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Love Poems

Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section proving romance isn't dead!

They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.

This category is intended for poetry about romance, passion, and sensuality, rather than friendship, loss or familial / brotherly love.

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Rabbit Season

the hunt invigourates

“I find you interesting Little rabbit.” He murmured. She poised momentarily pondering his words Smiling with glee so full of mystery and endless curiosities “Sir you’ve captured My full imagination.” “Oh, so innocent,” he whispers I must confess Dancing i...

A Gentle Script

another little foray down that beautiful path

I drive her wild along skin-kissing whispers, my soft tongue flicks my beard drags and twisting words, a gentle script I’ve written just for her pleasures because my body can’t deny her any longer, she knows she needs to give up this need of control and d...

A Meeting Of Souls

finding everything

With a gaze so piercing She undresses my mind stripping away any fears All doubts are left behind No more shedding of my lonely tears Layers of confusion like delicate petals they unfold revealing my beautiful soul So wise and forever bold Her eyes a gent...

The Beast Within

captured within my snare

I am more beast than man I growled with each stroke under the cover of darkness our souls entwine as she awakens Not from slumber but a euphoric trance We live dangerously Tempting fate her not so innocent mind and sensually lit body has become my preferr...


hear her soft spoken words of desire

Perhaps you see the sparkle in my eyes it is simply a reflection of the love I see The softness that radiates from your heart filled with your love It is the only kind of love that has ever stirred and awoken my soul's fire and I burn burn like a furnace...

I have been such a good girl and now it's time for you to please me. My favorite plays delivered swiftly Cock, Swats, and Deep Thrusts I look forward to it all. Hands, Toes, knees, and ass cheeks Get ready to work Swiftly approaching, my best friend My th...

Midnights Veil

unspoken words that she feels so deeply

Underneath midnight's veil when slumber evades my sight Visions softly creeping Of future love of lust of life In the depths of my crystal blue waters Endlessly swimming are your eyes the ones filled with a chasm of depth The ones that leave me so perpetu...

Perfect Porn

In search of the elusive

I want porn with a story full of sexual tension, and longing. I want to hear soft moans and whispered gentle affections. I want eyes of tenderness, care, patience, and emotional connection. I want exploration and adventure among traveling companions. I wa...

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why can some women never find the being to satisfy their soul?

Within every woman there lives the call of the wild A throwback to her emerging from the past Be it dragon, wolf or man of mystery Her blood now courses with the nocturnal blood of her calling In that midnight hour She yearns for the breath of the beast u...

Anew As One

Two spirits joined in a life all new.

The dryad sleeps in slender stems, and new green leaves. Born of two souls mingled, the dryad dreams. One died for love of the land and a friend. One passed in her dotage, but was content in the end. Xantwilla’s soul lingered where her charred stump remai...

She Blooms

Just simple poetry to define my world

She blooms from the petals of the pages with her butterfly heart aglow surrounded by the fairy breath of a tale of love born known as stardust clouds around her in a halo of breathless wings of glittering light as she blows a magic kiss of ink birthing a...

She Waits

A poem for those who are waiting for love

She waits Not for the rushing of the wind Not for the waves crashing on the rocks Not for the storms rumbling overhead She waits At risk of introspection At the mercy of her imagination At once here but so far away She waits Feeling so distant Feeling apa...

My Submissive’s Plea

how she expressed her need

In a tango for two as Shadows sway A gentle breeze licks at candles flame my plea Take me deeper Into your darkness Where your deepest pleasures dwell By your side I linger I your twisted angel remain Let me bathe as I achingly writhe in your desire Of ne...

My Rhapsody

She is my song

In each other's sensual embrace A rhapsody of endorphins dancing An intimate symphony of understanding Scents merge as body and minds entwine Rhythmic breaths mimic those of rapid heartbeats Sensual footsteps twisting like dense vines A euphoric kiss casc...

New gifts offered every day Receiving them in different ways Moments spent Smiles shared Experiences told Hearts intertwined Fantasies satisfied Laughter created Breathless encounters Lingered traces Adoration bestowed Souls adjoined Distant in body, neve...