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My Darkness Gets Darker V

In love and accomodating
After a week or so of non stop afternoon sex, I was falling deeply in love with this dark skinned beauty. She satisfied my every need. I would go home in the evening, lay in bed thinking of Latisha and that glowing soft skin, the taste of her womanly juices, the beauty and size of those gorgeous breasts, and her willingly giving herself to me. I would get a hard-on and say to myself. "You don't need this, she will let you fuck her tomorrow", but I would find myself toying with my prick and balls. After my gay friend shaved my genitals the first time, I loved to gently feel my balls, smooth and hairless. I have been shaving them weekly ever since. I would wind up Jacking myself off every night after the afternoon of fucking and sucking. My balls were aching but I could not stop.

It was a Friday and before I left Latisha's house for the evening, she said "Tommy, You know Francis and I are very close friends don't you?"

I replied. "Yes, you talk about her all the time, I feel like I even know her."

"Well, I don't know quite how to put this, but we share everything, an do. . . . Oh shit, she wants to join us here Monday. She wants us to have a 3 way with. . . . Is that all right?" She said. "And I would too." She added.

"My God Tish" I said. "I can hardly handle you, I cum so quick, My balls hurt from so much activity. are you sure you two want to do this?"

She then said. "Damn Tommy I told her all about you and how you are so bashful and inexperienced, she knows all that. She also knows you love me and would not stray, But I want you to, I think a whole lot of her to, do it for me. Please."

Monday came and all of a sudden I was at Latisha's doorstep and up walks this very tall thin black lady, she was very buxom, had a long face with long black hair. She put out her hand to me and said. "You must be Tommy, I'm Francis. Glad to meet you, I have heard so much about you and couldn't wait to meet you."

I was tongue tied but replied. "Hi Francis I have heard so much about you also. You are even more beautiful than Trish described. Nice meeting you."

When Larisha answered the door, the two girls hugged each other and we went inside and closed the door. They were smiling at each other and winking, and I was totally embarrassed. I had never had any kind of sex with more than one person at a time, and did not quite know how to act or even react. We all sat on the sofa, me in the middle and made small talk for a while when Trish unbuttoned a button on her blouse, then reached across me and undid one of Francie's also. On the way back to hers, she paused and briskly rubbed my crotch. I was completely embarrassed and turned every shade of red there is, and watched first one, then the other, as they unbuttoned their blouses.

Trish pulled my head down to kiss her breast right where her tit emerges from her bright white bra. Without a word, she pushed my head over to Francie's tit to do the same. What a sight, beautiful dark glowing skin contrasting with the bright white of the undergarments, and on two girls, not just one. The girls stood up, dropped their blouses to the floor and proceeded to wriggle out of their skirts. Here they were, 2 beautiful girls standing in Bra, panties, and shoes right in front of me and I did not know what to do. My dick was straining to be released into the free air, and I was to scared to even adjust or touch it. Latisha said. "What do you think of her Tommy?"

I fumbled and mumbled and could not respond. She smiled and started to disrobe me. Soon the three of us were naked and shoe less, our clothes strung carelessly all over the living room. Two beauties as different as can be, one shorter, "round", I call her, with a cute little rise of a belly, Thick thigh's Tits that explode with roundness, no sag, nipples not too fat, but rise out about three quarters of an inch, small aureoles with little bumps surrounding. A booty that rises high in the back with plump cheeks. A small bush of kinky, curly, wiry short hair on her belly right above her pussy.

The other, tall thin voluptuous breasts that squeezed roundly out of her bra, but now were swinging freely sagging a bit in the middle, the right one kind of pointing to the right, left one to the left leaving a cavernous valley in the center. The looked like a ski jump, falling down in the middle and rising sharply till leaving her body. Her nipples were very fat, larger than a penny, but not as large as a nickel. They were only about a quarter of an inch thick and I watched the bumpy surface smooth out as she was aroused. The aureoles were huge, and looked like another breast upon a breast rising out of another breasts. Her booty was not quite as high but her cheeks were full, legs long and slender. Her face was long, cheeks high, almost like a Native American, eyes large and sultry. Her pussy was visibly loose and layers of pink skin drooping down, pink and inviting. Long, shaggy pussy hair everywhere, but not thick, just welter skelter here and there.

The two girls looked longingly at each other, embraced, and started rubbing their nipples together. Francis, the taller stooping to get her nipples even, then squeezing one breast in to line up with both of Trish's nipples. They lingered that way for some time just gyrating nipple to nipple ever so lightly. They then crushed them together and kissed, long, deep and hard, mouths open while grinding there lower bodies together. When they finally parted, I saw glistening wet pussies, wet with excitement and anticipation. I knew they had done this before. They then each grabbed my hand and walked me into the bedroom.

With me in the middle they each wound their thigh's around a leg of mine caressing and kissing me all over. Trish lowered her lips to my exuding dick and smeared all the clear cum around, and asked me if I wanted to fuck now or if I should wait. I said. " I think I better now."

Trish said. "I want Francis to go first, OK?" And she moved out of the way, just watching her friend and me.

Francis kissed me while pulling me on top and asked Trish to get a condom. She tore it open, Put my prick in her mouth,wetting it all over. Then slipped it on quick as a whistle. She then pulled me on top again and Trish came over and grasped my prick, slid it up and down her slit, then said. "Push it in Tommy."

I slid the head in and again, I just stopped, and the cum eased slowly out, draining all I had. It was a wonderful feeling, but not like the way it is supposed to feel. I was very embarrassed again and Trish said. "You must have a reaction to new pussy, I thought you were doing fine now. He's OK, Francis he will be OK in a while again. Won't you Tommy? Just rest and relax a bit."

The two girls embraced each other, kissing and feeling each other gently and slowly. I watched as Trish sucked on first one then the other of Francies's breasts. She laid back and was gyrating her hips ever so slowly. Trish let her right hand slowly feel under the breast she was sucking and slowly moved it down and around feeling every inch of that chocolate chest and tummy. Finally her lips trailed off her breast and down onto her belly. "Ooh Trish It feels so wonderful." and her hands wrapped around Trish's head and held it while Trish found her belly button and swirled her tongue around in it.

My prick was hard again, and I found myself stroking slowly. Trish's ass was high in the air and I bent over and started sucking one of her cheeks. She glanced down at me, then lowered her mouth to that long haired bush still moving in a slow circular motion. Francis had her eyes closed, her breasts were slowly bobbing up and down , right and left.

I reached between Trish's legs to find her pussy and found she had her hand there, fingers playing with her clit. She pulled on my hand and my fingers replaced hers on her clit. My other hand was more than stroking, I was jacking at a fairly fast pace. All of a sudden Trish stiffened and sat up and said. "We better stop, I think Tommy's ready again." 

She moved out of the way and I saw Francis with her hand reaching for that wet loose pussy of hers. I couldn't resist, I lowered my head and savored the juices already flowing. Francis pulled my head in harder and was moaning loudly. Trish pulled me off, twisted me around, made sure the condom was still on and guided me into a missionary fuck position. I raised my hips and Francis grabbed my prick and held it in the center of those pussy lips. I felt the warmth of that wet pussy as I pushed into the depths. I felt my balls against her ass and I started fucking. Wow this was wonderful. In and out with Francis meeting my thrusts, her tits wiggling and bouncing, her eyes closed. 

It didn't take to long, and I'm sure Francis did not cum, when I came. It surprised me, the amount of sperm I shot into that condom. Spurt after spurt, but finally it stopped and I let it soak deep in the depths until I softened and it fell out. It was limp and wet and Trish orally cleaned me, then Francis, and we all lay still, me in the middle, resting and fulfilled.

That afternoon I fucked both of the girls, Francis twice. I sucked both pussies, as different as two pussies can be. One loose and flowing lips with juice continually oozing with long coarse hair all over, the other tight and juicy with curly short wiry hair just above the pussy on her belly.

The girls sucked each other, and I watched the breasts of both wiggle, bounce, and flop. It was a wonderful day and seemed to end to fast. But Finally Trish said. "We better get dressed, the folks will be off work shortly."

We dressed, I left and Francis and Latisha stayed. I went home and slept with visions of that day repeating over and over in my mind. And I think you know where my hand was.

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