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This is a rewrite dated 13th January 2021 (with further adjustment 2nd February 2022)
Having read stories on here for a long time I joined with a view to writing some of my own and in April 2020 I got my first story published on this site. At the time of the rewrite I had had just short of 100 stories published here but as of today (2nd February 2022) my story tally stands at 230(268 as of 19th July 2022) and they cover a few categories. Mostly, whatever the category, female characters are older and almost invariably they will have a big arse.

Not long after the first story I started chatting with ladies on here and have now got some who I would call real friends. Due to my age I initially only expected to have contact with mature ladies but I have actually had chats, both sexual and otherwise, with females covering an age span of over 50 years-and I do know the minimum age limit! There are a few among them that have had online spankings from me, some of them more than once.
When I initially contact a lady I do make sure that she is aware of my age so that she does not get a shock in that respect at a future time.
I am always interested in more lady friends, if they are interested in me.

I should also add that I count among my online friends a few 'special' ladies, who have given me help and advice with stories that I have written in the crossdressing category.

*I recently opened a Trillian account at the request of an online lady friend so can also communicate that way now. paul1951

Football(soccer) reading factual books-JFK Assassination and Jack The Ripper especially.

Favorite Music
Mostly 1960's but a cross section of some more modern stuff but with 'modern' being largely anything before about 1990.

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The Young Man

A mature married woman's eyes meet those of a young hunk in a pub, and fucking follows.

Fifty-eight-year-old Ellen Murray was out with her husband Keith, but all was not well in their marriage. In fact, it was sexless, and there was little love between them. They were in a pub, but neither of them was enjoying themselves, and Ellen was gazin...

Seeking A Spanking

A mature widow wants a spanking and gets one, followed by a fucking, from a much younger man.

Elizabeth Bennett was aged fifty-nine, and she liked to be spanked. She liked both being spanked for pleasure and for punishment, but in either case the spanking needed to be hard. She was a widow, and she decided to join an online sex site seeking a male...


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