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Developing a Taste For It (Chapter 2)

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Now that she HAD developed a taste for it, her appetite became evident.
The next day, Cathie appeared at ten o’clock on the dot; it was something that Addie admired about his wife, her punctuality. He watched from his glass-walled office as she got off the elevator and walked purposely toward her husband’s office. He chuckled as he watched all of the men, old execs and interns alike turn to stare after her as she passed. She had on his favorite dress, stark black with the hemline at mid-thigh. The contrasting white of the mock turtleneck made her chest stand out even more pronounced and the simple gold chain nestled between her mounds accentuated the curve of her firm breasts. She wore shear black nylons with a cris-cross seam pattern like Argyle socks, barely discernible unless one looked closely at it, and most of them were looking closely. She strode down the office aisle like a runway model, her hips rocking up and down. Adrian couldn’t help but hear the “boom-da-boom, boom-da-boom, boom-da-BOOM” of a stripper’s beat as she came toward his office. He had to admit, Cathie was a looker! She saw him grinning at her through the glass, and she pushed his door open and marched straight to a guest chair, sat down and crossed her legs and purposely swung her leg wide so that he could see she wore her almost non-existent thong, the front panel so tiny it almost disappeared in the folds of her pussy lips. He backed up and sat on the edge of his desk, one leg dangling and leaned forward.

“Darling…” he whispered, “You have really outdone yourself today! If we weren’t in this fishbowl right now,” he said and nodded at the windows all around, “I’d be tempted to… “ He trailed off and looked up and out at office. Heads suddenly bent to their own work and movement around the office once again started up and routine re-asserted itself.

“Geez, Honey,” he chuckled, “It’s a good thing you don’t visit too often, or nothing would get done around here!” He leaned forward again to whisper in her ear “I’ve had a constant hard-on all morning, thinking about how we can pull this off, and I think I’ve got it.” He straightened up and nodded as if agreeing with something Cathie said, paused a moment as if considering something, then spread his hands dramatically.

“Just follow my lead…” he said aloud and walked around behind his desk and gestured in the air as if helpless. Then he snapped his fingers quickly and pointed at her. “You, my dear,” he picked up the phone handset and punched in three numbers, “are going on a shopping trip… nod your head and kiss me on the cheek.” Cathie did so, and had to admit that she was very excited about playing out this intrigue like actors on a stage.

“Amber?” he said and winked broadly at his wife, “Would you please come to my office?” he paused and grinned, “I need a favor… yes… thanks.” He hung up and quickly outlined what he had in mind.

“Darling,” Cathie said breathlessly, “I’m beginning to appreciate your mind more and more!”

Pretty little intern Amber approached the door to Addie’s office soon afterwards and he gestured to her to come on in.

“I appreciate you coming, Amber.” He said, “I don’t think you’ve met my wife Cathie,” she nodded in response. “I don’t usually ask my employees for personal favors, but this is somewhat of an emergency, isn’t that right, Dear?” he looked toward Cathie, who said

“My husband exaggerates.” She laughed. “But I would like your help if you think you could indulge me this afternoon.”

Amber nodded and looked from Addie to Cathie, “Of course, Mrs. Ward, anything for the Boss’s wife.” She smiled and waited.

“We have been invited for a long weekend to the Chairman’s house this weekend, and I haven’t a thing to wear!” she placed the back of her hand against her forehead dramatically and went on.

“Addie is too busy to give his little wife any attention,” she pouted theatrically and laughed. “But he doesn’t have any fashion sense at all anyway, so, would you mind accompanying me and giving me your honest input?”

“Why, of course, Mrs. Ward,” Amber said enthusiastically, “It should be fun!” then added “I confess to being a shopaholic, anyway.” Amber’s laugh was that special, musical one that all girls under twenty seemed to have, not quite a giggle, but full of mirth and happiness.

“Go ahead and close out for the day, Amber,” Addie said, “And if need be, we will take care of any overtime. My wife’s shopping trips are legendary,” he kissed his wife, “and of epic proportions.” They all laughed and Amber returned to her cubicle to close down her workstation.

Amber had seen Cathie come and go from the office, and she was just as turned on by her sultry looks as any of the men in the office. She had begun to have these ‘feelings’ about other women ever since that sleepover with her friends a few years ago just before her 17 th birthday. Even now, she could vividly recall that night…

They were just silly, young teenagers, curious about sexual things, but old enough to know about sex, and as they sat around on the floor that night they started talking. Becky, who was the ‘experienced’ one of the group (she had actually touched her big brother’s ‘thing’ once) spoke with all authority and said, “Well, I’m never going to let a boy put that thing in me! And I’ve heard that it hurts!”

“But why do it at all?” Liz wanted to know, “I mean if it doesn’t feel good, why do they look like they like it in the movies?”

“It can feel good.” Becky said, and then asked “hasn’t anyone ever touched themselves… down there?”

Of course, all of them had, and most of them had heard about the clitoris from classes, and a few of them had experimented with it.

“But I don’t understand…” Liz whined.

“Oh, for the love of…” Becky stood up and slipped off her panties from under her long tee shirt, sat down and spread her legs for the other girls to see. She didn’t want to admit it, but the sight of Becky’s shaved, hairless pussy sent a thrill through Amber like an electric shock. “It’s right here,” When Becky spread her labia to expose the inner pinkness of her young twat, Amber got a distinct ‘itching’ between her legs. She shifted her weight discreetly so she was able to rub her own sex against her foot. Becky wet her finger, and started to rub on her little nub at the top of her vagina. Almost instantly, it reacted and seemed to glisten in the half-light as her lubrication began to show.

“C’mon,” Becky said, annoyed, “I’ll show you… open up… like me.” The girls shifted around into a rough circle and slipped their panties off and pulled their tees up to their tummies. There were a lot of giggles and elbow jabbing, but eventually they all settled down and worked their fingers on their little love buttons. Amber was fascinated most by Talisha with her coffee-colored pussy lips, but the bright pink vaginal opening the same as the other girls. Amber was the first to start to shake with an orgasm, and some of her friends never did reach it. But for Amber, it was eye-opening on many levels. She not only discovered how to satisfy herself sexually, she realized that other girls really turned her on.

Amber met up again with Mrs. Ward, “Oh, no, dear. Call me Cathie.” outside Mr. Ward’s office and she bid her husband goodbye with a small wave of her hand as she took Amber by the hand and led her away to the elevators.

A few blocks down from Addie’s building was an exclusive boutique that catered to a very private clientele. The front of the store had the usual racks of garments, hanging displays on the walls, and the lone sales counter contained all of the accessories one might expect. The real draw of this establishment, however, was behind the single velvet curtain with a small and discrete, and polished brass sign which read “To Dressing Rooms”. Cathie was well known by the proprietors and ushered straight through the curtain. Amber was stunned! They were in a sort of plush lobby with deep pile carpeting. Five richly stained mahogany doors in intricately carved frames were evenly spaced around the wall. Above each door was a small jewel light and it was either dark or lit up with a vivid ruby glow of an LED light. An attendant was standing by a golden placard labeled “Suite Three” in old English or French script. The door was opened for her and Cathie, with Amber in tow, entered. The tastefully decorated room had full-length mirrors on three walls, a loveseat, a large armchair and a small polished and elegant mahogany clothes rack near the door. Amber looked around and let out her breath.

“Whew!” she exclaimed, “Mrs. W!” she was at a loss for words and Cathie chuckled as she seated herself. She removed her gloves and spoke to the attendant in hushed tones and then waved her off. Amber sat down in the armchair, crossed her legs and tried to look around nonchalantly. She desperately wanted to not appear as some kind of bumpkin, but she had to admit that she had never in her life (nor her fantasies) been exposed to a shop like this! Within a minute, the first attendant returned with a wine stand, and a second carried a silver tray of hors’dourves to an inconspicuous side table; the last woman carried in two armloads of clothes and hung them on the rack. Amber noticed a broad range from evening gowns to lingerie. “I like that” she thought wickedly to herself.

“Champagne?” Cathie asked as the loud ‘pop’ of the cork broke the silence. The attendant poured and handed a glass to each of the ladies and silently retreated out the door. They sipped in silence for a moment and then Cathie said, “Tell me about yourself, Amber.” She sipped again at her glass and looked over the rim at the young woman. Cathie had to admit, the idea of seducing Amber was giving her a thrill in her loins. Amber sipped again and sat her glass down on the side table.

“Not much to tell, actually, Mrs. W… er… Cathie,” she crossed her legs and allowed her short tight skirt to rise up her thighs. “I’m just trying to get ahead in this business,” She looked pointedly at Cathie, “whatever I need to do to get ahead” Cathie did not miss the double meaning and picked up her glass again.

“Well. Then, here’s to profitable afternoon, for both of us.” She raised her glass, “Bottoms up!” as she winked broadly, quickly drained her glass and stood up to re-fill both of their glasses. With glass in-hand, she wandered over to the clothes rack and idly slid the hangers aside until she stopped and examined the tag.

“This one seems a little small for me, Amber,” she held the garment out to her, “Why don’t you see if it fits you?” Amber stared at the red and black bustier with garters hanging from it and she could feel her cheeks warming with a combination of shyness and lust. She gingerly took the hanger and looked around.

“Uh… Mrs…. I mean, Cathie… Where is the change room?”

Cathie chuckled and gestured with her hands, “Why, right here, Dear!” she said, “It’s just us girls, right?”

“Well, yes…” she hesitated, “I suppose so.” But still she didn’t make a move. Cathie, for her part, had chosen something else from the rack and carried it over to the loveseat. It was a short black silk lounging jacket, with matching red silk bra and panties.

“Be a dear, Amber?” Cathie turned around and beckoned to Amber to unzip her. Amber laid the bustier down on the chair and stepped over to Cathie. She reached up and pulled the zipper slowly down, revealing Cathie’s smooth alabaster skin of her back. As she lowered the zipper toward her hips, she realized that Cathie wasn’t wearing a bra. Nothing broke the continuity of her lovely skin. Amber couldn’t help allowing her fingers to pass along on Cathie’s skin as she slid the zipper on down until the dimple at the base of her spine was visible. Oh! How she longed to run her hands over that lovely silky skin. The zipper actually continued a little further, and Amber found herself getting aroused by the glimpse of the top of her buttocks… almost like a cleavage, the two smooth rounded globes tantalizingly out of reach. Cathie, as soon as she felt the zipper stop took one small step forward, shrugged her shoulders and let the dress fall forward. She caught it, and then slowly, oh so slowly, allowed it to drop toward the floor and stepped daintily out of it. As her backside was revealed to the intern, she flipped her hair back over her shoulder and coyly tilted her head and looked back at Amber.

“It’s not polite to stare dear,” Cathie husked, “But in this case, I believe I will encourage it.” Cathie turned around and placed her hands on her hips, each of her small, perfectly pear-shaped breasts were topped by a small puffy mound with small coffee-and-cream-colored areolas, and light pink nipples. Amber absently ran her tongue across her lips, her eyes never moved from Cathie’s chest. Cathie’s hands fluttered to the waist strap of the almost invisible black thong she was wearing. She bent forward, keeping eye contact with Amber and drew the thong down to her thighs. She straightened up, gathered her hair behind her (which only served to accentuate her cute tits) and then bent once again to run the thong on down her slim legs and stepped out of them.

“Oh, Cathie,” Amber breathed out, “You are…” she swallowed hard and looked into Cathie’s eyes, “lovely!”

Cathie giggled like a schoolgirl and acknowledged the compliment as she felt her cheeks grow warm. She ran her hands down her body, and pulled both of them together at her smooth-shaven vee. She spread her thumbs and gave Amber a tantalizing glimpse of her pink skin hidden within the folds of her vaginal flower, the bright pink bud of her erect clitoris pronounced. Cathie had always enjoyed strip-teasing, and had done it many times for her husband, but playing the exhibitionist in front of Amber was a totally new thrill and gave her such an itch that it took all of her strength to not jam two or three fingers into her own twat! She laughed at the thought and quickly turned away and in rapid sucession slipped on the red panties and the bra as she turned away to fasten the front-clasp. Cathie turned back and slipped the silk jacket over her shoulders as she intently watched the girl’s face. She was pleased when she realized that the girl was obviously getting turned on by seeing her. She stepped over toward the mirrors and surveyed herself critically,

“What do you think, Amber?” she asked absently as she looked at herself, “Do you think Mr. Ward will like this?”

“Anyone would, Cathie,” Amber said in a barely audible whisper. ‘Now,’ she thought to herself, ‘It’s now or never!’

“And check this out, Amber,” Cathie stood by the side of the chair and raised her foot to the arm, which completely exposed the underside of the silk panties gusset. “Accessible!” the red silk had a wide slit in them, which perfectly framed her own smooth-shaven, hairless slit. There was enough of a gap to show her perfect little love button, which was swollen and a bright pink. Amber seemed to go weak in the knees and sank onto the chair as she continued to stare upward at Cathie’s moist pussy.

“Go ahead, Dear,” Cathie whispered, a husky, lustful sound to her voice. “Do what you really want to,” Cathie reached out, placed a manicured hand on top of Amber’s head and gently pulled her head toward her. Amber let out a moan of surrender and suddenly jammed her mouth onto Cathie’s cunt as her tongue darted quickly into her. Amber reached up behind Cathie and kneaded her buttocks with her fingers as she pulled and pushed Cathie against her mouth. Cathie looked down to see Amber had closed her eyes and was absolutely lost in the bliss of Cathie’s wet pussy. Amber kept slurping and licking at Cathie’s pussy as her tongue probed deep into her vagina, increasing the flow of moisture. She leaned back once to gasp for breath, her ragged intake an indication of how turned on she was, completely oblivious to the shiny wetness covering her face, a mixture of Cathie’s juices and her own saliva. Cathie was breathing rapidly as well, and gently pushed her away, took Amber by the hands and raised her to stand. Between ragged breaths she said,

“Put, put this on, now. Amber, I want, I want to see you in it.” As Amber took the hanger, Cathie reached out and began to unbutton Amber’s blouse; and an electric shock thrilled through her as she saw that Amber wasn’t wearing a bra either. She tugged at the belt of the skirt and as soon as she had unzipped the side zipper, Amber shrugged out of it. She stepped back to kick the skirt aside and at the same time stripped her panties off. Cathie stared… the sight of the young girl, bare-bottomed, the blouse hanging open, just covering her teacup-sized breasts was one of the most erotic sights that she had ever laid eyes on! Amber saw the look in Cathie’s eyes and flashed the blouse open and off of one shoulder as she struck a provocative pose like she had seen in those “girlie” magazines that her father thought he had hidden in the closet. The blouse quickly fluttered to the floor and she unzipped the back of the bustier. Before she could go any farther, though, Cathie reached out and pulled Amber close. She dropped her head and her tongue searched out her hard nipples. Cathie bit gently and rolled them around between her teeth, which caused Amber to gasp again and entwine her fingers in Cathie’s hair, caressing her head, and guiding it to first one nipple, then the other. Amber fitted the bustier around herself (it was an open-bottomed, form fitting bustier which, even with her small breasts, created a lovely cleavage) and reached behind her to zip up. Cathie molded herself against the young girl, however and brushed her hands aside. Cathie took Ambers hands in hers and moved them behind her. She kissed the girl fully on the lips, then, as her hand slowly raised the zipper and snuggled her in.

Arms around each other’s waist, they made their way over toward the mirrors. Amber dropped her hand down the back of Cathie’s silk panties while Cathie slid her hand upward to the bustier. As the two women stood and stared at each other in the mirrors, their hands were all over each other’s ass cheeks, running over the roundness, caressing the naked flesh, the feeling of a strange skin somehow extra thrilling. They watched each other’s reflections as their hands traveled over their bodies, as if it was someone else, those women in the mirror that were doing these naughty things. Cathie leaned over and kissed Amber once again and her tongue darted into the girls mouth. Amber pursed her lips and sucked the tongue into her own mouth, sucking back and forth on it like some kind of small cock. The thought galvanized Cathie, and she turned toward the love seat, dragging Amber by the hand. Cathie threw herself down on her back on the love seat, always holding Amber’s hand, and guided it to her breasts. Amber, of course, kneaded and massaged her tits, squeezing them toward the nipples, making the nipples harder than Cathie could ever remember. Cathie draped her knees over the arms of the sofa and Amber stood at the edge and spread Cathie’s legs. She bent to her task and was so eager to taste her again, she spread Cathie’s labia wide with her fingers and concentrated on her clit alone. Amber slurped Cathie’s love button in and out of her lips, almost cruelly sucking and spitting it out. The friction of Amber’s lips dancing across her pussy was driving Cathie insane and she thrashed her head back and forth in time to Amber’s sucking. Amber dropped her hand to her own pussy and rubbed furiously as she sucked and licked on Cathie.

Cathie felt it then, that building from the pit of her stomach, that promise of explosion, madly just out of reach. She lifted her ass off the cushion, raised her legs and humped into Amber’s face. Amber had plunged two fingers inside of herself and was finger-fucking herself as she felt the tremors begin for Cathie. Right at that last moment before orgasm, Amber reached under Cathie and probed around between her ass cheeks with her thumb until she had located Cathie’s puckered little asshole. She slid her thumb all the way into her at the same moment Cathie plunged over the edge of her delightful rippling cum. Wave after wave of shivering bolts of lightning shot from her clit to her toes and up through the top of her head. Amber slid her index finger into her cunt, as her tongue and lips continued to work on Cathie’s clitoris. Cathie had never, NEVER had such intense sensual electric shocks shoot through her this way, and for a moment, everything blurred and dimmed as she almost blacked out. She dropped back on the love seat, breathing like she had just finished a marathon. Amber pulled her fingers from her with a squishy ‘pop’ and took both hands to squeeze her own clit while her two fingers fucked into herself rapidly. She threw her head back and stifled a howl as she pinched her clit hard. Her fingers inside of her curled upward to find her G-spot and she straightened up, her legs rigid. Her legs began to tremble and her knees went weak as the first spasm almost doubled her over. After several more delicious bursts of intensity, she fell forward across the arm and onto Cathie, who wrapped her arms tightly around the girl and held her against her, unwilling to let go of her. The feeling of the bustier against her bare midriff sparked additional erotic thoughts. Their hungry mouths met once again and this kiss went from a blind, white-hot passion into a slow boil of gentle nibbles. Their fevered breath hissed from their noses like tea kettles returning from the boil, whistling to a blissful silence. Cathie cradled Amber’s head against her silk bra and she idly stroked her hair as she thought, ‘Good Grief! How could something feel SO good?!’ she rolled slightly over and reached for her cell phone in her purse.

“Who are you calling?” Amber asked dreamily, half-conscious.

“My husband, Dear…” she said.

Amber suddenly rolled off her and looked slightly panicky, “What?!”

“Oh, don’t be concerned, Amber…” Cathie said as she hit Adrian’s speed dial number, “This was all his idea, you know. Addie!” she said abruptly into the phone, “Yes, Darling. Come now! We are most certainly ready!” and punched off.

“I just thought that we could reward the dear man for being so, accommodating, what do you think?”

Amber was slowly shaking her head and mumbled, “The boss’s wife is one thing… but the boss?!” her eyes were staring down morosely at the plush carpet.

“I could lose my job… this is SO against almost every Company Policy!”

Cathie sat up, lifted Amber’s chin gently with her fingers, smiled warmly at her and said,

“But Amber, Dear, Adrian IS the Company! Who do you think MAKES the Company Policy?”

Amber smiled at that, then they both laughed.

Adrian punched off and slipped his cell phone into his pocket. For a slight extra fee (well worth it at any price, he now thought) the boutique could the two webcams in the room. He had been watching the whole thing through a secure link on his own computer and had to wait a moment for his raging hard-on to subside before he could stand up. He snatched up his jacket, and held it in front of him to cover the wet spot. He exited quickly and called over his shoulder to his secretary,

“I’ve got an emergency meeting, Becky,” he hastily put on his suit coat, “Don’t bother trying to reach me. I’ll call in later.” He was so excited, he didn’t want to wait for the elevator but instead slammed open the stairway door and plunged down the three flights of stairs to the Lobby.

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