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Love Poems

Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section proving romance isn't dead!

They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.

This category is intended for poetry about romance, passion, and sensuality, rather than friendship, loss or familial / brotherly love.

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My Darling Muse

How can you describe what you don’t fully know ?

My darling muse There’s no other way to describe you For only poems and starlight seem to understand you in your completeness In this early morning as is my time to write autumn drizzle falls I write for you my mellifluous sonnets Like the leaves I see fr...

Love Unbound

Have you discovered the magic of love?

She is the reason that there is a smile on my face and my mind is filled with magic thoughts. In the dance of shadows and soft light her touch is my refuge my eternal flight Her breath a symphony whispers sweet and low entwining destinies in the moon's so...

Her Safe Haven

Her deepest need is him

Her body tensed her back was arched His famished teeth indented her inner thighs she was brandished and stamped with his mark As he growled and claimed his hold on her Her amber waves were flowing an the taste of her pleasure on his lips Yet with her lips...

My Burning Passion

Have you ever felt that deep deep need ?

I stare, adrift in those deep set eyes Thunderstruck All I can see is burning fire as a million stars shoot on by I can't help but wonder if your words can slice me open What would happen if you were here? Fast, Urgent Hungry. Then slow gestures Sweet car...

Twin Flames

Have you felt the beauty of intimacy?

Our twin flames are two souls that are connected on a deep level. No matter the distance, they will always find their way back to each other. For our intimacy isn't just skin deep; it's the art of our souls connecting in the most electrifying way It's our...

Your Promise

As the curtain drops the scene has ended.

I should never have My last memory blighted My heart forever clinched In the dimly lit room She sighed softly The color drained from her face She was no longer mine I was no longer hers Our time had passed Not into obscurity but Into a dim memory The fres...

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The Power of Words

We must use our words with great care for they can build up and they can destroy

Your words have the power to undress my soul temper my pride visit me in dreams to make love to my mind and cause warm milky white beads -even in public- to trickle down my inner thigh my secret reminders of you I trust you, for you have exorcised my demo...

Three Words

Your love is pure oxygen

Bless you you have awakened the lover in me Been hidden for so so long Without your love I would not be the person I am. Your love taught my soul to dance again. From your laughter to the look Only I know That melts my heart. Your love means the world to...

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I Wonder

There is no need to read minds, when you read a lovers heart

She said “Your words are like a gentle caress to my soul For your words have the power to undress my being temper my pride visit me in dreams to make love to my mind I wonder do you ever catch the subtle dance of my lingering gaze silently revealing the d...


Have you discovered the magical power of a candle to enhance pleasure ?

In candlelight's soft glow we begin every move a slow delicious sin Shadows dance upon walls entwined tight our rhythm pulses as I throb deep within With the flickering light whispers meld with the flame's tender song Our desires dance and out hearts belo...

Our Love

Your love frees me.

There are many loves that came before. You're the greatest of them all. Our brick walls Shall have to fall. You see it in my eyes the pain you know, You feel the darkness living within my soul. Under our grayish skies You know what rests within both of us...

Painting His Goddess

How do you define passion when you can’t contain it and it pours out from within ?

He wields his sex like an art Filling his wants and desires in earthy tones Painting her with lusting words she becomes a vibrant temple of his worship Sowing mini poems within her heart she glows with fire and passion As he tastes her pleasure wave upon...

Tangled in Petals

Lost in the essence of love

Amidst a sea of rose petals, they lay, Amidst a sea of rose petals, they lay, In the soft, flickering candlelight's sway, Passion ignites, an intense, burning fire, Their love, a crescendo, reaching higher. Bodies entwined, like a beautiful art, Their con...

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