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Bisexual Stories

Bisexuality is the sexual orientation which refers to the sexual desire for individuals of either gender or of either sex.

Bisexual people fall between the two extremes of homosexuality and heterosexuality.

Bisexuals are not necessarily attracted equally to both genders. Our bisexual stories will appeal to people who are curious about exploring this side of their sexuality.

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My Wife's Girlcrush

A man's doting wife develops an intense need to get a little of what he's already having; being the loving husband that he is, he sees to it that her dreams are fulfilled.

I groaned, loudly, in frustration. It was nearly half past 8:00 on a late August night and I was still chained to the desk in my small home office, working. I knew that I really only had myself to blame, but it didn't make my disappointment easier to bear...

The Contest

I always wanted a threesome with two lovely ladies. I tried, and I did not get the threesome I want, but I got the threesome I needed.

The Friend Well, look who showed up again, thought Katie. She was looking at the friend request from Paul. She had not seen Paul for several years. He had had so much potential. They had had so much fun. For some reason, Paul had backed away, and she wond...

Learning The Ropes

Bisexual woman has her first encounter with the same sex.

Dana dimmed the lights and turned on her fan so it wasn’t too quiet. She removed her underwear, keeping on her long nightshirt. She got into bed, pulling the cover up over her. After she was good and comfortable, she grabbed her phone off the nightstand....

Deviant Pet's Night Out

The adventures of a vanilla man who's secretly a deviant pet

I always enjoy seeing Verdana. She’s such a mixture of everything. Simultaneously sweet and dominant, sometimes submissive. Always very sexy. Sometimes, she'd be on her knees gagging on my cock, saying "Daddy, daddy, please." Next thing you knew, she'd th...

Melanie's Kinky Fantasy

Melanie's kinky fantasy was about to become my kinky reality when she invited Pete to join us

Melanie had come home from university a changed woman. Gone was the vanilla person that I had dated just after I graduated high school. She had been replaced by a wildly kinky, hedonistic, and sexual being. Our first time dating had been okay - she had be...

MMM … MMM … MMMiddle Aged Fun

Three guys in their fifties and sixties have some fun with old photos and videos

They say when the cat’s away, the mice will play. I guess, in my case, that is true. My wife has left town to visit her sister, leaving me alone to my own devices. Those devices are primarily a laptop and the pole in my lap. Being the horny bastard that I...

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Midlife Renewal: Island Pleasures

A new meaning to ‘island sex,’ in which we churn butter into cream instead of the other way around

Neither of us had slept with a man before. Until last night, when I finally gave in to Rick’s ongoing flirtations, and we both experienced the glories of another man’s body for the first time. Waking up Saturday morning, a little drowsy from a long night...

War Girl

The filthy, smelly, dirty, sluttish War Girl fucks with men, and women like me - her craven slut!

I break into a full sweat and stream with aguish fever. I climb out of bed, draw my curtain and stare across the street. The war girl with the breast-length flowing black hair and huge breasts is propped hard against a pebbledash wall, dressed to kill in...

Buff Bluff in Banff

An unexpected sabbatical in the Rockies brings unexpected pleasures

In February 2009, I lost my job in the home lending industry. Due to the recent passing of my dear Aunt Deb, however, my financial situation was not immediately dire. With banks and home prices both collapsing, I saw no point sitting around burning cash i...

Dorm Haze

Upperclassman female educates freshman female.

Where to begin? I guess I’ll tell you a bit about myself. I grew up in Dayton, Ohio, an average size city with all the amenities needed to support its population. My family wasn’t wealthy, but we never went without. My father has a good job that provides...