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Unlimited sex

Merche loved to masturbate, and she would do it for me now

Sex with no limits

I plunged my dick with a single blow.  How delicious it felt to introduce my dick into that marvelous asshole, then  experience all kind of  sensation as  a vacuum is created withing her anus. Well,  buddies,  it caused my penis to get sucked from inside, gripped, while my balls bumped against her ass cheeks. No way, I had nothing more left  but to begin to pock until I felt my balls touching her asscheeks!!   I suppose there are many instances in a man's life when he has fantasies with co-workers' wife. This was my case. 

I used to work as a male nurse in a home or residence for aged people where I had a good friend.  She was an outstanding person,  named Merche, a sanitary deputy or assistant here at this hospital.  She was 42yo, short, busty, and  a beautiful well shaped waist.  Her breasts were of a cup 95 or 100, and she also was the owner of  an impressive ass, fat, bubble  ass.  I was tempted and  what  attracted by this lady,  the stare in her face, malicious, and inviting.   She liked to be admired by all men,  but one thing was true: I've always  felt strongly attracted and  fascinated by middle-aged women.  

It all started a week ago, during the afternoon shift at residence work.   Work is  minimum here at this time,  so we were  allowed  frequent  breaks.   That's why only a minimum staff  worked on this shiff.

Well, we were having  a tedious time that  afternoon, needless to say,   getting pretty bored as well.   That's why I decided to go down to the laundry department in the ground floor, to pick up a clean rob.  As I was heading   downstairs, half way, I happened to hear strange noises coming from somewhere.  I couldn't guess what it might  be, and continued to go down until I got to that floor and pointed my ear sharply towards a  direction, so this sound could be more perceived now that I was closer.  I was now listening cautiously until I got a better picture: these strange noises came from the women's dressing room, or lockers.  I carefully got closer to the  door and could   they were soft moans of pleasure and satisfaction coming from a female, perhaps.   I began to figure out who might be making these noises and why was the reason for it, but I couldn't help feeling  an instantaneous hard on, only  to think in a particular person involved in problem:   my best girl friend.

I continued to listen and made sure they were moans,  so my heart beat began to thump out of my chest, along with my dick getting stiff. 

Curiosity and lust now possessed me and prevailed over my fear.  I had the guts and I  sneaked  into the dressing room.  Again, I stopped to listen and found out   this "noise"  came from one of the stalls in the toilet.  The door was closed, so I got into the next stall and climbed carefully on the toilet, stepping on it silently.  I stick my head out at the top of the wall to  peer around: I was shocked by what  I saw and  my jaw dropped as I saw Merche sitting on the toilet, her pants down to her feet  -it was her uniform now-  and a tiny panty gathered around her ankles.  She had her legs spread wide while poking two fingers rhythmical into her cunt.  Her other hand was busy stroking her tits under the hospital blouse.  She moaned, stuttering with eyes closes:

"Oh, yeeesssss,  yessss,  uuuuuhmmmmm!!  I like this!!"

I immediately looked for my zipper, pulled it down, and took off my dick, already hard and engorged like hard rock, swelled like never before.  I had the opportunity to stroke my dick softly, but after some seconds, I began to jerk off fiercely along that shaft at the exact moment I saw Merge poking a third finger sunk deep into her pussy.  

She was like crazy, insane, and moaned continuously, so I began to moan softly too. I didn't care at all  if I my moans were heard over the masterbating woman.   I was unaware of what  I was doing at the momentum, like mad, off reality,   I still was cautious enough and wouldn't like to be caught though.  Merche sped up her strokes into her hot pussy, and began to shake her hips frenetically, recklessly, as she plunged her fingers within her again.  Then, she  thrust another finger  inside. I could see how her liquids spilled out of her, making  a perfect lubricant for her hairy cunt.  That explained the constant splashing coming from her  tunel of love.  

"Fuck, this is fucking delicious!!" she whispered.

Suddenly, she got stiff, rigid as she stretched out her neck and looked up.   I could see a face fulfilled by pleasure, her eyes shut and her mouth widen open, screaming like a mad, possessed woman.

"Oh, god damn it!!  this is so wonderful!!"   She continued  to whisper.  "Aaaaahhhh....  yes, yes, oh yesss...  I'm comingggg... now."

She screamed while I was panting uncontrollably, on the verge of coming, still jerking off.  At that precise moment, she had her first orgasm, which made my cum to rush from my galls and to speed up my ejaculation as she creamed out:

"Fuck you... fuck!!  Aaaah!!  I'm pissing!!"  She said.

Amazingly,  at the same time she cum, a stream of piss came out of her vagina with tremendous pressure from the inside, and hit the stall door in front of the toilet  where she sat.  At the sight of this, I couldn’t stand any more and, with my legs shaking,  I cum like a possessed, crazy man.  I stared at my penis how it spurred a cum load, and released  repeately one spurt after the other.

I  looked in the direction of   Merche who was panting, as she finally stopped exhausted.   There she was, with her legs wide spread, and her head thrown backwards, leaning against the stall wall,  one hand still resting on her breast under the pajama.   

Unexpectedly, she opened her eyes,  and saw me  there spying on her, and smiled   lusciously:

"Ah, there you are, motherfucker!!  How did you like the show?"  She asked me.

"Well, after this demonstration, I don't give a damn  and,  don't feel ashame to see you like this!!  Yes, it's been stupendous, fantastic;  no doubt you're a good bitch at giving yourself pleasure." I said.

"And you're a good asshole motherfocker!  I'm   pretty sure you jerked off and cum too"  She answered.

"Well, yes, of course, Merche,  I did!"  it was my reply.

"It's a pity I couldn't see you cum."  She said.

"Well it was different in my case but I've enjoyed the good show though."

"Well,  you asshole, I'm gonna  give you a new show now...  but you have to pay for the ticket  to see it, if you wish to be invited over."

"Well, yes, how much will it be?  I asked.

"You'll get a special price on it.   You only have to get off  from up there and do it again here. I mean, what you did before, and jerk off for me.  It's  something I'd wish to see."   She smiled  wickedly while moving her hand back to her  cunt.

"Wanna see this  again?"  She asked me.   Then she began to stroke her clit, sliding her fingers in and out of her wet pussy, going deeper each time with each stroke.

"Come in here!"  It was her command.

I opened the stall door while my penis was still out of my pants, then closed it behind.  There I was: standing  inside  her stall across from Merche.

"You just touch your dick and jerk off for me to see!  Come, jerk off now!!"  She said.

My  cock looked like an enormous sausage hanging from inside my pants, flaccid, but on having listened  to these words , it sprang up to life again to get hard, and I began my duties jerking  off.

"Somebody who spy a co-worker must be a courageous person, ain't it?  I'm sure you are longing  for something more ardent, don't you?" She said.

"I'd take  anything, specially if it's coming from you!!" 

"Ok, let's begin the show here,  but you shouldn't  touch me.  You never lay a hand on me, ok?  If only you  scrape me,  the game is over,  got it?"

"It's ok with me, Meche." I said.

Merche shook her head  and got down  to pick up something: she grabbed a brush or broom they used to clean the toilet and  began to suck the handle, pretending it was a penis, like a real  professional.   I could guess inmmeditelly  she was doing this  to turn me on, nevertheless   she was having a good time here too!!

The handle must  have been about 40 cms long, or more.   Her cunt swallowed, gulped it down completely, two thirds of the handle had gone  inside her first though.   Just to imagine my dick inside that cunt like the brush  handle, made me crazy and I had to control  and hold the horses,  because I only wished to grasp her hair and stick my machinery inside her mouth.  But I was the one  threatened here by her. 

She grabbed the brush handle only with her thumb and index finger, while the other hand stroked her thighs.

"Oh, I'm so turned on, you're a real bitch, Merche!!"  I said.

"I think you're wrong!" she said, taking the stuff out of her mouth.  "A hooker will bill you for this while  I only do  it for fun, so I'm not a real bitch!!  Take a look at this, you dumb!!" 

Out of the sudden, the whole handle was gone: probably it was plunged well deep inside her, leaving only the barbed part  outside. I  tried to figure out what  an enormous  vagin  she must have  to  receive this stuff and I began to imagine my  shaft within her.

"You've just seen this?!!   It all fits me!!

"Oh, yes, I see it, darling!!"  I said.

She again started a strong movement accompanied with rotation, in and out.  The handle came out totally lubricated with each stroke.   It was now as  shining as my dick. Merche shut her eyes again:

"Oh, fuck!!?? ...  this is delicious!!"  She whispered.

"That's it, Marche, go, go!! 

The movement became stronger, and faster now.  She then said:  "Oh, you too, yesss, aaahhh, oh yesss, shake your hand faster...  you jerk off for me, please!!"

So I did. My dick was completely swelled and redish. It looked like if  skin was about to peel off.  Merche got up, still stroking herself, turned her back to me and got down placing her head even with the toilet cover.  She then raised her ass as much as she could, her ass cheeks just inches away from my penis.

This scene was an impressive one. Her big tits brushed against the toilet and, while she worked out her cunt with one hand, she squeezed her tits with the other, gripping them so hard  that her breasts looked like if about to pop up. 

"Oh, shit, Merge!! What a big tits you have!   Aaaahhh, yessss!! I love to squeeze them!!  

At this moment I was striving to get control over this situation, seeing her body,  inches away from me on her 4's,  while showing the  pussy filled with the brush handle, and anus as well.  She wriggled  and relaxed at the same  time,  matching the brush handle rhythm  back and  forth.  She still punished her tits and this drove me out of control.

"Come on, you bitch!  come, come now!!"  I screamed

"Ufff!! Yes, yes… I'm gonna let you touch me this time, but only the way I tell you to do!!  She said.

I heard her directions expectantly:

"Ok, put a finger into me, you bastard! You're too nasty, ain't it?"  She whispered.

I didn't hesitate and began to rub my middle finger along my penis to lube it all with my pre-com.   With a single blow I pushed my finger in.

"Aaaah, jaaa,  you perbert!!"  She screamed out in satisfaction.  "Shake it, shake it, you pig!!

So I did and I realized her capacity for taking and attracting and  my finger into  her   anus. It could  take anything  capable of sliding into her!!  She resembled more  a vacuum bomb  invented only to suck fingers and swallow them  until  locked up in the intestines.

-Oh, yes, yes, give mi mooooreee, please! Give me more!!   -I tucked another finger inside her.  It was not a hard work for her  little asshole  to stretch out, broaden,  and adapt to the finger: it opened wide to the slightest stimulus,   but once the object was completely inside it, it began to close, gripping anything!!  Definitely my fingers were trapped inside that ass.

"Please, faster, faster"  she demanded.

I moved my fingers inside her ass so match my other hand rhytm  the same rhythm  which had been occuped  polishing   my shaft  strongly and frenetically.  I  feared the skin would rip off my penis again.

"I can't stand it anymore…  Now put your dick inside my ass now!!" She ordered.   With a swift movement she took off  her top along with the bra. Then she got down again.

"I've   told you, damnit,   tear off  my ass!! Do it now, or I dismisse you."  Her orders were more important to me now for I wished to continue with this and began to ramm her immediately.    It sensed like if I was putting my  dick inside a butter pot,   pretty delicious ashole being pocked by this wonderful penis.     As I  stabbed my dick entirely within her,  a vacuum effect was created again,  similar to that one I had felt with  my fingers before.

Mi penis was fighting  trying to swell even more, but her anus was in command now, imposing his own rules,  gripping my manhood in such a way I thought   it'd pop up if I  ever pulled it out.  

"Oh, yess, yesss, fuck me, fuck me!! Like that!!" She  moaned.

This feeling caused by the  vacumm effect within her anus was so pleasing along with my balls banging against her ass, that I began a frenetic   shaking  of my hips,  like never before in my lifetime!!  It's surprising how my bangs were so  coordinated, and  her swift  shakes of her  ass cheeks were able to catch up with me,  back and forth. Sometimes I didn't match her movements and she  overpowered me. 

"Put it more into me, please!!   I want it all!!"  The wet scent of pussy was incredible under the continuous, unrelenting splashing.  The handle inside her vagina and my dick within her asshole made the juices to spill along her legs.   I kept banging until I got all spent.

"Oh, yes, that's it, yes, oh, yes!! Give me more, stronger, motherfucker!!" 

"Oh, yes, take it all!!  Do you like it, bitch??"

"Oh, yes… aahhhh, I'm coming!!"  she moaned.

Out of the sudden, she   removed the handle off her cunt and let go a large piss spurt like if eyaculating, which were spilled   between my legs. The remainder liquid spilled to the floor.  This sight of  her piss gave me more power, more excitement and I started to shove  her to the limits.  Merche still introduced the handle but abandoned her breast first. 

She ordered:  "Touch my tits, smash them down, crush them, please!!"  

I wasn't using my left had, so my right would  get  strength back, and have it ready for  other duties at the moment needed,  but I was damn far from reality:   I began to squeeze her tits with both hand as much as I could, brushing her nipples viciously.

"That's it, oh yes, like that!!  You just tear my ass hole apart, do it, do it now!!"   she said.

She used her free hand to rub my left ass check, brushing me.  She then maliciously sped up the orgasm I was about to have by increasing  her shake,  and began to  shudder,  and having those convulsions typical or a woman cumming.  It   was her tenth orgasm that day.

I made one last effort to withstand a few minutes more, but at that moment  Merche  had one hand free: well, yes,   a swiftly and accurately, swang her hand to  stuck her middle finger inside my ass. I   couldn't stand it any more,  she was like the matador now!!

"I'm comingggg!"  I said aloud.

She only allowed  the time to take out my dick quickly, having difficulties with my dick stuck inside her asshole.  I had a wonderful cum that opportunity!!  The first stream of cum load came flying  one meter above us, to smash against the wall.  The second big stream was spilled all over her hair. One third stream landed on her naked back while I couldn't see the remainder spurt because I fainted, exhausted and  had to close my eyes … with her finger poked in   my anus.  

I had a wild cum, so wonderful that I had emptied my balls completely bringing me a huge satisfaction,  like a lightning bolt.

I thought: "I could die now peacefully, like the bull." 

We were like this for a few seconds, then Merche turned around, cleaned my dick with her tongue and poked it into my mouth. We then kissed passionately.

That precise moment,  I looked  with the corner of my eye the image of a man reflected  in the mirror. It was the young porter of the building residence standing behind the door half opened of the dressing room. He was composing and his face looked like suffocated, asphyxiated.

"What? You enjoyed it too?"  Asked Merche.

 Looks like!!









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