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4 weeks ago
Straight Cis Male, 80
0 miles · Sacramento


I'm presently 79 3/4. I was born in the early forties before the war ended, grew up in the fifties, and married before the Vietnam War. Basically, I was a fifties guy. I still am, I think, mostly. the good part of the fifties, I hope.

I was born in Oakland and grew up in Modesto, in the Central Valley. I moved to Sacramento to be close to my family after i closed my business in Modesto. I have three children, five grandkids, and two great-grandkids. A widower at twenty-five years of marriage. I remarried and divorced after twenty years. I ran a retail nursery and landscaping business for about forty years. Amateur photography and bonsai are hobbies. Read my name as Keylime Pi. I recently started writing stories for Lush and am enjoying it so far. I write about things I enjoy reading, not necessarily what I enjoy or want in my real life. 

So far, my stories, if I include the ones I'm working on, seem to be heavy in the cuckold genre with a smattering of other topics. This is, despite never having thought about including cuckolding or cheating in my forty-five years of married life.

I'm editing my profile in late June, and I now have twenty-two unfinished stories with an unconscionably high number of cuckold stories. I still have a few unfinished Cuckolder, Inc. stories. I am trying to expand the variety and topics I'm writing about, with moderate success.

Comments are always welcome.


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