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Linda got a headshave and I got fucked!

My wife's fantasy: to watch me being fucked!
I cannot complain about my life with Linda -- it is always fun and full of surprises ...

Linda is very creative and imaginative. Our sex life is rich and she always comes with new ideas about how to make it even richer. You all remember her idea to have strap on sex in return for a short buzz cut. Since then, she has been wearing with pride a number 2 buzz cut with a shaved nape.

For me the price is to have strap on sex with her. I must admit that I like the deal. I became used to getting fucked, and actually enjoy it, as the stimulation of the prostate leads to intensive orgasms. I also like the look of Linda with a buzz cut. She reminds me of the actress Demi Moore in the film "GI Jane". I also know that Linda enjoys getting the buzz cuts I give her. She says that the sensation of the clippers on her head is similar to a vibrator on her pussy.

Anyway, one night after a long session about haircutting and strap on sex, Linda came up with a new idea. "Ed, have you ever considered having sex with a man ?"

I looked at her, absolutely shocked and asked, "Why ? You know I'm not gay, not even bi!"

She smiled and said, "Well, I know that you're not gay, Ed, but I wondered whether you ever wanted to know how a real cock feels inside your bum."

I actually thought about it many times and even got curious about anal sex between men. Would it hurt? It is fun ? Is it similar to strap on sex? How does it feel when someone cums inside you?

Since Linda and I have lived together for many years, and are so close to each other, I felt that I could tell her that I am actually curious about that, so I replied, "Linda, it 's an interesting idea, but I don't know whether I can bring myself to actually do it."

She smiled and said,"Ed, to be honest, this is my newest fantasy -- I want to watch you get fucked by a man."

I was a bit shocked by that, but before I managed to say something, she added, "If you'll let me watch it, I'll let you shave my head. I know that's your fantasy!"

That was too much; Linda was willing to fulfil my ultimate fantasy -- shave her head! What should I do? Without too much thought, I said, "Fine!"

Linda smiled and said, "That's our new deal then, I'll get shaved and you'll get fucked!"

We started thinking about a candidate and she proposed Carlos, her office mate. Carlos was tall, big, muscular and black. He was also bi-sexual. Linda said that a few times he told her that he thinks I am handsome, and that if I were gay he would love to have sex with me. She told him in no uncertain terms that he could forget about it, saying, "Ed is not gay and his ass belongs to me!"

However, now things took a different turn. I always considered Carlos to be a sexy man, and I knew that if I ever had anal sex with someone, it would be with Carlos. So I agreed to the deal. I told Linda that she should tell Carlos that if he wanted to fuck me there was a price that he had to pay, I wanted to shave him bald as well.

Linda told him about the deal, and he agreed immediately. Apparently he wanted my ass so much that he was willing to say bye-bye to his long hair. We agreed to meet on Saturday evening for dinner and a fun session at our place.

Saturday came. After a long morning, Linda proposed that she would prepare me by shaving my pubic area and bum. She took the clippers and removed all the hair above my cock, then removed all the hair from my butt. Finally she took a Mach III razor and carefully shaved my balls and my bum. Next it was my turn, and I took the clippers and the razor and carefully shaved her pussy. We both looked like porn stars as we admired ourselves in the mirror.

At 7 o'clock sharp, Carlos arrived. We had a nice light dinner of pizza and red wine and we all got ready for the big event. I suggested having a shower together as foreplay.

Going to the bathroom we got undressed. Each of us looked at the other two, and we all admired ourselves; the three of us looked so sex!. It was then that I realized that I was in deep shit -- Carlos had a big cock !

Carlos got excited by Linda's shaved pussy and my circumcised cock. I told him that fucking Linda was not part of the deal but that he could watch me fucking her. I fucked her doggie style while she sucked his huge black cock.

We then moved to our bedroom. "Now let me shave you two. I would like you both to be smooth and shiny like a baby's bum. Carlos, you are first!"

I took the clippers, removed the guard and without spending much time I started buzzing his long black hair from the middle of his head towards his nape. I left a wide pale strip in the middle of his head. Linda start laughing when she saw it. He looked funny indeed.

Within five minutes Carlos was bald. I applied some shaving cream to his head, and shaved him carefully. I then added some baby oil to his head so it looked shiny and sexy. I wondered whether I should cum on his head, but I was too shy to ask him, since that was not part of the deal.

Next it was Linda's turn. She already had a short buzz cut, so it was even easier to shave her. I took the guard-less clippers so I could shave her like you would a sheep. Then, as I did with Carlos, I added some shaving cream to her head. She looked so sexy, that I almost exploded, but I managed to control myself.

I started to shave her carefully. As I did it a beautiful and sexy woman emerged. I realized that I couldn't hold my cock back for much longer and I would have to cum soon, so I asked Linda to give me a blow-job while I shaved her head. She agreed without hesitation, and sucked my lovely cut cock with a lot of enthusiasm.

I was about to cum when I felt Carlos' hands on my butt-chicks. He spread them firmly and gently pressed one of his fingers against my bum-hole. It was a nice feeling that I knew well -- Linda did it to me many times before. But this time it was different, since it was my first gay experience. As he reached my prostate I couldn't hold it anymore and exploded inside Linda's throat while pulling her bald, slick, and shiny head towards me. She swallowed every drop of my cum.

We all rested a bit and drank some more wine. Carlos' dick was rock hard and he proposed to move on. "I'd like to fuck your ass now." Well, a deal is a deal, so I had to agree. I wanted to lie on my back to see Carlos while he was fucking me, but Linda and Carlos decided that he would fuck me doggie style, and I obeyed their wishes.

I was on my hands and knees. I asked Linda to lubricate my ass-hole. She lubricated both my hole and Carlos' cock. Linda wanted to watch my facial expressions, so she stood near my face, while Carlos went behind me. He gently pressed the head of his cock against my bum-hole. I thought to myself, that's it. You are gonna be fucked right now. He gently inserted the head of his cock inside me. On the one hand it was warmer and nicer than Linda's dildo, but it was also wider and slightly more painful.

Linda was looking at me, smiled and said, "Well Ed, you are being fucked by a man for the first time in your life. How does it feel? Do you like it?"

I smiled back and said, "It feels nice." As I said that, Carlos decided to insert his long and thick black dick inside me. He firmly press it and in one go he inserted all of it. At first it was painful and I thought that I am going to die. I am sure that I looked miserable and my face expressed pain but Linda seemed to enjoy seeing it.

Carlos started pumping his cock inside my ass. After a while I got used to his size and started enjoying it. Then Linda ordered me to lick her shaved pussy. "Lick it, you bitch!" she said, and I obeyed.

The whole session lasted half an hour when finally Carlos had cum inside me. It was a strange feeling. I never had any cum inside my bum. I though about poor Linda who is fucked anally by me on a regular basis. I wondered whether she really likes it.

Bald Linda seemed to be happy about the whole thing. She smiled and told bald Carlos: "Thank you! It was great fun. You are welcome to fuck him anytime you wish!"
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