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My First Time With a Girl

The absence of a usual friend leads to a completely different night than that planned.
Holly and I had been friends for about 18 months. We'd been introduced by a mutual friend and the three of us got on really well. Holly and Si lived a few minutes apart and on the same bus route, so they used to make the twenty minute bus ride and the ten minute walk to my house together, usually two or three nights a week. We'd sit and eat ice cream and watch television or we'd go and sit out in the back garden where we could smoke and watch the sunset while we talked about university, jobs, futures, kids and marriage. We'd usually have a bottle of wine between us and we'd all go to bed about 1am so we would be able to get up for our different colleges in the morning.

I got a phone call from Si saying it was his mum's birthday so he wouldn't be able to come over with Holly tonight. My parents were on holiday and my brother was visiting friends at university hundreds of miles away. I had never been alone with Holly and although I had known her for a while I became quite nervous about this. See, the thing is, Holly is stunning. She's quite petite at about 5 foot 3" tall, she is tanned- almost olive skinned. She has shoulder length dark brown curly hair that pretty much has a life of its own, and a pair of the most enticing chocolate brown eyes I've ever seen; they're the sort of eyes that look into you not at you.

Her body was no let down either. She has long lean legs that joined up to her curvy, supple ass, her stomach was flat and smooth and her perfect little B cup breasts were topped in small pale brown rosebud nipples that were obviously very sensitive. Whenever I saw them it was only a fleeting glimpse as she changed ready for bed and yet they were always rock hard. I was certainly bi-curious and Holly was quite the temptation.

Holly rang me up and asked if I wanted her to bring anything and I said a good movie wouldn't go a miss. She said she'd be over in half an hour as she was just leaving home now. I quickly ran and jumped in the shower- I hadn't been expecting her so soon. It was only half three and they didn't usually get here until about 6pm!

As I stood in the shower enjoying the water cascading over my D cup tits and falling to the floor, I couldn't help but imagine her. I trailed my hand downwards and opened my outer lips gently, probing forward with one finger to feel my wetness. I slowly started to rub my swollen nubbin while thinking of all the things I would do to her given the chance. I imagined her catching me and joining me in the shower, her amazing body glistening in the water and her nipples aching to be sucked.

I picked up the pace of my rubbing and slipped a finger up my tight hole. I carried on thinking of her and wondered about what was under her little bush. The thought of her swollen pink lips and bud sent me over the edge and I came in two distinct waves before rinsing off and getting dried and dressed.

The doorbell rang and then I heard the door open and shut. 'Hellllooo?' she shouted while making her way into the kitchen. I ran downstairs to find her at the table unpacking what she'd brought. Ice cream, a movie and clean clothes. I noted that there were no pyjamas tonight. When she'd finished she stood and gave me a hug and I was dumbfounded by how beautiful she looked. She had a lacy white summer dress on that came to just above her knees and a cute pair of pumps. The dress revealed enough cleavage and leg to be enticing rather than slutty.

We sat outside and talked while it was still sunny and as it started to cool off we went to make some tea. Holly suggested we watch the film and eat our food on the sofa so we did. It was a children's comedy- something she knew we would both like. She started the film and when we were both finished eating I got up to take our plates away and when I came back I noticed Holly had moved. Now as I sat trying to watch the film, I could see up Holly's dress, more specifically the moist mark on the front her scantily covered pussy. I tried to concentrate on the film but I couldn't help sneaking glances at her. She must have realised she was on show but made no attempt to cover it. She knew I was bi-curious was she just teasing me for kicks?!

As the film finished I yawned and stretched and Holly asked if I wanted to go to bed. I said I wouldn't mind as I had a full day at college tomorrow and it was already midnight. We cleared up and went to bed. As it had been so hot earlier we'd opened every window in the house and you could feel the temperature dropping as you walked the stairs.

My room was freezing, I quickly went round and pulled all the upstairs windows to. I nipped to the loo, brushed my teeth and went to my brother's room, where Holly was sleeping, to say goodnight before stripping off and climbing into bed.

My mind started to race and I imagined her laid here with me, letting me touch her. My hand slipped between my wet lips and found my throbbing clit without hesitation, rubbing slowly I imagined her perfect little body sleeping just next door and remembered the wet patch I had seen.

A knock on my door startled me and I sat up in bed as Holly walked in.

'I'm cold, too cold to sleep. Please can I sleep with you? You know, body warmth and all that?'

'Of course you can, Hol. Do you want anything to wear and do you mind me being naked?'

Apparently that was a no and a no as she climbed straight in next to me. I said night and rolled over to face the window. I could feel my juices flowing down my thigh. This gorgeous girl was laid in bed next to me and I could feel her satin like skin on my ass cheeks. I could also feel an arm sliding round my waist as she murmured into my ear

'I'm cold still, let me cuddle up to you'.

I could feel her bush on my ass now. I rolled over and told her if I cuddled her back it would keep her warmer.

She made the first proper move. I felt her small hands move down from my waist and over my hips to my ass where she slowly stroked and pinched. I was petrified right then, I didn't want to fuck this up, so I whimpered slightly to let her know I liked it. I pulled her closer into me and asked her if she was serious about doing this, she didn't reply she simply moved her hand slowly back up my body and began rolling my nipple between her thumb and forefinger. I took that as consent and we kissed softly as I moved down her soft skin with my hands and just took a minute to enjoy her close proximity.

Her hair smelt of strawberries and it was intoxicating. She kissed me harder and more purposefully as I let my hand slip over her small, pert breasts and gently pinched her nipples. She moaned softly in my ear and as I replaced my fingers with my tongue she began to breathe heavily on my neck, which really turns me on. I carried on sucking her breasts into my mouth and rolling my tongue over their rock solid tips for a while before I decided to test the water lower down. I ran my hand over her stomach and felt the begginings of her bush, which caused a slight moistening between my own legs, I continued down over it and along her thighs.

I slowly moved my hand up the inner of her thigh and she obligingly parted her legs so I could get at her pussy. I ran my finger over her slit and she quivered. I parted her tender young lips with my thumb and middle finger and slowly ran my forefinger up from her hole to her throbbing clit. Her clit was the same as the rest of her- small but perfectly formed. And it was pulsating under my finger. I moved my finger up and down over her bud and then when I could feel her getting wetter I began moving in circles, picking up speed as I did so. I gently slid a finger into her tight aching pussy hole and rubbed her G spot.

As I sped up I inserted another finger and started to fuck her hole while I pounded her clit. I could feel her tensing around my fingers and rammed another in and sped up even more. As I lent over to kiss her she tensed up and I felt her cum shower my hands as she moaned into my mouth. She lay on the bed, uncovered, naked and beautiful in my arms, panting and breathless.

'It's your turn now, I want to make you cum too!'

She shuffled down the bed and pulled the covers over her head. She started on my nipples, licking and sucking them and as she gained courage she lowered her body down further and set to work on my begging pussy. She slid her fingers into me and worked my hole then placed her thumb over my clit and rubbed it as I had done to her. Within a few minutes I was on the verge of cumming.

One hand was rubbing my nipple, occasionally pinching it, the other was entwined in her hair, gently pulling it which she seemed to enjoy. As she pressed a finger on my tight (and at that point virgin) ass hole, it sent me over the edge and, never one to be quiet, I came with a loud scream, covering her hand with my juice and putting a smile on her face. We laid in bed, panting and happy for a while.

'Is that your first time with a girl?' I asked her.

'Mhm, was it yours?'

'It was, yeah, don't think it'll be the last though.'

'I've always wanted to try it and I think you're so gorgeous, I was so excited that tonight I might get the chance when SI said he couldn't come. I didn't know what to do though and I was so nervous!'

I laughed and told her she was incredible then she told me she wanted to know how I tasted, I was thinking the same thing.

I laid on my back and she slowly lowered her pink puffy lips down on to my waiting mouth and I licked the remains of her orgasm from them. She quivered and let out a moan that was more uninhibited than her earlier ones. I pushed her forwards and she took the hint and buried her face between my legs. We licked and sucked and fingered each other until that beautiful moment when two people cum together in a sweaty, panting moment of pure bliss. After we caught our breath I got up to shower, I was covered in both of our juices and I was sweaty and sticky. I'd just turned the shower on when I heard the door open and she joined me under the water. Together we acted out my fantasy from my earlier shower.

We stayed up all night exploring each others bodies and came many more times each. That night was the first of a few but sadly Holly moved away to uni about 6 months after and I haven't seen her for years now. I still think about that first incredible night with her when I'm alone sometimes. Maybe I'll ring her.

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