silenced the cacophony of the street outside leaving nothing in the quiet but the click of her heels. At the end of the first floor hallway were a set of narrow steps. She climbed them to the third floor and entered the first door on the left, a red one...

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Good Morning

Micheal stepped out of the shower and wrapped himself around the waist with a towel. Steam had filled the small room with a thick fog that clung to every metal surface in sight. He approached the mirror and wiped a section clear with a clean slash of his hand and found himself starring back at his own eyes. He winked at himself and smiled. Continuing to remove the thin layer of mist...

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