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A Chance Encounter

Two men become gay lovers and soon one wife joins in and then the other in wife swapping.
A Chance Encounter



Part One

That night was the first time that I’d ever had my cock sucked, by another man!

My name is Robert Conway and usually get called Bob which I’ve come to accept. My wife Sally had just had her shower and was getting dressed while I had mine, when the phone rang. She answered it of course and came into the bathroom just as I stepped out of the shower.

‘That was Sue,’ she began. Sue was one of her friends that went out walking in the morning to give her dog his exercise along with Julie and Carol, though the latter didn’t have a dog but went along for the exercise on Saturdays and Sundays. Our dog was named K9 which Sally at first objected to me calling him that, but was now used to me calling him by that name and so it’s stuck. I always used it as part of a joke when asking people if H2O was water, what was K9P. Not many people could give the answer which was dog’s piss.

‘It seems I misunderstood, Bob,’ she continued. ‘It’s girls only tonight.’

‘Bollocks!’ I said from under the towel. ‘I was looking forward to going out.’ We didn’t go out that often and it was a chance to be given a lift where I could then have a decent drink. ‘Well I’m still going to go out,’ I said as I continued to dry myself. ‘I rather fancied having an Indian tonight,’ though I finished up with an Englishman. ‘Which one are you going to?’ I asked.

‘The one on A sector,’ Sally replied, finishing off her dressing as I went into the bedroom.

Where we lived was a Spanish urbanisation called Camposol in Southern Murcia and was divided up into four sectors, A, B, C and D, the last being where we lived. When we’d first came here, the only shops and restaurants were up on A sector, but with more building being done, we now had the same on B sector. The city council, in their wisdom, when seeing to a four lane highway to link up the town of Mazarron with other towns, put this highway smack through Camposol, dividing A sector from the other three. It gave more business to the shops on B but deprived A from those of us living on the other side of this new highway.

‘Then I’ll go to the Indian place on B,’ I said as I got dressed.

A car horn sounded outside which said that her lift was there and she gave me a kiss and went out. I told K9 to look after the house and that I wouldn’t be gone long, and soon followed her out, locking the front door behind me.

I drove up to B sector and parked the car as close to the shops and bars and walked to the restaurant that I’d not eaten in before. It was only eight o’clock and the place only had a couple of tables with diners and I saw a man just sit down at the small bar at the far end. So I waved the waiter away and made my way down to the bar and sat down on the only other stool at this bar and ordered a beer, the same as the other man had just been served with.

‘Menu?’ he asked me as he picked up one that was on the far side of him and offered it to me.

‘Yes, thanks,’ I said. ‘I’ve not eaten in here before,’ taking the menu from him.

‘I have,’ he said. ‘It’s not bad. A bit cheaper than the other one, but the food’s just as good.’ I opened and looked at my menu as he did the same to his. It was basically the same as that other one but with different names and the prices were reasonable. ‘What sector do you live on?’ he asked after a few minutes.

‘D sector, D 20,’ I said.

‘I’m on D 12. One of those semi detached two bed roomed jobs. My name is John Greenwood,’ he said, offering me his hand. I gave it a shake with mine, giving him my name. ‘Live alone?’ he asked. I shook my head.

‘No. I’m married, though I’ve been deserted for the evening. My wife, Sally, has gone off with the girls for a meal. They’re eating up on A.’

‘So’s mine,’ he said with a laugh. ‘That place will be a proper hen house with all those clucking chickens. With both of us being abandoned, shall we sit at the same table?’ he asked.

‘Why not,’ I replied, finishing off my beer and got off the stool as he did and followed the hovering waiter to a table set for two. As we sat down with our menus, a few more people came into the restaurant and were seated. A table of four, one of six and two for two sets of women.

We gave our individual orders to the waiter though we agreed to share the rice for he said that they always give you far too much for one and it was more than enough for two. We also had a bottle of the house red wine to share between us. We had another two beers served as well while we waited for our meal.

‘Do you know,’ John said, leaning forward, lowering his voice to a whisper. ‘When two women sit together, nobody gives them a second thought, but when two men do, they automatically assume that they are gay. You’re not gay, are you?’

‘No,’ I said, ‘are you?’

‘Well half. I’m actually bi-sexual, but don’t let that put you off,’ he said with a laugh. It didn’t, but it gave me food for thought, especially when we’d finished our meal and he asked if I would like to stop and have coffee and a brandy at his place. After four beers, half a bottle of wine and the few drinks I’d had earlier, I was in a mellow mood and agreed. We split the tab between us and left the restaurant and as we walked to where all the cars were parked, I noticed that he walked with a limp.

‘Bad leg?’ I asked.

‘After a fashion. Got it in the service,’ he replied.


‘No. London Fire Brigade. Tell you about it later,’ he said as he stopped by black Honda. ‘This is my car. Where’s yours?’

‘Just over there. The dirty Ford.’

‘Well follow me,’ he said as he got in and I went over to mine and got in and pulled out of the car park and settled in behind him. We actually drove past my house when we reached D sector and shortly stopped outside what was his place, a few hundred yards from mine but on the other side of the main road and one street in.

‘I can’t stay long,’ I said to him as I followed him up the steps to his house. ‘The dog’s on his own and I really should be there before the wife gets back.’

‘Well it’s only just gone nine so we’ve time for a couple before you have to go,’ he said as he opened the front door and led me into his lounge.

It wasn’t as big as mine but had a sofa and two arm chairs, sideboard and a television and a few knick knacks on the shelves either side of the fire place.

‘Sit yourself down,’ he said. ‘Coffee. Black or white?’

I opted for black with half a spoon of sugar and sat down on the sofa as he went off into the kitchen and put the kettle on, limping as he went and was soon back with two glasses of brandy, one which he gave to me. By then, the kettle was boiling, so he made the coffee and brought these in too.

‘Phew. It’s bloody hot tonight,’ he said and took off his shirt and threw it onto the opposite chair. You look hot too. Why don’t you take yours off?’ We were dressed almost the same, shirt, trousers and sandals, no socks and I was indeed feeling hot, having sweat rolling down my chest already. It was a relief to take the shirt off and drape it over the back of the sofa.

We both smoked and so we sat there drinking our coffee and sipping at the brandy and lit up our cigarettes.

‘You were going to tell me about your leg and the Fire Brigade,’ I prompted him.

‘Yes. It was something that I’d always wanted to be, a fireman. They wouldn’t take me until I was eighteen so I did a few other jobs until then and joined. It was bloody hard training but I did well and was eventually made fireman and went to the Camden station, in London,’ he said and I nodded, knowing the fire station there.

‘I’d been with them ten years, four months and fifteen days until this particular warehouse fire. It wasn’t a big warehouse nor was it a big fire but one in one of the small little industrial estates. One story but several lock up places joined like a row of terraced houses.

The fire had started in the third one in and while two other hoses were working on the lock-ups either side, I was the leading hose on the main fire, that is I held the nozzle with one of my mates behind me, holding me up and the hose from the pressure of water that was coming out.

We were inside the building and I was directing the hose into the base of some flames of a small room without knowing that it was, for the people who worked there, their own little canteen of sorts. They’d also had a small gas cylinder there for a gas ring they had, but we didn’t know this either. Of course, with the place on fire and all the flames and smoke, I didn’t see the cylinder until it was too late. What with it being heated from the fire and then to be suddenly sprayed with cold water, the fucking thing exploded.

I suppose I was lucky in one respect that most of the cylinder in its exploding, went outwards from the water spray, except for one piece. This ripped into my inner thigh and knocked us both over and I lost hold of the hose as I fell and I think, knocked out, for with my next recollection, I was outside. My trousers were shredded and two men were holding my legs apart and pressing hard onto this right one. I think I was in too much shock to feel any pain at the time and lay there with them holding me down and trying to stop the bleeding, or so they told me later.

Well the ambulance came and took me off to hospital, being sedated on the short journey as they cut away the rest of my trousers. I was rushed into emergency where they spent four hours working on me and they saved my leg, and my life. The drawback to this was that they lost several of the leg muscles which left me with this limp. Look, let me show you the scar,’ and stood up and pulled off his trousers and I was pleased to note that he was wearing underpants. The trousers were thrown over on top of the shirt as he sat down beside me and stretched out his right leg.

It looked a bit of a mess. The scarred tissue running down from his groin to the knee, puckered and showing quite white against his brown, sunburnt skin that surrounded it.

‘I was in hospital for three months, lying there, drips in my arms as they kept checking to see that I didn’t get any infection in the wound. I had many visits from my mates and the chief, who got a bollocking for not having checked out that the place had a gas bottle inside. Well, it wasn’t his fault that they couldn’t get hold of anyone from the building to tell us of this.

Anyway, I was finally discharged from the hospital and it was Gypsy Rose who came to help me to my flat. Gypsy Rose was this fireman’s station nickname, and when he wasn’t on watch, which was the same as mine, red watch, he was a male stripper, doing the clubs and hen parties, hence the name.

My station name was Vicar. That was because on my first day there, I turned up with this light sweater that was black with this white collar and a black bomber jacket, and one of the others shouted out that the vicar had arrived and they’d better watch the swearing, so that became my name on watch, Vicar.

Well, he helped me home to my flat and got me upstairs, a task that nearly killed me, having to lean on him to get up those stairs because I couldn’t use the crutches they’d given me. He got me into the bedroom and undressed me and helped me onto the bed.

With all my body movements since leaving the hospital ward, my dressings had partly come adrift. Now we were all trained in basic Medicare and so he got some fresh dressings and pulled the old ones off. He gasped at the sorry sight of my leg as he got the fresh ones ready.

“That’s some todger you’ve got there,” he said as he used the back of his hand to keep it clear of the wound. “You would do well out on the circuit with one that size.”

With the back of his hand moving up against it, made it start to rise up as he fixed the dressings.

“When was the last time you had sex?” he asked, seeing my prick now up to its full length on my stomach.

“Too long ago,” I told him.

“Well I can sort that out for you,” he replied as he took hold of my erection and held it upright before leaning over me and taking the head of my cock into his mouth. I gasped at him doing this and then gave myself up to the pleasure he was giving me.

He kept on rubbing the shaft as he sucked and tongued me until I came shooting into his mouth. He never let go, but kept on going, swallowing my come and then licking me clean as I began to subside. I’d once had a girl do this to me but this was far better than what she had done and I thanked him for the pleasure which he said was really all his, his face having a big smile as he licked his lips.

He then tucked me in and asked if I wanted anything more before he said goodnight and left, promising to be back first thing in the morning. He was currently sharing a flat with Scamper, another one of our watch. Two other single men shared a flat while three of them were married. I was the only one to live on my own.

Gypsy Rose came round the next morning, I had let him take the front door key, and he helped me out of bed for the toilet and even wiped my arse for me. He also saw to feeding me as I could only hop about the small kitchen as there wasn’t enough room for me to use the crutches. Even that little bit of exercise tired me out and he helped me back to bed after taking my dressing gown off.

He checked the dressing and it was fine and he stroked my cock again and made it rise up onto my stomach.

“Do you want me to do it again?” he asked and I told him yes, so I had him take my prick into his mouth and suck me off again. It was lovely.

He did it again that evening before he left and for the next three days, I got a blow job from him before he went on watch. This was a forty eight hour shift, being on call for the whole time period, sleeping at the station. It was rather difficult that first day without him there to help me, but I managed but missed the blow jobs he gave me. When his shift finished, he came round and I asked him about his strip shows and he said that it was the off season, besides, I needed looking after and I came first, which pleased me.

He surprised me that night when he helped me into bed. I was lying there naked, waiting for him to go down on me when he suddenly took all his clothes off and got onto the bed with me.

“I can stay the night if you want,” he said, his hand roving over my stomach, brushing the tip of my penis with the back of his hand. I’d like that I told him and he kissed my shoulder before kissing my chest and stomach as he moved down and took me into his mouth again. As before, it was lovely having him suck my cock till I came in his mouth for him to swallow before licking me clean.

He smiled at me as he came back up the bed and pressed his erection against my thigh.

“Would you suck on mine Vicar?” he asked me in a shy voice, his prick digging into my side. Well I couldn’t really say no after him doing it quite a few times to me, besides, it must be good for he enjoyed doing it, so I said that I would.

He helped me move down the bed a bit so that my head was close to his midriff and I really now looked at his prick, thick and strong lying up on his stomach. I lifted it up with my hand, surprised at how heavy it felt. Soft outer skin that moved easily over the iron like muscle that it covered. I moved my hand up and down and watched the pink, turning to red, head emerge half out of his foreskin, the eye winking at me when I gave it a squeeze.

Now to find out if I would like sucking on an erect penis and get the same pleasure as he obviously did and at the same time, give him the same pleasure that he’d given me by sucking on mine.

What surprised me was that I enjoyed taking that hot fiery head into my mouth and sucking and giving it little nibbles with my teeth as my hand moved up and down on the shaft. He’d given out a groan and it pleased me that I was pleasing him. It wasn’t long before he gave a small shudder and I felt his thigh muscles tighten up and he came into my mouth. It felt quite a lot but was really only about a dessert spoon full but it felt like a bucket full that came into my mouth in about five surges, the first being the biggest.

I kept my lips tight round the base of the head as he filled my mouth until he’d finished and wondered if it would make me sick when I swallowed it. It didn’t and I thought that it was quite pleasant and happy with myself for being able to do it for him. I licked him clean as he’d done to me and he was all smiles at me having helped him out in the same fashion.’

John paused here in his narrative to get us another two brandies before carrying on with his story.

‘So we sucked on each other as many times as we could over those first five days before he went back on shift and it was on his next visit to me that he asked me to fuck him. I knew that if I said yes, he would want to fuck me too afterwards, but by now getting to love that prick of his, wondered what it would be like and if he wanted mine stuck up him, maybe I would like it too, so I said yes.

We used condoms and I liked the tightness of his backside as I fucked him and I didn’t believe that I would like it as much when he came to fuck me. The first time was a little painful but to feel his hard flesh moving in and out of me brought me to another erection in spite of having come just a few minutes earlier. It was simply lovely.’

I saw that during his telling me of this, he had gotten an erection inside his underpants and I’m sure that he could see that I had one inside my trousers. He put his hand on my leg and gave it a squeeze.

‘Would you like me to suck on what you’ve got hidden away there?’ he asked with a smile. I nodded before thinking properly for my own cock was throbbing so much it was hurting me.

‘Yes,’ I said in a hoarse voice, hoping that I would get the same kind of pleasure that he’d described that he’d got. The downside to this would be that he would want me to suck on him afterwards and I wondered if I would be able to do it back to him. He pulled me up from the sofa and undid my trousers and pulled them down along with my underpants, my prick springing free and bouncing about before sticking up like a flag pole. He pushed me back down onto the sofa and pulled the lot off, taking my sandals at the same time.

I was lying back on the sofa with my prick lying up on my stomach as he moved in between my legs and rested his arms on my thighs.

‘This is a fine looking cock you’ve got Bob,’ he said as he lifted it up. This was the first time another male, except a doctor, took hold of my prick. His hand felt warm and I’m sure that my cock felt hot as he moved the outer skin up and down. He didn’t say anymore because he bent his head and took the head of my cock into his mouth and I gasped at the sudden heat that covered the whole thing.

His head began bobbing slowly up and down, his tongue roving all over and round at the same time as I felt the pull of his sucking on the exposed head, the foreskin having been rolled right down. Sally had given me a few blow jobs over the years but it was nothing compared to this which I was then experiencing.

I couldn’t help but give out a groan as I neared my peak at feeling his other hand start to slowly manipulate my balls as I began to come. My hips jerked up of their own accord as the first surge of semen came up and burst into the hot mouth, closely followed by another three spurts. The last feeling as if there was a vacuum cleaner on the end of my prick, drawing the last remnants of my semen from the balls that were gently being rolled around in their little sac.

John paused for a moment to swallow all that had entered his mouth before he released the head to what felt like cold air before licking all round the exposed glowing head of my cock. It had been a wonderful experience of my having been sucked by another man for the first time.

‘By God John, that was wonderful,’ I gasped, when he sat back on his heels, a big grin on his face as I looked down at him there at my feet, his arms still resting on my thighs. ‘That’s the best I’ve ever had, which hasn’t been all that many,’ I grinned back at him.

‘Do you think you could do the same for me then?’ he asked, the question which I knew he would ask.

‘I’ll try but don’t be disappointed in my effort for I’ve never done it before,’ all doubts of doing it having gone out of the window, now wanting to find out if it would be as good in doing it as receiving it.

John stood up and quickly pulled down his pants and stepped out of them, his prick up at an angle of forty five degrees, looking big and heavy, the foreskin almost already rolled back from the fiery blood red cock head that was exposed to my gaze. I’m not going to be able to take that big thing in my mouth, was the thought running through my mind? Will I be able to manage it and give him as much pleasure as I’d just had and would I like it as much as he obviously had done?

It swayed from side to side as he moved and sat down, making it slap up against his stomach, not quite reaching his navel, and I could see his balls hanging below. My cock was still hard and erect as I slid off the sofa and moved round on my knees and got between his legs and rested my forearms on his thighs in the same fashion that he had done.

I slowly took hold of his erection and held it upright, the first time I’d ever touched another man’s cock and was surprised at how hot it felt. I could feel either his heart beat or his pulse as it throbbed between my fingers, the head of his prick positively glowing like a red hot coal from the fire.

I looked at it again and licked my lips knowing that this was the moment of truth and closed my eyes and lowered my head and felt the head of his prick enter between my teeth and I closed my lips round the base of it.

It was hot and felt like a large bulbous lump of rubber and slightly of a rough texture as I ran my tongue over it, the foreskin rolling fully back and I could feel the G string that attached it to the exposed flesh. I felt his body give out a small shiver as I leaned on his thighs as he gave out a little groan at what I was doing. I tried to copy what he had done by moving my hand up and down his shaft, feeling the solid muscle slide easily beneath the soft outer skin. At the same time, sucking on that fiery head while I teased it with my tongue. I didn’t forget to feel his balls that felt quite heavy in their bag and marvelled at the weight and what they produced which I felt was very imminent for me to taste.

His body stiffened and as he gave out another groan, the first surge hit the roof of my mouth but didn’t give me any time to appreciate what I was doing for him as the second, third and fourth came out to add to the first lot of his sperm that had travelled up from his balls.

I cannot really describe what it was in my mouth except that it was rather like a thick saliva and it wasn’t until I stopped sucking and swallowed it did I get a taste of it which was slightly on the salty side. I was quite pleased with myself for having swallowed his seed and lifted my mouth of the head and saw that it was all shiny with it still being coated with his semen. This I licked off and got a better taste on my tongue of it and found that it was quite pleasant and so I licked him clean as he had done for me.

I sat back on my heels and I think I had a silly grin on my face as I looked up at his shining smile.

‘That was the best I’ve ever had from a first timer Bob,’ he said, sitting up, his thighs sliding out from under my arms. ‘What do you think of it?’

‘I enjoyed it though I didn’t think I would,’ I said, that silly grin still on my face. ‘Just as much as you doing it to me. I didn’t think that I would, but I did.’ I reached out for the brandy glass and finished off what was left as I got up and flopped down next to him. His prick was still up and hard and looking a very angry red, mine still up from the excitement I just experienced in sucking on another man.

‘Did you like it enough to do it again at another time?’ he asked with a smile and look of expectancy in his eyes.

‘Yes I would,’ I said, putting my hand on his bare thigh, not noticing the livid scar on the other, my eyes riveted to his still big prick lying up against his stomach.

‘Carol works ten till four at an office on B sector, Monday to Friday and I’m here all day,’ he said. ‘Well most days unless I get a call out. I do house electrics though there’s not so many jobs now that most of the houses have been occupied.’

‘I’d like that,’ I said. ‘Shit! Look at the time!’ The clock on the side read half ten. ‘I’d better get going,’ as I got up and began to put my clothes back on. He too got up and did the same.

‘Well thanks for…a very enjoyable evening,’ I said and put my hand out for a shake which he did but also put his other arm round my shoulder and gave me a hug.

‘Thank you too Bob. I also enjoyed the evening and hope we can do more to enjoy each other,’ he said as I left.

With that comment echoing in my head I left his house and got into my car and drove home. K9 was delighted to see me as he usually did whenever I came home, even if I’d only been gone ten minutes, I still got that welcoming wagging of the tail and a lick of the face. More to enjoy each other, his last words ringing round in my head. Did he mean what I thought he meant? That he would like me to fuck him and have him do the same to me? Erotic thoughts ran through my mind as I put the kettle on in the kitchen but was unable to picture myself being fucked by him. But I still found myself getting hard at just the thought of sticking my cock up his arse and this image stayed with me for several days.

Sally came in at eleven, just as I was pouring myself out a drink, not bothering to make the coffee yet, waiting till it was time for bed.

‘Hello dear,’ I said as she came in, throwing her handbag onto a chair. ‘How did the hen night dinner go?’

‘Very well. Down K9, yes I do love you,’ she said, pushing the dog down as he jumped up at her in the same greeting I got from him. His nose then poking the plastic bag she still had in her hand. ‘Yes, yes, it’s food,’ she laughed. ‘There was quite a bit of meat left over and it’s on the mild side so I don’t think it’ll give him the shits,’ she said as she went into the kitchen with him following her and sat and watched as this take away doggie food was emptied into his bowl. I poured her out a drink. The same as mine and handed her the glass which she took. ‘The wine wasn’t very good tonight so I need this,’ she said as she took a hefty swallow. ‘Where did you go and eat then?’

‘Oh I went to that Indian restaurant on B. Not as good as the one on A, but not bad. I got chatting to a bloke who had been left on his own like me and we chatted and he’s invited me to look over his house next Tuesday,’ I said on the spur of the moment.

‘That’s nice,’ Sally said as she made the coffee. ‘You haven’t made any real friends ever since we came out here.’

‘That’s true, but then, you know me, most of the people we meet only want to tell us of the ills and the problems they have, so I don’t really get on with those people, but this chap is different.’ I was going to say more but left it at that.

Sally let the dog out into the garden for his final run round of the night and do his business and would come back inside shortly after for me to lock up. Sally took the coffee through to the bedroom and began to get undressed for bed.

For thirty nine years of age, her body was still good, a slight sag of the stomach muscles and a slight droop of her breasts, though they were still big and firm. The two main points that I cherished when I was courting her. That’s not to say she wasn’t good looking for she was and still is good to look at, dressed or naked as she now was before she put on one of those stupid little night things that didn’t even cover her bum properly.

I heard K9 come into the house and went through to the bedroom for his goodnight kiss from Sally as I locked the back door and went and got undressed myself.

‘Well I haven’t seen that for quite some time,’ she said as she saw my erect cock which was still up from my earlier thoughts.

‘You’ve felt it,’ I said in protest.

‘Yes, in the dark and under the covers, but had to rouse it up myself. What’s brought that on?’

‘Seeing you undress and remembering how good we are in bed together,’ I replied, getting into bed and taking her into my arms and giving her a kiss.

‘Don’t stop at that,’ she said breathlessly as we broke off the kiss, wiggling her thigh against my erection. I grinned down at her and kissed her throat and worked my way down, pushing the covering sheet down as I did so and pulling up that stupid night thing till I’d uncovered her breasts.

I kissed, sucked and nibbled at her nipples in turn, thinking of how small they were in comparison to John’s prick that you could really get your teeth into. Her tits were a lovely golden colour for she would at least take her top off up on the sundeck where she couldn’t be seen when sunbathing but still wouldn’t take of the bottom half. This was the white patch I came down to as I kissed my way down over her stomach and began to ferret around in the bush to find the goal I was seeking.

Her legs parted for me to get in between them and used my fingers to open up the petals of her lips to reveal the puckered fleshy folds inside. Her clit was already up to its meagre size and made her shiver and shake when I rasped it with my tongue. This I could do and also just get my lips round it but not really get it between my teeth, like John’s cock, the thought jumping into my mind.

I used two fingers and my tongue to excite her, pushing all up into the entrance to her vagina, the fingers being able to move more flexible than the tongue, but it was enough to rouse her. This she indicated that she was ready by pulling at my ears and I quickly moved up, wiping my wet mouth up over her stomach as I did so, my cock easily sliding up her thigh, following a wet trail that lead it to its goal.

With the head of my cock probing the entrance to her cave, her legs moved up and outwards for me to gain an easy entry and she sighed as I filled her, my full weight on her stomach and chest until I lifted myself up onto my elbows on either side of her.

‘That’s lovely,’ she sighed as I made my cock twitch inside her and she reciprocated by flexing her inside muscles to grip my tool. I bet John’s backside is much tighter than this I thought as I began to ream her properly. Having already prepared the ground as it were, it wasn’t long before Sally was thrashing about beneath me as she had an orgasm and it triggered me off into coming inside her.

‘What bread did you eat tonight?’ she gasped when we finally came to a stop. Both sweating and breathing heavily. ‘Holy bread, giving life to your staff?’ She chuckled at her joke and I dutifully laughed with her, giving her another few jerks with my cock still inside the warmth of her body. ‘You should go out and eat there more often if I can get this every time afterwards.’

‘I might just do that,’ I panted as I pulled out and rolled over onto my back. I didn’t think she would then go down and suck on me and I wasn’t disappointed that she didn’t. The coffee was now cold, but I drank it all the same.

That was on a Saturday night, and I couldn’t wait for Tuesday to come round and wondered if I was becoming bi-sexual by wanting to suck on a man’s cock and yet not give up fucking a woman like my wife Sally? The proof of the pudding I said to myself though I did change that to the sucking of a lollipop.

I had breakfast with Sally on that morning and I saw that the clock showed twenty past nine and got up, casually hiding the fact that I had an erection underneath the sarong I was wearing. This was what I only wore during the summer months and did, quite often, spend a lot of the day naked in the heat whilst indoors.

‘I’m getting changed for I said that I would go and look at John’s house,’ I said as I left the dining area and didn’t hear her reply as I went into our bedroom and quickly put on a pair of underpants before my shorts, to keep my erection from showing. I didn’t bother with a top for the sun was quite hot and only wore sandals on my feet.

I gave her a peck on the lips as I left and as his place wasn’t that far away, walked there. I pressed the bell inset to the wall outside the front gate and walked up the short path and he opened the front door before I got there.

‘Morning Bob. Glad you came,’ he said with a smile as I returned his greeting, noting that he was bare foot and only wearing a pair of shorts. They were quite tight and I saw the beginnings of an erection before he turned and led me inside the house. I took note of his backside that moved inside his shorts as I followed him, feeling my own cock starting to respond to the erotic thoughts of seeing him naked again with his big cock outstanding, waiting to be sucked.

‘Coffee?’ he asked, carrying on through the small lounge to the kitchen.

‘Yes please,’ I replied, stopping and sitting down at the dining table which was still in the lounge next to the kitchen as their small house didn’t boast a separate dining room.

I took note of the room which I hadn’t that first night there. There wasn’t much floor space with it having one settee and one arm chair and this dining table in there as well. A small television was on a shelf by the small fireplace which held a gas fire, the type with its fake coals but real flame. On the shelf on the opposite side of the fireplace was a cassette/radio and a quantity of discs in boxes on top. There were a few books and a couple of knick knacks about, most on a small dresser against the wall next to the kitchen.

I knew from seeing a similar house that it had two bedrooms and two bathroom/toilets though one was en suite whereas the other was separate and held a shower instead of a bath. I was wondering as he brought the coffee in as to which bedroom would we use? The marital bed or the one in the spare bedroom?

‘Here we are,’ he said, setting down the coffee, noting that I was looking round the room. ‘Small isn’t it? But it’s enough for us two.’

‘Classico isn’t it?’ I asked. That being one of the ranges of houses built on the sector.

‘That’s right. What have you got?’

‘Neptuno,’ I replied, another style.

‘Bigger than this then?’

‘Yes, but a sod to keep warm in the winter, what with the dog going in and out,’ I said and went on to describe the interior and finishing off with saying that he should come round sometime. This telling had covered the time it took us to drink our coffee and he’d noted that we’d both finished and put his hand out and covered mine, lying on the table.

‘Shall we go to bed then?’ he asked in a low voice and I felt myself start to stiffen up.

‘Yes please,’ I said in a small voice and hated the tremor that I heard in it. His hand turned and took mine as we stood up and I could see that he already had an erection inside his shorts and felt my own throbbing away inside mine.

He continued holding my hand as he led me into the main bedroom and only released it to move round to the far side of the bed and quickly pulled his shorts down. His erection sprang free and bounced about as he got the shorts clear of his feet, my eyes being drawn to both this throbbing cock and the ragged scar on his inner thigh.

He climbed onto the bed as I pulled my shorts down and saw that my cock bounced about just as his had done and I quickly got onto the bed and lay down on my side facing him.

Our faces were only inches apart as our heads lay on the pillows and he gave me a smile as he raised his right hand and ran it down my arm and onto my thigh. I gave out a little shiver and felt my cock twitch and looked down to see the tip of his cock almost touching the head of mine.

He saw where my eyes had gone and moved his hips a little closer to me and had our erections touch each other, making mine jump as if touched by a small electric shock. His hand came down off my thigh and took hold of my shaft and gave it a squeeze before gently rubbing it.

‘I’ve been looking forward to this since Saturday night,’ he said and I saw his tongue move across his lips.

‘Me too,’ I replied, my voice sounding a little thick as my heart began really pounding again as his hand started to move with a bit more urgency on my shaft.

‘Roll onto your back,’ he said, his voice now sounding like mine as I did as he asked and he moved himself a little way down the bed, not letting go of me and still moving his hand.

He almost curled himself into a ball as his head came down onto my stomach and took the head of my cock into his mouth. I couldn’t help but give out a groan as the heat from his mouth surrounded the head and felt his tongue rove over the top, his hand still moving up and down.

If only Sally would do this to me, I thought as I gave myself up to the pleasant sensations that I was being given throughout my body. John moved on the bed and I saw him move up so that he was almost kneeling over my thighs as he changed hands without taking his mouth off me. I gave a little jump as I felt his right hand now take hold of my balls and gently roll them round in their little pouch of skin as he kept on sucking on my throbbing head piece.

With two hands, tongue and mouth working on me, I felt my body responding and knew I was shortly about to come. He felt my body’s reaction and began to suck that bit more and his left hand squeeze me more tightly as it moved faster.

My hips began moving upwards to him as I felt the surge start and gave out a groan as the first of these erupted into his mouth, my body going rigid as I pumped upwards into that hot mouth, sending several more gouts into him. His mouth was also helping in the drawing out of this semen as he sucked and squeezed his hand in an upwards movement.

God it was lovely to feel his lips tighten round the base as more pressure was put to the head as he swallowed my coming. My body slackened off and I felt rather limp as he continued to lick round the head of my cock and my own hand went down and stroked his hair as he came to the end of his sucking on me.

The air around the head of my cock felt cold when he released me and moved himself up the bed. It was an involuntary impulse on my part to pull him towards me when our heads were level and kiss him on the lips, a thing I never dreamed of that I would kiss another man.

I felt my face flush at doing this and broke away and saw him smile.

‘I’m sorry John. I shouldn’t have done that without asking you first,’ I stammered.

‘You shouldn’t be Bob,’ he said as he pulled me closer to him so that I could now feel his throbbing cock up against my stomach as mine started to deflate. ‘It showed me that you enjoyed it.’

‘I did,’ I breathed, ‘I truly did. It was wonderful.’

‘Then kiss me again,’ he said and moved his head closer to mine and I kissed him again, more gently this time and felt myself tremble as I felt in my heart that I enjoyed the touching of our lips in this kiss.

His erection was now really throbbing up against my stomach and I eased my body away from his and got my hand between us and took hold of his pulsating cock.

‘My turn now,’ I said, finding that I now wanted to give him the same pleasure that he had given me. His arm released me as he rolled over onto his back as my hand started to move up and down on his shaft, feeling that soft silken skin move so easily on the hard flesh beneath.

I waited until he was settled before moving up into a crouch over his waist and looked down at the fiery head half out of the foreskin, the eye winking at me as I squeezed him rather tight. I subconsciously did the same as him in the licking of my lips as I looked down at what I was about to chew and suck on.

I heard his gasp as I took the head of his hot cock into my mouth and ran the tongue over the exposed flesh. He gave another as I raked, gently though, my teeth up the head as I also sucked. I then got down to rubbing him quite firmly in my hand as I tongued and sucked on this wonderful piece of flesh, loving the movement and feeling of power that I had as well as of that which was in my hand.

Too soon, my mind cried as I felt him start to stiffen up in his body and his hips began jerking up to meet the downward movements of my head on his cock. Then I had the first coming gush into my mouth to be followed quickly in spurts, the rest of his seed. It collected there as I continued to suck on him, trying to draw more out until his body relaxed beneath me.

I moved this mass round the head of his cock and gathered it together and with a deep breath, pulled it up into my throat and swallowed it. Then it was down to licking round the head until I felt that it was clean of sperm before lifting my head up off of him and feeling quite smug in giving him as good head as he had given me.

His arms were open for me to move into when I moved back up the bed and I got the same impulsive kiss from him which I enjoyed. We lay there for several minutes kissing each other before breaking apart, our chests heaving and my heart beat rate starting to slow down.

‘For only the second time Bob, that was wonderful,’ John said, his eyes shining as I’m sure mine were. ‘Even Carol hasn’t given me that kind of pleasure before, nor, I might add, any other man that I’ve ever been with.’

Whether this statement was true or not, it still gave me a terrific glow inside and really hugged him tight. We had another kiss and then lay back on the bed, my head resting on his shoulder, his arm underneath my neck.

‘Would you carry on with what you were telling me about on Saturday night,’ I asked him.

‘Where was I?’ he asked.

‘Just having had your first anal sex with Gypsy Rose,’ I said.

‘Oh yes,’ and he gave out a chuckle. ‘Well that was the first of many. Well not that many really, for we drifted apart when I was fully mobile. That took a little while, especially getting up and down stairs with crutches. I was glad when I was able to stop using them and only used a stick when I was getting tired.

I was using the stick when I visited the station and was greeted by the lads. The chief, that’s the station commander, sent for me and welcomed me back but said that I had to be passed fit by the doctors. He arranged that for me and so a couple of weeks later, I went to the head station of the London Fire Brigade on the South Bank.

I was fully examined by two doctors and then had to wait an hour while they deliberated on my injury and I was finally called into a board room to confront three senior officers. I was dumbfounded at what they told me but had to accept their ruling.

I was out of the fire service because of my disability. My limp. It was reckoned that I was unable, which was true, to climb a ladder and could put my life in jeopardy in getting over rubble etc. in the course of my duties. They were quite nice about it, saying that they were sorry to lose me but I would be getting a disability pension for life and that there would be a substantial injury payment as well. The pension was enough for me to live on and the godsend was that the lump sum was enough for me to buy the council flat I was living in. But I was really down in the dumps and I think that helped in driving Gypsy Rose away.

I was in a bad way for some time before pulling myself together and went to a night college to learn electrics. House wiring and repairing faults. It was at the college that I met Carol, in the canteen. She was updating her computer skills and we would often have a coffee and a sandwich together. She eventually agreed to go out with me and the upshot was that we got married.

The best bit was that her parents bought us a flat in Chelsea and so that’s where we lived and I rented out my place. She was working in a solicitor’s office and I managed to get some work, when I was finally qualified, and so we made more than enough to live quite comfortably. But London and England if it comes to that, became rather a drag and so we decided to find somewhere abroad to live and work. I couldn’t take much more of the English winters which would really aggravate my leg and so we decided on Spain.

Carol spent two years learning Spanish and we sold my flat which gave us enough money to buy this place and we also get income from renting out the flat in Chelsea. So I just do the odd job here and there while she works in an office on B sector.’

All the time that John had been speaking, I’d been stroking his cock at the same time he’d been stroking mine and both of us were now up and rampant once again.

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